The Who’s Roger Daltrey Admits He’s ‘Very, Very Deaf’ From Loud Rock Gigs

The Who’s frontman, Roger Daltrey, has apparently gone deaf from rock ‘n’ roll, and he’s got some advice for the youngins following in his footsteps … invest in earplugs. Roger was performing solo in Vegas when he made the shocking confession –…


Amy Roloff Sings Praises of Future Daughter-in-Law Isabel Rock

It wasn’t so long ago when Jacob Roloff had a feud with is parents. That’s not uncommon, though Little People, Big World fans are torn over how to feel about him.

Now, however, the family’s mended fences and is celebrating his engagement to long-time girlfriend Isabel Rock.

In fact, his mother Amy Roloff can’t stop singing Isabel’s praises on social media.

This photo of Amy with Isabel is just so cute.

Amy’s captions match the cheer and excitement of the photo itself:

“I love this girl that Jacob asked to marry him.”

That’s so sweet.

“We have a great time hanging out and talking.”

So she’s praising her future daughter-in-law … and then she plugs Isabel’s art.

“Excited to go to her art event at Abbey Creek Winery in North Plains tomorrow. So proud of her!”

This isn’t the first time that Amy has used her platform to express her pride in Isabel’s work.

Amy was promoting Isabel’s gallery showings last December, even before Jacob proposed.

The Little People, Big World matriarch’s captions continue:

“I’m a blessed mom – All my DIL’s are awesome, doing good things in life and they inspire me too.”

DIL is of course an abbreviation for daughter-in-law. She didn’t need the apostrophe to make it plural but we all understand what she was writing.

Finally, Amy concludes:

“You Rock Isabel.”

Do you see what she did there?

Amy was one of the various Roloff ladies who showered Isabel with love on her birthday.

Isabel is actually a little older than Jacob — by just about a year.

She and Jacob became friends during high school, which is probably one reason for which the Roloffs have had plenty of time to know and love her as they do.

After Isabel finished high school, she and Jacob spent more and more time together — and their romance blossomed.

And finally, on a trip to Iceland, Jacob took the next step and invited Isabel to become a part of his family.

Last month, Isabel shared all of the details of Jacob’s proposal.

For one thing, she’d had a feeling that he was preparing to pop the question, so she’d already written down on a card about how excited she was to be his fiancee.

She stowed the card on her person and waited to see if he proposed.

The two of them had a wonderful time in Iceland, and they split up to do their shopping separately before a planned gift-swap.

When they exchanged gifts, Jacob showed her a ring — a beautiful ring, one that she’d pointed out earlier, but it was not an engagement ring.

It was a fake-out, because Jacob then presented her with her actual engagement ring. After she said yes, she got to shock him with her card.

Jacob has been reconciling with his family after their past falling out.

Some believe that Isabel’s careful and diplomatic meddling may have ended the feud between Jacob and Audrey.

Jacob is an outspoken agnostic — part of his past issues with his parents was his unhappiness at having grown up with no choice in terms of religion. Audrey is a devout Christian. It’s no surprise to hear that they clashed.

But Isabel just seems to be rubbing everyone the right way, especially Amy, who’s seemed especially close with her youngest son.


Isabel Rock: Showered With Roloff Family Love on Her Birthday!

Happily, former Little People, Big World star Jacob Roloff is engaged to Isabel Rock — his longtime girlfriend and even longer-time friend.

Though Jacob was estranged from his family until quite recently, they’ve mended fences and embraced each other with open arms. They’ve embraced his girlfriend, too.

In fact, the Roloff ladies took Izzy out to celebrate her birthday — and shared sweet photos to commemmorate the occasion.

Proud mother and mother-in-law Amy Roloff shared this photo of Audrey, Tori, Izzy, and of course her beautiful self.

In the caption, she wrote:

“So wonderful I got to hang out at Bushwackers, getting our country on, w/ my beautiful DIL’s and soon to be celebrating Isabel’s birthday!”

That was followed by a series of ice cream cone and balloon emojis.

“I’m so blessed by my son’s wives. We had a blast!”

It must be nice for Matt and Amy — though Molly doesn’t live nearby, the children who do just keep collecting new family members. And, sometimes, giving birth to them.

Amy Roloff shared this photo of just her with the birthday girl, and included the caption:

“Happy Happy Birthday to you Isabel. So excited we can celebrate YOU today.”

Awww, that’s sweet! She continued:

“I hope your day is as wonderful as you! Lots of love.”

To be clear, this is Isabel Rock’s 22nd birthday.

That’s no surprise to anyone familiar with the details of Jacob Roloff’s proposal, because Izzy had mentioned that she was a year older than Jacob back when they met.

And, of course, Jacob Roloff turned 21 just last month.

Speaking of Jacob, just because his fiancee was out partying with his mom and sisters-in-law didn’t mean that he ignored his lady love’s birthday.

He shared this sweet photo of the two of them together with their sweet, precious dogs, writing the caption:

“Happy birthday to this gem of a lady, my fiancee.”

He follows that with a heart eyes emoji.

Jacob hasn’t been shy about sharing his opinions in the past, but he’s also been reserved about putting his personal life in the spotlight.

But the 18-year-old boy who stormed off of Roloff Farms decrying his family’s reality series (honestly, the contentions ran a little deeper than the show) has grown into a 21-year-old man who’s not afraid to show the world how much he loves his fiancee.

It must be so nice for Izzy to receive this outpouring of love and support from her soon-to-be new family.

But she’s been bonding with them for months, folks.

This photo (above), from back in November, was of Amy Roloff — and Jacob, of course, but that almost goes without saying — visiting an art gallery showing of Isabel Rock’s paintings.

What’s more, some fans believe that Isabel may have ended Jacob and Audrey’s feud — if there ever really was a feud to begin with.

At the very least, Izzy and Audrey seem to get along pretty well. Izzy even helped promote Audrey’s brand on Instagram. What else is family for?

Isabel Rock isn’t the only person who doesn’t have the last name of Roloff around whom Amy Roloff’s been spending time.

Just earlier this month, fans couldn’t help but wonder if Amy Roloff and Chris Marek had just broken up. when he appeared to be conspicuously absent from Amy’s photos, right before Valentine’s Day.

Good news, however — those assuming that they’d split were mistaken. The two had a lovely Valentine’s Day, at least part of which was spent on the beach.

So romantic!


Kate Upton Swept Off Rock During Topless Photoshoot!

Kate Upton may be incredibly gorgeous and successful, but that doesn't mean that her life is perfect.

And just because she's a professional doesn't mean that photoshoots can't go wrong.

In the video that you're about to see, Kate Upton's topless photoshoot goes awry when a powerful wave knocks her from the jagged rock and into the water.

Kate upton disaster 01

Just weeks ago, Kate Upton accused a Guess co-founder of sexual harassment. As we learned the harrowing details of Kate Upton's accusations against Paul Marciano, were were horrified by the groping, the culture of fear, and the retaliation that she described.

Thankfully, though this video has its scary moments, it's much more lighthearted.

It's also wonderful that Upton's terrible experiences did not prevent her from pursuing her modeling career.

The NSFW video that you'll see below was shared by Sports Illustrated. Their caption reads:

"Whoops! Things got a little rocky on @kateupton's #SISwim 2018 shoot in Aruba!"

That is a tremendous understatement, made mostly for the sake of the pun. Because, you see, it all starts with Kate Upton standing on a rock.

Kate upton disaster 02

At first, everything is going well.

Kate Upton is wearing … almost nothing.

Standing on a rock on the Aruba shoreline, she's clad in a skin-tone bikini bottom and a whole lot of light cloth attached to the back of it to make the outfit artsier than your average topless bikini pic.

(The effect is kind of … of a peacock with its tail down)

She's covering her nipples with her hands and poised dramatically while the photographers take in her beauty.

Kate upton disaster 03

As a larger wave comes from behind, a man comes up to offer her his hand to steady her so that she does not fall.

Keep in mind that Kate Upton can't exactly turn around and check her own surroundings. A giant Syfy Original movie sea monster could be emerging from the ocean water behind her and she'd be totally reliant upon the crew to let her know before the teeth-and-or-tentacles got her.

In this case, it's just a wave, but a powerful one.

It seems to hit the rock at just the right angle to knock her off of her feet.

The man who offered her his hand isn't able to prevent her from falling, but he does at least slow her descent.

Kate upton disaster 04

In fact, some fans noted that if the man had not offered his hand, she could have fallen differently, perhaps striking her face or head on the rock.

You don't ever want to fall off of a jagged rock into the ocean, but at least Kate Upton appears to mostly just fall into the water.

Another crew member dives in to make sure that she's okay.

But she's okay, and the video also shows her narrate the events after the fact.

She even seems to laugh it off. It's good to have a sense of humor about these things.

Kate upton disaster 05

Kate says:

"I saw the next wave coming and it didn’t look that large from my point of view, but it must have hit the rock just right and caught on."

She explains why, despite the man's help, she fell.

"The skirt whenever it’s wet with all the tools is very heavy and it dragged me down. Everybody was scared."

Have a look at this (NSFW) video for yourself:

Kate upton swept off rock during topless photoshoot