Isabel Rock: Pregnant With Jacob Roloff’s Baby?

Prodigal Roloff Jacob and his fiancee Isabel Rock recently had an engagement party with friends and family.

But as those sweet photos came in, fans started to wonder if these two had more to celebrate than just an engagement. Is Izzy pregnant?

Isabel Rock saw the comments and realized that she could no longer stay silent.

People look at her somewhat poofy dresses and they look at her engagement to Jacob.

Is she dressing this way to obscure a baby bump? A number of fans think so.

And given Audrey Roloff’s passive-aggressive Instagram post about pre-marital sex that came right after news of Jacob’s engagement, it’s easy to see how the two might be related.

The below image shows that Isabel sees people’s comments and is responding to the speculation …

… But you get the impression that she’d have loved to have been able to not talk about this.

(For a little while, anyway)

Fans wrote things like:

“Is she pregnant?” and “Either the dress poofed up front or she’s pregnant.”

Take a look at Isabel’s reply:

Isabel Rock Denies Pregnancy Rumors

She says that she is not pregnant, writing:

“I can see my summer bod is coming in nicely.”

She also writes:

“Not pregnant, just eatin’ good.”

A lot of people have figures similar to Isabel’s, but when you’re marrying into a famous family, you unfortunately become the subject of a lot of speculation.

As much as she would have loved to have not acknowledged the speculation, it’s nice that she did.

Hopefully, that speculation is behind her for a little while, and fans can focus on what’s really in these touching photos.

Isabel shared this picture on Instagram, captioning it:

“One of my favorite parts about the day was how much these two, my dad and Jacob’s mom got along.”

She follows that sweet line with a heart eyes emoji.

“Even though Jacob and I have been together for three years, they met for the first time this year.”

She and Jacob have known each other for even longer than that. Not every parent meets their teenage child’s friends’ parents, however.

“More photos because there were just so many and it was such a beautiful day.”

“On Sunday, we had an engagement party and it was a wonderful day full of loved ones.”

This was her caption to yet another set of precious pics.

“We are so incredibly blessed to be walking into this season of life with so many amazing people by our side and endless support.”

They really did seem to have a lot of friends and family as guests.

“My heart wanted to burst all weekend and I cried more than once.”

Tears aren’t just for sad occassions.

“Thank you to those who came, celebrated, and shared your hearts with us on this special day. We love you all so much.”


“To my fiance, I just can’t wait to marry you.”

Izzy even drops part of the wedding date in her tag, writing:


As fans looked at photos of Izzy and her friends, some began to wonder if Isabel’s “worldly” friends were the reason that Audrey Roloff skipped the engagement party.

Most people might look at Isabel’s friends and see a normal group of young people, but Audrey has been known to shun fellow members of her “twisted generation.”

So, for example, some wonder if she might avoid a party that includes a woman with facial piercings who runs a nail business that has “666” in the name.

Others, however, think that maybe Audrey was just staying home with sweet baby Ember.

Not everything has to be about drama. We hope.


Amy Roloff Throws Engagement Party for Jacob Roloff and Isabel Rock

Recently, Little People, Big World viewers got to see Amy Roloff celebrate her one-year anniversary with boyfriend Chris Marek. That was a big deal for her.

But an even bigger event for the entire Roloff family is Jacob’s engagement to longtime girlfriend Isabel Rock.

And to celebrate, she’s throwing a party. But who’s not getting an invitation?

Sharing this sweet group photo, Amy Roloff writes:

“I’m excited that my friend Jack is in town. We’ll catch up on life over a little coffee and goodies from Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen.”

Her fans and followers are not surprised to see that she is monetizing her social media. Some drag her for it, but hey, good for her for making that money.

“Make your get together a little extra special or share with family and friends by ordering today. Enjoy!”

Then she gets down to business, revealing a major family event.

“We’ll be having a party Sunday to celebrate Jacob and Isabel’s engagement.”

That is so sweet!


Now, none of the Roloff’s have been gushing with details or photos of the party.

(It is perfectly okay for celebrities to designate some activities as private occasions, even something as innocuous as an engagement party)

We do know some details.

For example, Isabel Rock shared this detail about the menu on Twitter:

“Our engagement party is on Earth day, so I requested there be no meat.”

Regardless of your opinions on the ethics of meat consumption, we should all acknowledge that the environmental impact from farming livestock can have a hefty impact on the world.

That includes things like widespread antibiotics use on livestock contributing to drug-resistant bacteria. That includes things like waste from livestock being dumped into rivers or sprayed over large areas (yes, really).

It was wonderful of them to consider that. And if you shudder at the idea of a party without any meat on the menu, remember that cake contains zero meat.

Amy Roloff announced the party, so it’s likely that it took place at her house.

(Which is just a stone’s throw from Matt’s home … which, as we’ve mentioned, gets super awkward for the divorced parents)

Obviously, Zach and Tori are going to be there. They’re even in the photo.

It’s likely that Jeremy and Audrey will be there, despite Auj’s alleged feud with Jacob.

(People think that Isabel may have diffused that feud anyway)

And it seems likely that Matt will show up.

What we don’t know is whether significant others like Caryn Chandler or Chris Marek will be invited.

To avoid conflicts, they might make it a family-only affair.

That isn’t the only big event that Jacob and Isabel have planned for this week.

Though the Roloffs are known for taking lots and lots of photos, Isabel is more likely to snap a photo of one of her paintings than she is to snap a selfie.

(Though, to be clear, she still has plenty of pics of herself)

It seems that on Monday, she and Jacob will be doing what fans interpret to be engagement photos.

As Isabel hinted in this self-depricating tweet:

“I’ve been preparing for like a week to look halfway decent tomorrow and I’ll still end up looking like a f–king potato in all the photos I take.”

We wonder if Jacob writing about his favorite photo of Isabel, which is not her most flattering, was meant to encourage her to be confident about her appearance. That’s so sweet.

Fans responded to Amy’s post by issuing their repeated congratulations.

Many also chimed in that they missed seeing Jacob on Little People, Big World.

The reality series was a major — though certainly not the only — source of contention that drove Jacob to storm off of Roloff Farms a few years ago.

It was only in late 2017 that he began to reconcile with his family.

That reconciliation began just months before his epic Iceland proposal to Isabel.

We don’t know that he’ll show up on the series again any time soon.

Especially since fans have not always been kind to him.