Adele Rocks Out to Beyonce: See Her Beychella Dance!

Adele is a mother. She’s a singer. She’s an icon. She’s also a long-time fan of Beyonce.

So, like countless people watching at home all across the globe, she was energized and thrilled by Beyonce’s 

So she shared multiple epic videos of herself reveling in Beyonce’s energy.

Beyonce’s Coachella performance was a sight to behold, and not only because it was also a Destiny’s Child reunion.

It was powerful and evocative. Beyonce has never in her life not brought her all to her art, and it shows.

Last year, Beyonce had to cancel because she was pregnant with her twins, Sir and Rumi.

This year, however, Coachella attendees were treated to her epic performance. And so were the viewers at home.

And, as you can see, Adele simply could not contain her delight.

Captioning her short, silent reply videos (translated into gifs for your convenience) as “#Beychella mood” numbered one, two, and three, Adele let loose for the camera.

When she performs her own songs, Adele is known for standing and swaying, often in a sparkling dress, while letting her vocals speak for themselves.

But that is Adele’s personal style for her own music.

That doesn’t mean that she cannot dance.

It also does not mean that she doesn’t dance.

“Beychella” was livestreamed on Coachella’s YouTube page.

Fans and professionals alike are still marveling at how the entire performance came together.

It’s not just that this included a lot of performers dancing in coordination.

People wonder how Beyonce managed to put all of it together, in a relatively short time, for a single-instance performance that would never be repeated.

The answer is probably that she’s Beyonce.

There are good ways to show your appreciation for Beyonce.

Adele is displaying one of them right here.

Bad ways to do that would be threatening the lives of people over Twitter if they don’t seem to be part of the Beyonce hype.

Another bad way to express admiration (or contempt or anything in between) for Beyonce would be to bite her face. Please do not do this.

Not to Beyonce and not to anyone else.

Be more like Adele.

Adele is, as always, a delight.

Some view their artistic careers as a zero sum game in which praising their competition would be hurting their own careers. Adele does not feel that way.

She openly questioned why her album beat Beyonce’s Lemonade in 2016.

When Kesha was making headlinesw hile battling Dr. Luke in court, Adele voiced her support for Kesha, making the higher-ups at Sony step back and realize how much damage Dr. Luke was doing for their image.

Beyonce brought joy to the world with her Beychella performance.

And Adele, while dancing to it, payed it forward to her fans and followers. It’s always wonderful to see good, talented women supporting other good, talented women in their own industry.

Girls really do run the world. 


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Celebrity Big Brother Recap: A Twist Rocks the House!

It was only a matter of time before Celebrity Big Brother threw in some more twists to shake up the house. 

The latest of which involved a viewer vote that decided which special power the veto would possess. 

When the crazy episode kicked off, Omarosa’s plan to plant seeds of doubt around the house was working. 

This resulted in the mother of all arguments when Brandi accidentally exposed her four-person alliance to the rest of the house. Marissa was furious, but she had to just play along with it. 

What could she really do without painting an even bigger target on her back? 

The Veto competition found Brandi, Marissa, Metta World Peace, Ross, Omarosa and Mark McGrath duking it out to try and win. During the competition, however, it became apparent that Metta was not even trying. 

Instead, he was throwing his blocks around instead of creating the puzzle. Just when it seemed that Omarosa was going to slide into victory, Ross won. 

Thanks to the viewer vote, Ross could take a second person off the block. He took himself off and left Brandi up there. 

It quickly became clear why: Metta had already told the house he wanted to leave that night. If you keep up to speed with the live feeds, you will know the sporting champion has already attempted to break out of the house. 

Omarosa put Metta up next to Brandi on the block. Metta thanked everyone and pleaded with them to send him out the door. 

Brandi refused to campaign because she knew Metta was going. What followed was a dull elimination ceremony.

“I just want to say… Thank you, Metta, for wanting to go home,” Brandi said with a laugh. 

This is the second time a houseguest has wanted to go home. This eviction should have been fun because it was going to split up the four-person alliance. Instead, it was a dud because another houseguest wanted to quit. 

In any case, everything is up in the air as we head into the latest HOH competition. Omarosa will likely be left in the game a little while longer as the majority alliance will likely target James. 

It sure seemed like James, Mark and Omarosa were not working together. James and Mark seemed to be agreeing to work with her to save themselves, and it was only a short-term deal. 

What did you think of the latest episode of Celebrity Big Quitter?

Who do you want to win the game?

Sound off below. 

Celebrity Big Brother Continues Wednesday on CBS.