Big Brother Recap: Two Alliances Form as a Romance Hits the Rocks

Big Brother is slowly picking up the pace, but there are still some big issues with this new season. 

The casting is way off, with several unlikable players. There are a few that genuinely seem like they are there to win and that’s problematic. 

We picked up moments after current Head of Household; Tyler nominated both Sam and Steve for eviction in week one. 

Tyler was a bit too emotional about making the decision, but we quickly learned this was all part of his elaborate plan to lay low. The good thing about Tyler is that he knows how the game is played. 

Sam was mad that Tyler put her on the block after she opened up to him about being on the outs with everyone. Like Tyler, Sam was playing the long con and making people think she was upset. 

While that was all going down, Kaycee was struggling to come to terms with her punishment. It was ruining her social game because the producers were mostly able to keep her in one room for as long as they wanted. 

The good news for her is that she’s part of the Level Six alliance which also includes Winston, Tyler, Brett, Angela, and Rachel. Together, they will be able to dominate the game. 

But all of that depends on whether they can remain loyal to each other. Big alliances always have a weak link who gets too paranoid about the hierarchy of the alliance and ultimately wind up spilling the beans to everyone else. 

For Tyler, this alliance was golden because he knew it was filled with competitors who could keep him safe in week two after his HOH reign comes to a close. 

Then there was Swaggy C and Bayliegh who seem poised to be hot and cold all summer long. Showmances are a big no-no in the Big Brother house because it means you’re playing the game as a pair. 

Swaggy is concerned that Bayliegh is a distraction from him, and he has a point. But then again, Bayliegh is the only one who knows how to keep him quiet when he’s shouting the odds at everyone in the house. 

Swaggy’s issue, however, seems to be that he’s as dumb as a bag of rocks. He wants to get the floaters out of the game early on, and that’s silly. The floaters are the most impressionable players in the game. 

They can be swing votes further in the game. Despite this, Swaggy wants to use his “brains” to form an alliance. 

As we previously reported in our Big Brother Spoilers, Faisyal won the “Hamazon” power in the Big Brother App Store, meaning he was given ham on an almost minutely basis. 

But due to his religion, he was given a substitute. Sam emerged with the bonus life power which allowed her a shot at returning to the game if she was eliminated in the first three evictions. 

She is also allowed to pass on the power. It does, however, come with a huge caveat: If she does not use it in the first three evictions, the fourth eliminated houseguest is automatically handed it. 

Okay then. 

What did you think of all the latest twists and turns?

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Big Brother continues Wednesday on CBS. 


Joy-Anna Duggar Rocks Short Skirt, Shocks Fans

These days, much attention is paid to the “rebel Duggars” – those offspring of Jim Bob and Michelle who have rejected some of the more asinine rules that characterized their ultra-strict upbringings.

But there’s a contingent of the family’s loyal basis that’s far more interested in the stories of Duggars like Joy-Anna, who have eagerly adhered to just about every single aspect of the fundamentalist belief system with which they were raised.

These fans saw their faith tested with reports that Joy-Anna got pregnant before getting married to Austin Forsyth, but most have stood by her side and dismissed the allegations of premarital sex as unfounded rumors.

While her sisters have taken to wearing pants, sporting nose rings, and even flaunting temporary henna tattoos, Joy-Anna Duggar has mostly stuck to the conservative customs and traditions that have helped to make her family famous.

She married young, started a family right away, and for the most part, she adheres to the rules of the famous Duggar dress code.

Of course, while Joy might be a wife, mother, and Duggar first, she’s still a 20-year-old young woman.

Which means fans shouldn’t be shocked if she occasionally gives in to the temptation to show a little calf.

The above photo of Joy, along with her husband, Austin Forsyth, and son, Gideon, appeared on Instagram over the weekend.

“Happy Mother’s Day to my lovely bride! She never has ceased to amaze me with her character and love for our Savior!” reads a caption posted alongside the pic.

Joy and Austin share a joint Instagram account, so we’re gonna go out on a limb and assume he wrote that one.

Of course, it’s not the loving husband’s kind words that have captured fans attention but rather, Joy’s attire.

If you’re a longtime fan of the family, then you’re no doubt aware that Duggar women generally favor floor-length skirts made of heavy fabrics like denim.

The fact that Joy is sporting a just-below-the-knee hemline in a lighter fabric is being taken by many as an indication that she’s slowly parting ways with her family’s infamous dress code.

Of course, it’s worth noting that Joy is still adhering to the Duggar guidelines for “modest dress” here.

Jim Bob’s daughters are instructed to wear long skirts, but the preference for floor-length is the result of an abundance of caution.

Joy is still sticking to the rules here, but many fans think this pic signals the start of a slow move toward greater independence.

Comments on the photo have been mostly complimentary, which might be enough to nudge tomboy Joy toward taking a greater interest in fashion – even if that means disregarding some of her family’s famous guidelines.

Watch Counting On online for more on reality TV’s most controversial family.