Bridesmaid Gets Fired from Role, Divides the Internet in Half

Remember the terrible Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson movie Bride Wars?

Yes? No? Maybe? It doesn't really matter.

Because now it's time for a bride versus her bridesmaid war!

Actually, to be more accurate, it's time for a bride versus her bridemaid versus the entire Internet war, as an email shared online by a woman getting married as sparked quite a debate among complete strangers.

What role has JetBlue played in this back-and-forth?

And what responsibilities does a bridesmaid have to the person who asked her to fill this role?

Scroll down for the answers to both of these questions and many more!

1. Okay, So How Did This Start?

Bride email
A woman named Courtney Duffy shared the email above. It was written by a bride-to-be who had asked Courtney to be in her wedding party.

2. Let’s Break It Down, Shall We?

Email part 1
Solid opening here. Perfectly fair and reasonable and it sets the scene: Courtney is busy (as an MBA student at Dartmouth, according to her Twitter bio), yet making a real effort to attend her friend’s wedding.

3. But Then…

Favor to ask
Yikes, huh? Courtney is being asked to “relinquish [her] duties as a bridesmaid.” We do not know, of course, whether the bridesmaids were truly given specific tasks that each had to complete in order for the wedding to go off and is Courtney had agreed to hers ahead of time.

4. This Arrangement Just Won’t Work

Fulfull duty
Again, we do not know if Courtney actually had to bail on any specific, pressing task… or if the bride was referring here to broad and mysterious “duties” that her party was responsible for.

5. It’s Not You… It’s Not Really Me, Either

Fair or foul
This is where the bride (Alex) loses some people, as she tries to comfort Courtney and to make sure she understands that she isn’t letting her down. We somehow don’t think Courtney thought that she was.

6. You’ve Been Replaced!

Wait, wait, wait… a jumpsuit?!? This is suddenly the only part of this entire email we care about now.

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