Little People, Big World: Will Matt and Amy Sell Roloff Farms?

Three generations of the Roloff family have enjoyed Roloff Farms.

But now, fans are terrified that Little People, Big World stars Matt Roloff and his ex-wife, Amy Roloff, will sell the farm.

They have a lot of reasons to worry — because Matt and Amy have both openly discussed the diea.

So, what is the future of Roloff Farms?

Let's take a look at what we know — and what fans fear.

1. Roloff Farms is the family home

Roloff farms
But will Matt and Amy ultimately sell the place where they raised their children?

2. Matt has openly discussed the idea

Matt roloff speaks
Matt told his ex-wife Amy: “We’ve been talking a lot about the farm. Trying to figure out how to keep it or not keep it.”

3. Matt has even called the farm a burden

Matt roloff and amy roloff together
“There’s part of me that wants to keep the farm and build a house that suits me, but part of me just wants to sell the farm and liquidate it and move on. It’s a burden.”

4. Amy has her own life now

Amy roloff talks about matt roloff
Amy and Matt are at very different places in their lives than they were in 1980. They’re divorced grandparents, for one thing.

5. Audrey and Jeremy are leaving the show

Eye gazing
Auj and Jer broke the news on social media that they’re leaving Little People, Big World

6. The show will go on, but will they ditch the farm?

Roloffs promo pic
if you can do the show without half of the Roloffs, you can do the show without the farm.

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Amy Roloff Breaks Silence on Chris Marek Breakup Rumors

A couple of weeks ago, Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff actually defended her ex-husband, Matt Roloff. Things between the two of them seemed better.

But ever since boyfriend Chris Marek was conspicuously absent from her Fourth of July photos, fans have worried that things between Amy and her love are worse.

Fortunately, Amy has found a gentle way to lay those rumors to rest.

“This guy!” Amy Roloff writes under this cozy photo of her with Chris, quashing breakup rumors without ever having to acknowledge them.

Amy’s post continues, as she gushes: “What a fun time at his family reunion picnic yesterday!”

Attending a family reunion with someone is usually a big deal — if you’re both adults, anyway. It’s like a magnified version of introducing someone to your parents.

“Yes they loved my Oregon Bounty,” Amy writes. “Marion Berry loaf and Hazelnut cookies and Lemon cookies from Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen.”

If you don’t love Amy Roloff at her shameless product placement on social media, you don’t deserve her the rest of the time.

“Woohoo!” Amy says. “I was excited about that and being with him.”

“So excited for you,” one fan commented. “You found a very nice person. Your family is awesome.”

“So cute what a great couple!” another fan exclaimed. “You guys look great!”

Someone else decided to ask an impertinent question, writing: “Will you guys get married?”

Don’t be pushy, folks.

“Love the fact that ure much happier now. Best of luck. Been watching the series for years,” another fan commented.

Some fans also wrote to Amy that her description of the food that she brought to his reunion really sounded appetizing.

Amy has international fans, and some asked if her products were available in the UK or in Australia. We’re sure that she was heartened to see these messages.

Others offered some unsolicited advice on how Amy should get along with Matt and let go of her anger.

That’s all fine and well … if she asks for your opinion. If you’re not her friend or her therapist, what business do you have giving her life advice?

It seems that, no matter what Amy does, some commenters will never be satisfied.

Just because two people are dating doesn’t mean that they have to attend every single event together or be in every photo together.

For reference, see: what your parents told you when you wanted to bring a date on your family vacation in high school.

So Chirs didn’t have to appear in pics with Amy on Independence Day. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love Amy — or America.

If Amy had addressed the rumors, that would have seemed confrontational to fans — and might have seemed to lend legitimacy to them.

Instead, Amy just found a way to shut them down without addressing them.

And she included a little product integration in the process.

Fans are happy to see Amy with Chris for a lot of reasons — and some of them just didn’t like Matt. Or, at least, they didn’t like the way that he treated her.

We all recently saw Matt portray Amy as being dumb, so that kind of insulting behavior is fresh on the minds of fans.

Of course, there are also some trolls who like to give Amy a hard time about her relationshipw ith Chris.

They seem to be “convinced” that Chris is just using Amy for fame.

The reality is probably that these trolls are suspicious of a man who would date a little person because they are projecting their own bigotry onto him.

We’re glad to hear that Amy and Chris had a good time at the reunion.


Tori and Zach Roloff Adopt Puppy (And You Know What This Means!)

Tori and Zach Roloff have expanded their family.

No, not in the way you might be thinking or hoping.

Not yet at least.

Late this week, Tori presented maybe the cutest picture in the history of the Internet to her Instagram followers, posing with a brand new dog Murphy.

“Guess what?!?! world: meet Murphy! We are so excited to bring this friend home. Our world just got a little crazier,” wrote the TLC star as away to introduce the puppy to fans.

Murphy, who is absolutely frickin adorable, is a Bernese Mountain Dog; just like the canine Tori and Zach lost last year, Sully.

His inclusion in this beloved immediate family has been met with the requisite ooooh’s and aaaaah’s by Little People, Big World followers.

Partly because he is so precious, yes.

But also partly because of what his adoption may mean for the couple.

Already parents to a one-year old son named Jackson, Tori and Zach will have at least one more child.

This much is clear.

On a recent episode of Little People, Big World, Zach made it clear that he would love for Tori to get pregnant right now. He’s ready for another child.

Tori, however? She placed one condition on adding to her gorgeous brood:

They had to get a dog first!

Tori to hilariously tell her husband that “the shop is closed” until this dog is added to their lives, taking away the possibility of another kid entering their universe.

dog and kids

We don’t know if Tori really abided by this funny threat, we just know Murphy is now a Roloff!

“We fully disagree on the dog situation and what child we want next,” Tori said to conclude this segment on the aforementioned episode.

It looks like she got her way, though.

So… are you pregnant again yet, Tori?

Elsewhere, Zach and Tori assured viewers this week that a new Little People, Big World season was on tap and that they would be a part of it.

They wanted to make this clear after Jeremy Roloff confirmed that he and Audrey Roloff were done with the series.

“Back at it,” Tori wrote as a caption to photos of her and Zach, alerting us that filming was already underway on the new season.

“We’re not going anywhere!” Tori announced on her Instagram Story, prior to engaging with fans and responding to some of their inquiries.


This would have been exciting enough before, but now we have more glimpses of Murphy to look forward to as well!


Audrey Roloff: Quitting Little People, Big World Because It’s God’s Plan?

In a heartbreaking move, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have announced their departure from Little People, Big World.

Jer was the first to break the soul-crushing news.

Now, Audrey is thanking fans for their support — and shedding a little more insight on why they’re stepping back from the camera.

Audrey took to Instagram to repeat the news. Not everyone who follows her also follows Jer.

“In case you didn’t see our annoucement over on @jeremyroloff’s IGTV,” Audrey’s post begins.

Auj announces: “This past season was our last season of filming for Little People Big World.”

We already knew from Jeremy’s post, but … repetition doesn’t make this news any easier to swallow.

“I know it’s been a shorter run for me,” Audrey acknowledges. “For Jeremy it’s been 14 years!,”

He did, in part, grow up on reality television.

Audrey continues: “but I’ve shared some pretty big life moments on #LPBW”

For example, she lists how Little People, Big World viewers got to see her go through the process of “getting engaged,”

Audrey also recalls how viewers were treated to “our wedding day.”

She mentions that she was on the show for “the launch of @beating50,” which is definitely more exciting for her than for your average viewer.

Auj recounts how fans followed her and Jeremy for “3 moves” and “a remodel.”

And of course, fans got to see her “finding out we were having a baby girl, and becoming a new mom!”

Where would any of us be without precious Ember Jean?

Audrey continues, thanking her fans: “I am so thankful for the encouragement, kindness, and support that each of you have shown to our family.”

“We are forever grateful for the run we’ve had,” she says, almost wistfully.

“But,” she says, she and Jeremy are “Excited to focus on what we feel the Lord is calling us to!”

“You guys are the most loyal fans,” Auj gushes. “Thank you for respecting our decision. And thanks to TLC for putting up with us”

She follows that with a winky-face emoticon.

Audrey wasn’t done, however. She had another major shout-out.

“Mostly, I am so proud of my husband,” she writes.

“Who has grown up in the public eye and yet remained grounded, wise, and steadfast in his faith.”

Growing up in the public eye can be a challenge, but we’re not sure how it would challenge his faith or wisdom.

Unless … was this some sort of jab at the agnostic Jacob Roloff?

“This decision is one that I respect him for immensely,” Audrey says. “‘Here’s hail to the rest of the road!’ I love you Farmer.”

Audrey, an outspoken Christian, then cites:

“Psalm 20:7 #journeyofjerandauj #beating50percent”

Psalm 20:7 refers to how some may trust in mundane things of the world to see them on their journeys, but Christians trust in their God.

Appropriate, given the subject matter.

Though, with Audrey’s phrasing, some fans may be asking themselves — did Audrey and Jeremy quit the show because they believe that God wanted them to?


Audrey and Jeremy Roloff: 19 Moments We’ll Never, Ever Forget

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have said their farewell.

The couple has confirmed that it will not return for a new season of Little People, Big World.

"After 14 years, over 300 episodes, and 17 seasons, the time has come," wrote Jeremy to open this announcement to fans, adding:

"A year ago I made the decision that this season would be our last. It has been an amazing run, and I can’t say thank you enough to all of you who have watched and supported us along the ride."

Before we say goodbye to Jeremy and Audrey for good, however, let's pause and take a look back at how far we've come with them.

Below, we've rundown a series of the most memorable moments, photos and stories from their time as cast members on Little People, Big World…

1. Where It All Began…

Amazing roloff throwback
Wow, right?!? On the very first ever episode of Little People, Big World, we met a teenage Jeremy, who was living on the farm with his parents, younger siblings and twin brother Zach. What a photo.

2. Their Sweet Sixteen

Gone old school
Jeremy and Zach celebrated the big birthday with their closest friends on a beach trip to remember, one filmed years ago for an episode of Little People, Big World.

3. The Graduation

Jer grads
Remember when Jeremy graduated from high school? He was uncertain about his future at the time, but had the full support of his parents.

4. The Proposal

She does
On September 3, 2014, TLC viewers got to witness the very romantic way Jeremy proposed, something Audrey actually referenced recently.

5. The Wedding

On the knot
Jeremy and Audrey get married in a gorgeous ceremony on Roloff Farms. The ceremony took place on September 20, 2014 and it aired in March of the following year. (Audrey looks beautiful!)

6. The Announcement

Audrey and Jeremy told their family they were expecting, not long after Zach told them the same exact thing. “Wow, I’m going to be a grandpa times two!’ Matt Roloff said on air, adding that Jeremy’s news made him feel “overwhelmed” and “kinda hit by a freight train.”

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Little People, Big World: Are Tori and Zach Roloff Leaving, Too?

Little People, Big World are reeling right about now.

On Tuesday afternoon, Jeremy Roloff made an announcement that took fans of this TLC franchise by surprise:

He and wife Audrey Roloff will leave the series after this upcoming season.

“It has been an amazing run, and I can’t say thank you enough to all of you who have watched and supported us along the ride,” wrote Jeremy on Instagram, explaining that he and Audrey made the choice to depart about a year ago.

Roloff did say something positive in his heartfelt post, at least:

“We will still be supporting the family as they carry the #LPBW torch onward. This is a decision concerning Audrey and me specifically – the show must go on!”

Will he go on past this season?

And, if so, which family members will be a part of Little People, Big World?

TLC is yet to provide an answer to the first question, but Tori and Zach Roloff has now provided an answer to the second — and it can be summed up by the photo below.

“We’re not going anywhere!” Tori announced on her Instagram Story, prior to engaging with fans and responding to some of their inquiries.

“Will Z & T be staying with LPBW?” one user asked.

“YAS! And J too,” Tori replied, referring to the pair’s son Jackson, whom they welcomed in May 2017.

Elsewhere, a fan asked why the couple has chosen to remain on the show after getting married; sort of an odd question, but one Tori responded to anyway:

“Because we feel like we’re not done telling our story.”

Tori later said that her favorite part of filming is “getting to share our story with our fans.”

TLC has not yet announced whether or not it will bring Little People, Big World back for another season.

We’ve had our doubts of late because Matt Roloff is moving to Arizona and Amy Roloff has expressed some doubt about remaining on the farm.

Zach and Tori, however, have simply been enjoying life as parents for about a year now and recently moved into a new home, one close to the family farm.

They aren’t going anywhere.

The same can’t be said for Jeremy and Audrey, however.

“We’re not disappearing,” Jeremy assured fans in his statement. “We have a lot of exciting stuff in the works and are eager to continue the world that the Lord has called us to!”


The cable network has now released a statement of its own, confirming that the show WILL be back in 2019!

“We wish Jeremy, Audrey, and Ember the best, and are excited to continue to keep up with other members of the Roloff family when Little People, Big World returns next year,” TLC says.

Meanwhile, Tori told her more than 700,000 followers that sharing their lives with the television universe can be weird, but the family does not hold back.

At all.

“Our philosophy is if we aren’t willing to share something with others we probably shouldn’t be doing it,” she wrote.

“Plus something we’re going through can ultimately help others (even though that still baffles me today).”


Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Announce Departure from Little People, Big World

In a word? Wow.

In another two words? Gosh darn.

On Monday afternoon, Jeremy Roloff took to his Instagram account and delivered some unexpected and unfortunate news to fans…

… he and wife Audrey Roloff are leaving the show that made them famous.

This will be their final season on Little People, Big World.

So Jeremy announced on social media today, much to the shock and sadness of his millions of fans.

“This is an announcement concerning Jeremy Roloff and his family specifically,” opens Jeremy’s caption, which was posted alongside the photo above.

The father of one continued:

“After 14 years, over 300 episodes, and 17 seasons, the time has come.

“A year ago I made the decision that this season would be our last. It has been an amazing run, and I can’t say thank you enough to all of you who have watched and supported us along the ride.

“We have the most loyal fans on TV and we appreciate every one of you. You are what made doing this so fun.

“We will still be supporting the family as they carry the #LPBW torch onward. This is a decision concerning Audrey and me specifically – the show must go on!”

That’s some good news, at least.

We’ve actually been speculating for awhile that Little People, Big World may soon come to an end because Matt Roloff is moving to Arizona and Amy Roloff has expressed interest in moving on from the farm as well.

Various family members appear to be going in various directions.

And, let’s face it, the show has been on for so long that it’s already set a Guiness World Record.

It’s simply bound to end at some point.

Jeremy, meanwhile, continued as follows:

“[This] being said, we’re not disappearing. We have a lot of exciting stuff in the works and are eager to continue the work that the Lord has called us to!”

It’s true:

Jeremy and Audrey have a book coming out early next year that will chroncile their love, their lives and offer advice to their many supporters.

“Again, we thank you, and always enjoy when we get a chance to meet one of you,” added Jeremy.

“Whether it be in the airport, on the street, at pumpkin season or at one of our upcoming Beating50percent events! THANK YOU for all the love and support.

“Your messages, comments, gifts, and mail are noticed and appreciated. You guys are the best. Thank you for respecting our decision.”

Always honest and always grateful, Jeremy made a point of acknowledging producers and all those behind the scenes that made his success possible:

“I also want to give a big thank you to the team at TLC,” he concluded.

“Thanks for putting up with us;) You’ve provided us with a grand opportunity and for that we are forever grateful.”

Audrey is yet to comment on her departure.

Two years ago, Jacob Roloff also left the series, while Molly Roloff has chosen to live a life outside of the spotlight.

This leaves Amy, Matt, Zach and Tori as the main Roloffs supposedly interested in continuing on with the program.

Will TLC green light a season without Jeremy and Audrey?

Might the cameras follow around Zach, Tori and their son Jackson in a spinoff?

It’s too early to say for certain.

But this much we can say for certain:

We’ll miss you, Audrey and Jeremy. Thank you for the memories.


Audrey Roloff Posts Extra Special Photo, Explains Why

Audrey Roloff has proven already that she can sum up her love for Jeremy Roloff in three sentences.

But the Little People, Big World star uses a few more than that in her latest Instagram caption, taking followers through a special romantic journey that focuses entirely on a…

… trestle?

Yes, a trestle.

We’ll go ahead and let Audrey explain.

“See that back there? That’s our trestle,” she wrote to open a message that accompanied this sweet family photo, explaining further as follows:

“The spot where we first expressed our feelings for each other, the spot where I became Daisy Braids, the spot Jeremy asked me to be his girlfriend, the spot where we threw our shoes to timestamp the summer of 2011, the spot where we had some hard tearful conversations, the spot where Jeremy proposed, and the spot where I prayed the morning of our wedding.”


That’s quite a lot of things to happen in one spot, huh?

If you’re wondering why Audrey may be feeling so sentimental at the moment, especially when it comes to her marriage, it’s because she and Jeremy are getting set to release a memoir.

It will chronicle their unique story.

And it will also offer some insight into how they approached their romance and how they think others ought to approach romance.

“Jeremy and I are advocates for being friends first,” Audrey writes in excerpts that have leaked online, adding in the wildly-anticipated book:

“Friendship lays the groundwork for pursuit…. If you start by building a friendship, the kind of man you want to marry will be empowered to pursue you.

“He will be willing to risk rejection, determined to be thoughtful and he will text you first, at least the majority of the time.”

It’s an interesting take on love.

We’re not here to judge it really, just to pass it along.

Audrey, meanwhile, went on to tell followers just where she and her husband are standing in that first photo published above — and why the spot holds such significance.

“4 years ago my parents moved from the house I grew up in and bought the property in the hills just above our trestle!” she says, concluding:

“God sure does have a sense of humor… This is the view from my parents backyard. The trestle. The locomotive of our love.”

Will you look at that?!?

Forget Little People, Big World. It really is a small world, isn’t it?!?

Audrey and Jeremy got married on September 20, 2014.

The beloved reality stars welcomed daugher Ember into the world almost exactly three years later, with Audrey recently making us cry when writing about her child on Instagram.

This is what she wrote:

You are pure joy. Your dimples and that scrunched nose smile, your cute little wrist wave, watching you eat watermelon, your determination, the baby grunts, how your whole body tenses up with excitement when when Pine the kitty walks in the room, your slobbery open mouth kisses, your belly laugh when Dad plays peekaboo with you, the way you cuddle your fox stuffed animal and burrow your head in my chest when you’re tired.

It’s all just too much to handle.

Grace upon grace. You are the biggest blessing and the sweetest girl Ember Jean. I love you always, always more.


Tori Roloff to Mommy-Shamers: Do NOT Try Me!

Tori Roloff does not have time for your misguided disdain, haters.

She has things to do and a baby to raise and she’s not going to sit around and be victimized by your finger-pointing idiocy.

Got that?!?

The Little People, Big World star has been around the Internet block long enough to know how this all works.

She knows that she may have shared a couple harmless and precious photos on her social media page this weekend, but she also knows that various trolls live to bring others down on the World Wide Web.

They revel in it.

This is why Tori made the bold, astute and sort of hilarious move of cutting them off before they could even spit out their vitriol in her Comments section in response to these photos.

Allow us to explain…

“This life we’ve been given is a gift indeed. I love you Zach. You’re the best dada and husband ever,” wrote Roloff as a very sweet caption to the image above.

It depicts her husband and her son happily sitting on top of a tractor.

Along with the hastags “#zandtpartyofthree #babyjroloff #summernights,” Tori then foresaw what some parent-shamers would say about child safety and added:

Before I get ripped apart in the comments please take into consideration my husband and I would never put baby j in harms way. Kthanksenjoy.

HA! We love it.

Tori, of course, is referring to the assumption that a horde of users would make remarks about Tori and Zach placing their son in danger by sitting him on board a tractor.

And she’s speaking from experience:

Because this is exactly what happened when Zach shared a similar photo of his son in April!

Numerous commentators reacted with horror to the image below, prompting a follow-up from Zach as an assurance that the vehicle was not actually turned on when this picture was taken.

Tori can also look to her relatives for example of how cruel and unfair the Internet can be.

Just a few days ago, Audrey Roloff thought she was posting a very sweet and simple photo of her husband and her daughter.

Instead, though, a bunch of morons went on the attack.

Just weeks before this incident, Audrey shared cute images of herself and her child on the beach…

… only, once again, to get dragged for extremely dumb reasons.

So we totally see where Tori was coming from here and we admire her for taking a proactive step to shut the critics up.

Don’t they have anything better to do than shame a complete stranger?


Jacob Roloff Curses Off Donald Trump, Defends… American Flag Stomping?!?

Jacob Roloff is not one to withhold his opinion.

The former Little People, Big World star quit this TLC show two years ago because it found it to be phony and recently went off on the ridiculous nature of reality television in a new book.

This is not someone afraid to speak his mind.

In case you haven’t noticed, the same can be said for many Donald Trump supporters, which is why Jacob has landed himself in a bit of Internet hot water.

Late last week, Jacob shared an image on Instagram that appeared to be a protest of either the country in which he lives; the President; or both.

On the occasion of July Fourth, Roloff posted a picture of himself with his two feet on the American Flag.

Was he accidentally standing on this symbol?

Was he doing so on purpose as some kind of statement against the current White House and all it stands for?

Most Internet users assumed the latter, taking Jacob to major task for showing such disrespect and calling him out on social media for his actions:

roloff remove

According to various commentators, the photo was reported to Instagram and eventually deleted.

We can’t even find a copy of it anywhere in the archives of the World Wide Web, so we unfortunately do not have the scandalous snapshot here for readers to debate and consider.

However, Amy Roloff did post a photo in celebration of America’s birthday last week and many followers used its Comments section to remark on Amy’s youngest son.

“You might want to teach your youngest son it’s very disrespectful to step on a flag and post a picture of. It’s very disrespectful,” one user wrote, while another chimed in as follows:

“I’m all for people having different views, but stepping on the flag and telling the president to ‘f–k off’ is disgusting.”

Indeed, this was a line that Jacob used in response to a few critics.

Happy to mix it up on Twitter, Jacob recently fired back at someone who didn’t agree with Roloff’s stance in regard to the topic of family separation at the Mexican border.

Your bio says family is everything yet you’re offended I am posting about the reunification of immigrant families… hmm, the 21-year-old wrote, concluding his reply as follows:


It’s also evident that Jacob is aware of the controversy surrounding his flag photo, as he encouraged further talk about it on Twitter, while refusing to back down or apologize.

“For everyone ASTOUNDED at my political views… they are not new,” he wrote online this weekend. “And they are inseparable from who I am.”


Not wishing to upset their loyal fanbase, most Roloff family members keep their political opinions to themselves.

Matt came under some attack himself back in December when it appeared as if he supported Trump.

But Jacob, of course, is NOT a cast member any longer on Little People, Big World.

He is not beholden to producers and is free from concern over ratings.

In other words: He’s outspoken by nature and has no professional reason to keep quiet.

This may not be the last time we hear from Jacob Roloff on the issue of Donald Trump.