Jeremy Roloff Posts Sweet Tribute to Audrey Roloff, 8 Years After They Met!

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff are perhaps the most visible couple on Little People, Big World

That’s not just because they both have the best hair in the family. It helps that they’re both very active on social media, giving fans glimpses into their lives and thoughts — even when their show is on hiatus.

Jeremy posted a beautiful tribute to his wife on a very special anniversary. And he included some great throwback photos of the two of them.

Jeremy and Audrey have brought so much sweetness into each other’s lives, the lives of the Roloff family, and onto the screens of fans and viewers.

All of that visibility has its drawbacks, unfortunately.

That means that fans can grow hostile when Audrey Roloff appears talks about her faith in order to sell something.

(She’s a businesswoman and Christianity is part of her brand)

It also means that Jeremy Roloff gets parent-shamed for tickling Ember Jean.

(The concern comes from a good place, about children setting boundaries, but Ember Jean is a baby and Jeremy’s interactions with her are healthy)

But we’re glad that Auj and Jer wade through that hefty criticism, because it means that they can share precious posts.

Jeremy posted a series of throwbacks of himself with Audrey, writing:

“I met my wife eight years ago today on a blind date.”

That’s so sweet! A lot of people dread blind dates, but sometimes, you meet the love of your life.

“It’s been a wild and unexpected eight years.”

It sure has! They’re now married parents as well as reality stars.

(For the record, in case you remember Audrey and Jeremy’s seven-year-old “anniversary” pic, it sounds like they didn’t start dating right away after their blind date. They’re just marking eight years since they met)

Jeremy continues his sweet tribute (among the photos in which he and Audrey look dramatically younger) by musing upon the ways in which we both do and do not decide our own destinies.

“We never get to choose where we end up, our daily choices choose for us.”

We believe that what he’s saying here is that you don’t end up with someone by deciding that you’ll love them for the rest of our life, but by choosing to spend time with them as you know each other.

That’s harder, but ultimately that’s how life works: one day at a time.

“When we are old and grey I imagine the greatest thing will be looking back at the love story we have written.”

That’s so sweet! And, of course, they’re already looking back on their love story.

Jeremy uses a quote to speak about the next period in his and Audrey’s lives.

“For the next half: ‘if it’s half as good as the half we’ve know, then here’s hail! to the rest of the road.’ A Severe Mercy.”

Very poetic and very sweet.

And then he finishes his tribute:

“Cheers babe! (P.S. I love this photo of you)”

It’s not clear which photo he means, because he shared so many and they’re all great.

And look how far they’ve come.

Their daughter, Ember Jean, is precious beyond words. We imagine that we’ll get to see so much more of that little one and her parents on the new season of Little People, Big World which is apparently coming out in a few months.

It’s possible that Auj hasn’t always gotten along well with her entire family, but whatever conflict there was between Audrey and Jacob Roloff seems to be resolved.

If it was ever there to begin with.

We all look forwarding to seeing Audrey and Jeremy’s next 8 years of knowing each other.


Matt Roloff & Amy Roloff: Celebrate Jacob’s Birthday Together Despite Feud Rumors!

Just a little over a week ago, fans unfairly slammed Amy Roloff after they assumed that Matt Roloff was banned from his son Jacob’s early birthday party

We talked about how undeserved the hate that Amy received was, and Matt Roloff himself decried the rumors when he saw them.

But if you still need proof that Amy and Matt Roloff aren’t at each other’s throats, look at how they came together for their son, Jacob.

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff are divorced.

Even though they live so close to each other and star on Little People, Big World and will always be linked by their children (and grandchildren!), they don’t have to be joined at the hip.

Amy Roloff has her boyfriend, Chris Marek, and Matt Roloff has his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler. They’ve both moved on. That’s life.

But that hasn’t stopped some fans from reading too much into their separate lives and then assuming that the two can’t stand to be in the same room with each other.

Like they did just a little over a week ago, when Jacob Roloff celebrated his birthday with his mom.

Jacob Roloff is now 21 years old. Several days before his birthday, the son who was once the family “black sheep” spent quality time with his mom (and not just to sell bread).

Matt’s siblings and their spouses and even his little niece and nephew (his niblings!) gathered together for an early celebration at Amy’s place.

One of the results was a precious group photo — a rare sight, since the Roloff children are all adults now and not all of them even live in the same state.

Matt Roloff was conspicuously absent, which ruffled some feathers by fans who seem to resent that Amy Roloff has her own life.

A report claimed that Matt didn’t even receive an invitation … but he was elsewhere with his girlfriend, so it really shouldn’t have been controversial.

Some reality stars try to avoid reading gossip about themselves. That can’t be good for your stress levels, right?

Not so for the Little People, Big World patriarch. After seeing coverage that claimed an epic feud between the exes, Matt Roloff slammed the “fake news” about his family, writing:

“Fake news is alive and well.. how sad. The roloff family just keeps hanging closer and closer together despite these broken misleading headlines …”

Not to be nitpicky, fake news would be if some accused Audrey Roloff of selling human organs out of a nonexistant Burger King attic. Rumors would be people seeing separate exes and assuming that they’re feuding.

(Still, Matt Roloff’s version is still better than Trump’s, since the orange man uses the phrase to refer to news that he doesn’t personally like)

Matt’s post continues:

“Matt, amy, Jer , zach Audrey, Tori, molly, Joel, Jacob, Izzy, Chris and caryn. All working together to surprise you all at how an American family can function together despite a few minor differences.”

That’s sweet. And then he teases the new season of Little People, Big World:

“Wait for it…… a few short months.”

If you feel like you can’t wait “a few short months” and you also can’t take the Roloffs at their word (for whatever reason), would it help you to know that both Matt and Amy were at Jacob’s actual birthday party?

Unlike on Thanksgiving and Christmas and numerous other holidays, and perhaps for the first time (that we’ve seen) since Molly’s wedding, Matt and Amy were together at the same place, at the same time.

Because Jacob is their son, folks.

Among the videos from Jacob’s 21st birthday party shared briefly on social media via Instagram stories were shots of Amy and Matt with Jackson and Ember, respectively.

So, yes, they were at the same party. They can definitely stand to be in the same room together. Everybody needs to take a deep breath and stop making assumptions.

It may have not been the wildest 21st birthday party on record, but it was a wholesome family gathering.

Speaking of alleged Roloff feuds and that party in particular, Audrey and Jacob buried the hatchet — if there ever really was one.

(It’s long been believed that, perhaps over religious differences, the two don’t see eye-to-eye. Maybe they don’t, but it’s clearly not too big of a deal)

We think that what causes all of this unfounded fan speculation is that we’re all starved for more information about the Roloffs because Little People, Big World isn’t back yet.

But, as Matt Roloff says, we just need to wait a few months. Whatever real conflicts that family has will probably be shared with us.


Jacob Roloff Turns 21, Buries Alleged Hatchett with Sister

Go ahead and raise a glass to Jacob Roloff, readers.

Just be sure to give the former Little People, Big World star a sip as well… because he’s now old enough to drink alcohol.

Indeed, Jacob turned 21 years old yesterday.

This is a pretty special occasion for any young man, but it’s perhaps extra special for Jacob because he really has come a long way over the last few years.

It wasn’t that long ago, loyal TLC viewers may recall, that Jacob didn’t just quit his family’s popular reality show, but SLAMMED his loved ones along the way.

He called them fake and phony and said he wanted no part of them going forward. 

Jacob said all this just a year and a half ago.

As you can see above and below, however, Jacob has made amends with his parents and siblings.

He came together with them to celebrate his birthday this week, as father Matt was clearly moved by the unique gathering.

“Happy 21St bday Jacob,” wrote the patriarch as a caption to the picture below, adding:

“I guess we get to go turn it all over to you tomorrow… are you ready. ?! It seems like you progress over the past 3 years has been incredible:))

“Amy and I are very proud of our baby J. And his amazing gf Izzy.”

What many fans likely note about both pictures featured so far is the presence of Audrey Roloff.

There have been rumors floating around the Internet that Jacob and Audrey don’t get along well, allegedly due to their contrasting views on religion. 

(Audrey is all about her faith; Jacob does not appear to be a believer.)

But everyone is all smiles in these images, with Audrey’s husband (and Jacob’s brother) even penning a personal message to Jacob.

“Happy 21st birthday, Brother,” wrote Jeremy Roloff on Thursday via Instagram caption.

“I’m glad we live closer, it’s been great being able to hang out more. I think Ember likes it too. Cheers to books, games, and talks. Love you! See you in a few minutes.”

jr wishes

In the time since Jacob left Little People, Big World, he has created various platforms with which to express himself.

He has his own blog and YouTube channel, for example.

In August last year, the reluctant reality star also wrote and published a book entitled “Verbing,” which is a compilation of essays about life and family.

A few months later, he announced that he’s working on his second memoir, “Out To See.”

More than anything, though, Jacob has been spending time with his two dogs and girlfriend, Izzy, traveling around the Pacific Northwest.

As a tribute to her boyfriend (or her fiance?!?), Izzy shared the following image yesterday and included with it the following caption:

Our first ever picture together at Crater Lake. On our cross country road trip. Our trip to Iceland. Happy 21st birthday to my very best friend, adventure buddy and partner in crime.

Jacob, I mean… look how far we’ve come and how many places we’ve seen together. You’re such a dream, such a dream come true. There aren’t enough hours in the day to tell you how much I love you.

Thank you for being you. Today we all celebrated you! And I will continue to every day for as long as I’m kickin’.

izzy pic

So there you have it.

Ignore the chatter and shoot down the haters.

Jacob and Audrey are apparently NOT at odds and the entire family is once again on the same page.

The only question that now remains is this:

When will TLC air new episodes of Little People, Big World?!?

We’re hearing some time in March, but we’ll confirm with viewers as soon as we know for certain.


Jackson Roloff Has Something Amazing to Show Off

Attention, Little People, Big World fans:

Tori Roloff has something to say about her son.

Actually, first Tori Roloff has something to show on her son.

And here it is:

Did you catch it? Do you see it?

We’re not talking about Jackson’s adorable robe, which includes two ears atop the boy’s head and which is positively precious.

No, right now, we’re talking about two things down below those pretend ears, two things Jackson seems very excited to now have in his mouth…

… a pair of teeth!

You see them now, right?

Can you believe Tori and Zach’s first child is already old enough to have his own chompers?!?

In her affiliated caption for the image above, Tori doesn’t really mention her son’s teeth.

But she does gush (and gush and gush!) over her affection for Jackson, writing:

There are not enough hours in the day. Not because I didn’t get to the dishes or finish the laundry. But because there aren’t enough hours in the day to hang with this guy.

I actually miss him when he goes to bed and literally can’t wait for him to wake up. I love you so much you toothy grin mister mister.

So very sweet.

And we’re sure many new moms out there can relate.

Tori and Zach welcomed Jackson into the world on May 10, 2017.

Just a few days ago, Tori updated Instagram followers in regard to where Jackson is at the age of eight months.

She says he can now sit up for about 20 seconds at a time… that he actually has four teeth total… and that he’s crawling around!

Okay, not exactly, Tori says: Jackson is “scooting.” But still. He’s moving around a bit on his own!

It’s a very exciting time for this couple, only exacerbated by the fact that Tori is also opening up her own Etsy shop.

That’s a business decision, of course.

Many Little People, Big World viewers are wondering about something personal when it comes to Tori – and that something is this:

Could she be pregnant again?!?

This speculation was fueled solely by Tori referencing kids (plural, as opposed to kid) in a recent Instagram caption.

What was likely a harmless typo, or merely a harmless word choice, sparked chatter around social media about the status of Tori’s womb.

As far as we know, it is empty at the moment.

We don’t think a sibling is on the way any time in the next few months for Jackson.

He already has a cousin with whom he can play, in the former of Audrey and Jeremy Roloff’s daughter, Ember Jean.

And he most definitely has two very loving parents at home, along with two very loving grandparents living not too far away.

Oh, and did we mention that he is just SO GOSH DARN CUTE!!!!

See what we mean below:


Audrey Roloff Writes a Lot About God in Order to Make Money

Audrey Roloff says you should get off social media in order to go on a truly meaningful adventure.

She offered these words of wisdom on social media.

Indeed, the Little People, Big World star has once again taken to Instagram in order to dole out some heartfelt life advice.

This is something she does VERY often.

And it’s starting to generate some major backlash for Roloff because she always ends her messages with a link to her online store or to some kind of sponsor.

Should Audrey really be profiting off her faith in such a manner?

This is once again a topic for discussion because Roloff may have just set a record for longest-ever Instagram caption, including with the above photo some seriously profound words.

“Adventure – I think we’ve made this word into a bit of a cliché. We long to have a life full of adventure, but what does that even mean?” asks Audrey to open her caption.

Sit back, get comfortable and put on a pot of coffee.

Because Audrey has a lot more to say on this random topic.

“Social media has made us increasingly obsessed with the idea of adventure, while mistaking true adventure for pursuing our own desires and passions,” she explains, adding:

“But as Christ followers, we should be willing to embark on God-given adventures, rather than pursuing our own whims.

“God-given adventure isn’t something we fall into or even something that we choose – it’s a calling God invites us to unearth, live out, and accomplish.”

One simply has to note the irony of criticizing the “idea of adventure” via social media while writing on social media, right?

Continues Roloff:

“Adventure is defined as, “an exciting or remarkable experience; the exploration of unknown territory, often involving risk.” Adventure is synonymous with earnestly walking with Jesus and following His will for our lives.

“It involves excitement, experience, exploration, uncertainty, and risk!”

Got it?

Taking notes, readers?

We hope you’re ready for more…

All these things put together bring us to a deeper dependence on the living God and a wholehearted trust in His will for us.

Consider Noah in the story of the Ark. God called Noah to a seemingly irrational and preposterous adventure. He gave Noah specific instructions to build an ark in preparation for a devastating flood.

God chose Noah because he was righteous and obedient when everyone around him was corrupt and following their selfish desires (Genesis 6:8).

How is this related to Roloff’s larger point?

She’s happy to tell you…

This was a hefty task, not a spontaneous pursuit that Noah whimsically enjoyed, like a last minute road trip. No.

Building the ark required Noah to learn, plan, and sacrifice his time and finances, while also enduring eye-rolling disrespect and ridicule from everyone who watched him build a giant boat in his front yard.

The adventure God called Noah to wasn’t something his friends enviously oohed-and-aahed at.

On a roll at this point, Roloff brought her entry home as follows:

The thing about God-given adventures is that they often seem ludicrous… Yet His eyes search the whole earth for people—like you and me – who are fully committed, ready for the adventures God has in store for them!

Have you written-off a God-given adventure as impossible, illogical, or irrational?

And if Audrey had ended things there, she may have left followers with a lot to ponder.

Instead, however, she concluded:

I wrote this devotional for the 2018 @anchoredpress weekly devo/ planner!

And there it is.

Audrey just mentioned a devotional planner that is sale via Anchored Press and which we’d simply have to imagine paid her money to do so.

Does this mean she’s a hypocrite and isn’t a true believer? No. Not necessarily.

But how would Jesus feel about a disciple trying to profit off His name? By quoting a bible passage in one sentence and following it up with a link to a store in the next sentence?

It’s something to think about, isn’t it?

Certainly it’s more to think about than the “adventure” debate Audrey poses above, wouldn’t you say?


Tori Roloff Shares Stunning 8-Month Update on Jackson

Tori Roloff is back with a pressing update about her son.

As she excitedly does once per month, the Little People Big World star has shared a new photo of Jackson Kyle and, along with it, has dropped some fun little nuggets about her bundle of joy.

What is he doing at eight months old?

How has he changed since he was seven months old?

Scroll down to find out!

1. Look at Him Now!

Jackson at 8 months
Roloff posted this ADORABLE photo of her only child in celebration of him turning eight months old, opening her caption as follows: “… and somehow Jackson is 8 months old..” We can’t believe it, either.

2. A Second New Photo

Jackson in a cap
Holy cuteness. We love this cap on him. “This stage is hands down my favorite (so far). He’s so happy and smiley all the time and I fall more in love with him every. Single. Day,” continues Tori.

3. A Third New Photo

A third new photo
Tori couldn’t just share one or even two. This was the third image she shared of Jackson in honor of the occasion.

4. Here’s What We’ve Been Up to This Month…

Tori roloff and jackson window blinds
And thus started Tori’s monthly update, which we SO appreciate. This was the first fact she shared: “Had our first Christmas (and all the fun that’s comes with that.) We slept through our first New Years.”

5. What Else?

Tori zach and jackson roloff
“We can sit up on our own for like 20 seconds (or until we get distracted usually by our feet).” (LOL, Tori!)

6. What About That Cute Mouth That is So Often Smiling?

Jackson tori and zach
“We have FOUR teeth,” Tori says. (Only 16 more to go, Jackson!)

View Slideshow

Matt Roloff Blasts “Fake News” About His Close-Knit Family

Matt Roloff has gone all Donald Trump on his Facebook followers.

No, the Little People, Big World star has not referred to African nations in a very derogatory manner.

But he has used his social media platform to call out “fake news” outlets and reports.

Having apparently surfed the Internet often of late, the TLC personality is none too happy about what he’s seen.

Roloff has stumbled upon various stories that paint his family as a bunch of loved ones at odds, which is a stark contrast from the way they are presented on television each week.

(When Little People, Big World is in season, that is; HINT, HINT, TLC executives: Bring it back soon please!)

“Just got caught up on my roloff family fake news… lol. Fake news is alive and well.. how sad,” wrote Matt, adding by way of defense and reassurance:

“The roloff family just keeps hanging closer and closer together despite these broken misleading headlines … matt, amy, Jer , zach Audrey, Tori, molly, Joel, Jacob, Izzy, Chris and caryn.

“All working together to surprise you all at how an American family can function together despite a few minor differences. Wait for it…… a few short months.”

We actually do have a pretty firm idea about what Roloff is referring to here.

roloff, m

Over the past several weeks, there’s been chatter, for example, that he and Amy are at odds.

The couple filed for divorce about two years ago and have each found love in the arms of someone new (Caryn Chandler for Matt, Chris Marek for Amy).

It has certainly seemed from the outside like an amicable split.

However, tension reportedly emanated between the ex-lovers late last year as a result of Roloff’s romance with Chandler and the way Caryn often treats Amy.

This was never confirmed any insider who used his or her name in public – and neither Matt nor Amy said a negative word about the other.

But you know how rumors spread online, right?

Elsewhere, some fans have started to wonder why no photos exist that feature both Audrey and Jacob.

Even we must admit, for a tight-knit group of relative, this is a bit off.

Could these in-laws truly not get along well due to their opposite religious beliefs?

That basically sums up the chatter going on around this alleged feud.

Thankfully for Matt, however, most of his followers aren’t buying any of these claims.

Just take a look at the comments in reply to his “fake news” post:

mr defense

We’re not certain where we stand, to be honest.

It does seem fishy that Audrey and Jacob are never in the same place, but so what, right?

Who says every member of every family has to be best friends?

Also, Caryn Chandler did serve as the Roloff family farm manager prior to dating Matt. She knew Amy pretty well.

So of course things would be awkward between her and Matt’s ex-wife. Wouldn’t it almost be strange if they were not?

None of this means the Roloffs don’t love each other and aren’t always there for each other.

It mostly just means they’re… gasp! … normal.

Once again, however, we beseech TLC to air new episodes of Little People, Big World.

We miss the show.

And only then can we see these stars in action and know for sure just what is going on.


Audrey Roloff Keeps Trying to Profit Off Marital Advice

Audrey Roloff has a seemingly happy and healthy marriage.

This appears to be the case even though the Little People, Big World star helps anchor a reality television show…

… and we all know what fate typically befalls couples that appear on these sort of programs.

What we’re trying to say is this:

Audrey Roloff may very well be someone from whom you should take marital advice.

She and Jeremy definitely make their relationship work.

But the TLC personality has come under fire of late for not just offering up words of wisdom for her fellow wives around the Internet – but for clearly trying to profit off these words.

Take a recent Instagram post, for example.

On Wednesday, Roloff shared the photo above and included with it a lengthy caption.

It begins as follows:

To find and still seek, now that is love. This is the lifeblood behind our mission @beating50 .

We hope to inspire couples to keep seeking, keep pursuing, and keep learning how to love their husbands and wives beyond their wedding day. T

he pursuit shouldn’t end with, “I do.” What fun is that? Your marriage (or future marriage) should be a lifelong love story.

The point here is not a new one.

Nor is it a misguided one.

Audrey is basically saying couples need to work on their marriage and not take their partners for granted.

We very much agree with that theme.

But then Roloff continues:

Marriage is not about saying “I do” in a moment, it’s about living out “I do” in the mundane everyday moments #stayingido.

Your actions and attitude should reflect the promise you made to love – for better or for worse. To “still seek” implies a relentless pursuit. 


This is not the first time Audrey has waxed very poetically about her definition of love.

She did so HERE, too.

Both times, meanwhile, Roloff concluded her message with an offer and a link that got her in trouble.

“Want one of these rad sweatshirts “Love is a verb” sweatshirts (also comes in black)? Grab one for 10% off with code LOVE2018 – link in bio,” concluded the mother of one this time around.

And it’s just….YEESH. Come on, Auds.

A handful of followers find it very distasteful that Roloff included constant links to her business website when talking about things as personal as love and religion.

It’s hard to take Roloff’s theme very seriously when it’s clear she’s just saying it to sell some sweatshirts.

Last summer, fans had this same issue when it came to how frequently Audrey brought up the topic of God.

Is she serious about her faith?

Does she truly love her husband?

Of course and of course.

Moreover, we aren’t suggesting that she isn’t free to make money off her clothing line. She absolutely has this right and absolutely should be an entrepreneur if she so desires.

But perhaps she should stop mixing personal advice with her business endeavor.

It just leaves a bad taste in our mouths.

Do you feel the same way?


Audrey Roloff Shares Surprising News About Daughter

We need your help, readers.

We’ve been looking and looking and looking, but we still can’t find it.

Do you know where the time has gone?!?

We ask because it seems like just yesterday that we were refreshing our Internet browsers on a constant basis, waiting to learn whether Audrey Roloff had given birth.

She ended up being over a week late in early September, but this simply proved the classic adage about waiting and the best things and how those two things are related

… because Ember Jean then entered the world as an absolutely cutie patootie.

Incredibly, that was four months ago.

In celebration of her child turning one-third of one year old, Audrey Roloff has shared a new photo and provided fans with a fascinating update about Ember.

First, the photo:

Now, the update:

“Our baby girlsie is 4 months old today,” wrote Audrey to open her caption, adding:

“This stage is increasingly precious and full of wonder and joyous anticipation. I’ve fallen so in love with this little light of mine.”

As for “highlights from the past month?” Roloff dished on the following:

– Laughing and giggling.

– Sitting up in her baby chair.

– Taking a road trio to Bend, Oregon to see old friends and church family members.

– Sleeping 7 hours at night.

– Telling lots of stories.

– Putting all the things in her mouth.

– Growing most of her 3-6 month clothes.

Roloff went on to acknowledge her struggle with postpartum depression and breastfeeding, writing:

“With the rough beginning we had, I never thought I’d have a chunky baby. But look at those high-percentile rolls!

“She loves her knee-socks, bath time, cuddling with mom and dad, SMILING (at literally anyone who gives her an ounce of attention), pulling hair, and sleeping in the car.

“I’m in love I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!”

Can anyone blame her?

Motherhood really is a miracle.

Audrey has been very open about this first-time experience, even documenting how a case of mom guilt nearly ruined Christmas.

Thankfully, in the end, she and Jeremy and Ember enjoyed a very special holiday.

For reference sake, here’s a look back at past photos the couple has shared of their child at various milestones.

For example: Ember at 3 months..

And Ember at 2 months…

And, of course, newborn Ember…

She’s come a very long way, hasn’t she?

In a way, we’ve all come a long way, watching Jeremy and Audrey navigate the challenge of parenthood on social media.

We’ll see them do it on television when Little People, Big World finally returns with new episodes, which we expect to happen in March or some time later this spring.

These new episodes will center on Audrey’s pregnancy and eventual birth, the same way last season focused on Tori Roloff and how she also became a new mother in 2017.

What a year for this beloved family, huh?!?

We very much appreciate how candid both women have been over the past few months, letting us into their interesting/precious/unique/adorable universes via photos and videos.

Click around below for a cute swath of Ember Jean pictures and join us in wishing her a very happy quasi birthday!

We can’t wait to see what five months brings.


Amy Roloff: Did She Ban Matt Roloff from Jacob Roloff’s Birthday Party?!

Right on the heels of unfair accusations that Amy Roloff was exploiting her son Jacob in order to sell bread, followers and so-called “fans” are finding yet another reason to give the Little People, Big World star some grief.

This time, they’re apparently enraged that Amy held an early birthday party for her son, Jacob, and gathered her children but not her ex-husband, Matt Roloff.

Can’t Amy catch a break?!

Amy Roloff shared this photo of a wholesome family gathering, adding the caption:

“This gathering happened the other day, all of my kids were at the Farm house to celebrate Jacobs 21st birthday early.”

That’s so sweet! It’s especially nice to see Jacob, once estranged from the Roloff clan, bonding again with his loved ones.

“What a fun and blessed time being all together!”

With adult children all leading their own lives — and Molly living out of state — it’s a rare opportunity for Amy to get to see her kids.

Let alone so many members of the Roloff family in one place at one time.

“Of course this momma and grandma was happy and loved it!”

It’s a precious photo of a sweet family gathering.

One, it’s nice to see Amy so happy. Often, photos that she shares are of her grandbabies or of her social life, rather than of such a large family group.

Two, it’s great to see that so many Roloffs were happy to celebrate Jacob’s birthday.

He was, for ages, the “black sheep,” and now we have photographic evidence that they’ve been successful in mending fences.

(And seeing Audrey positioned so close to the birthday boy will go a long way towards quashing those rumors that Audrey and Jacob hate each other)

Some of Amy’s Instagram followers, however, focused less on what was in the photo as they did on what was not in the photo.

Or rather, who was not in the photo.

Matt Roloff was absent. Though he and Amy aren’t married anymore, a number of followers took issue with his apparent exclusion from the family photo.

“With everybody but Matt, so sad.”

“Matt should’ve been there with his girlfriend as these are his children also.”

“Aww, Matt should have been their no matter what he’s the farm and created that farm for his family and when children came!!!!! Sad he doesn’t have to sit next to Amy!!!!”

Some fans, however, had enough sense to jump in in defense of Amy not inviting her ex-husband.

“This is Amy’s house…they’re divorced & he has his own place & can have them over as well. They’re not obligated to invite each other over for anything…”

Very true. Similarly, Amy Roloff probably won’t be invited to Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler’s engagement party, whenever that apparent inevitability happens.

“Perhaps he has the kids over without Amy. They’re divorced. This is her house and her picture. I am sure he does the same.”

It’s not uncommon for divorced families to see parents celebrating occasions separately. That can mean that every kid gets two birthdays. And Jacob’s actual birthday isn’t for another week.

We’d like to offer an alternative explanation.

Beyond, you know, who gets invited to whose birthday parties not really being our business, strictly speaking, we think that a lot of these people making arguments missed a pretty big point.

This is Jacob’s birthday party. He’s 21. (Or, again, he will be in a week)

Jacob’s been repairing his family relationships, sure. But a lot of that has involved his siblings and his mother.

It may be that Matt wasn’t there because Jacob didn’t want him there. That is, at least, worth considering.

But no, people love to bash Amy Roloff.