Ronnie Ortiz-Magro: I Never Banged Jewish Barbie! I Love Jen Harley!

We all know that reality TV shows rarely depict anything that could be accurately described as reality.

From the Teen Moms to the Real Housewives, just about everyone who’s appeared on a long-running reality series has complained at one point or another about being the victim of a bad edit.

It’s a necessary evil, as producers are tasked with the job of crafting narratives out of raw footage and creating heroes and villains, while in real life, most of us are somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.

The latest (alleged) victim of this trend is Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, who claims his implied affair with “Jewish Barbie” on last week’s Jersey Shore Family Vacation was concocted by the showrunners in an effort to provide viewers with the drama they crave.

Take a look:


1. Ariana’s Parents

Ariana's Parents
Ron and Jen have certainly experienced some ups and downs over the course of their relationship, but they remain committed to making it work.

2. Rough Patches

Rough Patches
Ronnie and Jen’s impassioned confrontations have made for some of the most memorable drama on this season of Shore.

3. What Happens In Vegas …

What Happens In Vegas ...
Who could forget Jen’s explosive — and unexpected — visit to Ron while the Shore gang was partying in Vegas?

4. What a Drag

What a Drag
And of course, there was the incident in which Jen allegedly dragged Ronnie with her car — a confrontation that both sides now say was exaggerated by the media.

5. Even So …

Even So ...
Jen has made no secret of the fact that she’s got a bit of a temper (making her a perfect fit for Ron), so fans have been encouraging Magro to tread lightly this season.

6. Enter Jewish Barbie

Enter Jewish Barbie
So when Angelina’s friend Lindsay, aka Jewish Barbie, entered the shore-less Shore house and began showing an interest in Ron, there was widespread concern for his well-being.

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Jersey Shore Sneak Peek: Does Ronnie Magro Cheat on Jen Harley?

While most of us breathe a sigh of relief that Ronnie Magro and Jen Harley aren't engaged, that doesn't mean that he's being smart.

It wasn't long ago that he got into huge trouble with Jen for his hot tub adventures.

On this new Jersey Shore: Family Vacation sneak peek, Ronnie is getting into another hot tub with another woman. Oh boy …

Jersey shore family vacation ronnie hot tub mistake screencap 01

In his confessional interview, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro sounds confident.

To hear him tell it, he's not going to follow his horniest impulses and make a fool out of himself again.

"Listen, I’ve seen a lot of girls in bathing suits. I’ve seen a lot of girls without bathing suits," Ronnie says.

By his way of thinking, he's been desensitized to beautiful women in very little clothing.

"So, another girl in a bathing suit isn’t really that tempting," Ronnie claims.

Sure. Millions of years of evolutionary instinct screaming bang or die in his ear will be easy to resist.

"And I’m not going to go down that road again," Ronnie insists.

Jersey shore family vacation ronnie hot tub mistake screencap 02

Now, one of the benefits of editing is comedic timing.

In this case, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation cuts to Angelina Pivarnick‘s friend, Lindsay.

Lindsay looks drop-dead gorgeous in her bikini.

Everyone exclaims "Yes!" as she enters the room, even though she covers up her turquoise two-piece.

Ronnie, however, is shown rolling over onto his face, as if to avoid looking at her.

His friends then rib him for blushing in Lindsay's presence.

Jersey shore family vacation ronnie hot tub mistake screencap 03

"Ronnie is getting a weird look in his eye around Jewish Barbie," Vinny G points out.

He's not optimistic about Ronnie's decision-making skills.

"I know this look," Vinny says. "Usually that leads to bad decisions."

Vinny summarizes: "This is not good."

Ronnie decided to volunteer to accompany Lindsay to the hot tub.

As Pauly D characterizes: "Ronnie's gonna check the water, and make sure it's … make sure it's wet."

Jersey shore family vacation ronnie hot tub mistake screencap 05

As Pauly's words suggest, there is no actual need for Ronnie to accompany Lindsay out to the tub.

In case there was any doubt about Ronnie's relationship status when this scene was filmed, Lindsay brings it up.

"So you’re still not single, yet?" Lindsay asks.

This is a smart move on her part — bringing it up first.

Ronnie doesn't appear to give any sort of verbal answer in the clip. So, correct.

"You have to be happy," Lindsay says, though we cannot confirm that she was directly responding to that topic.

(Reality shows and their notorious editing, folks)

Jersey shore family vacation ronnie hot tub mistake screencap 04

As all of this is happening, Ronnie and Lindsay do not have any actual privacy.

Not only are cameras still on them, but Ronnie's friends are watching, too.

Now, we've all been the friend who's had a few drinks and peers through the window nosily as their friend maybe hooks up.

But Ronnie's friends are vocally concerned about his decision-making skills.

Considering how poorly Jen seems to take even the appearance of his cheating, they hate to see him blunder again.

(Last time, it even involved a hot tub)

As toxic as Ronnie's relationship with Jen was, this doesn't seem like the right way for him to end things.

Only with the new episode will we see how poor Ronnie's judgment really was.

Jersey shore sneak peek does ronnie magro cheat on jen harley

Jen Harley and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro: Good God, Are They Engaged?!?

According to recent Instagram post, Jen Harley may have given Ronnie Ortiz-Magro a black eye.

In return, according to many social media users, Ronnie has given Jen… a diamond ring?

Wait, WHAT?!?

Yes, the rumor of an engagement between this VERY volatile couple has been making its way around the Internet.

While this may seem difficult to believe, considering the numerous instances of actual assault between stars, Harley was spotted around Beverly Hills this week with the aforementioned diamond ring on her finger.

Could this really mean that Ronnie popped life’s biggest question to his occasionally violent girlfriend?

Are we really about to see another Jersey Shore wedding, following The Situation’s nuptials just last week to his long-time lover, Lauren?

It would make sense only in that Ronnie and Jen are parents to a little girl named Ariana and at least getting married would (maybe) provide her with a more steady home life.

Then again, it would NOT make sense because Ronnie and Jen are clearly not right for each other.

They yell and scream at each other and push and shove each other and we’re pretty sure Harley just recently tried to extort Ronnie by demanding $ 20,000 from him, as you can see by the exchange below.

These two just don’t seem to communicate very well.

harley exchange

Nevertheless, they continue to hang out.

Earlier this month, Jen and Ronnie enjoyed a date at the Sugar Factory in Miami in celebration of the former’s birthday.

So… what is the conclusion here? Are they engaged?

No, writes The Blast.

This website investigated the troubling rumor and noticed that Harley wore the same diamond ring on her finger several weeks ago in a different photo with Ronnie.

It doesn’t appear to signify any agreement to get hitched.

On most epsiodes of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 2, we’ve witnessed Ronnie’s friends try to talk some sense into their co-star and good friend.

They’ve seen how Jen treats him and listened to all the lame excuses Ronnie has made for why he refuses to leave her.

At this point, most of the Jersey Shore castmates have given up on changing Ronnie’s mind, which is why we actually wouldn’t be shocked if he and Harley do end up as husband and wife at some point.

They’re simply drawn to the drama.

And they probably get along well in the sack, if you know what we mean.

Still, as we so often say to end posts about Jen and Ronnie, they have a four-month old daughter.

Everything they do and say should solely be based on her health, happiness and well-being.


Jen Harley and Ronnie Magro Seriously Can’t Quit Each Other

It seems very possible that Jen Harley recently pounded Ronnie Ortiz-Magro in the face.

Despite this allegation, however, the troubled reality stars continue to pound each other.

In the bedroom, we mean.

ron with jen

Just a few days ago, Ronnie shared a close-up of his face and his left eye, both of which appeared to be battered and bruised.

Along with this disturbing image, the veteran Jersey Shore cast member wrote as a caption:

“Sorry for lying to my friends and family. Sometimes u love people so much [you’re] willing to lie and the hurt the people that love u the most to protect.”

Translation: Harley beat the crap out of me again.

Right? How else were we meant to interpret this message and this picture?

A few months prior to Ronnie’s apparent assault reveal, he had been dragged down the street from a car that Harley was driving./


And just a short time before this ridiculous incident, Harley was banned from a Las Vegas hotel after she (allegedly) got physical with Ronnie on a different occasion.

And these altercations followed an ugly exchange between Ronnie and Harley on social media, as documented below.

Simply put, these two do NOT belong together…

Shortly after Ronnie shared the back eye picture, Jen replied to a fan on social media who asked about her having future contact with her baby daddy, writing:

“No I will never speak to him again. I’ve kept my mouth shut for to (sic) long.”

That was on Friday.

On Saturday, Harley and Ronnie were spotted out and about, chilling with friends on a boat.

The MTV star himself posted clips aboard the boat of him and Harley, the latter of whom was donning a pink fluoro bikini, as you can see in the first picture in this article above.

According to TMZ, meanwhile, the effed up twosome was in Florida, celebrating Harley’s birthday with a handful of loved ones.

On Sunday, Jen shared a series of text messages between her and Ortiz-Magro on Instagram, saying along with them: “the truth about the Black eye lol.”

“I’ll fix it baby,” a message allegedly from Ronnie reads, assing:

“U want me to post something say that I reacted out of anger and that it was a double sided incendet (sic) and we are working at making things better so we are never back in that situation again.”

“Lmfao. Nahhhh so it look like your so scared of me you had too,” Harley responded, adding that Ortiz-Magro made her “wanna puke right now.”

We can’t figure these two out, that’s for certain.

But we do know they have a six-month old daughter at home and better shape the hecl up for her sake.

Harley and Ortiz-Magro, who started dating in July 2017, have documented their tumultuous relationship on social media and on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

You can tune in each Thursday night to see how this awful relationship plays out.

Just consider yourself warned:

It will be funny at first and then, once you realize they are parents of a baby girl, it will be downright nauseating and awful to witness.


Jen Harley: I Never Hit Ronnie Magro! I Can Prove He’s Lying!

Earlier this week, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro alleged that Jen Harley had attacked him yet again.

If you've been watching Jersey Shore Family Vacation this season, then we probably don't need to tell you that this was not an isolated incident.

In fact, it looks as though Jen has gotten violent with Ron on multiple occasions.

But Jen says that while that may what Ronnie wants us to think, it's simply not the case.

She says he's been lying all the time, and now she's offering up what she says is proof of that claim:

1. The Happy Couple

Jen harley and ronnie ortiz magro
Fans, friends, and family members have been encouraging Ron to part ways with Jen for months now — and it looks as though he’s finally taken that advice.

2. One Long Rough Patch

Jen harley and ronnie magro
It’s tempting to say that things began to deteriorate for Ronnie and Jen, but to be honest, things have been so bad between these two that it’s hard to imagine this relationship was ever healthy.

3. Ron-page

Ronnies black eye
Ron recently accused Jen of assaulting him and leaving him with a black eye. He even posted photographic evidence of his injuries on Instagram.

4. Harsh Words

Ronnie and jen harley
“Sorry for lying to my friends and family, sometimes u love people so much your willing to lie and the hurt the people that love u the most to protect,” he captioned the pic.

5. Jen’s Two Cents

Jen harley and baby ariana take a stroll in the park
Harley recently took to social media to dismiss Ron as an abject liar. And she claims to have proof that Magro is being dishonest with Shore fans.

6. It’s Over

Jen harley instagram image
“No I will never speak to him again,” Harley replied to a fan who asked about her relationship with Ron late last night. “I’ve kept my mouth shut for to (sic) long.”

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Ronnie Magro: Attacked By Jen Harley AGAIN?!

We regret to inform you that the tumultuous relationship between Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley is still a thing.

And it seems to be getting more dangerous and destructive with each passing week.

Ronnie posted the above photo to his Instagram story moments ago, and it seems he’s implying that Harley once again physically assaulted him:

“Sorry for lying to my friends and family,” Magro wrote on the pic.

“Sometimes u love people so much [you’re] willing to lie and the hurt the people that love u the most to protect.”

He tagged the pic @JenX, and while that’s not Harley’s Instagram handle, the message Ronnie seems to be sending is still pretty clear.

Sadly, this has been an ongoing pattern in Ronnie and Jen’s relationship.

The drama first came to a head back in June, when Jen dragged Ronnie with her car, a situation that was documented on recent episodes of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

It’s a frightening situation, but the good news is that Ronnie and Jen’s latest posts seem to indicate that they’ve finally called it quits.

“Closure is a scam. Don’t text, don’t care. Just move on,” Ronnie posted on Instagram on Tuesday.

For her part, Harley unleashed on Ron in reaction to a follower’s question about her relationship:

“He’s lying,” Jen wrote.

“I’ll prove it again, along with the car thing. I can’t deal with a drug addict anymore. It’s getting so out of control.”

Hilariously, just days ago, Jen was reportedly griping to friends about how angry she is over Ron’s friends and their refusal to approve of his relationship:

“Jen is really hurt that people aren’t being supportive of her and Ronnie,” a source told Hollywood Life.

“There are times when she feels like everyone is against her and Ronnie and they are trying to tear away their happiness, just waiting for them to fail. It breaks her heart.”

The insider went on to describe how hurt Jen is by the continued skepticism of Ron’s Shore housemates:

“If she and Ronnie were fighting all the time she would understand all the negativity, but she swears they’re doing really well and are more in love than they’ve ever been,” says the tipster.

“Nothing is perfect — they still have arguments — but nothing out of the normal because they’re both working on it.

“They are doing therapy together and are really committed to working out their issues, because they want their daughter to grow up in a happy home.”

The source went on to describe exactly why Ronnie’s castmates are so concerned:

“Everybody’s worried things will spiral out of control before they finally decide they’re over for good,” the insider says.

Well, they weren’t wrong about that one.

Fortunately, the relationship is now over and Ronnie’s loved ones can breathe easy.

Until he and Jen inevitably get back together next week, of course.


Jen Harley: Ronnie Magro Needs to Quit Jersey Shore NOW!

If you’ve been watching Jersey Shore Family Vacation, you’re probably well aware that the relationship between Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley is far from healthy.

Ron is prone to fits of anger (or “ron-pages,” if you prefer), but for the most part, fans have piled the bulk of the blame on Jen — and for good reason.

After all, this is the woman who dragged Ron in her car during an argument, leaving him badly injured.

The cause of the altercation was Jen’s previous batsh-t behavior, which includes disappearing with their daughter and sending Ron on a mad search across Las Vegas, like he was stuck in some completely non-funny version of The Hangover.

Needless to say, Jen and Ron have a lot of problems.

In fact, it sounds as though there are only two paths forward for little Ariana’s parents at this point:

They can either break up or begin therapy and commit themselves to the hard work of tearing their relationship down to its foundations and beginning anew.

Of course, Jen doesn’t see it that way.

She thinks the solution to her many romantic problems is easy and obvious:

According to Jen, it’s all Ron’s fault, and he can fix everything by simply quitting Jersey Shore.

Cutting off one’s sole source of income shortly after welcoming a child may sound foolish, but Jen explained the brilliance behind her plan while she was bored on a recent flight and decided to host an Instagram AMA:

“So bored! Another 2 hours left!! Entertain me! Ask away, be nice,” Jen wrote.

Fans were quick to oblige, and while most of the questions were along the lines of “WTF is your deal?” some offered more nuanced inquiries:

“I know you won’t answer this but how do you like being on Jersey Shore,” one fan asked.

“Honestly the show has been the route [sic] to all our problems,” Jen answered.

“Would you want Ron to quit JS to make ur relationship better and peaceful?” another asked.

Ronnie and Jen Harley

“DUH,” Jen replied, in not-at-all-obnoxious fashion.

In case there was any doubt about Jen’s distaste for the show that made her (in)famous, she went on to make it quite clear that she’s not a fan:

“How do you feel seeing yourself on Jersey Shore?” another follower asked.

“I legit do not watch the show.”

Hmm … you might want to tune in this week, Jen.

The show will give you an idea as to why total strangers cross the street when they see you approaching.

Just a thought.