Catelynn Lowell: Roots of PTSD Finally Revealed?

In the past two years, Catelynn Lowell has checked into rehab three times.

While her journey toward greater emotional stability and mental health certainly hasn’t been an easy one, it’s yielded trendous results, making Lowell both a more fulfilled person and a spokesperson for those battling mental illness.

Earlier this week, Lowell revealed that she’s been diagnosed with PTSD.

“It’s panic disorder, PTSD – I like to call myself a trauma survivor – and it’s depression, but it’s co-occurring depression or something like that,” Lowell revealed in a candid interview.

“It will go away and it will come back with the panic disorder.”

Catelynn didn’t go into detail regarding the roots of her trauma, but in the past, she’s spoken at length about her difficult childhood.

Lowell’s father, David, helped shed new light on her painful past this week in a revealing interview with Radar Online:

“I don’t do drugs or drink so mostly it was when we had to move for my job when she was 12,” David told the site about the painful period during which he and his daughter were separated by distance.

“Kids don’t realize that parents have to do whatever it takes to pay support and insurance for their children, even if it means moving to do so.”

David added that his children were always taken care of financially, but said they may not have always received the emotional support they needed: 

“I was never a deadbeat dad. One thing I’ve always done is take care of my kids,” he claimed.

“That we both had a hard time dealing with. But we called frequently.”

David went on to reveal that he suspects Catelynn’s mother didn’t always provide a stable home life:

“What her mother did with the money – many different boyfriends and moving all the time – I couldn’t say

 As for how Catelynn is faring following her latest rehab stint, David his daughter is in a “wonderful” state of mind.

“She’s doing her aftercare like a champ,” he tells Radar.

“I did go with her to a holistic approach therapist. I believe this is the first time she’s tried it. It involves breathing techniques, aromatics, and of course, talking.”

Closing on a hopeful night, David adds:

“I think she’s won the battle, but staying humble about it. It’s a lifelong affliction.”

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Ed Sheeran Grammy Performance: Taking it Back to His Roots

Ed Sheeran was a last-minute addition to the 2017 Grammy Awards' list of performers, but his effort Sunday night looked … effortless.

Not in the sense that Ed didn't put in the effort, but the British singer-songwriter has a way of making it look easy on stage sometimes.

Sheeran, 25, took the Grammy stage, having announced he was doing so just seven hours earlier, for a smooth, stripped-down performance.

His loop-pedal roots are what launched Ed's popularity, and he showed that Sunday night with a rendition of "Shape of You."

It was a performance profound in its simplicity.

An acoustic guitar, a keyboard and a couple of mics (which worked, unlike with Lady Gaga and Metallica) were all he used last night.

No in-ear monitors were employed, even.

Ed is known for his casual style fashion-wise as well as personally and musically, and was true to that as well at the Grammys.

Sporting a simple black t-shirt and jeans, he crushed the performance … and in the process, he unwittingly crashed a website.

How did he pull that off, you ask?

Sheeran's pedal board of choice, the Chewie II Monsta Looper, caused fascination among the millions of music fans tuning in to watch.

As such, an influx of web traffic to Equipboard (dot) com caused the online database of music gear to display a 502 error after Ed played.

Without getting too technical, the site got an arse-load of traffic thanks to Sheeran, and its servers became overloaded with the demand.

Even more awesome considering that not even 24 hours prior, he was the musical guest performing on Saturday Night Live in NYC.

Three thousand miles away.

Watch part of Sheeran's performance below and see how it compared to Adele's Grammy performance and others from the evening!

Ed sheeran grammy performance taking it back to his roots