Alaskan Bush People: Gabe Brown and Raquell Rose Are Getting Married!

Back in August, Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown married Rhain Alisha in a beautiful, low-key ceremony.

Now it’s another member of the Brown family’s turn.

This time, it’s Gabe Brown — who filed for a marriage license before anyone heard a word about an engagement!

RadarOnline reports that Gabe Brown is either married already — or about to be.

A clerk at the Marriage License Office in Okanogan, Washington says that Gabe and his girlfriend got their marriage papers last month.

“Gabriel Brown and Raquell Pantilla filed for a marriage license in person on October 8,” the clerk confirms.

Raquell is not unfamiliar to fans who follow the Brown family on social media.

In fact, it was Gabe’s youngest sister Rain who revealed Gabe’s relationship with Raquell “Rose” Pantilla.

Rain has joked about beinga  third wheel, but she and Raquell have described each other as the best of friends.

A source close to the Brown family didn’t quite confirm Gabe’s marriage, but didn’t exactly deny it, either.

“They have been spending a lot of time together,” the family source acknowledged.

The insider affirmed that “really likes her.”

We’ve all been able to tell that much just from watching them on social media.

Just look at this photo that Gabe shared of his and Raquell’s hands forming a heart together.

Gabe Brown and Raquel Pantilla Hold Hands

Now, as we were all so recently reminded with Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, a marriage license can be a little ambiguous.

We looked it up, and Washington state law says that a marriage license has a three-day waiting period.

(That, folks, is to prevent people who are blitzed out of their minds from having impulsive weddings with someone they just met)

After those three days are over, the couple has 60 days in which to have their wedding.

After that, if they have not held a wedding, the marriage license becomes invalid.

If our understanding that this gives Gabe and Raquell a total of 63 days in which to tie the knot is correct, they must hold their wedding by December 10.

Just because Gabe and Raquell need to hold a wedding between October 11 and December 10 doesn’t mean that it has to be large.

Noah’s wedding, after all, was a pretty small event.

It is entirely possible that Gabe and Raquell have already had a wedding somewhere on the Brown family’s private, spacious homestead.

If your dad buys 435 acres of land, we sure hope that there’s enough room for you to get married on it.

If so, we hope that they’ll make an announcement about it soon.

But they still have an entire month — and some change — to hold that wedding. Maybe it hasn’t happened yet.

Gabe Brown has not always been so lucky in love.

In late November of last year, Rain warned her fans and followers that an imposter was pretending to be Gabe Brown.

This imposter was catfishing fans, some of whom developed real feelings for the fake Gabe.

Months later, when fans learned of Gabe’s relationship with Raquel, some accused Gabe of seducing them — having ignored Rain’s warning.

These fans may have seen Rain’s warning but refused to believe that they were being catfished.

We’re glad that Gabe and Raquell were able to get past that.

Still, Gabe and Raquell have only been dating for … possibly less than a year.

Though Raquell has been getting along well with the Brown family — especially with Rain — some wonder if they’re rushing things.

It’s always a little surprising when a couple goes from “dating” to “married” (or close enough) without any real engagement in between.

But sometimes, couples just know.

Congratulations to Gabe and Raquell!


Amber Rose: Mom-Shamed for Making Out With Son

Amber Rose owns her identity and her sex-positive attitude. She knows that she has her haters.

Unfortunately, some trolls target Amber’s son because they know that it will get under her skin.

This time, Amber is getting mom-shamed and accused of “making out” with her child. Here is the photo:

This is the image that drew so much ire from the internet.

Note that Amber and Sebastian Taylor Thomaz’s lips aren’t actually touching.

“Too much intimacy in this pic,” declared one follower.

“Get that nasty mouth away from that poor kid,” demanded another. “Yuck!”

Another insisted that what she was doing was “making out” and that she should stop at once.

(This is not even the point, but anyone who makes out without their lips touching is doing it wrong)

The attacking comments came in a number of forms.

One person decided to target boht Amber and feminism in a backhanded compliment.

“That’s your greatest accomplishment and you know it,” the commenter wrote. “No matter what the feminists like to preach.”

Others stuck to old-fashioned slut-shaming.

“The child is Innocent but she sure aint smh,” one vile person wrote.

“Now Amber, you had six boyfriends this year. I counted,” added another. “You do not need to kiss this baby anywhere!”

The troll continued: “That is like telling him to lick a public bathroom floor.”

Fortunately Sebastian, who will turn six years old early next year, is too young to see these horrible comments.

Also fortunately, Amber had plenty of defenders.

“He loves his mommy!!! And his mommy loves him!!! So sweet,” affirmed a commenter. “She’s a wonderful mother to her child and that’s all that matters.”

Another put the haters on blast.

“You people are DISGUSTING really. It is her SON,” writes another. 

“She has every right to kiss him on the lips,” Amber’s defender insisted.

That comment continues: “and for all of you nasty people making comments, clearly your parents never loved you or gave you hugs.”

“Beautiful,” praised another. “People are so spiteful and hateful. I kissed my daddy on the lips up until he passed last year.”

Obviously, not everyone comes from a kiss-on-the-lips family (I don’t, either).

But we all know that there are families who give each other a peck on the lips.

And, as you can clearly see in the photo, Amber and Sebastian weren’t doing anything of the sort.

Of course, we all know what this was really about.

People don’t like Amber.

Why? Mostly because she’s not ashamed to be a sexual being.

You would think that people wouldn’t be bothered by a woman who takes off her clothes and tells other women to live their lives however they wish.

But for some reason, sex-positive feminism is really threatening to some people.

And if htey can’t make Amber back down in undeserved shame for having a body and daring to show it, they’ll go after her young son.

Amber has defended Sebastian from trolls before.

Earlier this year, she shared how excited he was to receive personalized Taylor Swift tickets.

He loves Taylor’s music, probably because he has two ears and a heart.

Some truly despicable trolls decided to take to Instagram to “accuse” the 5-year-old child of being gay.

That is stupid in too many ways to count.

We’re glad that Sebastian has such a loving and supportive mother.

You don’t have to agree with her on everything to recognize that she’s a good mom.


Rose McGowan: The #MeToo Movement is a Useless Fraud!

If you see everyone around you as your enemy, pretty soon, your perception will become reality.

That is what Rose McGowen is experiencing right now. As Rose lashes out at “fake” Hollywood activism, she is now taking aim at the #MeToo movement.

She’s skewering friends and allies and saying that #MeToo is just a bunch of lies.

In a no-holds-barred interview with The Sunday Times, Rose McGowan puts #MeToo on blast. And she doesn’t mince words about her “friends,” either.

“It’s all bulls–t,” Rose says dismissively.

When it comes to Hollywood’s activism against the pervasive issue of sexual assault, she says: “It’s a lie.”

“They’re not champions” of anything, Rose claims.

As Rose sees the #MeToo movement, “It’s a Band-Aid lie to make them feel better.”

“I know these people,” Rose reminds readers.

“I know they’re lily-livered,” Rose continues. “And as long as it looks good on the surface, to them, that’s enough.”

(Not to distract from this very serious topic and her criticisms, but … we haven’t heard anyone in real life unironically say lily-livered since … ever)

Rose continues to disparage the most outspoken voices of #MeToo and #TimesUp.

“I just think they’re losers,” Rose says.

Rose McGowan was one of the first to come forward, publicly, about Harvey Weinstein.

Even before that, she told the world that she had been sexually assaulted by a then-unnamed Hollywood executive.

Rose also accused others of having known, even though public figures such as Meryl Streep assured her that she didn’t know about Weinstein.

Well, Rose isn’t buying Meryl’s denial.

Rose claims that it is “literally impossible” for Meryl to have not known about Weinstein’s crimes.

That sounds a little hypocritical from the woman who’s just recently tried to distance herself from Asia Argento.

Not everyone knows what their friends are up to.

Rose even sides with Trump supporters, of all people, on one issue — Hollywood.

“They hate Hollywood for being faux liberals,” Rose says. “And they’re 100 percent right about that.”

(Just a quick point of order — we somehow doubt that Trump’s crowd has issues with Hollywood being inauthentic liberals)

“It’s a bunch of faux liberals,” Rose continues. “It’s crap, and they know it is deep down.”

“But they’re living an empty life, and to me that’s their punishment,” Rose says. “They get to live the lives they live.”

Plenty of people would happily trade authenticity for glamor and millions.

Rose also discussed Alyssa Milano in a Nightline interview.

Once upon a time, the two of them were co-stars on Charmed. And Alyssa has been an outspoken participant in #MeToo and #TimesUp.

“I don’t like her,” Rose said simply.

She explains — sort of — why she’s eager to throw her former co-star and fellow activist under the proverbial bus.

Rose explained: “Because I think she’s a lie.”

“Do you think I don’t know these people?” Rose said. “Do the math.”

She is referring to Alyssa’s husband, Hollywood agent David Bugliari. 

“Who’s behind Time’s Up? CAA,” Rose said. “Where do they meet? CAA?”

“Who needs good PR? CAA,” Rose continued. “Who are part of the pimp problem? CAA.”

She seems to be portraying Alyssa’s activism — perhaps everyone’s activism — as a front to avoid truly addressing the issues.

Alyssa Milano responded to Rose’s hurtful words.

“I am and always have been completely supportive of Rose and admire her bravery and speaking out about her experiences,” Alyssa said.

“My goal throughout the past few months with both #MeToo and the TimesUp movement,” she explained. “Has been to use my platform to give others a voice.”

Alyssa concluded that she does this “so we can all work together to stamp out sexual harassment and sexual assault.”

Rose McGowan is such a complicated person. You feel sympathy for the horrors that she endured, but she sometimes seems to find unfair targets in her zeal.

We don’t mean that she falsely accuses people of sexual assault — but that some perceive her as being too quick to point the finger at alleged conspirators.

As we said about Meryl and about Rose herself where Asia Argento is concerned, not everyone knows what their friends are up to.

The #MeToo movement has made tremendous strides in changing the culture in America from one that automatically blames victims of sexual assault.

Many people — especially privileged men — have had their eyes opened by hearing about the horrors that go on that they never personally experience.

It’s Rose’s right to think that it’s not enough. But it may be unfair to question the motives of the courageous women who are leading the charge.


Rose McGowan: I Didn’t Know What Asia Argento Did Until Now!

Although Rose McGowan says she’s heartbroken over the accusations that Asia Argento slept with a minor and paid to cover it up, some have wondered what she knew of it, and when.

Both, after all, were very close over the past year, and were outspoken early voices in the #MeToo movement.

Rose is clearing the air and revealing exactly when and what she learned about Asia’s current scandal.

In a very lengthy statement to E!Rose McGowan explains the extent of her involvement in Asia Argento’s case.

“Many people believe that because we have been close in each other’s lives over the past year,” Rose writes. “That perhaps I am affiliated with this incident or being complicit.”

“I am not,” Rose affirms.

She says that, through their shared experience with Harvey Weinstein, she and Rose “were able to talk through them [their experiences] together and champion each other’s voices.”

But she says that there were things about Asia that she did not know, and makes it very clear what she did know and when.

Rose mentions that she referred Asia to her partner, Rain Dove.

Rose describes Rain as “a person to whom many high profile entities consult when they are experiencing social pressures because Rain is good at guiding them through the research confrontation, rehabilitation, and solution process.”

And while Rose knew that Asia needed help, she says that there were limits to what Asia had told her.

“While in Berlin,” Rose writes. “Asia had mentioned that she was being extorted for a large sum of money every month.”

“No one in the room knew who the extortionist was,” Rose says. “Now we know it to be a reference to this case.”

Apparently, Asia and Rain kept contact, during which “Asia had revealed that she had indeed slept with Jimmy Bennett.”

Rose then makes an explosive statement: “Rain also shared that Asia had stated that she’d been receiving unsolicited nudes of Jimmy since he had been 12.”

“Asia mentioned in these texts that she didn’t take any action on those images,” Rose says. “No reporting to authorities, to the parents, or blocking of Jimmy’s social media.”

Rose says that apparently Asia hadn’t sent “even a simple message ‘Don’t send me these images. They are inappropriate.'”

“There were a few other details revealed as well that I am not at liberty to mention in this statement as investigators do their job,” Rose says.

Ultimately, Rose shares, she and Rain spoke and decided that it would be best if Rain went to the police with what they knew.

Rose says that “almost 48 hours later the texts were in the press.”

That would be these Asia Argento texts.

“It was not a surprise to me that I received that call and the messages from them,” Rose admits. “I’ve referred to Asia in the past as ‘My Ride or Die’ and said very clearly that their friendship comes first.”

“I know that coming to me with those messages must have been hard for Rain because of that,” Rose adds. “So I commend them for their bravery.”

“Asia you were my friend,” Rose says. “I loved you. You’ve spent and risked a lot to stand with the MeToo movement.”

A movement that some opportunists are hoping will lose credibility even though, obviously, the vast majority of the women who have shared their stories are not also women who’ve banged minors.

“I really hope you find your way through this process to rehabilitation and betterment,” Rose says compassionately. “Anyone can be be better- I hope you can be, too.”

“Do the right thing,” Rose implores her. “Be honest. Be fair. Let justice stay its course. Be the person you wish Harvey could have been.”

We somehow suspect that Asia will not appreciate the comparison, even if Rose was certainly not equating the two.