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MTV’s Julia Rose She’s One Helluva Super Bowl Snack … Big Prediction Here Too!


MTV star Julia Rose has got you covered for all your Super Bowl cravings ahead of the big game — ’cause she’s serving up all the good stuff on one irresistible platter … herself.

The model turned reality TV star — who appeared on MTV’s “Are You the One?” — did a smokin’ hot shoot with Chris Applebaum … where she’s half covered in L.A. Rams gear, and half covered in an ice cream sundae. Weird pairing … but we ain’t complaining!

Julia’s been featured on Sports Illustrated before, so it looks like she’s getting back to her OG pastime in the modeling department. She’s also making a bold prediction here about who’ll be in the big game. 

The Rams are playing the Saints Sunday, and if they advance … they’ll play either the Chiefs or the Pats. But, in the meantime … just enjoy this awesome pre-game show.

Amber Rose I Tried Selling Crack and Failed And Lemme Tell You Why


Amber Rose learned fast way back when … she chose the crack life, but the crack life rejected her.

Amber made the stunning revelation — something she’s never talked about before — on Van Lathan’s ‘The Red Pill’ podcast after sitting down for a raw convo about overcoming life struggles. Amber straight-up said she tried selling crack to make ends meet when she was a teenager running around South Philly.

It turned out to be a failed effort, and not because she was ever caught. The guys in her neighborhood wouldn’t let her deal. Still, that didn’t throw a damper on Amber from dipping her toe into the drug world. 

Amber made an interesting point … she knows she’ll be judged harshly by some, but points out the double standard … people like Jay-Z, G-Eazy, Pusha T and 50 Cent often get glorified for their dealings.

Jalen Rose Melo’s NBA Career Is Over, Unless …


It’s gonna take a minor TRAGEDY to get Carmelo Anthony back in the NBA — so says Jalen Rose who thinks Melo’s pro hoops career is over unless a team loses a player to injury. 

34-year-old Anthony hasn’t played in the league since parting ways with Houston earlier this season — but there have rumblings he’ll team up with LeBron James on the Lakers before the All-Star break next month. 

Rose ain’t holding his breath … unless an NBA team loses a player to injury and they could plug Melo in to fill the role. Still, Jalen explains why it’s complicated. 

“He can still contribute. It’s just … finding the right opportunity is tough because unless there’s a major injury, a contender team probably wouldn’t add him. And then, a lottery team is probably looking to ‘Stop tryin’ for Zion,’ so they’re tanking in a lot of ways.”

“Maybe an injury happens and he gets back in the league.”

Rose says Melo is a surefire NBA Hall of Famer — and he really doesn’t want to see his career end after a less-than-memorable 10-game stint in Houston. 

“He deserves better.”