Rudy Giuliani Slams Stormy Daniels: Porn Stars Are Worthless!!

Rudy Giuliani has been acting as Donald Trump's personal attorney, and it has been a wild ride.

Funnier moments include when he accidentally admitted that Trump paid Stormy $ 130,000 of hush money, contradicting previous claims.

But in a new interview, he got decidedly less funny, and implied that Stormy and porn stars in general are so worthless that it is impossible to defame them.

Stormy daniels smirks

In an explosive interview, Rudy Giuliani begins by saying that the thoroughly unhappy Melania Trump doesn't believe that the Donald would have an affair.

"She believes in her husband, and she knows it's not true. I don't even think there's a slight suspicion that it's true."

If his claim is true, that would make her just about the only person to believe that. Trump's conservative white evangelical base has seemed to laugh off the claims, but only rarely out of disbelief.

He then says:

"When you look — excuse me — when you look at Stormy Daniels."

What Giuliani is hoping to convince people is that Stormy, a busty blonde who is only a few years older than Ivanka, is totally not Trump's type.

"He's had three wives. Beautiful women. Classy women. Women of great substance. Stormy Daniels?"

Rudy giuliani is dismissive

After dismissing Stormy's appeal while upholding Trump's three wives as paragons of virtue and class, Giuliani starts saying things that are less absurd and more downright mean.

He starts off with what may just be sarcasm.

"Yes I respect porn stars. Don't you respect porn stars?"

He then takes that otherwise very acceptable sentence and uses it to suggest hat porn stars are not, in fact, worthy of respect.

"Or do you think that porn stars desecrate women?"

He's not talking about disgraced male porn stars like James Deen. He's suggesting that women who work in porn are somehow betraying themselves and perhaps all other women.

"Do you think that porn stars don't respect women?"

Stormy daniels selfie

Giuliani tries to pivot.

"I respect all human beings. I even respect criminals."

But he then suggests that women who appear in porn are worse than, you know, actual criminals.

"But I'm sorry, I don't respect a porn star the way I respect a career woman or a woman of substance."

How is a porn star not a "career woman," exactly? For that matter, how are they not a "woman of substance?"

We're all made of the same kind of meat, dude.

He describes the sort of woman whom he imagines is worthy of respect.

"A woman who has great respect for herself as a woman and as a person."

Plenty of porn stars (and other sex workers!) have no shortage of self-respect.

"And isn't going to sell her body for sexual exploitation."

Rudy giuliani speaks

Giuliani then turns this into a challenge aimed at Stormy.

"So Stormy, you want to bring a case, let me cross examine you."

Some genuinely question whether Giuliani can keep his thoughts and words coherent long enough for him to effectively cross examine someone in court.

"Because the business you're in entitles you to no degree of giving your credibility any weight."

Porn stars may act for a living, but that's not quite the same thing as lying for a living.

That would be more like a politician or perhaps an unscrupulous lawyer … oh, wait.

Stormy daniels smiles

Worst of all, Giuliani suggests that Stormy's profession means that she cannot be defamed.

"And secondly, explain to me how she could be damaged. I mean, she has no reputation."

He's essentially saying that she can't sue Trump for defamation because she's a sex worker.

"If you're going to sell your body for money, you just don't have a reputation."

We hope that we don't have to explain to anyone that sex workers, whether they are strippers or do cam work or work in porn or engage in full service (prostitution), are not somehow less valuable than anyone else.

They have dignity and self-respect and personhood, no matter what Giuliani — or Trump — may believe.

And for the record, "selling your body" is an absurd way to try to shame a sex worker. Somebody working a coal mine is absolutely selling their body. That's the American way.

Stormy daniels on 60 minutes

Rudy giuliani slams stormy daniels porn stars are worthless

Rudy Giuliani: Trump TOTALLY Paid Stormy Daniels Hush Money!

By now, you’re almost certainly familiar with the ongoing Stormy Daniels sex scandal.

And depending on where you land on the political spectrum, you’ve likely reached one of two conclusions about it:

Either you think it’s a witch hunt designed to bring an end to the Trump presidency, or you believe this is the loose thread that will cause Trump’s vast tapestry of corruption to finally unravel.

Whatever the case, Stormy and her charismatic lawyer, Michael Avennatti, won’t be going away anytime soon, particularly after comments Rudy Giuliani made during a recent interview with Sean Hannity.

In either a major slip-up or a baffling strategic move, Giuliani admitted that Trump reimbursed his attorney Michael Cohen for the $ 130,000 payment Cohen made to Daniels as part of a non-disclosure agreement.

“Funneled through a law firm, and the president repaid it,” Giuliani said of the hush money.

After the interview, Giuliani doubled-down on his statement, clarifying that his comment was no mere slip of the tongue, but a planned statement intended to absolve the president of violating federal election laws:

“That removes the campaign finance violation, and we have all the documentary proof for it,” he said.

In case you’ve been avoiding all forms of media like the proverbial Nero busting out a sick Charlie Daniels solo while Rome burns to the ground, here’s a rundown of what exactly that means:

Trump previously denied any knowledge of the Cohen payment, but getting caught lying is like eating a Big Mac for the president – he does it every day without a second thought about the consequences.

The reason this is such a bigger deal than all of those previous falsehoods is that Trump may be on the verge of getting caught in a major violation of campaign finance law.

Individual contributions to campaigns are limited to $ 2,700.

Obviously, Cohen’s payment to Daniels exceeds that by a large margin, and since the payment directly benefited the Trump campaign, Cohen looked to be in pretty clear violation of FEC regulations.

By admitting that Trump repaid the cash, Giuliani is essentially arguing that $ 130,000 was a zero-interest loan, not a campaign donation.

Obviously, this raises a lot of other questions, primarily:

Why does a billionaire need to borrow $ 130,000 from his lawyer; what did Cohen stand to gain from the arrangement, and why did Trump feel the need to lie about the whole thing?

Since Cohen’s office was raided by the FBI last month, these questions might be answered sooner rather than later.

So stay tuned for the exciting series finale of the bonkers reality show that is the Trump presidency!

It should be a doozy!


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