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MLB’s Trevor Bauer I’ve Got 1st Date Rules … ‘No Feelings Allowed!!!’

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Trevor Bauer might be the MLB’s best pitcher … but he’s the WORST first date ever — ’cause he’s got a set of rules for potential romantic partners, including, “No feelings allowed!”

The Cleveland Indians superstar just revealed when he goes on dates with girls … he’s blunt and to the point — telling them straight-up he’ll NEVER be their boyfriend.

“I have three rules,” Bauer tells Sports Illustrated.

No. 1? “No feelings.”

No. 2? “No social media posts about me while we’re together.”

No. 3? “I sleep with other people. I’m going to continue to sleep with other people. If you’re not O.K. with that, we won’t sleep together, and that’s perfectly fine.”

Think Bauer — who’s known as baseball’s mad scientist for the painstaking way he approaches pitching — is being selfish???

Think again … the ace actually says he’s HELPING his romantic partners — ’cause, “I imagine if I was married at this point, I would be a very bad husband.”

Bauer says he’s too devoted to pitching to deal with a girlfriend right now.

Bottom line … if TB pops up on your Bumble this week — SWIPE LEFT!!!!!!!!!

High School Basketball Star Maori Davenport Can Play … Judge Rules

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High school basketball superstar Maori Davenport will be ALLOWED to play in her game Friday night after a judge called off her suspension. 

Davenport’s story became national news when athletic officials in Alabama ruled her ineligible after learning she received an $ 857 check from Team USA basketball for playing in a tourney back in August. The check covered lost wages and expenses. 

The check was sent to Davenport as the result of a clerical error — she never sought out the payment. 

Davenport initially cashed the check under the assumption it was a standard operating procedure for people playing for Team USA. When the organization realized the error, they asked for the money back and she returned it the next day. 

Still, officials in Alabama believed cashing the check violated the rules — and deemed her ineligible for her senior year. 

It’s a big deal considering 6’4″ Davenport is one of the best players in the country — and committed to attend Rutgers next year. 

Huge stars like Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Billie Jean King and more spoke out in Davenport’s defense — calling the suspension ridiculous and insisting she did nothing wrong. 

An emergency motion was filed in Pike County Circuit Court and on Friday the judge decided to repeal the suspension — pending the outcome of a hearing on the matter. 

Translation, Davenport can play with her high school team for now. 

Australian Rules Superstar Parties with LeBron, Kendall & Drake … During U.S. Trip


Nic Naitanui is one of the GREATEST athletes you’ve never heard of — an Australian Rules Football superstar — who spent his New Year’s Eve partying with the most famous people on Earth. 

And, why? BECAUSE HE’S A STUD!! Seriously, watch his highlights. 

The 28-year-old West Coast Eagles star has spent the past few weeks in America while recovering from a torn ACL in his left knee. He’s been training at UCLA. 

Despite his massive fame in Australia, NicNat has been flying under the radar for most of his trip because — let’s face it — most Americans don’t watch Aussie Rules. 

But, our photog, Charlie, is from Down Under — and could barely believe it when he spotted the Australian sports hero hanging out like a normie in Santa Monica. 

Nic told us he’s met a ton of big stars during his U.S. trip including Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner … and spent his New Year’s Eve with LeBron James and Drake

By the way, Nic is 6’7″ and 223 pounds — a freak of an athlete — and worked out at the Philadelphia Eagles training facility in 2017.

So, is there a future in the NFL?

“I enjoy the game. I don’t know … maybe one day.”

Nic says he’d probably be a good fit for a tight end since he’s got some of the best hands in Aussie Rules.

Meantime, go back and watch Nic’s highlights … this dude is unreal. 

‘Vanderpump Rules’ Brittany Calims Woman Attacked, Put Gum in Her Hair After Fight on Flight

Vanderpump Rules” star Brittany Cartwright was allegedly attacked after a confrontation with a woman on a flight … and got a wad of gum put in her hair.

Cartwright claims she was using the first class bathroom on a Delta flight to Miami Sunday when a woman shook the handle several times. Cartwright says once she got out of the restroom she showed the woman where the sign said occupied as she was using it. 

Brittany says once they landed, the woman waited for her to get off the plane and then pushed and grabbed her hair. Cartwright says it wasn’t until she got home that the woman had put gum in her hair.

As for the woman … Cartwright says she has the woman’s flight information and plans on pressing charges. 

She says she had to cut the gum out of her hair.

Omarion Party Like It’s 2000 … Just Kidding About Those B2K Reunion Tour Rules


Omarion didn’t leave his sense of humor in the Year 2000 … he’s telling us his social media post about blocking people 18 and under at the door of the upcoming B2K concerts was one big joke. 

Omarion was on “TMZ Live” Friday and confessed his Instagram post outlining exactly who and what was acceptable at next year’s B2K reunion tour shouldn’t be taken seriously. He’s inviting everyone to the throwback shows, no strings attached.

But, if you still feel like digging through your closet and busting out your best gear from the 2000s, he’s hoping to see tons of do-rags, Air Force 1s and oversize tees in the crowd!

As for Millennium Tour 2019 … Omarion explains how B2K got back together after breaking up 14 years ago, and dishes on the R&B blasts from the past who are also going on tour. 

Al Sharpton Wrestling Hair Rules Are Biased Against Black People


Al Sharpton says video of high school wrestler Andrew Johnson getting his dreadlocks cut before a match is “outrageous,” and shows a tremendous bias against minorities in high school sports. 

The Rev. ain’t buying the argument that the ref was simply enforcing the rules — and accuses Alan Maloney of having a “bias” against black people. 

But, Sharpton also believes the hair rule itself it ridiculous — saying, “I think that it clearly discriminates against people that have a certain cultural bend, and come from a certain identity and racial background.”

Sharpton compares the situation to discrimination cases where black employees had been told to get rid of dreadlocks and cornrows to comply with workplace standards. 

Still, Al says he commends Johnson for winning the match and rising above all of the B.S. that went down in the gym that day.