David Beador Girlfriend Trashes Tamra Judge, Cheating Rumors

On the season premiere of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Judge confided in Shannon Beador that she had met David Beador’s hot younger girlfriend all the way back in October.

Now that the episode has aired, Lesley Cook — said girlfriend — is furious at the implication that David cheated on Shannon with her.

Leslay is speaking out in an effort to set the record straight. And she’s calling Tamra a liar.

Lesley Cook was so incensed at the implication that she had been David Beador’s mistress that she spoke to RadarOnline.

“Tamra lied about us meeting in October,” Lesley accuses.

That’s a tall order. Because Lesley says that it’s not a matter of meeting in September or November — which would be an understandable mistake.

“I assume,” Lesley speculates. “That she did this to create more drama and bring in viewers.”

Lesley gets that, but up to a point, saying: “but it is 2018 and this type of bullying needs to stop.”

Fresh from decrying “bullying” from Tamra, Lesley decides to throw some shade.

“Tamra needs to put food on the table somehow, I assume,” Lesley says.

(To hear Tamra Judge’s estranged daughter tell it, Tamra can put food on the table — but too often does not)

According to Lesley Cook’s timeline, she was never the other woman.

“David and I didn’t even meet until the end of December,” Lesley claims. “And it was just by chance.”

If that is true, then they hit things off really quickly — because they seemed to get very cozy by New Year’s Eve.

Lesley objects so strenuously because she feels that Tamra was impugning her character.

“I didn’t go after anyone’s husband,” Lesley insists.

First of all, if what Tamra said was true, David would be the bad guy, if anyone. He would be the cheater.

(Remember, you never know what a cheating spouse tells their partner about the state of their marriage)

“I am good mother,” Lesley declares. “And a good person.”

She puts Tamra and Shannon on blast, saying: “And I will not allow these mean girls to make up lies about me.”

As if she had only just realized how hurtful her words could be, Lesley did make another statement to a very different tune.

“David and Shannon’s daughters are absolute sweethearts,” Lesley says.

Sophia is their older teenage daughter, while Adaline and Stella are the couple’s 14-year-old twins.

Lesley is a 34-year-old mother of two herself, and adds: “And my daughter adores them.”

That is good to hear.

It sounds like Tamra, whether she remembered the month correctly or not, was trying to be a good friend to Shannon.

It also sounds like she was trying to stir up a little drama for the cameras.

To be fair, that is literally her job.

There were reports about Shannon and Tamra feuding over Tamra’s husband’s continued friendship with David, but it looks like those stories can be laid to rest. Whatever squabbles they may have had, Tamra is team Shannon.

We may never know for certain how many times David cheated on Shannon. But many would argue that it no longer matters.

Shannon and David and everyone else involved needs to look forward, not back.


Miley Cyrus-Liam Hemsworth Breakup Rumors Swirl Amidst Instagram Drama

If you love Miley Cyrus to the point that you follow all the social media fan pages devoted to all the latest gossip on the singer’s personal life, then you may have caught wind of a startling rumor over the weekend.

Several such outlets breathlessly exclaimed that Miley and Liam Hemsworth have broken up yet again.

And this time, they claimed, their source was not some bogus insider, but Miley herself, who seemed to have broken the news on her Instagram page.

If you read beyond the headlines, however, you may have found that while Cyrus has engaged in some very unusual activity on social media recently, it would require quite a leap in logic to conclude that she’s trying to send a low-key message about her love life.

Yes, Miley deleted every photo of Liam Hemsworth from her Instagram page.

But she also deleted all other content from her account and changed her profile pic to a plain black background.

Miley also blacked out her Twitter avatar, but she did not delete her tweets.

Obviously, it’s not hard to see why some fans would take this is a sign that something is amiss in Miley’s personal life.

But in all likelihood, the move has more to do with her professional life.

It appears that Miley is participating in a recent and somewhat annoying trend in self-promotion.

You see, lately, celebs have been drumming up interest in upcoming projects not by teasing their new work with tweets and Instagram pics, but by deleting (or archiving) all of the content on their pages.

Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik have both taken that approach to drumming up interest in upcoming releases.

Back in April, rumors of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds getting divorced began to circulate non-stop as a result of Blake’s decision to remove all content from her Instagram page and unfollow her husband.

It was later revealed that Blake did all this to promote the release of her upcoming film A Simple Favor.

Miley Cyrus: Blank IG

(Side note: that movie still hasn’t come out yet, so we’re thinking Blake jumped the gun a bit in terms of promotional stunts.)

Not surprisingly, Miley fans are losing their minds trying to figure out what’s next for the eccentric songstress:

“The fact that she’s [deleting] all her 2013-14 posts already and is still deleting is HUGE. We are getting a proper era? Building hype?” one Cyrus enthusiast tweeted.

Yes, the world of mainstream pop music stans is a fascinating one.

Only in 2018 could a 25-year-old artist with only 5 non-Disney studio albums to her name be credited as the architect of multiple musical “eras.”

But hey, you’ve gotta hand it to her — if Miley’s goal was to drum up interest in her new music, mission accomplished!


Amy Roloff Breaks Silence on Chris Marek Breakup Rumors

A couple of weeks ago, Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff actually defended her ex-husband, Matt Roloff. Things between the two of them seemed better.

But ever since boyfriend Chris Marek was conspicuously absent from her Fourth of July photos, fans have worried that things between Amy and her love are worse.

Fortunately, Amy has found a gentle way to lay those rumors to rest.

“This guy!” Amy Roloff writes under this cozy photo of her with Chris, quashing breakup rumors without ever having to acknowledge them.

Amy’s post continues, as she gushes: “What a fun time at his family reunion picnic yesterday!”

Attending a family reunion with someone is usually a big deal — if you’re both adults, anyway. It’s like a magnified version of introducing someone to your parents.

“Yes they loved my Oregon Bounty,” Amy writes. “Marion Berry loaf and Hazelnut cookies and Lemon cookies from Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen.”

If you don’t love Amy Roloff at her shameless product placement on social media, you don’t deserve her the rest of the time.

“Woohoo!” Amy says. “I was excited about that and being with him.”

“So excited for you,” one fan commented. “You found a very nice person. Your family is awesome.”

“So cute what a great couple!” another fan exclaimed. “You guys look great!”

Someone else decided to ask an impertinent question, writing: “Will you guys get married?”

Don’t be pushy, folks.

“Love the fact that ure much happier now. Best of luck. Been watching the series for years,” another fan commented.

Some fans also wrote to Amy that her description of the food that she brought to his reunion really sounded appetizing.

Amy has international fans, and some asked if her products were available in the UK or in Australia. We’re sure that she was heartened to see these messages.

Others offered some unsolicited advice on how Amy should get along with Matt and let go of her anger.

That’s all fine and well … if she asks for your opinion. If you’re not her friend or her therapist, what business do you have giving her life advice?

It seems that, no matter what Amy does, some commenters will never be satisfied.

Just because two people are dating doesn’t mean that they have to attend every single event together or be in every photo together.

For reference, see: what your parents told you when you wanted to bring a date on your family vacation in high school.

So Chirs didn’t have to appear in pics with Amy on Independence Day. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love Amy — or America.

If Amy had addressed the rumors, that would have seemed confrontational to fans — and might have seemed to lend legitimacy to them.

Instead, Amy just found a way to shut them down without addressing them.

And she included a little product integration in the process.

Fans are happy to see Amy with Chris for a lot of reasons — and some of them just didn’t like Matt. Or, at least, they didn’t like the way that he treated her.

We all recently saw Matt portray Amy as being dumb, so that kind of insulting behavior is fresh on the minds of fans.

Of course, there are also some trolls who like to give Amy a hard time about her relationshipw ith Chris.

They seem to be “convinced” that Chris is just using Amy for fame.

The reality is probably that these trolls are suspicious of a man who would date a little person because they are projecting their own bigotry onto him.

We’re glad to hear that Amy and Chris had a good time at the reunion.


Portia de Rossi Speaks Out on Ellen DeGeneres Divorce Rumors

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres have been dogged by rumors of a $ 220 million divorce for years. Even so, they celebrated their 9th anniversary last fall.

But they’re very aware that reportings of an alleged impending divorce are circulating. And Portia is speaking up about them.

Though she acknowledges that it might sound strange, she finds those rumors encouraging.

Portia de Rossi spoke to Us Weekly about how she really feels about the perennial divorce rumors that follow her and her wife, Ellen.

“The divorce rumors came,” Portia says. “And then we really knew the perceptions had changed.”

The perceptions regarding gay marriage, she means.

Portia makes it clear that she is not cracking a joke, saying: “I’m not kidding.”

She explains why seeing rumors about her marriage felt oddly affirming … but is the first to admit that it seems counterintuitive.

“I know it sounds ridiculous,” Portia admits.

Portia continues: “But when that started happening I thought, ‘Oh, now we’re finally accepted.’”

That actually does make sense.

Portia explains: “We get the same s–t as every celebrity couple.”

In other words, people weren’t writing about her and Ellen’s marriage as if it were some strange novelty, either fraudulent or untouchable.

Instead, they were just circulating bogus reports about their lives, just like they would do for straight couples.

“Wow,” Portia remarks about tabloid rumors. “This is great that I’m pregnant, not pregnant, divorced, not divorced, whatever.”

Because what it means is that attitudes have shifted. Eric Trump may think Ellen’s part of the non-existent “Deep State,” but not directly because she’s gay.

“That means,” Portia explains. “There is an acceptance for this.”

And that’s wonderful.

Portia says that she and Ellen don’t exactly laugh off rumors about their marriage.

“I was at a newsstand …” Portia says, describing how she and Ellen respond to rumors about other couples. “And there was a cover of Brad and Jen.”

Since Jennifer Aniston’s split with Justin Theroux, many nostalgic shippers have wished for her to reunite with Brad Pitt.

“I literally just stared at it, and I was like, ‘They haven’t seen each other. … How is this even a thing? I know for a fact.’ …” Portia says.

“I actually took a picture of it,” Portia reveals. “And sent it to Ellen and said, ‘Can you believe this?’”

But while her disbelief at that time prompted a reaction, she says that they don’t let rumors about themselves get under their skin.

“Anyway, no, in other words, we avoid it,” Portia says of divorce rumors. “We don’t care.”

That sounds like a very healthy attitude!

Portia also spoke to People about how she regrets discouraging Ellen from doing stand-up.

“I shouldn’t say this,” Portia begins. That’s always a great way to start an interview. “But the truth is, I was kind of discouraging her from going back to stand-up.”

That’s a stunning revelation.

“Not because she is not brilliant at it,” Portia clarifies. “But she has a job … right?! And it is a full-time job.”

Portia continues: “She is so busy, and I knew that having to write her own material for an hour stand-up special, and travel with it, was going to be exhausting.”

Sometimes loving someone means advising them to not test their limits. Especially when they’re 60 years old.

“So I was suggesting that she put it on hold until she was done with her talk show,” Portia explains. “But, my wife is very impatient, and, a little like me, once she has an idea she just can’t shake it, and she just has to see it through.”

That is probably why Ellen is so successful. Why they both are.

“I am happy to say that I was wrong,” Portia says.

Portia is not afraid to admit when she is mistaken.

“I was really wrong, because it has given her energy, it has invigorated her,” Portia says of Ellen.

Just imagining all of that makes some of us want to take a nap, but not Ellen.

“And I had actually never seen her on-stage and doing stand-up before,” Portia admits. “I’ve seen her specials, but never in the flesh, and she is really good.”

That is so sweet!


Ariana Grande Defends Pete Davidson Against Fan Rumors: Stop This S–t!

After only a few weeks of dating, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson got engaged. Whether they just clicked right away or Pete’s impressive dong played a role, this is joyous news.

But while the majority of Arianators are overwhelmed with happiness, a few bad apples keep trying to start drama.

Ariana herself is stepping in and calling out bad fans to nip this “war” in the bud.

There are plenty of fan accounts out there, across social media, that do nothing but post updates and photos of Ariana Grande.

That means reposting stuff from her social media, it means news blurbs about her social life, and it means snaps of her when she’s spotted in public.

After one Ariana fan spotted Pete Davidson flipping the bird at paparazzi cameras, they expressed concern.


Spoiler alert: he was not flipping off fans.

Ariana Grande Blasts "Fan War"

Ariana herself swooped in to correct the (probably very young) fan.

“R u nuTS??????” Ariana explains, saying that Pete was flipping off “the PAPS..not YOU……???? ever…???”

It’s so sweet of her to be so reassuring. But her tone does become a little starn.

“Stop w this s–t. please. forreal,” Ariana pleads. “i love y’all too much for this.”

You never want to see your fans stirring up drama out of thin air.

Ariana insists: “Enough w the ig / twitter war thing. it ends now.”

Ariana continues to reassure her fans.

“Y’all r so loved,” the singer makes clear.

She really does absolutely adore her fans — as she should.

Ariana implores her Arianators: “Stop trying to start s–t.”

That is good advice. Ariana is so happy in her life and doesn’t want things to take a turn for the worst.

“Everything is so beautiful right now,” Ariana writes.

Of course! Her new album’s about to drop, she’s engaged, she’s happy. Oh, and Tuesday, June 26 was her birthday.

As for imagined conflicts, Ariana says: “I’m over it.”

Big Mood, as some of her young fans might say.

Ariana Grande has released a couple of singles to help build up excitement for her new album.

“No Tears Left To Cry” is a powerful ballad. For “The Light Is Coming,” Ariana collaborated with the incomparable Nicki Minaj — with whom she had worked on “Side to Side” for her Dangerous Woman album.

Ariana mentioned elsewhere on social media that one of her lyrics from “The Light Is Coming” is about troublemakers.

Specifically, she writes: “It’s about people & their loud ass opinions making them deaf to others & the light.”

That’s fair.

As we mentioned, Tuesday was Ariana’s birthday! She is 25 years old — finally old enough to rent a car, even though anyone who doesn’t know who she is would probably still card her if she went into a bar.

(Though, let’s be real … who doesn’t know who Ariana Grande is? Imagine leading such an empty life and take pity on any such person)

Some people tried to crack bad jokes about Pete Davidson “robbing the cradle” when he and Ariana started dating, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Pete is still 24. He’s a few months younger than Ariana.

He’s just 15 inches taller than she is, folks. 

We know that Pete feels like he won a contest and acts like he doesn’t deserve to be with Ariana, but they’re both great and they both deserve happiness.

It’s a shame that some fans can’t help but see drama where it doesn’t exist. We can’t say that it’s a surprise, though.


Will Smith FINALLY Addresses Jada Pinkett Smith Divorce Rumors

It seems like no one can ever leave Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith alone. When it isn't those pesky swinging rumors, it's divorce rumors.

Will  has had it up to here with people speculating that his healthy marriage is on its last leg.

So he's slamming haters and speculators in a new rap. Take a look!

Will smith and jada pinkett smith red carpet pic

You may not be aware, but Will Smith appears to be some sort of social media savant. He's a natural.

This is, suffice it to say, unusual in his age demographic. Will is 49.

But as much of a delight as he is on Instagram, it's a new YouTube video that he shared this week that has our attention.

It has been 13 years since his last album, Lost and Found.

But now he's giving fans a preview of his new song, "To the Clique."

Will smith at concussion premiere

In the video, Will raps:

"20 years of swag y'all just witnessed, let me remind everybody who Will Smith is."

Sometimes, people need a reminder of who you are and why you are so famous.

Fans on Twitter were especially amused by one line in particular.

"Rappers make it rain; if I throw my money up, s–t, I'd probably kill a stripper."

What has people's attention isn't an apparent joke about killing a sex worker.

Rather, people love the reference to Will's hard-earned wealth.

Jada pinkett smith and will smith 2nd annual diamond ball

But it is one line in particular that has the attention of those who have heard rumors about his marriage.

"20 years of swag y'all just witnessed, stop the divorce rumors and mind your damn business,"

You know what? That is a very, very fair line.

Will and Jada have been married since December 31, 1997.

People born on that day are almost old enough to drink (legally).

In regular marriage years, that is a very long time to be married. In Hollywood years, they may as well have been married for centuries.

20 years of swag is right. Dang.

Fresh prince of bel air cast reunites

It's been a little more than a year since the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air cast reunion.

But that series was very early in Will's career.

Since then, how many blockbusters has he had? How many other films — like the gripping biopic, Concussion — has he poured his considerable talents into for the right reasons?

He has a lot of reason to brag.

His marriage to the gorgeous and talented Jada Pinkett Smith is just one of those.

Their entire family is a national treasure.

The smiths at the oscars

There are a lot of bad parents in the world, and that includes celebrities.

But Will and Jada just seem to get things right. It's no wonder that their children are so amazing and creative and such beautiful souls.

Recently, Willow Smith admitted to her mother that she had struggled with self-harm in the past.

Jada responded with calm and compassion. She's a role model for other parents out there who might overreact in a way that discourages their children from coming to them with other problems.

The freedom that Will and Jada have given their childen to be themselves has halped them to be extraordinary human beings.

It's no wonder that Will name-drops his wonderful family in "To the Clique."

Will smith finally addresses jada pinkett smith divorce rumors