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Adrianne Haslet Undergoes 8-Hour Surgery … Running Future In Jeopardy

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Adrianne Haslet — who lost her left leg in the ’13 Boston Marathon bombing — is recovering after undergoing an 8-hour surgery to rebuild her left side after being hit by a car on Saturday.

As we previously reported, Haslet — who’s been training for the 2019 Boston Marathon — was hit while crossing the street around 7:15 PM by a driver making a left turn. 

Haslet has undergone multiple procedures — and says she’s still pretty groggy after a major operation on Monday, where doctors “put in a bunch of metal plates and screws trying to rebuild … because my entire left side was shattered.”

She hasn’t gone into specifics about her injuries — but, obviously, it’s bad. 

Haslet says she’s not certain if she’ll be able to run again — and admits she’s too afraid to ask the doctors for a prognosis. 

That said … if there’s anyone who’s tough enough to bounce back from this tragedy — it’s Adrianne. 

Remember, back in 2016 … after she was fitted with a prosthetic leg, Haslet decided she was going to complete the Boston Marathon to prove as a way of turning tragedy into triumph. 

Even Tom Brady was impressed at the time … saying, “Adrianne thank you for being my inspiration!! #BostonStrong”