Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards to MTV: Suck It! We Quit!

Teen Mom OG continues to undergo a massive cast overhaul.

In the most stunning news of the week, Bristol Palin confirmed that she’s coming on board Season 8 of this long-running MTV franchise.

And now Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Edwards have their own statement to make…

… they will NOT be interacting with Palin when new episodes premiere later this year.

For what reason? Because the couple is leaving Teen Mom OG behind.

But not before hurling producers far under the bus first.

Following weeks’ worth of rumors about their status on the series — Would Ryan step away to focus on rehab? Did Palin’s addition force Ryan out? — the couple released a statement to E! News that shot down all of this chatter.

In doing so, Mackenzie and Ryan made it clear they are finished filming… while doing all they could to paint the show in a negative light.

“We’re not returning to Teen Mom this season. The network told us they don’t want to show Ryan as a recovering addict,” Mackenzie told E!, making a rather scathing accusation.

She wasn’t done making it, either:

“But they did want to enter a contract with our unborn baby and have the baby film with Ryan’s parents so it would look like someone else is raising it.”

Uhhhh, excuse you?!?

Mackenzie is pregnant with the twosome’s first child, this much is true.

However, she’s really claiming here that producers were hoping JUST the baby, and not its parents, would appear on Season 8?!? Wow.

Ryan, who has wrestled with substance abuse for nearly as long he’s been in the spotlight and who was arrested earlier this year for heroin possession, also talked to the aforementioned outlet.

The ex-husband of star Maci Bookout, with whom he shares a son named Bentley, Edwards argues that executives refused to let him stand on his own.

He alleges they only wanted him to appear again on Teen Mom OG under the condition that Bookout essentially speak for him. And he was not having that.

Not when his ex has laid down her version of the law to him.

“They also want to take Maci’s word on how I’m doing,” Ryan says. “Maci’s said she’s not going to film unless I enter rehab again and quit the show.

“But I’m sober.”

Mackenzie went on to explain that the couple was told Teen Mom OG is trying to recreate the dramatic magic of Teen Mom 2.

“I know they did want five girls to begin with after Farrah [Abraham] left to sort of resemble Teen Mom 2,” she says, adding:

“But they didn’t want to see another recovering addict storyline. So they’re writing us out of the show right now and making it seem like we dipped out on our baby, on Bentley and on everyone.

“And that’s just not the case.”

As for other details of their departure?

“The show had been paying for my healthcare and for the baby so they could film the visits and then a week ago they let me know that would no longer be the case,” Mackenzie tells E! News.

“They’re not going to film the birth. We’re not going to be on at all. Maci can’t speak to Ryan and Ryan can’t speak to Maci – that was a mutual decision.

“But she doesn’t know what’s going on in our lives.”

Mackenzie says she and Ryan are finished with the program, even if producers approached them down the line to return.

Neither wife nor husband says their decision has anything at all to do with Bristol Palin, who has said the following about her addition to the cast:

“I am excited to join MTV’s Teen Mom OG. I look forward to sharing my experiences and hope that I can help others on their journey.”

Will she actually help viewers?

That remains to be seen.

But we’ll be tuning in each week to find out, that’s for sure!


Ryan Edwards Fired From Teen Mom OG to Make Way For Bristol Palin?!

If you're a follower of all things Teen Mom, then by now, you've probably caught wind of the biggest development to the franchise since Farrah Abraham got fired for being Farrah Abraham.

We're talking, of course, about Bristol Palin joining the cast of Teen Mom OG.

The news has already prompted several important questions:

Will Bristol be able to deliver the ratings?

Does the average MTV viewer even remember the 2008 election?

Does seeing Russia from one's house count as collusion?

And, of course, how does the rest of the cast feel about Bristol's casting?

Now, it turns out the answer to that last query could create some serious problems for the show's producers:

1. New Girl

Bristol palin looks crazy
Bristol is one of the most famous former teen moms in the country, but the news of her casting came as a total shock, nonetheless.

2. Classified Info

Bristol palin new face
MTV reportedly went to great lengths to keep the news under wraps, even going so far as to refer to Bristol by a codename in meetings and internal documents.

3. The Maci Connection

Maci deshane mckinney
An insider revealed yesterday that Maci Bookout was directly linked to the decision to cast Bristol.

4. A Failed Gambit

Maci bookout on teen mom o g
It seems that at one point, Maci refused to continue filming unless producers assured her that they would no longer feature her first baby daddy, Ryan Edwards, on the show. It seems she didn’t want her eldest son to see his father struggling with addiction on TV.

5. Whoops

Maci bookout and ryan edwards
The move backfired, however, as producers decided to continue filming Ryan while simultaneously seeking out a suitable replacement for Maci.

6. Enter Bristol

A bristol palin pic
And just like that, Bristol wound up joining the cast. Producers decided to keep Maci on the show, and in an ironic twist, Palin might wind up giving Bookout exactly what she wanted …

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Mackenzie Standifer Opens Up: Will She Divorce Ryan Edwards?!

For the past four months, rumors of Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer getting divorced have been circulating non-stop.

Ryan has given Mackenzie ample reason to leave his ass, and when she took a break from social media earlier this year, many took it as a sign that she had chosen to quietly end her marriage.

Ryan has cheated on Mackenzie; he's been arrested; he's stalked and harassed his ex — all in the past six months.

Standifer is notoriously shy of the spotlight, so it was widely assumed she had simply chosen to disappear from the spotlight while she and Ryan ironed out the terms of their divorce.

Now, however, she's back on Instagram — and fans are more than a little surprised by what she's been up to:

1. Standifer By Her Man

Mackenzie standifer with ryan edwards
Mackenzie is doing her best to make her marriage work these days. And fans think she’s out of her mind for giving Ryan yet another chance.

2. Return of the Mack

Mackenzie ryan bentley
After a hiatus of several months, Mackenzie returned to Instagram this week. She posted this photo of her and Ryan, seemingly as a means of squashing divorce rumors.

3. Bump Close-Up

Mackenzies bump
Mackenzie also posted this pic of her own baby bump. She captioned the image, “Happiness is HOMEMADE!”

4. Turning It Around

Mackenzie standifer is pregnant
Needless to say, it looks as though the relationship between Mackenzie and Ryan is actually going quite well. But is it healthy?

5. Mack N Ryan 4-Eva

Mackenzie standifer and ryan edwards going strong
Seemingly as a way of assuring fans that all is well in her world, Standifer posted this photo earlier this week.

6. High Hopes

Ryan edwards mackenzie standifer son
“Family,” Mackenzie captioned the pic, complete with heart emojis. “It means everything.” Certainly sound like she’s optimistic about her relationship! But it’s important to remember why fans are so skeptical …

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Ryan Edwards: Stepping Away From Teen Mom OG to Focus on Sobriety?

If you've been keeping up on the life of Ryan Edwards in recent months, you know that the controversial Teen Mom OG has not had an easy time of it lately.

Granted, most of Ryan's problems are self-created, but nevertheless, many fans who remember Maci Bookout's ex from his leas troubled days have expressed concerns and sympathetic thoughts on social media.

In the past year, they've seen Ryan get arrested, lose consciousness while driving to his own wedding, go to rehab, relapse, and nearly lose custody of his son.

While there's much disagreement as to whether or not Ryan deserves a second chance, all seem to agree that if there's any possibility of redemption, it has to begin with Ryan stepping away from the reality TV spotlight in order to focus on recovery.

Will he do it? Well, that's a question only Ryan can answer …

1. Ryan’s Hope

Ryan edwards is mad
Believe it or not, not everyone has given up on Ryan. His wife, Mackenzie Standifer, and his long-suffering parents remain firmly in his corner.

2. Loyalty Put to the Test

Mackenzie ryan edwards
And if the Teen Mom-obsessed corners of social media are any indication, Ryan still enjoys the support of a surprisingly large group of extremely loyal fans.

3. Ultimatum Time

Ryan edwards a photo
But even those who have already been put through the wringer by Ryan have their limits. And it seems they’re beginning to lose faith in the troubled father of one.

4. Taking a Break

Ryan edwards not sober
It’s been rumored that Ryan’s loved ones have pressured him to take an indefinite break from filming in order to focus on getting his life back on track. Many fans have publicly expressed support for the idea.

5. A Hard Sell

Ryan edwards at teen mom og reunion
However, reality stardom has been Ryan’s sole source of income for the entirety of his adult life. He and Standifer are currently expecting their first child together, so he may be reluctant to step away from the camera at this time, even for a short period.

6. What’s Best For Everyone

Ryan edwards with mackenzie
Of course, as many fans have pointed out, this is an opportunity for Ryan to prove that he’s capable of putting the needs of those who rely on him ahead of his own self-interest. And it could be his last chance to do so …

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Jaclyn Schwartzberg and Ryan Buckley: It’s Over!

Despite the occasional bit of good news from Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner, most of the news about Married at First Sight couples is, well, bad. It goes with the territory.

Jaclyn Schwartzberg and Ryan Buckley’s news is no exception — these two are splitting after less than one year of marriage.

What’s more is that they actually broke up a while ago.

Did you know that Jaclyn and Ryan aren’t even the first Married at First Sight couple to have those names, right down to the spelling?

Well, like Jaclyn Methuen and Ryan Ranellone before them, Us Weekly reports that Jaclyn Schwartzberg and Ryan Buckley have decided to call it quits.

As we mentioned, this apparently isn’t too recent, either.

A source tells Us that this conscious uncoupling actually happened “a while ago.”

The two apparently were waiting for the news to break before confirming it.

But Jaclyn has come out and acknowledged the breakup on Instagram.

Jaclyn writes: “We have split,” confirming the news.

On top of making official, she wants to assure fans of the series that this is for the best.

She writes: “and trust me we are both much happier and healthier this way.”

That is usually the case for divorces. You don’t end a marriage just for fun.

And it’s also no surprise for these two specifically, given that, back in January, viewers saw that even their honeymoon seemed tense and full of conflict.

“Thank you so much for all the love and support,” Jaclyn says.

Jaclyn assures her fans and followers: “We ALL deserve a good love story.”

Sure! If you want one. Plenty of people would prefer to experience a good success story.

Jaclyn affirms that people deserve love “whether you find it in high school, tinder, out dancing, on vacation, or a show.”

“Love is love,” Jaclyn says. “And it certainly doesn’t judge.”

That is very sweet of her to say. Though also in her self-interest, since she got married on a reality show.

Jaclyn referred to the many people whom she met during her journey on Married at First Sight.

“This was a fabulous bunch,” Jaclyn writes.

She enjoyed meeting them all “and I’m always grateful for learning experiences.”

it’s good that she’s walking out of this situation with a positive attitude.

Jaclyn writes that she values learning opportunities, “especially when they involve self growth.”

Marriage to a total stranger would have to qualify, right?

(This was a photo of Ryan and Jaclyn’s honeymoon in Jamaica)

Ryan has not yet responded to the breaking news on Instagram, as of Thursday afternoon, but on the show itself, he more than hinted that he would not be emotionally devastated by a divorce.

And though his his an avid user of Instagram, one has to scroll through a couple of months to find any photos of Jaclyn.

Ryan’s parents, we should note, have been married for about 40 years. So that’s a bit of contrast.

It sounds like this breakup was reasonably amicable, but we’re sure that there are still a lot of complicated feelings. Even though they were total strangers before their wedding.


Ryan Edwards: STILL Cheating on Mackenzie Standifer With Shelby Woods?!

It's been a little over a year since Ryan Edwards married Mackenzie Standifer, and we probably don't need to tell you that he hasn't been the greatest husband in the world during that time.

Ryan has been arrested; he's had restraining orders issued against him; he's fallen off the wagon; he's been verbally abusive to his pregnant wife.

And of course, Ryan has been caught cheating on Mackenzie multiple times.

Edwards has a lengthy history of infidelity, but even the professional baby daddy's most ardent critics thought he'd stop screwing around after Mackenzie stuck by his side during the year from hell.

Sadly, it seems we all overestimated Ryan …

1. Shelby and Ryan

Shelby woods and ryan edwards
Shelby Woods briefly dated Ryan in between his relationships with Maci Bookout and Mackenzie Standifer. Now, it looks as though Edwards never quite got over his former flame.

2. Not to Be Trusted

Mackenzie standifer with ryan edwards
Ryan married Mackenzie just over a year ago. But in that short time, he’s been accused of infidelity on numerous occasions.

3. Tinder Trouble

Tinder trouble
First, Ryan was caught communicating with other women on Tinder, using an account that falsely stated his age as 25. (He’s actually 30.)

4. Let ‘Em Know

Let em know
Shortly thereafter, Shelby took to Twitter to let the world know that Ryan was still hitting her up on a regular basis.

5. Hey, Sis

Hey sis
“Sometimes I just wanna be like, ‘Hey sis, your husband is still hitting me up,'” she tweeted on April 15. “Buuuuut then I remember how delusional you are so I don’t waste my time.”

6. Not One For Taking Hints

Ryan edwards on teen mom photo
Sadly, it seems Ryan didn’t get the message that Shelby isn’t interested.

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Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal’s Son Redmond Charged with Attempted Murder

Redmond O’Neal — son of Ryan O’Neal and the late Farrah Fawcett — has been charged with attempted murder and assault after a series of violent and random attacks in L.A. Fawcett’s 33-year-old son reportedly left 5 men seriously injured last month…


Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal’s Son Redmond Charged with Attempted Murder

Redmond O’Neal — son of Ryan O’Neal and the late Farrah Fawcett — has been charged with attempted murder and assault after a series of violent and random attacks in L.A. Fawcett’s 33-year-old son reportedly left 5 men seriously injured last month…