Thomas Markle says Prince Harry Said to Give Trump a Chance in Revealing Interview

Prince Harry wanted his future father-in-law to give Donald Trump a chance … so claims Meghan Markle’s father. Thomas Markle gave a wide-ranging interview on “Good Morning Britain” and revealed Harry once tried talking him off…


Katy Perry Actually Said WHAT About Meghan Markle’s Wedding Dress?!?

Now that Katy Perry is done feuding with Taylor Swift, the singer has apparently chosen a new target for her wrath.

And that target is…

… Meghan Markle?!?

Apparently, yes.

Following Saturday’s royal wedding, the rare event met with universal approval across the Internet, Perry was asked for her reaction to Markle’s wedding down.

It was a pretty basic ensemble, designed by Givenchy and worn perfectly by the glowing bride.

Or at least that’s what we thought.

“I would have done one more fitting,” the American Idol judge told Entertainment Tonight about the gown, adding with a smile:

“I’m never not going to tell the truth! One more fitting, but I love you!”

Let’s keep in mind that this fashion assessment is coming from someone who went out in public looking like this recently:

Designed by Great Britain’s own Clare Waight Keller, Markle’s dress featured a sleek silhouette featured and an open bateau neckline, along with slim three-quarter sleeves.

Moreover, it expertly emphasized the bride’s slender sculpted waist, according to Kensington Palace’s official release.

Has the gown received the sort of praise bestowed upon Kate Middleton’s wedding dress in 2011? Which actually led H&M to come out with a much cheaper version that it now sells in storeS?

No. Not yet at least.

But why be so harsh, Katy Perry?!?

“Kate won! Kate won!” Perry added even more obnoxiously, making clear in this same interview that she preferred Middleton’s Alexander McQueen-designed frock.

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Fashion Face-Off!

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Markle and Harry got married on Saturday, May 19, of course.

The ceremony was attended by several hundred guests, while thousands of people lined the London streets to cheer on the couple and millions more watched at home on television.

We’ve since learned that Harry gave a speech at the evening reception in which he said he cannot wait for him and Markle to be an official “team.’

He also praised his bride’s “grace and dignity,” both of which truly have been on display while she gets dragged left and right by her terrible family members.

In her speech, meanwhile, Markle reportedly thanked her mom (“You have always been there for me through everything…”) and the Royal Family for accepting her into their lives with open arms.

Markle and Harry remain in Great Britain right now, putting off their honeymoon for an undetermined period of time.

It’s unclear just when they’ll depart and it’s equally unclear just where they are actually going for this big trip.

What is VERY clear, however, is that these two deserve a very long vacation.

They’ve been in the public eye for a long time now and they don’t need to just sit back and take this sort of criticism from someone like Katy Perry.

We hope they get the chance to get far away from it all soon, to kick back, relax and makes all sort of sweet and passionate love.

Don’t you agree?


Pink DESTROYS Twitter Troll Who Said She Looks Old

Pink is not here to listen to haters, and she has never balked at speaking her mind.

When a troll decided to claim that she looks distractingly old, Pink roasted that troll on Twitter.

But, interestingly, just weeks after being named most beautiful woman in the world, she doesn’t necessarily disagree with the person’s opinion. Take a look:

Someone on the interwebs decided to diss the 38-year-old singer in a tweet … and, in the process, appeared in Pink’s Twitter mentions.

“Wow Pink looks so old that she should be named Purple instead.”

That’s one of those lines that feels like a sick burn unless you think about it … at all.

(Why is purple somehow older than pink? What does this person know about colors that we do not?)

Pink saw this and decided to call out the hater with a tweet of her own.

“You must be from la,” she writes.

Los Angeles has a reputation for an intense preoccupation with certain beauty ideals, including youth and fitness. It’s not just Hollywood, either.

“Well, there are a few people left in the world that choose to age naturally.”

To be clear, natural aging can be fast or slow, depending upon factors like childhood, genetics, sun exposure, becoming a parent, and facial expressions.

Pink continues to roast her hater, writing:

“And I’ve earned every f–king minute of my 38 years.”

She has led and continues to lead a very full life.

Then, she turns the tables.

“How you lookin though?”

She points out that it is easy to ridicule and attack famous people — and that her hater is nothing of the sort.

“Cause I never heard of ya til you put my name in your mouth.”

She decides on a name for the person who decided to ridicule her looks in her own mentions.

“I shall call you little purple troll.”

Pink put up a follow-up tweet for her followers, speaking much more generally.

“I am of the mindset that it’s a blessing to grow old.”

Well … I personally would agree that it is a blessing to live a long time. Forever, ideally.

But Pink says that the physical signs of aging are a badge of pride.

“That if your face has lines around your eyes and mouth it means you’ve laughed a lot.”

It certainly does. In fact, some actors find that their faces age prematurely because they spend every day at work making facial expressions on camera instead of staring into a screen with resting b–chface.

Pink says that she eagerly anticipates new signs of aging.

“I pray I look older in 10 years.”

That sounds like an odd statement coming from anyone over the age of 15, but Pink’s next line may jar your sense of perspective.

“‘Cause that will mean I’m alive.”


Fans cheered her on, with one writing.

“Cant wait to see you when you’re 80.”

They hope that she’ll still be doing shows as an octegenarian in the year 2060.

“And if you’re still doing aerial stunts, all the better.”

Pink responded, delighted.

“You know I will!”

She even has a name in mind.

“I’ll call it ‘the wrinkles and rolls tour.'”

Obviously, a lot of people have a lot of opinions about the hideous and agonizing process of aging, with many seeing it as a disease that impacts all humans that, they hope, will one day be cured.

But this story is not really about your stance on wrinkles or other cruel failures of the flesh.

This is a story about not being f–king rude to celebrities on Twitter.

Especially when your tweet will show up in their mentions.

Oh, and especially when it’s Pink, who never hesitates to own pathetic trolls on Twitter.


Kim Kardashian: Forget What Kanye Said! Look How Cute My Baby Is!

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Kanye West has been making headlines recently as a result of his social media activity.

Normally, that’s not a bad thing, especially for an artist with new music coming out.

But Kanye has always taken a … let’s say unique approach to public relations, and this time, he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

And by that, we mean, the formerly-beloved rapper basically seems hell-bent on torpedoing his own career.

You know things are bad when stealing the microphone from Taylor Swift as she attempts to accept an award looks like a good guy moment by comparison.

Anyway, it’s impossible to keep up with all of Kanye’s bonkers tweets and controversial comments these days, and it seems unlikely that his career will ever recover from the media frenzy of the past week.

On Tuesday, Kanye hit a new low when he remarked that the centuries of slavery in the United States were the result “a choice” made by blacks of those eras.

Yes, it was really that bad … fortunately, for the sake of his reputation, Kanye married into a family that understands the importance of PR better than the Kennedys and the Clintons combined, hence the well-timed photo above.

Now clearly, Kim doesn’t believe a few well-timed baby pics will make the world forget that Kanye said some profoundly ignorant sh-t just last night.

But she probably figures – rightly, as it happens – that come cute snaps of little Chicago can’t hurt the situation.

Kim even posted some video clips of little Chi, cooing to her youngest daughter, “Are you not the cutest?”

Naturally, fans loved the latest glimpse at Kim and Kanye’s third child, and thankfully, there was relatively little smack talk.

Kim should probably enjoy the moment, because amicable interactions with the public might be few and far between in the weeks to come.

In addition to Kanye’s slavery comments, yesterday saw a revelation about a controversial period in his past.

Back in 2016, Kanye suffered a meltdown that was blamed his reps blamed on exhaustion and stress.

Last week, he revealed the true cause of his hospitalization:

It seems Kanye was addicted to opioids and struggled mightily to kick the habit:

“I think I’m in a stronger place than I ever was after the breakdown, or I like to say the breakthrough,” West told Charlamagne tha God in a candid interview yesterday.

The comment was controversial, as many believe Kanye is currently in the midst of a second breakdown.

Often with West, it can be difficult to tell the difference between media-baiting and genuine emotion.

Whatever the case, here’s hoping Kanye gets help if he needs.

He’s got a beautiful baby girl to look after.


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Donald Trump Said Vladimir Putin Bragged About Russia’s Hookers, According to Comey Memo

Donald Trump said Vladimir Putin boasted to him about the quality of hookers in his country … this according to one of James Comey’s memos. Several media outlets have obtained the memos by the ex-FBI Director, and one of them is already…