Mark Salling Child Porn Case: Dismissed Following Suicide

Facing four to seven years for possessing child pornography, former Glee star Mark Salling pleaded guilty.

Mark Salling committed suicide, however. A complicated act that may have royally screwed over a lot of victims.

Now, some may find it curious that Salling’s criminal case has been (posthumously) dismissed.

In a document obtained by The Blast, it is shown that the court has dismissed the child porn case against Mark Salling.

“For good cause shown, it is hereby ordered that: The government’s motion to dismiss the indictment pursuant to Rule 48 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure is granted. The indictment in the above referenced case is dismissed without prejudice.”

Note that “without prejudice” means that a case can be brought before the court again. Though that’s unlikely — Salling is dead.

Prosecutors filed the motion to dismiss the case on Tuesday.

United States District Judge Otis D. Wright then signed the order on Wednesday.

This was basically just a formality. If Salling had waited until the case was closed, it wouldn’t be an issue. As it is, courts don’t try and convict the dead. That would be farcical.

The details of Mark Salling’s child porn charges were horrifying.

He was first turned in by a girlfriend, who apparently found “hundreds” of images of minors — the kinds of images that no one should have — on his computer.

Police investigated, and discovered that Salling had multiple devices containing horrifying, child pornography in both images and video.

The evidence against him, as presented in court, contained over 100,000 pages. Not all of those were photographs, but more than 50,000 of them were.

Those are a lot of victims and a lot of ruined childhoods.

A lot of ruined lives.

One fact from the case that will always haunt us is the knowledge that one of the videos in his possession was of a five-year-old girl performing a sex act, reportedly on Salling himself.

As we mentioned, Mark Salling’s suicide screwed over his victims.

Months before he ended his own life, Salling had agreed to pay restitution to some of his (identified) victims.

Reports claimed that each would have received $ 50,000. A later clarification reported that amounts would have varied according to factors such as therapy costs and other expenses.

While no one can imagine that Salling’s money could have changed the lives of every single victim in his stockpile of over 50,000 images, the restitution could have made some difference in the lives of some of those whom he personally victimized.

Despite the agreement, it had not yet been ordered by a judge, and could not go into effect without Salling.

In all likelihoods, these survivors will get nothing from Salling unless they sue his estate. And perhaps not even then.

Salling’s suicide is a complicated one.

Many would cheer at the death of someone who did so much harm in his life — and who could blame them?

However, applauding a suicide is … different than applauding an accidental death or even a murder, because people who struggle with suicidal depression may be impacted by such celebrations.

For those who struggle with suicidal thoughts on a regular basis, the topic of suicide is akin to an allergen. Just as most of us can eat peanuts without issue but they’re fatal to others, most of us can talk about the death of a very bad man, but others cannot.

Adding to the complexity, of course, is the knowledge that, in taking his own life, Mark Salling cheated these victims out of restitution. That money would never have compensated for ruined childhoods and damaged lives, but it might have helped.

Who’s to say, however, what was on Mark Salling’s mind at the time?

It’s very likely that he wasn’t thinking of them at all when he took his life.

That this wasn’t a final insult to people who likely suffered at the hands of many adult men, but just a way out of what was sure to be a miserable prison experience.

Or perhaps it was a way out of his own self-loathing, if that’s truly how he was feeling about his crimes.

But now Salling is gone. Now his case is dismissed.


Mark Salling: Cause of Death Revealed

Earlier this week, the world was shocked by the death of Mark Salling, the 35-year-old actor best known for his work on the hit Fox series Glee.

Back in October, Salling pled guilty to possession of child pornography, and he was expected to serve 4-7 years behind bars.

Salling attempted suicide shortly after accepting the plea deal, so many who knew him best were not surprised to learn that he appeared to have taken his own life.

At first, details of the actor’s final hours were scarce.

On Wednesday, police ruled Salling’s death a suicide and revealed the method by which the disgraced star took his own life.

“He was discovered hanging from a tree in the Los Angeles River,” LA County Medical Examiner Public Information Officer Ed Winter stated.

 “We have notified the next of kin and he has been identified. We will perform an autopsy on the body within the next few days. At this point, I am not able to say when the results will be presented.”

Due to the fact that Salling had been found near a river, an erroneous report that he drowned himself and washed up on shore made its way across social media.

We now know definitively that that was not the case.

Before yesterday, the only official statement to the press regarding Salling’s death was issued by his attorney, Michael J. Proctor:

“I can confirm that Mark Salling passed away early this morning. Mark was a gentle and loving person, a person of great creativity, who was doing his best to atone for some serious mistakes and errors of judgment,” the statement read.

“He is survived by his mother and father, and his brother. The Salling family appreciates the support they have been receiving and asks for their privacy to be respected.”

According to police, more than 50,000 explicit images and videos of pre-pubescent children were found in Salling’s home.

The actor rose to fame playing Noah “Puck” Puckerman on Glee, but like so many of his co-stars from the popular musical comedy series, his career stalled in the years since the show came to an end.

For obvious reasons, the response to the death has been mixed, with many arguing that our sympathy should be reserved only for Salling’s victims, not for Salling himself.

Wherever you stand on the issue, we’re sure you’ll agree that Salling’s long-suffering family deserves our compassion during this difficult time.

Our thoughts go out to his parents and brother.


Mark Salling: Why His Suicide May Screw Over His Victims

Prior to Mark Salling committing suicide this week, the former Glee star pleaded guilty to a number of child pornography charges.

In December, Selling entered a guilty plea in court, faced with mounting evidence against him that included the discovery of 50,000-plus images of prepubescent children on his personal devices.

Moreover, authorities reportedly found a video of a five-year-old girl performing a sex act on Salling.

We’re talking truly heinous stuff here.

It’s why many people out there were not sad to read that Salling took his own life via hanging on Tuesday.

However, it’s now come to light that Salling’s decision to kill himself may have a negative impact on those who suffered at his hands.

As part of his plea deal, it had been agreed to months ago that Salling would pay each of his molestation victims $ 50,000.

But this had not been made official by a judge.

Now that the actor isn’t actually around to make any payments, an insider explains to Us Weekly why the victims may never see this money.

“Restitution would be a part of his sentence,” the source explains. “The amount of the restitution is determined by the sentencing judge.”

The problem is that Salling was due to be sentenced in March. 

“He will not be sentenced,” the tabloid’s expert continues.

“Therefore there will be no restitution order… I doubt that there is anything to take to civil court. Any restitution order would be allocated among multiple known victims.”

In other words, as cited above, the plea deal had been reached, yes.

Restitution had been agreed upon.

But Salling killed himself before a judge could actually order it paid.

“The amount allocated to each would be different based upon, for example, therapy expenses they have incurred,” this source expounds.

“No such order has been entered. I am unclear as to how anyone feels that they could go into court to enforce an order which has not been entered.

“I’m not saying that there isn’t some lawyer out there willing to file suit on behalf of someone claiming to be a victim. 

“But I am saying, that there is no order to be enforced, for $ 50,000 or any other amount on behalf of anyone.”

A coroner has confirmed that Salling died by hanging himself on Tuesday.

He was set to be sentenced to a minimum of four years in prison on March 7.

According to E! News, Salling had been isolated for quite some time before his suicide, having lost contact with almost anyone close to him.

“He had demons he was wrestling with for many years,” this outlet writes, sort of stating the obvious.

After Salling’s body was found in a park near his home, his lawyer made the following statement:

I can confirm that Mark Salling passed away early this morning. Mark was a gentle and loving person, a person of great creativity, who was doing his best to atone for some serious mistakes and errors of judgment.

He is survived by his mother and father, and his brother.

The Salling family appreciates the support they have been receiving and asks for their privacy to be respected.


Mark Salling: Details Of His Final Days Revealed

Yesterday, the entertainment world was shocked by news that Mark Salling had been found dead at the age of 35.

No official cause of death has been released, but it’s widely believed that the former Glee star took his own life.

The response to news of Salling’s death has been mixed, as the actor’s sexual misconduct left thousands of victims in its wake.

Back in December of 2017, Salling pled guilty to possession of child pornography.

Prosecutors claimed he had amassed more than 50,000 explicit images and videos of pre-pubescent children.

Salling was awaiting sentencing at the time of his death.

He was expected to serve 4-7 years in prison.

For obvious reasons, many believe that Salling doesn’t deserve to be remembered fondly.

Those who knew him best, however, say that despite the horrific crimes that marred Salling’s final years, they’ll mourn the loss of a beloved and gifted young man who was destroyed by his demons.

Little is known about Salling’s final days, as the actor maintained a reclusive lifestyle after news of the criminal investigation into his activities went public.

However, a small circle of confidants were privy to his inner world right up until the end, and two of them have spoken with People magazine:

“He was close with his family, but as far as friends go — he maybe had those acquaintances he communicated with every once in a while, but he pretty much isolated himself,” said one source

“He didn’t really have a relationship with too many people.”

The insider says that while the world will remember Salling as a depraved predator, a small inner circle will recall a charming entertainer with a gift for making others smile:

“The Mark I knew was charismatic, he was funny, he was musically talented — he was a really cool person,” the friend says.

“This other dark side of him was completely shocking to everyone close to him,” says the source. “Close people who didn’t talk to him are still sad about it.

“They loved him because of the person he was before all of this happened. There’s a level of sadness with everyone, but the sadness is from afar.”

Another insider reiterates that Salling was well-liked by his family and small network of friends, but admits that the actor was tortured by his professional failures:

“His career was off the boil, though; he was kind of the quarterback that peaked in high school, still dining out on Glee,” the second source says.

“Eventually, though, he started to focus on his music, which seemed like a good thing. That’s where he should have been focused to start with.

“But then the child porn thing came out, and people were so shocked. … It quickly started to become clear it was real, and then the few people still around him iced him out.”

The source adds that the revelations about Salling’s dark side were all the more shocking due to his reputation as a smooth-talking ladies man:

“He always had girls around him,” the insider says.

“Mark was fun, he had the charisma — sure, some was because he was on a show, but he also had that X factor you know?” 

Our thoughts go out to Salling’s friends, family, and his victims during this painful time.