Jeremy Roloff: Forget Politicians, Only Jesus Can Save You!

Jeremy Roloff does not want to get political

Really, he doesn’t.

But the ex-Little People, Big World star felt a need to speak up this week on Election Day.

With millions and millions of people heading out to their voting locations this past Tuesday, Jeremy took to Instagram and actually discouraged followers from choosing between politicians.

Okay, that’s not entirely true.

But Jeremy definitely did not pull a Taylor Swift and endorse any candidates.

Nor was he one of the many, MANY people who shared their “I Voted” sticker on his social media account.

Instead, Roloff touted the help of his Lord and Savior and suggested that people turn to religion instead of politics if they really want to make a change in their lives.

“The political climate in America is suffocating, no one can deny that,” wrote Jeremy to open his semi-controversial message on November 6, adding by way of reassurance:

“And don’t worry, this isn’t a “political post.” But since it’s vote day, I thought I’d at least acknowledge the chaos.”

It’s more commonly referred to as Election Day, but we’re sorry. Go on, Jeremy…

“As we turn in our ballots today, remember, politics are not our savior, Jesus is,” he wrote, expounding as follows:

“No matter the political lean of your fellow American, treat them with respect. Don’t let your political passion outweigh your human decency.”

Jeremy and his wife, Audrey, have always been very open about their faith and their religion, of course.

The latter recently explained to fans all the lessons that God has taught her over the years.

Along similar lines, this is how Jeremy concluded his Election Day pist:

The tides of cultural morality are just that – tides. But we have a unwavering rock to stand on – the Word of God.

I’m not saying that the answer to measure 101 can be found in Habakkuk; what I’m saying is that we are carrying the name of Christ and His word has a lot to say about how we should conduct ourselves.

We cary His name, so let’s act like it.

Vote, research, stand up for what aches you, but don’t do it at the expense of the real cure – discipleship to Jesus.

It’s an interesting take.

We’re not sure if dedicating one’s life to the teachings of Jesus Christ means you can’t also be politically active, but we at least understand where Jeremy is coming from.

The former TLC star, sadly, will not be returning to Little People, Big World next season.

But he and Audrey have found new forums in which they can express views such as these.

Look for their memoir to be released in early 2019 and for their podcast to even hit your ear buds in the near future.

Find out the name of it HERE!


Anna Duggar: Did She Get Pregnant to Save Josh’s Career?!

In recent weeks, we've been reporting on Josh Duggar's comeback tour.

While the Duggars have not made their intentions explicit, it seems clear that they're working toward rebuilding their disgraced son's reputation in the hope that fans will be able to overlook Josh's sex crimes.

That seems unlikely, but it's not stopping Jim Bob and Michelle from pulling out all the stops.

Of course, if the Duggars have learned anything over the years it's that nothing distracts their fans from scandal quite like a new baby.

And that's just one reason that Duggar watchers believe Anna is currently expecting her sixth child.

Take a look:

1. Anna’s Clan

Josh duggar on election day
Josh and Anna have been keeping a low profile ever since it was revealed in 2015 that he had molested five young girls while still in his teens.

2. Hiding Out

Josh duggar is back
While Anna has continued to make occasional appearances on Counting On, Josh has mostly kept his distance from his family’s media empire.

3. Creeping Back

Anna and josh duggar photo
In recent weeks, however, Josh has made numerous appearances on the official social media counts run by his parents.

4. Starting Slow

Josh duggar anna duggar and kids in 2017
The Duggars are no slouches when it comes to public relations, and they wisely decided to re-introduce Josh gradually.

5. Safety In Numbers

Josh duggar and a kid
They started with photos of Josh in crowd scenes at family events such as birthday parties.

6. Back At It

Josh duggar wife
Recently, Josh and Anna began making public appearances together for the first time since his sex scandals.

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Big Brother Recap: Did the Veto Save Angela or Rockstar?

Scheming is all part of the game in the Big Brother house, but Rockstar has no idea what that means. 

For someone who thinks she knows the game, Wednesday’s episode of the CBS reality hit proved otherwise. 

Rockstar was mad that she was being thrown up on the block as the perpetual pawn almost every week, and while it sucks, she seems to forget that this is a game. 

In a bizarre scene, she went as far as calling Haycee out, saying there were six other people in the house to choose from. 

But Kaycee maintained that she was not the one to hack the game and that Rockstar should go check with the others in the house before throwing accusations. 

It got heated, but Rockstar stood firm, presumably because she wanted the house to think she was a big player. She has won zero competitions, and we’re halfway through the summer, so there’s no question about whether she’s terrible at the game. 

While The Hive continued to lick their wounds and wonder why they were so bad at holding the power, Tyler was hard at work trying to keep Level Six intact. 

That meant he had to try and get to the cause of Sam’s paranoia. He pulled her into the storage room, and they got talking. 

He managed to make progress by telling Sam that anyone would be happy to be in her position because she’s in the top ten and made it to the jury house. 

The conversation took a bizarre turn when Sam said she had a gut feeling that Tyler was lying to her all along. Tyler countered by saying that he told her about his power because he couldn’t bottle it up any longer. 

Tyler is smart and knew he had to build trust with this ally if he wanted her to continue voting with Level Six.

The most shocking part of the episode was the veto competition. Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, Rockstar, Haleigh, and Faysal competed in the OTEV. 

With Kaycee and Angela out first, it was Tyler against the other three to win the competition. Just when it seemed like all hope was lost for Tyler, Rockstar accidentally helped him by confirming the answer. 

Tyler rushed back down the slope to find the correct one and got back up before Haleigh kicked out of the competition. 

Tyler won the competition, and Rockstar kept trying to remind him that she was the one who helped him win, and that should count for something. 

But Tyler’s decision was made. He wanted Angela off the block because he felt that the house would have more chance of flipping to evict her. 

Before Tyler made the decision, he revealed that Haleigh was coming for him and if she had it her way, he would be gone. 

For that reason, he saved Angela, and Haleigh nominated Kaycee in her place. It was unsurprising, but the level of control Tyler and his allies have on the game is crazy. 

Rockstar will likely be evicted Thursday during her best friend’s HOH, and that’s going to cause a whole lot of problems. 

What are your thoughts on the latest twists and turns?

Hit the comments below. 


LB Bonner 911 Call: Did the Star Try Save Himself?

We have a surprising update on the death of LB Bonner.

As previously reported, the former fan favorite on My 600-lb Life was found dead in a ditch nearly two weeks ago.

A handful of follow-up reports confirmed that Bonner shot himself in the head, bringing a tragic end to a life that saw its many shares of ups and downs.

At the time Bonner appeared on My 600-lb Life, he weighed well over 600 pounds.

He had fallen into a dark depression following a car accident in 2013 that required his leg to be amputated.

However, during his run on the popular reality series, Bonner committed himself to dieting and exercise, while also undergoing lap band surgery, and eventually dropped over 300 pounds.

He was considered a major success story.

Sadly, however, true depression never really goes away… and those close to Bonner have said they saw signs of his mental decline over the past few weeks.

This is the surprising new piece of information, however:

As featured on this page, Bonner actually dials 911 prior to taking his own life.

TMZ has obtained a recording of this call, which features a dispatcher repeatedly asking Bonner for his location.

She says she cannot understand what Bonner is saying and the line is eventually disconnected.

When the operator calls Bonner back, it goes to his voicemail.

Was Bonner having second thoughts?

Did he call in the hope that he could be talked out of suicide and/or in an attempt to get someone out to rescue him?

And then he perhaps took it as some sort of sign when his message was unable to be received and he then went through with the horrible act?

We'll never known, of course. But we can't help but ask these kinds of questions.

Elsewhere in this video, we hear Bonner mother also call 911.

She says that her son had been posting threats about hurting himself online and she was afraid he was going to "do something stupid." 

Just so very tragic all around.

Click PLAY to hear what we have to assume were Bonner's final words, and then to hear his mom talk about the state in which her son was in and her ongoing concern for his well-being.


Lb bonner 911 call did the star try save himself

Big Brother Recap: Did Haleigh Manage to Save Bayleigh?

Another eviction rocked the house on Thursday, and for the first time in a good few years, all the drama came in the lead up to the eviction. 

We picked up right after the veto meeting, and Bayleigh was furious that she had been wrongfully outed as the hacker. 

She made her way into the bedroom to start packing her belongings, presumably because she knew there was a bigger plan in play, and that she was going to be taken out of the game. 

After that, she confronted Tyler and said that she trusted him and now she’s on the block. Tyler wanted to steer clear of her, however. 

Bayleigh was blindsided. She opened up about wanting to keep her power for another week out of respect for Angela. She liked her as a person but felt like she stuck the knife in at the first opportunity. 

Haleigh then felt bad about being the hacker and opened up to Bayleigh about it. Bayleigh was mad, but she respected Haleigh for trying to make a move to take out a bigger target. 

Meanwhile, Angela was in the diary room acting like she was the best at the game because she managed to get Bayleigh up on the block. 

She even went as far as claiming that she would jump under a bus for Tyler. Yes, that’s how sad her game has become of late. 

At the house meeting, Haleigh confirmed she was the person who hacked the game and opened up about Tyler meeting with Bayleigh about getting Angela put up as the replacement nominee. 

Tyler denied it, but the argument went nuclear with Tyler and Bay getting into a heated exchange that found Bay leaving the room with a burst lip. 

No, we’re not saying anybody lifted their hands. Bay was shouting so much that she burst her gum with her teeth. 

At the eviction, the hacker took Tyler’s ability to vote away. 

  • Kaycee votes to evict: Bayleigh 
  • Brett votes to evict: Bayleigh 
  • Faysal votes to evict: Bayleigh
  • Scottie votes to evict: Bayleigh 
  • Haleigh votes to evict: Bayleigh 
  • Sam votes to evict: RS
  • JC votes to evict: Bayleigh

Bayleigh was evicted by a vote of 6-1!

The HOH competition was a knock-out one that allowed the winner of each round to pick the next two competitors. 

  • Round 1: Sam vs. JC – JC gets it right
  • Round 2: Tyler vs. RS – Tyler gets it wrong 
  • Round 3: Kaycee vs. Brett – Kaycee gets it wrong
  • Round 4: Haleigh vs. Faysal – Faysal gets it wrong
  • Round 5: Brett vs. Scottie – Brett got it right
  • Round 6: Haleigh vs. RS – Haleigh gets it right 
  • Round 7: Brett vs. JC – Brett gets it wrong 
  • Round 8: Haleigh vs. JC – Haleigh gets it right!

Haleigh wins Head of Household!

Big Brother continues Sunday on CBS!


Big Brother Recap: Did the Power App Save a Player?

Sam Bledsoe’s power app was finally used on Thursday night, but did it save one of the nominees from eviction?

When the latest episode got underway, the house was still in shock at Faysal’s decision to save Hayley from the block. 

Sam wanted to make sure JC knew she was not actually going to put him up. We think it’s fair to say if she’s that good at acting then she has the potential to throw just about anyone under the bus. 

Hurricane Kaitlyn was mad that Faysal betrayed her, and she started to break down. Faysal tried to calm her down by saying that she was not going home. 

He did say that his decision was based on the way she backdoored Swaggy C in week two because they were in an alliance. 

Kaitlyn was initially against campaigning, but a chat with Tyler changed her perspective. There were people who would vote to keep her, and that was good for her game. 

Tyler tasked her with speaking to JC because he could be the swing vote in the entire situation, but JC opened up to Angela, Tyler, and Kaycee.

He referred to Kaitlyn as “a crazy-ass bitch and also a good competitor.” Tyler worried that JC was not going to vote for Level 5, and made it his mission to get the votes turned his way. 

As for Faysal, his decision was made: He was voting to evict Kaitlyn because he knew he was the enemy if she stayed in the house. 

Rockstar chatted to her old FOUTE alliance, and they told her to start rallying the votes because she has four solid ones from them. 

This gave her the drive to do so, and she turned to Brett in the dead of night, saying that while she was mad, she was happy that someone made a big move like that. 

She was referring to his lie that she pulled him aside before last week’s eviction ceremony and said she was changing the vote. 

This gave Brett food for thought because he worried Hurricane Kaitlyn would target one of them if she fell back in with her old allies. 

One person who wanted Kaitlyn gone was Sam. She even went as far as saying to Tyler she’d “stomp a mud-hole into that bitch’s chest.”

Yes, she really said that!

  • JC votes to evict: RS 
  • Bayleigh votes to evict: Kaitlyn
  • Haleigh votes to evict: Kaitlyn
  • Faysal votes to evict: Kaitlyn
  • Brett votes to evict: Kaitlyn 
  • Tyler votes to evict: Kaitlyn 
  • Angela votes to evict: Kaitlyn
  • Kaycee votes to evict: Kaitlyn
  • Rachel votes to evict: Kaitlyn 
  • Scottie votes to evict: Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn was evicted … but the bonus life power came into play. Kaitlyn was sent to the BB App Store, and she was tasked with completing a puzzle that looked like it had five pieces. 

She had 150 seconds and still managed to mess it up. In fact, it looked like she just gave up. Maybe her intuition told her she was not going to win, so she threw in the towel. 

It’s difficult losing such a big player. She was one of the most engaging houseguests in several years. 

What are your thoughts on her departure?

Hit the comments below!

Big Brother continues Sunday on CBS. 


Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Check Into Rehab to Save Marriage (Report)

It looks like more hard times are ahead for Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra.

According to Radar Online, the Baltierras have checked into an in-patient couple-oriented therapy program in a last-ditch effort to save their marriage.

Catelynn has been to rehab several times over the course of the past two years, and while she's made progress with her mental health, insiders say she and Tyler both continue to struggle daily.

Now, it seems they've decided that in order to make their marriage work, they'll both need to address their mental health issues with the help of professionals.

Here's what we know about the situation thus far:

1. Better Days

Catelynn lowell and tyler baltierra snuggles
For years, Tyler and Catelynn were the most stable couple in all of the Teen Mom franchise.

2. Hard Times

Catelynn lowell tyler baltierra on instagram
Sadly, a combination of difficult times, past trauma, and latent mental health issues all combined to put the Baltierras’ marriage to the test in a major way.

3. The Domino Effect

The baltierras
Both Tyler and Catelynn have been diagnosed with various mental illnesses that are at least partially the result of their traumatic upbringings.

4. Tragedy Strikes

Catelynn lowell on teen mom
When Catelynn suffered a miscarriage, the tragedy triggered a downward spiral that prompted her to check into rehab multiple times.

5. A Double-Edged Sword

Tyler with catelynn
Tyler did his best to be a supportive spouse, but as is so often the case with this sort of thing, Catelynn’s illness and frequent absences eventually began to take a toll.

6. Stepping Up

Tyler and catelynn post therapy
Tyler took care of the couple’s daughter and visited Catelynn in Arizona as often as possible. But eventually, it all became too much …

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