Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott: FINALLY Saving Their Marriage?!

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have not had the easiest time in recent years, and their relationship has paid the price.

The good news is that Tori and Dean are finally fixing their marriage — and it’s made a world of difference.

And the fact that they’ve entered marriage counseling is only part of the solution.

An inside source spoke extensively with Entertainment Tonight about Tori and Dean’s relationship and how much it’s changed in just a few months.

The insider shares that the two of them have “started counseling” in order to mend the strained elements of their union.

“Tori and Dean are very much in love,” the source explains. “And have dedicated themselves to improving their marriage.”

That sounds like what is best for them and for their many, many children.

“They built a family together,” the source continues. “And plan on raising their kids as a team.”

Last March, unfortunately, there was a frightening incident — and Dean felt that he had no choice but to call the police.

“They realized things got completely out of hand when their blowout fights became very public,” the insider shares.

Hey, whatever works as a wakeup call.

“As painful as that period has been in their life,” the source continues. “It was also very eye-opening for them.”

Sometimes, you have to hit rock bottom to realize how far you’ve fallen.

Ever the optimists, the two of them have decided to put a positive spin on an otherwise frightening incident.

“Tori and Dean see Tori’s experience as a nervous breakthrough rather than a nervous breakdown,” the insider reveals.

You know what? That’s actually kind of beautiful. So long as they don’t forget to take mental health seriously.

“Because,” the source explains. “It led them back to the right path and a healthier life together.”

If it works, it works.

Apparently what prompted them to redouble their efforts to patch things up was staring into the potential abyss that would come with a divorce.

“They both looked at what they were giving up by losing one another,” the insider describes.

Whatever they foresaw of their potentially single futures, it was clearly not a pretty picture.

“And,” the source continues. “Were willing and ready to do what it takes to make their relationship work.”

Good for them!

It sounds like things have really turned around over the past several months.

Perserverance pays off.

“They started counseling again,” the insider confirms. “And turned everything around.”

“They realized that most of their stress stemmed from their money issues,” the source says.

We think that literally everyone else who knows anything about the couple could have said that a long time ago.

“They’re now working closely with an accountant to help fix their financial situation,” the insider assures ET. “They’ve since made some big changes.”

One huge change is that Dean is acting again.

Apparently, a lot of the pressure on their marriage has now “lifted” as a result.

“Their family dynamic is completely different,” the source reveals.

“Tori loves Dean and wants him to have success,” the insider continues. “She also wants her mother to be happy.”

“She’s relied on her mother for help and her mother has always felt Dean needed to contribute,” the source explains. “So this is truly a win-win situation.”

Just because your mom is loaded doesn’t mean that she’s going to fund your entire family’s lifestyle — but Tori’s mom has helped out a lot.

Tori also came to terms with a huge source of stress — trying to be a nonstop parent to all five of her children without any time for self-care.

“She never gave herself a break,” the insider reports.

“Now,” the source is happy to say. “She’s balancing everything with the help of some extra childcare.”

It sounds like both counseling and an improved financial situation have really helped.

“Having full-time help is expensive,” the insider admits. “But taking care of five children on your own is close to impossible.”

Then there is the subject of Tori’s career.

“Tori definitely wants to work again,” the source shares. “And is considering several reality show opportunities,”

However, some of those close to her are nudging her in a different direction.

“But,” the insider continues. “Her team seems to be encouraging her to go back to scripted television,”

That’s her bread and butter. It could also really help to reduce her real-life drama.

“First and foremost,” the source explains. “Tori is an actress, and some of her closest friends now support the idea of returning to scripted television.”

On scripted television, the show’s not all about you, but it tends to bleed into your real life a little less.

“They feel taking some of the focus away from her personal life would be helpful,” the insider concludes. “And she is beginning to warm up to the idea.”

Well that is definitely exciting. More job opportunities and fewer 9-1-1 calls are at least part of a recipe for a happy, healhty marriage.


Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber: Saving Sex for Marriage?!?

Late last week, Justin Bieber shared a photo of him and Hailey Baldwin in a hot tub.

Based on the lack of clothing involved and the copious amounts of spit being swapped between the stars, there was really just one reaction to this photo, which we’ve shared below:

Get a room, you two!

Here’s the thing, however:

According to a stunning Radar Online report, Baldwin and Bieber actually did not get a room together after this photo was taken.

(In order to take this makeout session to its next logical step and have sex, we mean.)

Moreover, Hailey and Justin have never gotten a room together, at least not during this second go-around of their romance.

Any time Bieber is in New York City to visit his fiancee, this article states, Baldwin goes back to her Brooklyn apartment and Bieber checks into a hotel to catch his ZZZs.

Why would this possibly be?!?

Go read your bible and you’ll have your answer, an insider explains.

“Hailey is a devout Christian and a good girl,” says this source, noting that Bieber’s mother, Pattie, and Baldwin’s parents, Kennya and Stephen, an actor turned pastor, “are born again and they have known each other through church circles since Justin was 10 and Hailey was 6.”

Previously, Page Six alleged that Bieber asked for Stephen Baldwin’s blessing before proposing to Hailey.

Their conversation supposedly centered on religion because Bieber, Hailey and Stephen are all practicing Christians, with Hailey and Bieber being especially active in the Hillsong Church.

Said Hailey in the past:

“People look at religion as a scary thing if they don’t know what it’s about, but at the end of the day, church is just a building; my personal beliefs are what matters.”

Bieber started to re-dedicate himself to religion about a year ago.

There was talk last summer that he might even quit music due to his faith.

We doubt that will happen, but it’s seem awfully clear at this point that religion is important to both sides of this famous couple.

“He’s going to church with her,” says the source of the pair, who is trying to keep its relationship pure, despite Bieber’s sort of spotty and shady past.

“He still has his demons, but there’s hope,” this source adds.

Bieber proposed to Baldwin in the Bahamas, doing so earlier this month after the stars had only been back together for several weeks.

Still, they had kept in close touch ever since they first dated in late 2015 and they certainly seem to be very much in love, based on social media posts at least.

In confirming his shocking engagement, Bieber cited a higher power and also hinted at having kids with Baldwin.

“I promise to lead our family with honor and integrity letting Jesus through his Holy Spirit guide us in everything we do and every decision we make,” the artist wrote on Instagram, concluding as follows:

My heart is COMPLETELY and FULLY YOURS and I will ALWAYS put you first! You are the love of my life Hailey Baldwin and I wouldn’t want to spend it with anybody else.

You make me so much better and we compliment eachother so well!! Can’t wait for the best season of life yet!


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