Garrett Yrigoyen: Really, I’m Sorry for That Instagram Scandal!

On Monday night’s season finale of The Bachelorette, Garrett Yrigoyen won over Becca Kufrin.

Following an emotional two hours that saw Blake Horstmann break into tears and Becca nearly breakdown from having to make a decision, Yrigoyen was selected as this edition’s champion and he responded in the most appropriate way possible…

… by getting down on one knee and asking for Kufrin’s hand in marriage!

But just because Garrett knows one thing:

He still has to win over Bachelorette Nation.

The controversial contestant may have proven his decency to Becca over the course of his run on the series, but many viewers still think of Yrigoyen NOT as someone romantic and well-meaning.

But as someone who Liked a number of offense and inappropriate social media messages many months ago.

Back in late May, it came out that Garrett seemingly approved of Instagram posts that were anti-immigrant, anti-feminism and anti-LGBT rights.

He issued an apology shortly after this troubling scandal broke, telling critics:

“I am sorry to those who I offended and I also take full responsibility…

“I am not perfect, and I will never be anywhere close, but now I will always be more informed and aware of what I am liking and supporting, not just on Instagram, but in life.”

Fast forward all this time later and Garrett’s Likes are back in the news because he is back in the news, as the brand new fiance of Becca Kufrin.

He’s therefore being prompted to address his views on minorities and those who have a different sexual orientation.

Without getting into these kinds of specifics, the Season 14 winner simply says in the latest issue of People Magazine:

“It was tough. I didn’t mean to offend anyone.

He also tries to make it clear that the tap of one button on his computer or his phone does not sum up his world view when it comes to these societal topics:

“Just because I Liked it, doesn’t necessarily mean that I supported it.

“I was raised in a very open-minded family that was accepting to everybody. We’re very non-judgmental. I’m genuinely sincere.”

Becca asked viewers this spring to remain “open-minded” about Garrett, likely because she was already engaged to him at the time.

Now, though, Garrett says this idea of being as open and as candid with each other is exactly why their relationship works.

“We started a foundation of being honest and open and transparent,” he tells People, adding:

“Anything that’s come about, or just dealing with anything, that’s how we address it: head on. It makes our relationship so much stronger, and we continue to grow together.”

That all sounds well and good — but, as you might expect, quite a few fans think Becca has made a mistake.

garrett reaction

Tweeted one disgruntled Bachelorette fans, not even bothering to make a quip or a snarky remark:

Reminder: A man who joked about throwing immigrant children over trumps wall is about to win  #TheBachelorette and some of these children will likely never be reunited with their families.

@thebkoof choosing him is her being complicit and taking the easy and privileged way out.

If it makes this individual feel any better, Becca will likely NOT end up with Garrett, just based on the history of Bachelor and Bachelorette couples.

Or do you think these two crazy kids can buck that tradition?

Continue to follow our section of The Bachelorette spoilers to find out and then vote below:



Julie Chen (Kind Of) Addresses Les Moonves Scandal on The Talk

For a co-host of The Talk, Julie Chen does not have very much to say.

On Monday afternoon, viewers tuned in to this lame program in order to see what the long-time anchor would say about husband Leslie Moonves.

Moonves, of course, is the embattled CBS CEO who is accused of sexually harassing and abusing a minimum of six years during his tenure in the entertainment business.

In a damning story by Ronan Farrow in the New Yorker, Moonves is painted as a Hollywood executive who abused his power on multiple occasions over the years.

For example, Emmy-nominated actress Illeana Douglas, likely best known for her role on Six Feet Under, told Farrow that Moonves once forcibly kissed her and pushed her onto a sofa.

She eventually exited the awkward situation, but was then punished by the network for not going along with Moonves' gross behavior.

She is one of a multitude of women who relay similar stories to the aforementioned publication.

In response to these allegations, Moonves has flat out admitted to making women feel uncomfortable over the years, but denied ever pressuring them to do anything against their will.

Chen, meanwhile, said the following on the day these accusations came to light:

I have known my husband, Leslie Moonves, since the late ’90s, and I have been married to him for almost 14 years.

Leslie is a good man and a loving father, devoted husband and inspiring corporate leader.

He has always been a kind, decent and moral human being. I fully support my husband and stand behind him and his statement.

She had to address the topic to open the latest episode of The Talk, though, right?

Yes. And she did. Sort of.

"Some of you may be aware of what’s going on in my life the past few days," Chen said, adding:

"I issued the one and only statement I will ever make on this topic on Twitter, and I will stand by that statement today, tomorrow, forever."

Oh, so that's it? Really?!?

This is a topic that goes far beyond Moonves, of course, as countless Hollywood stars and higher-ups have been accused of similar crimes and actions.

CBS is in the middle of investigations the allegations against Moonves and we can't imagine there's any way he keeps his job.

Check out Chen's lame response to the scandal here.

Julie chen kind of addresses les moonves scandal on the talk

Billy Knight: Former UCLA Basketball Star Found Dead Amidst Child Sex Scandal

Former UCLA basketball standout Billy Knight was found dead on a road near Phoenix this week.

He was just 39 years old.

Billy Knight

News of Knight’s death comes just weeks after he was charged with six felonies in connection with his alleged sexual assault of a child.

TMZ reported this week that the girl who accused Knight was just 9 years old. 

Knight’s cause of death has yet to be determined by a medical examiner.

However, Phoenix police have noted that there were no signs of foul play, which in this case, would seem to indicate that Knight took his own life.

According to initial reports, Knight was found unresponsive just before 3 am on Sunday.

He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

Just days before his death, Knight — who played for UCLA from 1998 to 2002 — posted a YoiuTube video called “I am Sorry Lord.”

“This is probably my last message on Earth,” Knight said in the video.

“I just want to say that I lived a life of sin. I lied. I cheated, and I stole from many people. I was a taker. That’s why my life ended up where it is now.

“Life is not a game,” Knight said. 

“You can’t play around with life. It’s serious, and I wasn’t honest with a lot of people, even my mom, my brother and my family members.

Billy Knight Photo

“I isolated myself from my family members. I isolated myself from my friends, and that’s not something you should do.”

“I’m lost in life, and I feel like there’s no hope,” he continued.

“I have no friends with me here. I have no wife, girlfriend. I have nothing, and I just feel like I can’t continue on.”

UCLA has issued a statement on Twitter in response to news of Knight’s death.

“Our hearts are heavy after learning Billy Knight has passed away,” reads the statement, which was released before the charges against Knight came to light.

“We ask that the Bruin family keep Billy’s loved ones in their thoughts during this difficult time.”


Khloe Kardashian Breaks Silence (For Real!) on Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal

Khloe Kardashian has broken her silence on Tristan Thompson.

For real this time.

We mean it.

We’re not just talking about some vague and mysterious quote on Instagram that may or may not have been some kind of reference to Thompson having slept with many other women while Khloe was pregnant.


We’re talking about the first direct reference to her dishonest baby daddy that we can recall Khloe making since she became a mother.

And this is what brought it on:

On Monday afternoon, a Twitter user named Queen Persia wrote the following:

“I love, adore & root for @khloekardashian but I’m so disappointed she stayed with that wasteman Tristan.

“She preaches about women knowing their self worth and when to walk away but when it’s time to walk the walk, she’s a hypocrite.”

This is now really all that unfair of a take, but it prompted quite the response from Kardashian.

“Not exactly Queen Persia,” she wrote, prior to making two things clear:

  1. She is still with Thompson.
  2. She does not consider this to be a sign of weakness.

Continued Khloe in this reply;

“You have no knowledge of what goes on in our household or the enormous rebuilding this takes to even coexist. I’m proud of my strength.

“I appreciate your opinion and I hope you hold that same opinion to everyone else who has stayed in situations.”

khloe speaks!

Again, as far as we can recall, this is by far the most Khloe has ever said about this sad situation.

It started in mid-April, once surveillance footage surfaced from multiple establishments that appeared to depict Thompson cozying up to various women during Kardashian’s pregnancy.

He’s never denied talk that he cheated several times on his girlfriend… and there’s been plenty of talk about it.

The unfortunate news broke two days before Khloe gave birth to the couple’s daughter, True Thompson.

And, ever since, neither Khloe nor Tristan has really said anything about the scandal.

Of late, however, there have been a myriad of signs that the couple never really broke up.

They’ve been spotted on lunch dates and, just recently, Khloe herself shared footage of the stars working out together,

Moreover, Thompson posted his very first pic of True late last week.

It doesn’t seem to matter what her family members think or what Thompson did with a number of side pieces in the past, Khloe is obviously dead set on making this romance work.

She’s “staying in” the “situation,” right? By her own admission above.

Pretty revealing, huh?

In response to Khloe’s response to her original Tweet, Queen Persia went ahead and wrote the following:

“I’m not trying to judge you, bc I do adore you girl. your a role model to millions of girls, I get that you’re trying to figure shit out & tbh, your fans are protective of you.

“we just don’t want some lame breaking your heart again. that’s it.”

Kardashian seemed to come around and appreciate this take, ending the exchange as follows:

“I love you for that and girl trust me don’t I understand!!! I appreciate you. I do!!”

So there you have it. Khloe and Tristan are together and they show no signs of this changing.

Should Kardashian be prasied or mocked for this decision?


Khloe Kardashian Might Ban Tristan’s Cheating Scandal From KUWTK

The whole world knows that Tristan Thompson cheated. And, despite reports that she was totally in denial about it, Khloe knows it, too.

But what everyone wants to know right now is … exactly how much of Tristan’s shameful cheating scandal is going to make it onto KUWTK?

The answer is complicated. Plenty of it will be filmed … but Khloe herself might keep some of those conversations from every being shown.

Khloe and Tristan are back in L.A. … and, despite everything, still together.

Since Khloe seems determined to sweep everything under the rug, a number of fans of her and of Keeping Up With The Kardashians are worried that she’ll try to bury the scandal on the show.

But a source tells Us Weekly that Tristan’s cheating will come up on KUWTK.

The insider assures: “They always discuss real life things on the show.”

A huge part of the Kardashian brand is that they embrace (most) negative stories about them because they know that being part of the national conversation keeps their brand alive and growing.

“They’ve never ignored a topic,” the source points out.

That’s … mostly true.

The source goes on to explain that the Kardashians will certainly discuss the subject on camera.

“It will definitely be brought up,” the insider says. “But they don’t know how much.”

By which they mean how much will actually survive the editing process and make it onto people’s screens.

“They can film hours about it,” the source describes.

The insider then warns: “but in the end, Khloé is one of the executive producers.”

That’s not just a fancy and somewhat vague title.

Khloe has veto power, the source cautions, “and will have final say on what actually makes air.”

That’s a good power to have if you’re a reality star (and it’s also super rare for these folks).

But … it could mean that Khloe could offhandedly censor her family’s genuine reactions to the cheating scandal.

Furthermore, another insider tells Us Weekly that Khloe has made assurances to her cheating baby daddy that his adventurous penis won’t take center stage on the show.

Specifically, she has reportedly promised him that his “cheating scandal won’t be a huge story line.”

But that’s not enough for Tristan.

It’s reported that he has outrageously expressed dismay that it’s coming up at all.

“He doesn’t understand why it has to be addressed,” the source describes. “But Khloe has said if it’s not dealt with on the show, questions will continue to linger.”

Specifically, questions of how her family responded to the news.

But also, Keeping Up With The Kardashians will give Khloe a position to speak her mind directly to fans about how she feels and how she responded.

“No one has heard from Khloe directly about what she felt or what she has gone through,” the source points out.

Yep. We’ve heard lots of reports. The closest that Khloe has come has been to blast fans for giving her advice.

Khloe is very aware of this, the insider says, “and she pointed out to Tristan that she won’t do anything to hurt him by briefly discussing the cheating.”

If Tristan thinks that Khloe discussing the fact that he cheated on her with multiple women while she was pregnant with their child will make her reconsider allowing him in her life, he should think again.

The source reports: “She has moved on from it.”

For better or for worse.

Tristan’s cheating may come up on KUWTK, but Tristan himself is not slated to make an appearance, Us Weekly reports.

“Khloe could actually care less about whether or not he does,” the source says.

Hey, just because she’s a reality star doesn’t mean that she’s interested in her boyfriend showing up on camera.

Especially, perhaps, given the circumstances.

The source explains that Khloe has other priorities: “She is focused on trying to rebuild the trust in the relationship.”

And, of course, on raising their precious baby, True Thompson.