Kylie Jenner to Travis Scott: Marry Me Already!

To the surprise of many, Travis Scott has proven himself to be a responsible father.

The rapper has shot down claims that he would be a deadbeat dad by actually being on hand when Kylie Jenner gave birth and by actually spending time with his relatively new daughter, Stormi Webster.

Shocking, we know.

According to a new report, Kylie is as surprised by this development as anyone, but now she’s seeking something from Scott aside from an extra paid of hands with which to change a diaper.

She’s seeking a ring!

Of the engagement variety!

“She’s changed a lot since the baby’s been born and really softened her stance since Travis stepped up to the plate with baby duties,” an insider tells Radar Online, explaining why Jenner is now open to marrying Scott.

And not merely open, either. She’s actively pushing for a walk down the aisle.

This sure is a change from the last time we heard about this topic, as previous sources alleged Kylie actually turned down a Travis proposal.

Earlier this month, Hollywood Life wrote that Scott asked for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage during a recent vacation, but the 20-year old felt it was too soon.

“Kylie definitely wants to marry Travis, but she also really loves how things are the way they are,” this article read at the time.

But things move quickly when you have a baby and responsibilities and realize that your life is headed in a direction where you really could use a husband.

“She’s an all-or-nothing character and wants him to move into her place then make things official as soon as possible,” Radar Online says right now.

What changed on Kylie’s part?

As many other women can perhaps relate to, one really does tend to look at one’s man differently after you have a child together.

It’s more than just a common interest; it’s a person for whom both of you will be responsible for at least the next 18 years.

Moreover, simply seeing Scott be so cute and sweet with Stormi has apparently made Kylie consider her relationship differently than ever before.

“All of a sudden Travis is the love of her life again and she wants them to elope, or tie the knot in a low-key ceremony while the going’s good,” Radar concludes.

We all know that will never happen, right?

Kylie and Travis may exchange vows someday, absolutely.

(Not that this is a given in this family, of course, as Kourtney never married Scott Disick and Khloe says there are no immediate plans to marry Tristan Thompson.)

But does anyone really think Kris Jenner would allow Kylie to get married in some “low-key” manner?

You just know Kris will insist on a ceremony that would produce the most revenue possible for her kids and for herself.

Because while Travis Scott is still learning about fatherhood, Kris Jenner totally has this motherhood thing down pat.

In terms of maximizing profits for her family, that is.

Do YOU think Kylie and Travis will get hitched?


Younes Bendjima Hurls ALL the Shade at Scott Disick

As it turns out, Younes Bendjima has more than just a pretty face.

(And rock hard abs… and strong biceps… and thick legs… and a butt that refuses to quit…)

He also has a mouth that spits red hot fire.

The surprisingly long-term boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian shared a few words on Snapchat this week that simply had to be directed at Scott Disick.

Bendjima did not call Disick out by name in the post, but he did write the following:

“Sometimes those who don’t socialize much aren’t actually anti-social. They just have no tolerance for drama, stupidity and fake people.”

Whoa there! Clear shot fired, right?

These harsh words were preceded by “YOU FEEL ME” in all capital letters.

benjamin note

Disick, of course, has become as well known as this point for partying and for being extremely social as he has for nearly anything else.

It’s the reason Kourtney finally pulled the plug on their romance years ago: Disick was off in France, drinking and spending time with an ex-girlfriend and it was all too much for Kardashian to handle.

So it seems rather apparent to us that when Bendjima brings up socializing as he does above, he’s pointing his finger right at Disick and calling him out for being “stupid” and “fake.

And we love it!

Bendjima has been dating Kardashian now for over a year.

No one really thought this relationship would be more than a fling when the two first got together… but here they are.

And there was Kourtney on an episode of her family’s reality show, actually admitting she might one day want to have kids with Younes.

Still, this is an unusual step for Bendjima to have taken.

He’s mostly gone the strong and silent route when it comes to Disick, who insiders have said is beyond angry that this hot model is still banging his three-time baby mama.

Scott is insanely jealous of Younes,” a source told E! News last month, adding:

“He just can’t come to terms with the fact that Kourtney has found true happiness with someone else.”

If this were anyone else but Scott Disick, we’d feel bad for the guy.

We all can relate to how difficult it often is to watch an ex-lover move on.

Truth be told, though, this is Scott Disick.

He’s never come across as particularly nice or caring or un-douche-like.

Moreover, he’s dating Sofia Richie! It’s not like he’s sitting at home, trying to be a better person, pining over Kourtney.

We don’t know that prompted this trash talk from Bendjima, but we are so very much here for it.

There have been too many babies and not nearly enough drama in Kardashian world these days. We need a lot more of the former.


Scott Disick: Did He Dump Sofia Richie For Kourtney Kardashian?!

In many ways, Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are like an older, slightly more mature version of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez:

They’ve broken up more times than we can count; they appear to be terrible for one another, and yet it seems they’re eternally unable to keep their distance.

Scott’s probably not crazy about that analogy, as Kourtney banged Bieber on more than one occasion, but hey – the shoe fits.

Another person who’s been intimately involved in this drama in more ways than one is Sofia Richie.

The 19-year-old model also hooked up with the Biebs, but today, we’re more concerned about the fact that until recently, Sofia was dating Scott.

(You’d basically need a bulletin board and a long length of red thread in order to keep track of who’ banging whom in Calabasas.)

Yes, we said was, because it appears that Scott and Sofia have officially called it quits.

The former couple hasn’t made any sort of public announcement unless of course, you count passive-aggressive social media activity as an announcement.

Scott unfollowed Sofia on Instagram this week, and his fans noticed the move immediately.

Now, to the IG-uninitiated, that may not sound like a big deal, but for those in the know, we don’t need to explain that unfollowing your girlfriend sends a clear message to the world that she’s no longer your girlfriend.

We also don’t need to tell you what a big deal it is that Kourtney also unfollowed Younes Bendjima.

While it’s not clear how serious they ever got as a couple, Kourtney and Younes were hooking up for quite some time.

Now, it appears that that arrangement has come to an end.

And fans believe it’s no coincidence that Kourtney unfollowed her dude the same week that Scott unfollowed Sofia.

Does this mean Scott and Kourtney are definitively back together?

Obviously not, but it’s hard to believe there’s no connection between their recent Instagram moves.

So brace yourselves, folks – it’s beginning to look like we’re store for Scott and Kourtney, round 40 bajillion.

May God have mercy on our souls.


Travis Scott: I Can’t WAIT to Bang Kylie Jenner Again!

Kylie Jenner gave birth to sweet baby Stormi Webster and is even showing off a close-up photo of her pretty girl’s face. Awww!

Travis Scott is a proud and happy father, but there’s just one thing missing from this happy family: the sex life that brought Stormi into the world in the first place.

Apparently, the baby daddy is eager to “reunite” with Kylie … but he’s going to have to wait.

According to HollywoodLife‘s source, Travis Scott can’t wait to bang Kylie Jenner again. You know, when it’s safe.

“Poor Travis is going totally crazy because she still doesn’t have the all clear from her doctor to have sex for another two weeks.”

That green light usually — though not always — comes four to six weeks after childbirth (so, two weeks from early March would be exactly right).

This time is important because it gives the cervix time to close, it gives time for postpartum bleeding to stop (because the miracle of life is also a horror film), and it gives time for any lacerations and tears to hopefully heal themselves.

Just because Travis Scott knows all of this doesn’t mean that he’s not excited about the wait being over.

“Travis is counting down the days, it’s turned into a little private joke between them.”

Joke or not, it seems that it’s no longer private.

If you’re thinking that Travis Scott is being selfish and just thinking with his … desires … apparently, Kylie is looking forward to rekindling their intimate life as well.

“Kylie’s definitely got her groove back too.”

Kylie’s baby bump is gone, and she showed off a photo of her flat tummy to prove it.

Pretty impressive after only one month.

“She’s feeling incredibly sexy again and she’s really flaunting it.”

Part of that is just maintaining her brand, of course.

But if Kylie’s ready to go at it again, then she and Travis are both in for a lot of fun … in another couple of weeks.

Despite rumors that Travis Scott is cheating — and by “rumors,” we mean claims made by Wendy Williams, the couple is reportedly in a very good place.

“Travis and Kylie are in a great place right now.”

That’s so wonderful to hear.

“He’s been spending most nights with her and Stormi.”

Awww! That is so sweet.

“They’re a very happy little family right now.”

And to think that there was a time when people weren’t sure if they’d stay together even as long as the pregnancy.

To be fair, though, Kylie got pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby … after they’d only been dating for a few weeks.

That is not, generally speaking, a recipe for a strong and healthy relationship.

Since this report speaks of Travis Scott being eager to bang his baby mama again, one might infer that he has a healthy sex drive.

A successful rapper in his twenties isn’t usually planning on becoming a monogamous parent so very suddenly.

But it looks like Travis has taken to this new situation like a duck to water.

He recently used his own Snapchat account (despite what Kylie tweeted, some folks still use Snapchat) to show off that he was helping Kylie with her makeup.

Though, if you’re looking for the inside scoop on what Kylie Cosmetics has in store, you might be disappointed.

Travis Scott Snapchat Makeup

Yeah, it’s in black and white. Which doesn’t give you a whole lot of information.

The point is, however, that just as Travis was there for Kylie at multiple doctor’s appointments and ultrasounds, he’s still a huge part of Kylie’s day-to-day life.

Obviously, he’s looking forward to once again being a big part of her night life.

That’s no surprise.

These are going to feel like a long two weeks for both of them.


Scott Disick is About to Blow a Gasket Over Younes Bendjima

Yes, Scott Disick is having scorching hot sex with Sofia Richie.

Yes, the reality star likes to pose on Instagram alongside fancy cars, private jets and expensive bottles of champagne.

Yes, it always looks as though Disick is having the time of his spoiled life.

But a new report alleges that this consistent look may be deceiving because Disick is actually miserable.

He’s angry, he’s stunned and, more than anything else, he’s more jealous than he’s ever been in his life.

Simply put, Disick can’t believe the romance between Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima is still going on.

Like nearly everyone else on the planet, Disick presumed back in October of 2016 that Kardashian and Bendjima were nothing more than a fling; that the attraction was merely physical and the relationship would fizzle out quickly.

Yet… here they are, not only still dating, but actually considering having kids together.

Yes, kids. For real. Just listen to Kourtney discuss the possibility here:

With Kourtney taking exotic vacations with her younger boyfriend and even flaunting her sizzling body for the camera (and for Scott?) while doing so, an insider tells E! News that Disick is close to losing it.

“Scott is insanely jealous of Younes,” this source tells the outlet, adding:

“He just can’t come to terms with the fact that Kourtney has found true happiness with someone else.”

She really does seem pretty happy these days, doesn’t she?

Disick, of course, has been dating Richie for months now and is “happy” with her, this same report states, but he still “can’t deal with someone else having Kourtney.”

He wants his cake (that is, Sofia) and wants to eat it, too (that is, Kourtney to remain single and lusting after him, we guess).

Disick and Kardashian remain the parents of three kids.

And they remain committed to being on good terms for the sake of their family, yet these dueling romances are making such a vow difficult.

“It makes things between them tense and unpredictable,” the source explains, continuing as follows:

“Kourtney never knows when he is going to fly off the handle or go nuts about something. Scott just never thought it would last this long with Younes or become so serious. Nobody really did.”

We certainly did not.

Heck, this same insider claims Kourtney is “in love” with Bendjima. In LOVE, people!

Kourtney and Scott finally called it quits in July 2015 after nine years together, the final few of which featured many fights, ups and downs.

Bendjima is Kourtney’s first intense relationship since her split from her three-time baby daddy… and Disick has never responded to it very well.

“Scott doesn’t like Kourtney dating Younes at all,” E! wrote way back in May of last year, concluding at the time:

“He doesn’t want to see photos of them or know about it. Kourtney has tried to give Scott a heads up that he might be seeing photos, but Scott can’t stand seeing her with someone else, especially Younes.”

Sadly for Disick, most women around the globe disagree vehemently.

Do you see those abs in the photos above?

They can’t get enough of Younes!