Sofia Richie Drops L-Bomb on Scott Disick

Folks, this is serious.

We’ve said that before, we know.

But it still hasn’t settled in, no matter how many times Sofia Richie and Scott Disick express extreme affection for each other.

The latest example came to us on Saturday, after Richie shared the romantic photo of herself and Disick on Instagram, wishing her boyfriend a very happy 35th birthday in the accompanying caption.

“Happy Birthday babe! Thank you for being you. Love you,” wrote Sofia.

Yes, she loves him.

It’s safe to assume no one saw such intense feelings coming when these two hooked up last year.

Richie had semi-recently been scorned by Justin Bieber; Disick spent all his time drinking and/or pining over Kourtney Kardashian.

And yet they started posing for photos together on social media… the romance continued to heat up… and now many celebrity gossip fans barely even bat an eye when a message such as the one above is relayed.

Heck, there’s even been talk that Disick wants to put a baby inside of Richie.

The reality star is allegedly “putting pressure on Sofia to have a baby,” according to an anonymous Life & Style source, which is hilarious and troubling on many levels.

One of which being that Richie is 19 years old.

We’re also pretty sure that three kids spawned by Scott Disick is already three kids too many.

(No offense, Mason, Reign and Penelope. You’re all cuties and we wish you nothing but the best.)

In the image above, Richie and Disick are on vacation in St. Bart’s.

They seem to take many trips together, often snappng pictures while on board a private jet or on some tropical location.

They also seem to spend a lot of time with Disick’s aforementioned children, which has supposedly prompted some backlash from their mother.

“Kourtney flipped out and she told Scott that Sofia needs to back the f-ck off right now before she makes her back off,” an insider said of Kardashian in March.

Richie’s response, according to this same report?

“She doesn’t care what Kourtney thinks.”

Despite their age difference, meanwhile, Scott and Sofia are still going strong after almost a year of dating.

That much is very clear at this point.

They “have gotten more serious the past few months,” an insider recently told E! News, adding:

“They have definitely had their ups and downs, but lately everything has been really good between them.”

The stars were spotted getting cozy on a yacht in Cannes about a year ago at this time, in May of 2017.

Then, in September Disick seemingly confirmed their romantic status by posting a photo of the two of them in Miami.

There are no questions about it now, however. These two are hot, heavy… and headed to the altar?

Crazier things have happened, right?

Such as anyone wanting to date Scott Disick in the first place.


Scott Disick to Sofia Richie: Let Me Put a Baby in You, Babe!

Scott Disick likes more about Sofia Richie than just how cute she looks dancing in her underwear. He’s crazy about her.

A report claims that Scott wants to get his 19-year-old girlfriend pregnant.

And his alleged ulterior motive might scare Lionel Richie to death.

An insider tells Life & Style that Scott Disick has plans for Sofia Richie.

He is allegedly “putting pressure on Sofia to have a baby.”

She is … 19 years old. She won’t be twenty until the final week of August.

What’s more is that this source says that, though Scott Disick is “crazy about” Sofia, he has an alleged ulterior motive for feeling baby crazy.


If you thought that Lionel Richie hoped they’d break up before, it sounds like he’ll have extra cause for concern.

This insider claims that Scott thinks that a lovechild will adhere him to the Richies.

“He loves living a lavish lifestyle and pushing Sofia to have a baby is a way into her wealthy family.”

Now, our first thought — of many — was: wait, isn’t Scott Disick rich?

Because he is definitely rich. He’s worth an estimated $ 16 million, and many assume that he has been paying for his lavish vacations and private jet adventuring with Sofia.

But Sofia’s father is Lionel Richie, who is worth an estimated $ 200 million.

I’m no mathemetician, but 200 is more than 16. Heck, it’s more than two 16s.

According to Life & Style, Scott has concerns about his own financial future.

Banging his way through the world’s strategic reserve of 19-year-old models might sound like a fun way to spend the last few years, but it hasn’t exactly endeared him to the Kardashians.

And why is Scott famous? For his role on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

“He’s concerned he’ll gradually be forgotten.”

As he continues to get edged out of a show on which he was once a star, the source claims that he worries that various revenue streams willd ry up.

“Which will mean less endorsement money.”

See, people don’t pay you as much to push their ridiculous weight loss products or whatever on Instagram when you’re not a big star.

“He’ll do whatever it takes to continue living the lifestyle he’s become accustomed to.”

But a source tells HollywoodLife that Scott’s golddigging ploy isn’t likely to work — because Sofia isn’t ready to become a pregnant teen.

“Sofia is already over mommy duty, after just a few days away with Scott and his kids.”

Remember when Sofia and Scott vacationed with Kourtney’s kids?

It was apparently quickly clear to Sofia that having children, even with a small army of nannies at your disposal, is a whole lot of work.

Sofia, if you’ll recall, is the youngest of her siblings. Older siblings who also serve as primary caregivers learn how much work parenting is when they take care of their younger siblings.

We imagine that playing stepmom with Scott was an eye-opening experience for Sofia, to say the least.

It is entertaining to hear that Scott is trying to pull a Blac Chyna on Sofia.

But is it true? We can’t help but consider that perhaps a source is misreading his motives.

Scott may have discussed the idea of having babies with Sofia, but wouldn’t that be because he’s at a stage in life where having children is an appropriate behavior?

He’s already a father of three.

Sofia is 19. This is not the time to have babies. This is the time to make friends and party and discover who you are (and, for normal people, to launch a career or go to school or both).

As for Scott’s alleged plot to impregnate Sofia to land her family’s cash, quite frankly, we’re not sure that Scott is thinking that far ahead right now.


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Travis Scott to Kylie Jenner: Don’t Work! Stay at Home With Stormi!!

At this year’s MET Gala, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott walked their first red carpet together as a couple. Because, a year earlier, they barely knew each other.

Now, Kylie and Travis are proud parents of precious baby Stormi Webster. But apparently, Travis has concerns.

He allegedly wants Kylie to refuse to go back to work building her brand … and stay at home with their baby. What?!

A source tells InTouch that Travis Scott wants Kylie to focus on motherhood … almost exclusively.

“Travis loves Kylie and they’re totally happy parents.”

That is wonderful to hear.

“He’s worried, however, that Kylie’s going to morph back into her socialite and partying ways.”

That certainly used to be Kylie’s lifestyle.

“And not put Stormi first.”

Well, that’s nuts. Stormi is Kylie’s whole world right now.

“Kylie’s already told Travis her schedule is about to get really busy.”

Right. She’s no longer pregnant and Stormi will be four months old on June 1.

“And that she’s going to throw herself back into her work and her branding.”

That makes sense. Though paid maternity leave should be universal (sadly, the US is one of few countries without that guarantee), many mothers look forward to getting back to work.

“Travis wants her to scale back her work and social life.”

Oh wow. That’s actually kind of alarming, if true.

“And be a stay-at-home mom for the time being.”

Travis does, after all, have his own … uh, career.

(Fans have pointed out that Travis Scott’s antics in this infamous performance remind them of Frankendoodle, a terrifying one-off Spongebob Squarepants character)

Wait … is he seriously suggesting that she stay at home while he plays the breadwinner?

Now, Travis Scott’s estimated net worth was recently upgraded to all of $ 8 million, which is a whole lot to us regular folks.

But Kylie is worth about $ 50 million … and Kylie Cosmetics is projected to be worth about one billion American dollars in about four-and-a-half years.

You would think that, if either of them were to hit the pause button on their careers, it would be Travis.

There are women in this world who would quit their high-paying jobs just to soothe their lower-income-bracket baby daddy’s ego.

But fans hope that Kylie Freaking Jenner is not one of them.

Apparently, Travis doesn’t want to rely on Kylie’s virtually infinite financial resources or her family support network.

“He doesn’t want Kylie to depend on nannies or Kris.”

This source claims that he wants Kylie to make sacrifices to be there for Stormi, full time.

“And would prefer if Kylie took major time off to raise their daughter.”

That’s quite a demand.

“He feels that’s important and should be Kylie’s main focus.”

Well, of course Stormi will be Kylie’s main focus. But Kylie also still gets to be a person, right?

“Travis is nervous and doesn’t want Kylie to put money and career before the baby.”

Isn’t the money and career also for Stormi’s benefit, though? When Stormi is a teen or older, surely she’ll appreciate the difference between her parents being millionaires and her mom being a billionaire.

We would like to believe that Kylie would not throw away her life in order to never use nannies or her mother.

We would like to believe that Travis Scott, who is clearly crazy about Kylie, would never ask her to.

For that matter, we’d at least like to believe that he wouldn’t be sharing his concerns with random friends.

Surely he and Kylie can see that Kim has continued to build her business empire without neglecting her duties as a mother.

And Kim is a mother of three.

Kylie can be an incredible supermom and continue to be a makeup mogul.

If Travis really is dead-set on Stormi spending all of her time with a parent, maybe he can be a stay-at-home dad. Bottles exist, dude.

Besides, does Travis really want Kylie to become a desperate housewife, at home alone with her baby and her hunky bodyguard? We didn’t think so.