Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott: Actually Spotted… Together!

Kylie Jenner is refusing to show the world her baby bump.

But the pregnant reality star has finally given fans a fresh look at the man responsible for the ongoing shame Jenner is apparently feeling over said bump.

We write, of course, about Travis Scott.

The little-known rapper started dating Kylie earlier this year.

It seemed more like a rebound relationship than true love, considering Kylie wasn’t that far removed from having banged Tyga for about two years.

But then came word than Kylie was pregnant with Scott’s baby – and everything changed.

Fans started to wonder whether the couple planned to conceive or were now planning to get married… or if they were even still together.

Perhaps they had split and this explained why Jenner has been so hesitant to confirm the pregnancy herself; out of embarrassment for not even being with her baby daddy any longer.

Hence, the surprise over the photo above.

It was snapped at the Kardashian Christmas Eve party this past Sunday evening and it certainly implies that Scott and Jenner are still an item, doesn’t it?

This is the first time they have shared a photo of themselves in the same place since Kylie’s pregnancy was announced.

Not that Kylie has announced it herself just yet.

The 20-year old has been loudly quiet on social media ever since word spread of her impending child.

Some fans thought she would make her big reveal on the Kardashian Christmas card, but nope.

She wasn’t included on it at all, adding fuel to the fire of irritation going around the Internet.

Where is your bump, Kylie?!?!? followers are asking.

Are you actually Kim’s surrogate and that’s why you’re staying silent? others have actually wondered.

These questions will continue to circulate until Kylie speaks out on her pregnancy.

It’s well within her rights to do so at the time she chooses and in the manner she chooses.

But you can’t blame the public for being curious and making assumptions, either, not when Kylie has spent her adult life sharing every nugget of personal information with her supporters… until now.

The speculation has grown so fierce that at least one report alleged Jenner was considering an abortion.

We can’t possibly verify that claim in one direction or the other, but we do assume this pregnancy wasn’t planned.

It may simply be that Kylie is still adjusting, that she needs a whole lot of time to come to grips with all the ways in which her life is about to change.

This would mean she’s taking the pregnancy seriously and that would be a good thing.

As for Travis Scott?

He hasn’t said a word. We have no idea how he feels about this baby (reported to be a girl) and how involved he’ll be in its life.

But the photo at the outset of this article is a positive sign.

We’re happy to see Kylie and Travis getting along well and we hope this portends a healthy environment in which their kid will be raised.


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Scott Disick: Watch Sofia Richie Dancing in Her Underwear!

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are still together, folks. And they're looking positively domestic.

The self-described Lord filmed a video of Sofia dancing in panties in his kitchen, as you'll see below. And she's dancing to her dad's music, which adds a whole other complicated layer to this.

You'll have to decide — is the video fun and festive and playful, or is it creepy?

Your opinion of the video will probably be based on what you think of Scott Disick himself.

Is Scott Disick a creepy older man taking advantage of a teenager … or is he just living out the fantasy of most straight men?

Or, quite frankly, is it both?

(It might be both)

We've heard that Lionel Richie hopes that Sofia and Scott split, so we know what side her dad takes in all of this.

Let's just hope that he misses this particular video.

There's no questioning that Sofia Richie looks gorgeous.

She's a 19-year-old model.

Also, she's dancing around in a santa top and she's not wearing any pants. But hey, a red top and white panties makes for a festive Christmas color scheme, right?

Scott Disick might be genuinely in love with Sofia … or she might unwittingly be some sort of revenge for Kourtney finding happiness with Younes Bendjima.

In the first part of this video, which Scott decided to share with the world, he appears to be tossing ice cubes, which Sofia is catching and tossing into the sink.

They're just goofily messing around. If you forget about their huge age gap or how Scott spent most of 2017 before settling on Sofia, you'd think that it's just a cute video of a girlfriend and boyfriend.

Which is what it is. It's just that the girlfriend is 19 and the boyfriend is 34.

If you don't feel like doing math, 19 x 2 is 38, which means that Sofia is literally half the age of Scott's ex and baby mama, Kourtney Kardashian.

At the same time, though, Sofia's an adult. Are critics of the relationship infantalizing an adult woman who can make her own decisions?

It's the second part of the video — where the dancing puts her panties on full display for the camera and therefore for Scott's many, many followers — that really has people talking.

Sofia's dancing looks great, don't get us wrong. And she has very muscular legs.

But she's dancing to her dad's music — when Lionel Richie is scared to death by her current relationship.

A little awkward, even if she claims that her dad totally supports her relationship choices.

The creepiness level — Scott filming a teenager's sexy dance while her father's voice sings — may be more unnerving than their age gap, quite frankly.

Scott Disick is a complicated man. More complicated than you'd imagine for a dude who drank and banged his way through 2017 in order to try to get over a breakup.

And Sofia, despite her youth, is an adult. She has actual thoughts and feelings and desires of her own, and perhaps shouldn't be reduced to "Scott Disick's hapless girl-toy."

When you watch this video below, which version of their relationship do you see?

A cute couple celebrating the holidays or a man showing off his nubile young conquest, flaunting her in the faces of everyone he dislikes?

And, again, might it be both?

Scott disick look at sofia richie dancing in her underwear

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Kylie Jenner: Did She Dump Travis Scott For Tyga?!

Yesterday, Khloe Kardashian bared her baby bump for the first time, thus confirming what everyone already knew–she’s pregnant with her first child.

Many fans hoped that Khloe’s knocked-up little sister, Kylie Jenner, would follow suit and finally publicly confirm her own pregnancy.

But that hasn’t happened yet.

In fact, Kylie’s personal life seems more shrouded in mystery than ever today.

And if you follow the 20-year-old on social media, then you know how unusual it is for Kylie to keep anything from her adoring public.

It’s enough to make her millions of fans wonder if Kylie has something to hide.

Despite rumors that Kylie is faking her pregnancy, there’s little doubt that she’s expecting a baby by rapper Travis Scott.

But there are plenty of questions about whether she and Scott are still an item.

According to Hollywood Life, Travis recently walked out on Kylie following a blow-out fight about his hard-partying lifestyle.

“Friends say they had a huge fight and Travis walked out,” an insider tells the outlet. 

“It seems like he just wants to have fun with his friends, and Kylie’s worried that when it’s time for him to be there for her and the baby, he won’t step up,” the source added.

Kylie reportedly went off on Travis when he came to her house late one night after clubbing until the wee hours.

Sources say the mom-to-be flipped out on Scott, leading him to storm off.

“Kylie thought that some tough love was what Travis needed, but it backfired and now there’s no telling whether he’ll come back,” one informant claims.

“Travis is a decent guy, and his friends think he will try to do the right thing by his child, but Kylie has to face the sad reality that things may be over between them for good.”

Yes, it seems Kylie over-played her hand and Travis basically called her bluff.

“Her nagging only makes him distance himself more. He couldn’t take it anymore and needed space,” the source says.

Now, rumors about Kylie getting back together with Tyga are circulating on social media, but those who know Kylie best say they doubt a reconciliation is in the cards.

“She is hoping to make her and Travis be the end game,” one insider tells HL.

“She doesn’t see a future with Tyga in any way as it would be very weird to even be friends with him. So much has happened to give him another chance so it’s not going to be a possibility.”

Sounds like Kylie has an awful lot on her plate for someone has yet to reach drinking age.

(We know, we know–she shouldn’t drink while she’s pregnant. Just a way of emphasizing how incredibly young this near-billionaire expectant mom is. Sheesh!)

Our advice is that Kylie should find herself a rapper who’s actually successful.

As long as she’s attracting dudes who basically see her as a dollar sign with giant lips, things are unlikely to go her way.


Kourtney Kardashian to Jennifer Lawrence: Stay Away From Scott Disick!

If you’ve enjoyed her many bonkers interviews over the years (some of which, to our minds, are every bit as entertaining as her funniest film roles), then you’re likely aware that Jennifer Lawrence loves alcohol and reality television.

So it’s not surprising that J-Law might have a bit of a thing for Kourtney Kardashian sperm donor and bold innovator in the use of facial hair to camouflage booze bloat, Scott Disick.

On second thought, it is surprising, but only in the sense that we’re shocked Scott is still alive.

Anyway, Jen revealed her love for the Lord in a recent interview with Oprah, in which she revealed that Scott would be one of her three ideal dinner guests.

(The other two were Luann DeLesseps and Bethenny Frankel, both of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise. Jen … we’re concerned.)

Given that Jen chose Scott over any of the women in the Kardashian clan, it’s not surprising that certain tabloids already have these two bedding down together.

It’s also not surprising that some of these same publications are casting Kourtney in the role of the insane ex:

According to the Australian version of OK! magazine (because why wouldn’t news about three American celebs reach Sydney first?), Kourtney is pissed about the possibility of Jen and Scott hooking up.

In fact, Kourt has reportedly warned Lawrence to keep her mitts off her boozy baby daddy.

The subtly-titled piece “Kourtney Warns J. Law: Stay Away From Scott!” doesn’t offer anything in the way of quotes or evidence, and instead poses an argument along the lines of “makes sense if ya think about it.”

The article also doesn’t mention the fact that Kourtney is dating Younes Bendjima.

Or that Scott is with Sofia Richie.

Or that Jen was clearly joking, and her ideal dinner party would really just consist of Meryl Streep playing three different roles.

Look, we believe Jen when she says she genuinely enjoys Keeping Up With the Kardashians (though it’s worth noting that she’s said she watches the show “to fall asleep.” Celebrities–they’re as bored with the Kardashians as the rest of us!).

But there’s a difference between enjoying a reality show and wanting to enmesh yourself in that world.

We like watching Naked and Afraid, but the thought of a single genital mosquito is enough to keep us inside for the bulk of 2018.

Hey, if the mere mention of Scott Disick doesn’t bring to mind a bloodsucker who will spread disease to your nether regions, then you’re not sufficiently wary of the Lord.