Big Brother Recap: Is Scottie Already a Target for Eviction?

When a former player returns to the Big Brother house, the general rule of thumb is that panic sets in for the houseguests who voted that player out. 

That’s what happened at the top of Sunday’s episode of the CBS reality series. Everyone was seemingly happy about Scottie’s return, but he admitted to the diary room that these players voted him out. 

JC was the most frustrated about the significant return because he worked tirelessly to manipulate Fessy to get him out of the game just a few weeks before. 

Tyler felt like Scottie’s return was a good one because the others would have undoubtedly been trying to take him down. 

As ridiculous as that sounds, he must have discounted Rockstar because she failed to win a competition throughout her time in the house. 

As for Haleigh, this was good for her. She lost her only remaining ally in Fessy, and Scottie was one of her others, so it’s a win-win situation for her. 

It would have been fun to see how Fessy reacted to Scottie and Haleigh being in the house together without him. 

We quickly learned that Fessy threw JC under the bus during the battle back competition, and rightfully so. JC has been flying under the radar and manipulating his way through the game. 

As such, Scottie was vocal in the DR about using this opportunity to get JC out of the game. The troubling thing is that if he told Tyler this, Level Six would likely leave him in the game to take him out. 

JC was livid by Scottie’s surprise return and told Level Six that they need to win HOH or they would be picked off by the duo at the bottom. 

Haleigh and Scottie seemingly put the past behind them, and Haleigh said that they absolutely needed to win the looming competition or they would both be on the block. 

The competition found the houseguests holding on to a rope and swinging around, and get hit with pies. It came down to Tyler and Haleigh, but the former secured the win. 

JC then overheard Haleigh dragging Sam through the mud for her blatant favoritism of Tyler and hoped to use it to his advantage. 

Angela feels like it’s time to take shots at her allies, and tells Tyler as much by throwing JC under the bus for being a “little snake.”

But for Tyler, the best course of action is to throw the pair he’s not aligned with on the block. Those two are obviously Scottie and Haleigh.

While the scheming continued, JC and Kaycee shared their experiences of coming out. Kaycee admitted her father was accepting, but her mother struggled. 

“It would be awesome if my mom could just fully accept me for who I am,” she the diary room, adding: “I know she loves me and I know she’s proud of me, I know she is.”

At the nominations ceremony, Scottie and Haleigh got to sit in seats. We’re looking at a predictable week, you guys!

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Big Brother continues Wednesday on CBS.


Big Brother Recap: Who Did Scottie Nominate for Eviction?

Going into week three of Big Brother Season 20, we have distinct divisions in the house. 

The first two evictions have been split, and with Scottie as the HOH, it was always going to be interesting to see which side of the house he picked. 

When Sunday’s episode kicked off, nobody was mad about Swaggy C’s demise. In fact, everyone was mad about a stray vote that meant Faysal, Haleigh, Bayleigh, Rockstar, and Kaitlin were all worrying about what was happening. 

Scottie decided to switch things up on Thursday by casting a vote to evict Swaggy, and he denied it, meaning that everyone in that side of the house wondered where the vote came from. 

Haleigh has not been featured much in the episodes because she’s not exactly been playing the game. She’s trying to coast through the first few weeks before winning anything. 

While we don’t know if she has the capacity of winning anything, we do know that America is not impressed with her lack of gameplay. She was gifted with an app, but not of the power variety. 

It meant she had to read a novel to her fellow houseguests on-demand. Oh yes, Big Brother is not messing around this season. 

As for the Power App, Bayleigh was the lucky victor and won an app that allowed her to steal the HOH’s identity in the first half of the game to nominate two people. 

This was music to her ears, and she quickly checked in with Scottie to make sure she was not a target. Thus, she decided to keep her power close to her chest. 

Scottie admitted off the bat that he wanted to take down Winston and Brett because he felt they were both lying to him about who they voted out in week one. 

Winson’s game imploded when Sam told Scottie she knew for a fact that Winston voted to keep her and not Steve. Brett tried to turn the tide back in their direction by offering him everything under the sun. 

But it was all for nothing as Scottie put Brett and Winston on the block for eviction. The only thing that could save one of them is the veto or if Sam uses her power to keep Level 6 intact for another week. 

Sam finally told Kaycee and Tyler all about the power, saying that she had no idea whether she wanted to save the boys or keep it until next week when it will automatically be used on whoever is sent out of the house. 

Things are getting interesting after a slow start to the season. The Level 6 alliance is dominating the game, and everyone else knows it. With Bayliegh having a power, she can help shake up the game. 

What are your thoughts on all the latest developments?

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Big Brother continues Wednesday on CBS. 


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