Tyga: Heartbroken Over Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s Sexy GQ Cover!

By now, the whole world has seen Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s GQ cover. You know, the one where she’s essentially dry-humping her baby daddy?

Some people liked it. Some people did not. But do you know who really hated seeing Kylie and Travis celebrate their love?

Tyga. He is not taking this well.

HollywoodLife casts some insight on how Tyga feels about Kylie’s latest cover.

Tyga feels crushed over another one of Kylie’s magazine covers,” their source reveals.

With this one right on the heels of Kylie’s controversial Forbes cover, it must be difficult.

Especially since, this time, she’s not on the cover alone.

“He feels heartbroken,” the insider elaborates. “Over her latest GQ cover with Travis.”

If we think about it, he’s probably heartbroken over a lot of the developments in Kylie’s life over the past year.

The report goes on to detail how Tyga, who dated Kylie off and on for what felt like centuries, feels.

“Tyga misses Kylie,” the source explains. “And feels like that should have been him making gorgeous babies with Kylie.”

Considering that Tyga began dating Kylie when she was 17 — he is eight years older than she is — a lot of people were relieved that their relationship didn’t last that long.

Reportedly, Tyga also believes that he should be the one “doing interviews and posing with her for photo shoots and magazine covers.”

So seeing Kylie and Travis’ love splashed over multiple magazine covers really gets under his skin.

“Last week’s Forbes cover was like a punch in the gut,” the insider explains.

There was a lot of wank about the “self-made” qualifier, but that wasn’t Tyga’s issue. He just misses her.

“And now,” the source adds. “This GQ cover with Travis is only making missing Kylie worse and more painful.”

That’s no surprise.

There’s a reason that out of sight, out of mind is a popular saying, even though it isn’t always true.

Every time that he sees these reminders, he has to be imagining the life that they used to have together — and the life that he feels that he should be living.

The Forbes cover might be a reminder that Travis is missing out on his life with Kylie.

But the GQ cover really rubbed salt into the wound.

“He doesn’t like seeing her with Travis’s arms wrapped around her,” the source dishes.

That barely begins to describe the intimate pose that Kylie struck with Travis.

The insider continues, saying: “and he does not want to read the interview either.”

It’s hard to imagine that he won’t cave eventually and read the article.

Like flipping through your ex’s photos on Instagram at 3:45am and you accidentally double-tap a photo from five months back and you tremble in horror at what you’ve done.

Kylie and Travis seem to be here to stay — for now, at least. They have a baby together.

Tyga will just have to find another much-younger heiress makeup mogul with “perfect feet” (Tyga has a foot fetish, lest we forget) to seduce to build up his brand.

And Kylie will go on living her life as her net worth continues to climb towards $ 1 billion. And beyond.


Travis Scott’s Family FINALLY Meets Stormi Webster!

It’s been two months since Kylie Jenner welcomed her first child, but it seems the famous infant has yet to meet her entire extended family.

According to sources close to the couple, Kylie and her baby daddy, Travis Scott, took Stormi down to Texas recently to meet Travis’ family.

News of the trip was made public not by Kylie or Travis – who probably wanted to keep things on the down-low for obvious reasons – but by Travis’ brother, Joshua, who couldn’t contain his enthusiasm over finally getting to meet his new niece. 

“So happy to finally hold my beautiful Stormi,” Joshua wrote on social media.

An insider tells People magazine that Kylie, Travis, and Stormi arrived in Texas via private jet on Friday and spent the weekend visiting with Scott’s family in the Houston area.

While most of Travis’ immediate family members were able to make it to LA shortly after Stormi’s birth, for many of the rapper’s relatives, this was their first time laying eyes on one of the world’s most famous babies.

According to one insider, Scott’s “close family have spent a lot of time in L.A. with Stormi since she was born.”

The source notes, however, that Travis “has extended family in Texas that he wanted to celebrate Stormi with.” 

Travis went all out for Stormi’s big Houston debut, reportedly dropping more than $ 7,000 on two storm cloud flower arrangements, complete with Swarovski crystal raindrops.

Fortunately, it seems Kylie was every bit as excited about the trip as Travis.

“Kylie always seemed to enjoy spending time with Travis’ family in Texas,” says the source.

“During their relationship, they have often traveled there together.”

Yes, despite several months’ worth of rumors about Kylie and Travis breaking up, it seems Stormi’s parents are still going strong.

In fact, there have been reports that Kylie is trying to get pregnant again.

In all likelihood, fans are jumping the gun a bit on that one, but by all accounts, Kylie loves being a mom, and she and Travis are getting along better than ever.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Travis and Kylie decide to have more kids in the near future … but maybe not that near.


Kylie Jenner: Why She Turned Down Travis Scott’s Marriage Proposal

A number of fans have wondered if, now that Travis and Kylie have welcomed their baby girl, the two will make things official by getting engaged.

True, Kylie’s only 20 and they haven’t even been dating for a year, but they have a child together and both seem committed to this relationship.

Now that Travis has reportedly proposed to Kylie only for her to shoot it down, those same fans are wondering: why?

HollywoodLife reports that Kylie isn’t ready to marry Travis, as he found out to his chagrin on their trip to Miami.

“When Kylie and Travis were on their trip he spontaneously asked her to marry him, but she turned him down, for now.”

Oh, that sounds incredibly awkward.

But she’s reportedly very happy with him and even open to marriage … eventually.

“Kylie definitely wants to marry Travis, but she also really loves how things are the way they are.”

This may come as a surprise, since Kylie decided to have his baby, but she apparently has some realistic and mature ideas about 

“She knows she rushed into this relationship, so she’s trying to slow it all down and enjoy every single stage.”

That sounds healthy. Again, they’ve been dating for less than one year.

Per this report, Kylie’s getting some much-needed advice from her family members.

She’s always been said to be particularly close with Khloe.

“Plus, she gets lots of guidance from Khloe [Kardashian] who is encouraging her to wait on the whole wedding thing.”

Kylie and Khloe have a special bond, perhaps in part because they both once thought of themselves as “ugly ducklings” (though neither were ever ugly) until their radical body transformations.

But all of Kylie’s sisters are apparently quick to give her good advice.

“But it’s not just Khloe, all of Kylie’s sisters are encouraging her to take her time as much as she can.”

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Kylie’s sisters believe that Travis Scott is some sort of deceiver who’s only in this for easy sex and an easier lifestyle thanks to Kylie’s money.

First of all, we know that Travis Scott is not a deadbeat dad.

We saw his eyes glisten with excitement as he attended multiple appointments for Kylie as she saw doctors and went through ultrasounds.

But someone doesn’t have to be a schemer for a rushed marriage to be a bad idea.

In general, rushing into marriage is a recipe for disaster.

The only time that it’s smart is if there are legal reasons (someone needs a Green Card, someone needs to not be compelled to testify against the other in a court of law, someone needs health insurance) … or perhaps if a reality series is paying you enough.

Again, and we cannot emphasize this enough, but extrapolating from Stormi Webster’s February 1st birth date, Kylie and Travis had been dating for perhaps one month when Kylie conceived.

Maybe they would still be together even if they hadn’t brought another human being into the world — Kylie loves with her whole heart.

But getting engaged to someone you’ve effectively just met is a recipe for disaster.

That said, there’s no reason for Travis and Kylie to not continue their happy and healthy relationship.

You don’t need a piece of paper or a special ring to be a family.

And, of course, no delay precludes them from getting married in the future. When Kylie feels that the time is right.

If anything, this story about Kylie shooting down Travis’ proposal is a reminder to everyone to not do those public proposals.

Travis was wise enough to not do this alleged proposal over a livestream, of course.

But if you propose in public, you should be absolutely certain (as in, talk about it) that the other person wants to get married.

Otherwise, they either say yes out of nervousness and guilt because of their audience … or say no and leave you both feeling incredibly embarrassed and awkward.

We wish Kylie and Travis the best of luck for whatever becomes of their relationship.


Kylie Jenner: Talking to Tyga Behind Travis Scott’s Back?!

When you first heard the news of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy, did you think that it would be a nice, happy, peaceful time in her life?

If you did … well, bless your heart.

Bless Kylie’s heart, too, because the poor girl must just be having a heck of a time with all of these huge life changes.

She’s 20 years old, she’s famous for being on a super dramatic reality show, and she’s expecting a child with a guy she hasn’t been dating all that long.

To be clear, the baby will be born well before Kylie and Travis Scott celebrate their first anniversary.

On top of all that, there’s also the matter of Tyga.

Kylie was with Tyga for at least a couple of years — we’re not sure exactly when they began dating since they kept things quiet for a while because of their age difference.

They would break up, then get back together, then break up again. Last spring, they broke up, and she began dating Travis pretty much immediately afterwards.

And you know what happened from there.

It would make sense if Kylie has some leftover feelings for Tyga, or if she feels a little confused because they really didn’t seem to get any closure in their relationship.

According to a source who spoke with Hollywood Life, that’s exactly what’s going on now.

“They occasionally still text and remain in contact,” the source revealed. “Bad timing was the reason they ended things — Kylie knew she was too young to settle down.”

Right, so it makes perfect sense then that she got pregnant right after dumping him.

“She really misses having him around daily,” the source continued.

Another issue is that “Kylie is excited about being a mother, but the pregnancy, with her hormones running wild, is also making her miss Tyga’s son, King Cairo.”

“She knows that having Travis’ baby makes reconciling with Tyga difficult right now, but she’s still open to rekindling things in the future.”

“She misses Tyga and is keeping the door open for a possible happy ending with her first true love,” the source added.

All of that definitely makes sense, especially since Travis hasn’t been around all that much lately.

And that’s where another report from another Kylie insider comes in!

“Travis has been spending more time with Kylie the past few weeks,” the source explained. “He’s got some downtime and he’s finally making her a priority.”

“But he’s still not as present as Kylie would like. When he’s at her place he’s always on his phone, he’s very distracted and that gets Kylie upset.”

When that happens, when Travis ignores her, “that’s when she starts texting with Tyga.”

The source even claimed that “Travis would be shocked if he knew how much she’s in contact with Tyga lately.”

“Anytime she’s mad at Travis she texts Tyga. There have been times she’s been messaging back and forth with Tyga while Travis is in the other room.”

Does this surprise anyone? Even a little?

… Yeah, we didn’t think so.

Kylie is probably still a little immature, which is pretty normal for a 20-year-old.

Hopefully she’s able to pull things together in the coming months and figure out what it is she really wants — even if, for some bizarre, inexplicable reason, that turns out to be Tyga.


Kylie Jenner: PREGNANT With Travis Scott’s Baby!

This is not a drill, folks.

According to TMZ, Kylie Jenner is pregnant by boyfriend Travis Scott.

The site reports that Kylie began sharing the news with friends during the Day N Night music festival held in Anaheim earlier this month.

Jenner and Scott began dating back in April, and while sources close to the pair say they wasted no time in becoming a serious couple, Kylie’s fans are stunned by the news that she’s expecting.

There’s currently no word on how far along Kylie is, but TMZ reports that Scott has been telling friends that she’s expecting a girl.

The 20-year-old reality star and cosmetics mogul seemingly confirmed reports of her pregnancy by posting the above photo to Snapchat just moments ago.

Some stunned fans have suggested that Kylie may be playing some sort of elaborate prank, but we doubt she’d engage in anything quite so asinine, and she certainly doesn’t need the attention.

We should note that Kylie has made no official announcement yet, but the story is now being reported by several major media outlets, and it doesn’t look like she’ll be issuing a denial.

“They started telling friends a few weeks ago,” a source close to Kylie tells People magazine.

“The family has known for quite some time. She is really excited and so is Travis!”

The news comes on the heels of weeks of rumors about Kylie and Travis getting engaged.

Some sources have even gone so far as to claim that Jenner and Scott are secretly married.

We usually dismiss rumors of that nature, but now that Kylie is an expectant mother, all bets are off.

In the days to come, we’re sure to see hundreds of hot takes and thinkpieces about Kylie’s decision to become a mom and what sort of impact it might have on her millions of impressionable teenage fans.

But at the end of the day, it’s Kylie’s life, and she’s free to do with it what she pleases.

Besides, it’s not like she’ll have any trouble supporting the kid financially.

Our sincere congratulations go out to Kylie and Travis on this highly unexpected news.

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.