Cleveland Browns Gunning for Playoffs This Season, Says Rashard ‘Hollywood’ Higgins

The Cleveland Browns haven’t sniffed the playoffs since 2002, but that drought could end THIS YEAR … so says Rashard “Hollywood” Higgins, who believes his team is destined for the postseason. Baker Mayfield and the Browns are currently dead last…


The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 9 Episode 2 Recap: Teresa Giudice Reignites Her Feud With Joe & Melissa Gorga

Wednesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reignited the feud between Teresa Giudice and her brother, Joe Gorga, and it looks like we’re in for a season of backstabs between the brother and sister. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online, you know the season premiere found Teresa opening up about Joe steering clear of their father in recent months, signaling that things were going south for the family. 

“My brother used to be around more when my mom first passed away, and I’m really nervous to say anything to him because when I brought this up in the past, it got ugly,” Teresa explained of the situation in a confessional.

“My brother and I have been doing really well for a while now, and I definitely don’t want history to repeat itself. Life is short. I just don’t want my brother to have any regrets.”

In true Teresa fashion, she brought it up during a family gathering. Thankfully, she did not throw some tables. She’s learned from her mistakes. 

Things started to get heated during the dinner party, with Joe’s father Giacinto yelling about his son not calling him, going as far as saying “F–k you” to him. 

“Are you going to be around more for this one? He wants you around more,” she said. “The kid that’s not around the most, that’s the kid you always want.”

Melissa who has feuded with Teresa in the past because of her association with her brother took to a confessional to complain about the whole thing. 

“Who brings up a super sensitive, going-to-cause-a-problem conversation on Easter Sunday? Especially in front of my father-in-law, who is super upset as it is,” she asked.

“This is definitely not the day, the time, the place. Like, your timing sucks.”

“Not on Easter,” Melissa added.

“This conversation gets my skin crawling because I get instant flashbacks of the pain that Joe went through years ago over conversations that were similar.”

“I know my husband. When you push him, and you constantly say the same thing to him over and over again, I know he’s going to explode. Joe is a ticking time bomb. It’s going to happen.”

Joe made it clear that he was getting sick of the way Teresa was acting. 

“You gotta cut that out,” he snapped at Teresa.

“You always bring that up in front of Daddy. ‘Oh you work too much, you’re not around.’ Listen to me, if I was sitting in a bar all day, if I was sitting in restaurants, that’s a different story. But what am I going to do? When you put in 15 hours a day, hard work? I’m exhausted.”

“You know my life. You know the business, it’s crazy. I work hardcore, all day, every day, nonstop. Unbelievable stresses,” Joe added.

“My business takes all my freakin time. Is he going to pay my bills? No one pays my bills. What am I going to do, just give it all up?”

That was not all Teresa had to say, however. 

“I’m just saying, he bitches to me all the time,” she complained. “I got to hear him! ‘Your brother don’t call me. It’s been five days.’“

“Since I’ve lost my mom, holidays are more emotional. I’m just trying to make the holiday as best as I can for my dad. I just want to make him happy. He needs that,” Teresa said, addressing the cameras.

“Before I went away, I spent a lot of time with my mom. And right now all I can think about is how when I came home, I wished I spent more time with my mom. So it’s frustrating that my brother makes the effort to see my dad just on a holiday.”

Teresa’s daughter, Gia, turned to her uncle Joe with her take on what was going on. 

“It’s not fair,” said the teenager. “We get it so much from Nonno, you don’t even know. I know you have work, trust me, I know. But if you don’t call him for a day, he says something. … At least just try, in a week, just one designated day for Nonno.”

But there was no getting through to Joe who maintained that he was a busy man. 

“I don’t give a s—,” yelled Teresa. “You have to make time. In life, that’s how it is. Capeesh?”

While the fighting simmered down and everyone enjoyed the rest of the day, Joe confirmed in a confessional that he was mad at his sister. 

“Teresa was always like this when we were kids,” Joe admitted. “When it came to me, she would rat me out. Why are you still doing this? It’s going to cause a big problem again, which we don’t need.”

As if that wasn’t enough drama, Margaret informed Danielle that she was going to an event hosted by Dolores and things got a little bit crazy. 

“She invited me to this thing–,” said Margaret BUT Danielle butted in. 

“And you coulda said, ‘No, I’m not coming because that will make Danielle very upset and very hurt. It’ll hurt her!’ Because you coulda said, ‘This would hurt me if the tables were turned.’ You coulda said anything but, ‘Yes, I’ll come.'”

As Margaret tried to calm Danielle down, the former main cast member decided to storm off, but she came back with a parting shot:

“What is it that you two really have in common? You cheated on your husband, and she got cheated on?”

That has got to be one of the best one-liners in the history of the series, and just like that, it looks like another friendship is over. 

What are your thoughts on all the drama?

Hit the comments below. 

The Real Housewives of New Jersey continues Mondays on Bravo. 


Vanderpump Rules Season 7 Trailer: Who Will SURvive?

Vanderpump Rules will kick off Season 7 on Monday, December 3 at 9/8c.

But fans need not wait all that time to take a look at all the crazy action and drama to come.

In the explosive trailer featured here, fans will see all the fan favorites and not-so-favorites gathered around to celebrate Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor actually being engaged.

“Tonight is the night where many of us thought would never happen,” Lisa Vanderpump says at the engagement party, adding:

“He has had a very emotional year, as a few other people here have.”

That's an understatement.

The preview goes on to teases numerous fights between cast members, with Lala Kent screaming at James Kennedy‘s girlfriend, Raquel…

… with Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz getting into an intense marital spat…

… and with a revelation coming out about Ariana Madix‘s past.

“You’ve been in a relationship with a girl before,” boyfriend Tom Sandavol says to her during this unexpected exchange.

“That is not your business to tell,” Madix fires back.

Elsewhere, Stassi Schroeder puts her relatively new relationship with Beau Clark on display for the world to see — and let's just say there's going to be a lot to see.

At one point in the promo, Beau tells Stassi:

“It’s like you dick-punched my heart.”


Other highlights include:

– Ariana and Stassi at last joining forces for an ice queen-themed joint birthday party.

– Tthe launch of Lisa's business venture, Tom Tom, with, well… the Toms, Schwartz and Sandoval.

– Billie Lee and Lala getting into a screaming match.

– James once again getting let go from SUR.

– Oh, and Kristen appears to get very drunk and fall down. Hard.

Prepare for plenty of tears, fans, both happy and sad.


Vanderpump rules season 7 trailer who will survive

Southern Charm Season 6: Everything We Know

Southern Charm is coming back for Season 6!

Some things, as we know, will be different next season.

Which cast members are returning? 

And, for that matter, when is the show scheduled to return?

What do we already know about the contents of the new season?

Take a look at what we know:

1. Southern Charm will return for Season 6

Southern charm old cast photo
First, who is coming back — and who is not?

2. Kathryn Dennis

Kathryn dennis in a fancy hat
You KNOW that she’s coming back to the show, folks

3. Shep Rose

Shep rose on southern charm
He and the powerful, indescribable Owen Wilson energies that he emanates are back.

4. Cameran Eubanks

Cameran eubanks defends herself
Cameran Eubanks is returning to remind you that yes, that is really how she spells her name

5. Craig Conover

Craig conover
Craig Conover and his age-inappropriate frat guy vibes are back

6. Chelsea Meissner

Chelsea meissner
Chelsea Meissner is coming back for Season 6!

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90 Day Fiance: Meet the Season 6 Couples!

Season Six of 90 Day Fiance is upon us, and the new couples bring something new to the table: babies.

Some couples on this series will make you believe in love again. Others will make you plead with your screen for them to break up.

Quite frankly, some of the more toxic couples might just deserve each other.

We've already seen the 90 Day Fiance Season 6 trailer, but now we're learning a lot more about these couples.

1. Jonathan and Fernanda

90 day fiance jonathan and fernanda
Jonathan is a 32-year-old native of Lumberton, North Carolina, but when he met 19-year-old Fernanda in a club in Mexico, he extended his vacation to spend more time with her. Three months later, he proposed.

2. But . . .

90 day fiance jonathan and fernanda
They have a 13-year age gap and one of them is literally a teenager. They’re both adults, but hooking up on vacation is very different from getting married. Fernanda’s youth definitely comes up, while Jonathan is learning to leave behind his bachelor lifestyle.

3. Ashley and Jay

90 day fiance ashley and jay
Ashley (32) and Jay (20) met while she was in Jamaica for a friend’s wedding. They struck up a conversation on social media afterwards, and then she went back to visit him again. He proposed to her after only 8 days.

4. But …

90 day fiance ashley and jay
On top of the age difference between these two, there are concerns by Ashley’s loved ones that Jay may be a cheater. He certainly seems crazy about Ashley, but is it love or lust?

5. Colt and Larissa on 90 Day Fiance

90 day fiance colt and larissa
Colt is a 33-year-old Las Vegas native who hasn’t had the best luck with the ladies. Then he met 31-year-old Larissa of Brazil on social media. They met up in Mexico, where Colt proposed after only 5 days together.

6. But …

90 day fiance colt and larissa
In the nicest terms possible, Colt has been single for so long for a reason. Part of that is that he is a grown man who is accustomed to being taken care of by his mother. Will Larissa get along with his mom? Also, at least some of those closest to him think that Larissa has an ulterior motive.

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Matt Roloff Drops HUGE Hint About Little People, Big World Season 14

We have some good news, Little People, Big World fans:

You may not need to say goodbye to Jeremy and Audrey Roloff after all.

Back in July, of course, the beloved twosome stunned fans of this TLC series by announcing they would not be returning for Season 14.

Jeremy said in his statement that this decision had actually been reached about a year earlier, telling followers on Instagram:

It has been an amazing run, and I can’t say thank you enough to all of you who have watched and supported us along the ride. We have the most loyal fans on TV and we appreciate every one of you.

You are what made doing this so fun.

We will still be supporting the family as they carry the #LPBW torch onward. This is a decision concerning Audrey and me specifically – the show must go on.

And Matt has now confirmed as much: the show WILL be going on.

The patriarch tells Soap Dirt that filming for Season 14 is underway, and that viewers likely have actually NOT seen the last of Jeremy and Audrey.

Cameras were on hand for Matt’s recent birthday party, for example, and these two were in attendance, so… “that’s a little tip for you there,” Matt said.

He explained that Jeremy and Audrey are not on the “filming schedule,” but they are very much around at times and aren’t about to hide from TLC.

“They’ll participate in the family events,” he says simply.

That’s nice to know, isn’t it?

Roloff admitted in this same interview that mentioned that his son and daughter-in-law dropping out of the show was quite a “twist to the whole thing, but TLC decided to go forward.

And why not, he continues?

“They’ve got Zach and Tori, and Amy and myself” as cast members, even noting “Caryn and Chris” in a reference to his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, and Amy Roloff’s boyfriend, Chris Marek (below).

It sounds as if both will have significant roles on Season 14.

As for when new episodes may air?

Matt doesn’t know.

He says he heard the spring at one point, but it’s possible he and his loved ones may be back on our small screens prior to that.

Either way, they remain a huge part of our lives, frequently sharing photos and messages on social media.

For example, did you see how the Roloff celebrated the start of pumpking season at their farm this week?

Click below to find out!


The Bachelor Season 23 Cast Revealed!

Season 23 of The Bachelor will be upon us before we know it.

We already know a lot of the women who will be competing for Colton Underwood's virginity … and heart … in early 2019.

A few of them were introduced by Ellen Degeneres and got to make a first impression on the Bachelor Nation.

Others were confirmed by Reality Steve, who tends to be proven right time after time.

As we look at the candidates, we can already begin to guess which of them will appeal most to the 26-year-old football player.

1. Colton Underwood is the leading man

Colton is 26 years old. He’s hot, he’s a pro athlete, and he’s clearly an emotional guy. But will he be decisive enough to choose between these beautiful women?

2. Hannah Godwin

Hannah godwin
Hannah Godwin is gorgeous and happens to be friends with Danielle Maltby, whom fans remember from Nick Viall’s season. Hannah also made a great first impression with Colton.

3. Caelynn Miller-Keyes

Caelynn miller keyes
Caelynn Miller-Keyes is only 23 years old and she is the current reigning Miss North Carolina 2018. Good for her — and good for Colton.

4. Erika McNutt

Erika mcnutt
Erika McNutt is a 25-year-old travel nurse recruiter who lives in San Diego, California. She also has the best last name.

5. Revian Chang

Revian chang
Revian Chang is a registered nurse from California. She is 24 years old and will be competing for Colton’s affections.

6. Onyeka Ehie

Onyeka ehie
Onyeka Ehie is a 24-year-old IT advisory associate from Dallas, Texas, who is one of the contestants for Colton Underwood.

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Big Brother Couple Reveals Miscarriage in Middle of Season 20

Bayleigh Dayton and Swaggy C concluded Big Brother Season 20 on quite a high note:

On Wednesday evening, the reality star shocked viewers by getting engaged on an emotional and intense finale.

Two days later, however, the pair got together for a YouTube video and confessed that this major high followed a tragic low just a few weeks earlier.

Bayleigh miscarried Swaggy's baby while the CBS series was in the middle of filming.

"During our time in the Big Brother house, I did conceive a little baby, but unfortunately — and we don't know why — but I had a miscarriage in the jury house," Dayton says in the video featured here, adding;

"It's something that we're still figuring out. We actually just got a chance to talk to each other about it for the first time today."

The news came as a surprise, it sounds like, but a welcome one.

"I would've been ecstatic if I were to have a baby," Bayleigh continued.

"It would've been a blessing, and we were both really excited when we found out. And we were both really, really upset when we found out we lost it. [Swaggy] knew that I lost the baby before he decided to propose, and he still decided to propose.

"So the whole people saying, 'He's only proposing 'cause I'm pregnant' thing — that's hurtful, so stop."

Swaggy reiterated this point when it was his turn to speak.

"People keep saying that I'm proposing because she's pregnant, and that's not the case at all," he said. "But going through that process and creating a child but also losing a child with her made me realize that this is my girl, and I'm going to marry her.

"I don't care that we've only been together for 23 days. I don't care. This is the one I wanna spend the rest of my life with."

Dayton and Swaggy became the first stars to ever get engaged on a Big Brother finale.

And, we'd have to assume, the first stars to suffer this sort of tragedy during filming as well.

As a caption to the video, Swaggy wrote the following:

We know the rumors going around. Bayleigh and I were so excited to be parents. 6 weeks pregnant.

Unfortunately, circumstances happen and we had a miscarriage. I wanna thank the HIVE for taking care of my Fiancé in the jury house during her hospital visits, and I wanna thank both of our families for keeping me sane afterwards.

Also, a thanks to CBS for making sure she was taken care of properly.  Love you all. Thank you for your support.

Check out the emotional footage now.

Big brother couple reveals miscarriage in middle of season 20