Donald Trump Jr.: Secret DMs, Bacon Fetish… REVEALED!

We all love bacon.

It may very well be the perfect food.

But new direct messages released by a model named Melissa Stetten have revealed the level to which Donald Trump Jr. apparently adores this pig-made delicacy…

… and it’s A LOT.

Donald Trump Jr. loves bacon a lot.

The oldest son of President Donald Trump, whose marriage legally fell apart this week, sent Stetten a number of messages in November of 2011, not long after his wife gave birth to son Tristan.

The DMs don’t necessarily reflect any sort of inappropriate relationship between the businessman and the model.

They simply depict an odd obsession of Donald Trump Jr.’s that has been rumored about over the years.

“Surprised his marriage didn’t work out since he was sending me DMs a month after his wife gave birth,” Stetten tweeted this week, sharing a screen shot of Trump Jr.’s message to her, which read as follows:

“Well Im getting s–t 4the bacon comment glad I opted not 2send the tweet asking 4pics from ur bathroom tweet last night;) people need2chil.”

Need an explanation?

Let’s turn to Stetten…

She said on Thursday that this DM came after she tweeted a “joke about pulling a muscle changing a tampon” and – to her confusion – “he replied asking if I smelled bacon?”

stetten message

Once word of this exchange went viral, a spokeswoman for Trump Jr. provided the full thread of their DMs in order to prove two things:

1. There was no affair going on.

2. Both sides were clearly joking around during their online chat.

Here is the full exchange:

full junior

We’re happy to grant that Trump Jr. and Stetten were not carrying on in a sexual manner.

Was the former flirting with the latter? We’ll leave that up to readers to debate.

Stetten told People Magazine, though, that she had “no idea” what The Other Donald meant by the bacon reference, although she did cite other Tweets from around this time that proved Trump has “some weird obsession with bacon.”

For example:

One tweet from Trump Jr. back then read:

“Does anyone else have a Bacon fetish??? It sounds so wrong but tastes so right!”

loving bacon

How does Stetten know Trump?

She doesn’t, not really.

“He just started following me so I followed back,” she tells People, adding:

“He would favorite my tweets and occasionally reply. I always thought of the Trumps as idiots so it was entertaining to see his failed attempts at hitting on me.”

In further Tweets shared by Stetten, she responded to his initial remark by joking, “@DonaldJTrumpJr soaking my body in bacon today,” to which he replied:

“Now you’re just toying w my emotions. Why don’t women come up w bacon perfume? Seems so much better than that channel [sic] crap.”

He later wrote:

“Stop that!!! I am a happily married man,” with a winking smiley face.

Okay, there’s no longer a debate: Trump was flirting with her.

weird tweet

Trump Jr. has not publicly responded to Stetten’s tweets.

He does have other things to worry about, of course.

As previously mentioned, his wife and the mother of five children just filed for divorce.

And he’s also under investigation for possibly colluding with Russian agents in order to help swing the Presidential election to his father.


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: We’re Holding Secret Talks!

According to an onslaught of recent rumors, Brad Pitt is getting back together with Jennifer Aniston.

Call us crazy, but we aren’t exactly buying this chatter.

On a semi-related note, however, reports also indicate that Pitt is back in contact with estranged wife Angelina Jolie, leaving folks to wonder why.

Is Jolie pissed about the Aniston reunion talk?

Is she considering a reconciliation with Pitt?

Are they collaborating on a movie project?

No, no and no.

Nearly 18 months after they stunned the world by announcing their separation and planned divorce, Jolie and Pitt are still working out the details of their legal split.

There’s no chance they will ever see each other naked, so don’t go getting all excited over this drawn out process.

But there is hope that the initial tension between the superstars has thawed and that an amicable relationship is still very much possible.

The Blast writes that Jolie and Pitt have filed documents in their divorce case, asking to extend their “temporary judge” so that negotiations remain private.

This means we can’t say for certain just what the actress and actor are talking about as it relates to their break-up.

But it’s most likely they are figuring out a way to distribute assets and, of course, coming up with a custody arrangement that satisfies both sides.

Granted, most divorces do not take this long to settle.

However, most divorces do not involve so many millions of dollars between the man and the woman – or so many kids!

Angelina and Brad are the parents to six sons and daughters: Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, and twins Vivienne and Knox.

Amid speculation that Pitt was actually abusive with Maddox on board a private airplane in the fall of 2016, Jolie was hesitant at first to agree to any sort of joint custody.

But the two are now coordinating schedules so that Mom and Dad both get ample time in the kids on a regular basis.

“Brad and Angie are doing OK, working out time for him to be with the kids,which he treasures,” an insider tells People Magazine.

Right now, the kids reside permanently with Jolie in Los Angeles and visit with Pitt on occasion.

“Angelina is busy with everything she is doing, including being a super mom to her kids,” someone close to the actress previously told this publication, adding:

“But she is doing fine and working with Brad on ways to continue their lives so everyone is happy.”

As for Pitt?

He’s at least in a better position now than he was several months ago, back when he was actually under investigation by the FBI for supposedly getting physical with Maddox on board that aforementioned airplane.

He’s given a few candid interviews in which he’s admitted to maybe smoking and drinking a little too much back in the day and appears to have arrived at a few revelations about his life in general.

The guy clearly loves his kids.

“The process has been difficult,” said a different People source. “But he is OK and remains committed to his family.”


Josh Duggar: Secret Return to Rehab Exposed!

It’s been two and a half years since the dueling Josh Duggar sex scandals nearly brought down his family’s pristine reality TV empire.

Though the Duggars survived at TLC, their reputation was never the same after Josh’s child molestation and adultery were exposed.

Josh’s downfall and rehab stint came shortly after he lost his lobbying job with the Family Research Council in Washington D.C. 

After confessing to cheating on Anna Duggar and being addicted to online porn, the disgraced Duggar was sent off to Rockford, Illinois.

The faith-based rehab center Reformers Unanimous became his home for the better half of 2015 until his quiet return home in 2016.

Now, thanks to Radar Online, we’ve just learned that Josh made a secret return to the Christian-based labor camp (sorry, rehab center).

Has he fallen back into his old habits?

Not necessarily, according to reports.

The oldest Duggar child was joined by his wife, Anna, as well as his parents Michelle and Jim Bob, in returning to the facility last August.

Three of his younger siblings, John-David, Justin and Josiah Duggar, also made the trip to Illinois. But what was the occasion?

“He visited the men’s home and the church where God changed his life,” said the celebrity gossip site’s insider. “It was a great reunion.”

So it was just a trip there … for fun?

The Duggar source revealed that the family members enjoyed a show put on by a church member from the North Love Baptist Church.

“It was great,” the source added of the Duggars’ big reunion. “In fact, Josh ordered pizza for everybody and it was a good time.” 

So much to celebrate … or something.

This individual dressed up as the character “Patch the Pirate,” and everyone apparently had a terrific time. For whatever that’s worth. 

At the time, Anna was just weeks away from delivering her and Josh’s fifth child, a baby boy they named Mason in September.

Tellingly, the insider revealed that while time had passed since Josh last resided at the rehab facility, he’s still “the same guy.”

Not exactly a comforting thought, is it?

The source confirmed that Josh is still in Arkansas selling cars, and that “I don’t think his job of selling cars is going anywhere soon.”

His relationship with his family remains complicated, given that he either molested his siblings or let them down in other ways.

Josh has been recently seen on social media along with some of his family members. Gradually, he’s being brought back into the fold.

Not everyone is thrilled about it, though. In particular, we’ve heard talk that Jana Duggar cut Josh off from any contact with her.

As for his troubled marriage to Anna, the insider said that things between them are “beyond beautiful” despite their obvious hardships.

Now that’s just insane.

Anna herself remains a controversial figure of sorts. Some view her as a victim, suffering at the hands of Josh and trapped in a cult.

Others see her as complicit in the Duggars’ behavior by virtue of standing by them through the tumultuous last couple of years.

Pretty large gray area, to say the least, but it doesn’t appear that she’s going anywhere, despite the recurring divorce rumors.

Clues as to what we can expect from the couple going forward are few and far between as the family keeps him at arms length.

Will we see Josh on camera this spring? Or will TLC continue to use every trick in the book (above) to pretend he doesn’t exist?

Time will tell.


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