Jana Duggar: Secretly Dating “Best Friend” Laura DeMasie?

The news that John David Duggar is courting Abbie Burnett has revived interest in Counting On fans’ very favorite question:

Namely, why is it that Jana Duggar is still single?

Jana is only 28, but in the Duggars’ world, that’s dangerously close to old maid territory.

Jana and her sisters were taught from a young age that procreation is second only to praisin’ the lawd on the list of a woman’s reasons for being.

While her siblings took that lesson to heart, with most of them marrying young and getting pregnant on their honeymoons, Jana has chosen a different path.

From what we’ve seen, that path mostly involves helping to care for her younger siblings, and lots and lots of gardening.

But if a new fan theory is to be believed, Jana’s existence isn’t quite as lonely as we’ve been led to believe.

If you’re a longtime Duggar aficionado, then you might recognize Jana’s longtime friend Laura Demasie.

Jana and Laura have been so close for so long that Demasie has even helped Jana with the homeschooling of her younger siblings.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that many Duggar fans now suspect that Jana and Laura are more than just friends.

The subject is a common topic of discussion on Duggar-focused message boards on Reddit.

Many point to Jim Bob Duggar’s cryptic 2017 comment that Jana “preferred the company of women” as evidence.

It certainly sounds suggestive, but we’re pretty sure Jim Bob didn’t mean to imply that Jana might be gay.

We say that not because she’s definitely not gay, but because we highly doubt Jim Bob would ever publicly acknowledge that fact if she were.

It’s no secret that several Duggar children have rebelled against Jim Bob’s authoritarian rule in recent years.

But women wearing pants instead of floor-length skirts is one thing — coming out as homosexual would be quite another.

Hard it is to believe in 2018, there are still families that consider being gay to be a disownable offense.

And the Duggars are one of them.

Sadly, if Jana and Laura were actually in a relationship, they would likely be forced to keep it a secret for the rest of their days.

Even if the rumors about Jana were true and she wanted to come out she would likely realize that doing so would lead Jim Bob to force all of his other children to cut ties with her.

And for someone as family-oriented as Jana, that would be tantamount to a death sentence.

As if any of us needed another reason to dislike Jim Bob.

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Jinger Duggar: Has She Secretly Given Birth?!

It’s been over six months since the world learned that Jinger Duggar is pregnant with her first child.

The announcement came much later than expected, not only because Jinger broke the Duggar tradition of getting pregnant almost immediately after saying “I do,” but also because she waited until her second trimester to share the news with fans.

Now, it looks as though Jeremy and Jinger might be keeping yet another big secret from their adoring public.

Jeremy posted the above photo to his Instagram account today, and fans are convinced it’s his way of hinting that Jinger is knocked up.

It’s a bit of a stretch, but the theory goes something like this:

As you can see, that’s the most recent photo of Jinger’s baby bump.

She usually posts just about every day, but this pic is several days old.

So Jeremy posted a slightly outdated image, along with a caption reading simply, “ETA: Soon.”

Again, hardly a definitive announcement, but we suppose it’s not hard to see why some fans have jumped to conclusions.

“Is she in labor?!” one fan asked point-blank.

“Hope she’s in labor and has a smooth delivery!” another remarked.

Several fans cut right to the chase and commented simply, “Congrats!”

The Vuolos have yet to respond.

And that’s interesting, as many fans think this is a case in which their silence speaks volumes.

But even more interesting is the fact that Jeremy’s pic launched an intense conversation about the sinfulness of iWatches.

“You can’t evolve and love thy God … I don’t believe in it. Didn’t evolve from a money or ape and I hope Jinger isn’t evolving either that would be so sad,” wronte Nutjob 1.

“iWatch makes sin automatic. Same with the Apple phones,” Nutjob 2 replied.

“Pornographers is up 689% since 2007 when Aphone came out. iWatch is going to double that with all the porn on the watch. Men are easily led to lust and women too.”

“I would be so sad if she evolved to an ape with an iPhone watch,” sayeth the first nutjob.

“In the semen that my Pasture gave today he spoke of the devil that resides in them there iWatches. Just to easy to sin with those things on,” responded her nutty friend.

“People getting send pornography on them. Using Siri to satisfy burgers and also losing sight of the lord and focusing too much on time,” the best conversation in the history of the world concluded.

You heard the nutjobs!

Listen to the semen and stop using Siri to satisfy your burgers!

We’ll keep you posted on any and all #BabyVuolo updates, so stop watching your watch porn and pay attention!


Kendra Caldwell Scandal: Is Her Sister SECRETLY Dating a Duggar?!

If you follow the Duggar family closely, then you’re likely aware Joseph Duggar married Kendra Caldwell last year in front of about a thousand of the couple’s closest friends.

In most respects, it was the typical Duggar wedding – a chaste, dry affair attended by just about every fundamentalist in a hundred-mile radius.

But in one very scandalous respect, Joseph and Kendra were entered uncharted territory when they said “I do.”

The problem, it seems, is that Joseph is not the first Duggar to catch Kendra’s eye.

No, before she began her relationship with Joe, Kendra was courted by Jedidiah Duggar.

Someone (read: Jim Bob) decided that Kendra was better suited to Jed’s older brother, Joseph.

Apparently, they hit it off, because these days, Kendra is pregnant with Joseph’s baby.

So the situation worked out for everyone … except poor Jed.

Jim Bob was then left with a disgruntled incel son, and naturally, he decided to appease the 19-year-old with a comely maiden.

Of course, the Duggars live in the middle of nowhere and fundamentalist virgins of virtue true can be hard to come by.

Which is why many fans believe that Jim Bob has returned to familiar hunting grounds and set Jed’s sights on Kendra’s younger sister, Lauren Caldwell, who just turned 18 this month.

Lauren has reportedly been in attendance at recent family gatherings, which wouldn’t be that strange on its own.

After all, her sister recently married into the Counting On clan.

But as commentators in the Duggar-focused corners of Reddit have pointed out, it’s a bit strange that Lauren started showing up so soon after her 18th birthday.

In a conversation about which one of the Duggar men will end up with Lauren, the majority of the votes went to Jed:

“Jedidiah. He couldn’t get Kendra so he’d probably go after her younger sister,” one user commented, In Touch Weekly points out.

But there was some dissent among the ranks:

“Not sure who, but she will be a Duggar because her teeth are nice and straight and she has fundie hair! She is in for sure,” another wrote.

A third had a different theory altogether:

“Lately how all the older guys keep getting with barely-legal girls, I’m gonna say JD.”

Since there have been rumors that John David is secretly courting, we suppose that’s a possibility, but the ten-year-age difference likely wouldn’t fly with Duggar fans.

We’ll keep an eye on the situation, but for now, just expect a Jed-Lauren courtship announcement n the very near future.

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