Joy-Anna Duggar & Austin Forsyth: Dark Relationship Secrets Revealed (Exclusive)

Earlier this week, reports that Austin Forsyth had behaved abusively toward his wife, Joy-Anna Duggar, made their way across the social media landscape.

The allegations were based primarily on what Counting On fans had witnessed both on the show and in web exclusives posted by TLC.

To be clear, Austin has not been accused of physically abusing Joy-Anna, but viewers who claim they’re able to recognize the signs from firsthand experience say that Austin has repeatedly demonstrated behavior that’s typical of men who perpetrate emotional and verbal abuse.

A former employee of the Duggars who spoke exclusively with The Hollywood Gossip tells us that many who know the Forsyth family best would not be the least bit surprised to learn that Austin is sometimes overly-harsh in his interactions with his young wife.

Our source claims that like Joy, Austin was raised in an extremely strict household.

And it seems the harsh lessons he learned from his overbearing father may have irreparably damaged the young man’s views on relationships:

“His father governs everything that he does, from cutting cows to doing whatever,” the source tells THG, adding that Terry Forsyth offered his son a bizarre ultimatum when Austin requested permission to begin courting Joy:

“He couldn’t date Joy-Anna until he flipped five houses,” the insider says. “Austin had to flip and sell five houses before he’d be allowed to date.

“He went to his dad, and he said, ‘What do I need to do?’ and his dad said, ‘You need to flip five houses before you can court.'”

Though Austin was already a grown man at the time, such parental demands are not entirely uncommon in the Duggars’ world, a place where there’s no such thing as casual dating, and courting is viewed as a prelude to marriage.

However, like the man himself, Terry’s request of his son was viewed as unnecessarily harsh.

But even before he set such a difficult challenge before Austin, Terry was something of a controversial figure around the Springdale, Arkansas community:

“Terry, he’s on his second marriage, and I still haven’t figured this one out yet, he’s an officer in Paul [Caldwell]’s church, and you can’t be an officer in the church if you’ve been divorced,” the source tells us.

“Austin is a prime candidate for mental abuse, because I’m sure he’s been totally mentally browbeat.”

The insider elaborates:

“I guarantee [Joy] is at his beck and call. To me, she really has no life with Austin. She’s just gonna be a baby factory.”

Fortunately, the source says, Joy is so highly-regarded in her hometown, that if Austin ever crosses the line into physical abuse, he’ll pay dearly.

“If he does abuse her in any way, there won’t be nowhere he can hide,” the informant tells us.

As for the question of whether or not Joy got pregnant before marriage, our source says those who know the couple best believe there’s a distinct possibility those rumors are true.

“She’d been alone with him several times. They got caught several times,” says the tipster.

“I caught them kissing outside the garage door one night. They were standing in this little area where the cameras weren’t, and she went up and kissed him.

“I yelled out, ‘What’s going on over there?’ I mean to tell you, they ran like scared rabbits,” our source says.

The insider continued:

“About an hour later I was in the garage, and Austin came up to me and said, ‘We’re only human, you know.’

“I said, ‘I know you’re human. But when you make rules, you need to follow them.'”

On the question of whether or not Joy and Austin broke the rules of courtship in more serious fashion, the insider says:

“She may have had sex before they were married.

“She ain’t no sexpot, don’t get me wrong, but she was ready to be married.”

Asked for a final impression of Austin, our source said simply:

“He doesn’t have a backbone. He doesn’t have a whole lot of common sense.”

It sounds like Austin should have no trouble getting along with some of Jim Bob’s other sons-in-law.

Watch Counting On online for more on reality TV’s most controversial family.


The Bachelor Secrets Exposed: Affairs, Herpes & More!

The Bachelor has been on for 22 seasons… and counting.

It's the rare network show that continues to rise in the ratings every season, despite practically every couple breaking up long before they ever make it down the aisle.

What is the secret to its success? That's hard to say.

But what are the secrets behind The Bachelor itself?

Reporter Amy Kaufman has penned a book titled "Bachelor Nation: Inside the World of America's Favorite Guilty Pleasure Hardcover" that aims to answer this question.

Here's a look at some of the more unexpected tidbits and stories we learned from the memoir…

1. Sharing Her Experience

Bachelor nation
Kaufman is a journalist for The Los Angeles Times, who was actually once banned by ABC for her coverage because she uncovered one too many secrets from backstage. In this book, she relies on that experience to shape her narrative, while also conducting interviews with countless staff members.

2. Help from… Heidi Fleiss?

Heidi fleiss image
Did you know that Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss is cousins with the infamous Hollywood madam, who ran prostituion rings that included clients such as Charlie Sheen? Kaufman writes that Mike learned from his cousin just how hard people would fight for love… or companionship.

3. High on… Ideas

“If you go into his office or you were brought in for a meeting, you were probably going to smoke,” ex-production coordinator Brad Isenberg told Kaufman of Mike Fleiss and his penchant for marijuna. Who says stoners are lazy?!?

4. Hatred for Harrison

Chris harrison on bachelor in paradise
“He was the dullest guy I’ve ever seen,” Fleiss famously said years ago about host Chris Harrison, following their first meeting. It took a second meeting for Fleiss to reverse course… and the rest is rose ceremony history.

5. A Real-Life Affair

Bach slash abc
Kaufman writes about an affair between Fleiss and executive producer Lisa Levenson, with one casting associate saying the flirting between the pair was pretty apparent to everyone on set. (They were both married at the time.)

6. More Real-Life Affairs!

Casey shteamer image
And then there was Elan Gale, the current executive producer. Kaufman alleges that she dated Casey Shteamer after the contestant was eliminated from Ben Flajnik’s season. (Gale is now dating actress Molly Quinn, the author adds.)

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Mackenzie McKee: Past Secrets and Scandals, EXPOSED!

It's now official: Farrah Abraham is out of Teen Mom OG.

And Mackenzie McKee, formerly of Teen Mom 3, is in.

Rumors that McKee will be taking over for Abraham as a series regular began circulating not long after Abraham got fired by MTV.

While the reasons for her dismissal are subject to debate, what we can say for certain is that her replacement has quite a history too.

The new OG cast member isn't all that new … nor has the Oklahoma native's life been without its share of twists, turns and tumult.

Scroll down to get to know the real Mackenzie McKee.

1. Where Was She Born?

Mackenzie mckee son
McKee is a native of Miami… but not that Miami! She was born in Miami, Oklahoma.

2. When Was She Born?

Mackenzie mckee image
On October 17, 1994. This makes her a Libra, in case you were wondering.

3. What Are Her Interests?

Mackenzie mckee drinks starbucks
After graduating from high school, McKee attended cosmetology school and later worked in a salon … while also working on a fitness career.

4. Is She Still Into Fitness?

Mackenzie mckee workout pic
Oh yes. Scroll through her Instagram feed and you’ll see plenty of photos such as the one above.

5. Where Have You Seen Her Before?

Mackenzie mckee throwback pic
McKee was a cast member on 16 & Pregnant and on Teen Mom 3. She first appeared on MTV on the Season 4 premiere of the former series and was prominently featured on the latter’s only season.

6. Is She Married?

Mackenzie mckee husband
Yes. And it’s been a fairly stable relationship, save for a cheating scandal back when she and Josh McKee were engaged. She and her now-husband started dating in February of 2010 and got married in 2013. “Josh was whispering in my ear how much he loved me,” Mackenzie told Us Weekly of the ceremony.

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Kylie Jenner Gives Birth, Reveals Shocking Pregnancy Secrets!

Nine months of secrecy. Nine months of hiding. Nine months of holding back a barrage of selfies and life updates over social media.

Now, the dam has burst.

Kylie Jenner gave birth!!

In an announcement over Twitter and Instagram, Kylie shared that she has given birth to a healthy baby girl. She shared the news on her due date, February 4th, but actually gave birth on February 1st.

In addition to that joyous news — and an apology to her fans for keeping this part of her life when they are accustomed to her sharing so much — Kylie and her family revealed everything that fans had missed.

Below, you can see the numerous photos that Kylie and her family shared, including the world's first glimpse of Kim's daughter, Chicago West.

Are you ready to see the baby kick? Are you ready to see the ultrasound? Take a look!

1. Kylie introduces her baby bump

Kylies bump
Did you worry that Kylie had stopped taking photos of herself? Never fear!

2. Kylie and Khloe

Kylie and khloe pregnancy sisters
Kylie and Khloe were pregnant at the same time despite their massive age difference.

3. Kylie Jenner’s Baby Shower!

Kylie jenner baby shower photo
Kylie kept her pregnancy “secret” from the world, but it was no secret to her friends who attended her baby shower.

4. Kylie and Heather

Kylie jenner and baby bump
Kylie Jenner and Heather Sanders showcased their baby bumps, side-by-side.

5. Pregnant together

Kylie jenner and heather sanders
Kylie reveals that she and Heather had joked that they would both be pregnant at the same time.

6. Kylie’s announcement and apology

Kylie jenner gives birth announcement
Before Kylie’s self-imposed embargo on new photos ended, Kylie shared the news on February 4th.

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Michael Madsen Knows Manson Movie Secrets, But Ain’t Crossing Quentin Tarantino

Michael Madsen ain’t about to piss off the golden goose — aka Quentin Tarantino — but it’s clear he knows a lot about the upcoming Charles Manson movie, and gave up at least one secret. Mike was doing some shopping at Vintage Grocers Tuesday in…


Michael Madsen Knows Manson Movie Secrets, But Ain’t Crossing Quentin Tarantino

Michael Madsen ain’t about to piss off the golden goose — aka Quentin Tarantino — but it’s clear he knows a lot about the upcoming Charles Manson movie, and gave up at least one secret. Mike was doing some shopping at Vintage Grocers Tuesday in…


Jinger Duggar: Secrets & Scandals of the Family Rebel!

Jinger Duggar has always been something of an outlier in the Duggar family.

Even before Jinger distingushed herself by wearing pants (gasp!) and marrying a man her father didn't approve of, she had already gained a reputation as the Duggar family's resident rebel.

Check out the gallery below for  our rundown of some of her most memorable clashes with her stirct upbringing:

1. A Broken Courtship?

Jinger duggar and lawson bates
Long before she met Jeremy Vuolo, it was rumored that Jinger was courting Lawson Bates. Many fans still believe that Jinger and Lawson got together, but the relationship didn’t work out.

2. Restroom Rebels

Jana and jinger duggar picture
Back in 2015, Jinger and sister Jana were accused of hypocrisy when they used a men’s public bathroom after publicly speaking out against transgender rights.

3. Jinger Duggar: Future New Yorker?

Jinger duggar hair
Jinger once indicated that she’d like to live in New York City someday. Michelle Duggar was quick to publicly shut the idea down and many fans castigated Jinger for what they saw as her naivete.

4. Jinger & Jeremy: A Controversial Couple

Jinger and jeremy vuolo picture
Jinger’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo, is not your typical Duggar spouse. A former pro soccer player, Jeremy has admitted to drinking and partying in his youth, a major no-no in Jim Bob’s world.

5. Jeremy Vuolo: Not a Hit With the Duggars

Jim bob duggar and jeremy vuolo and
Jeremy has butted heads with his father-in-law on multiple occasions. Insiders say Jim Bob and Jeremy frequently clash over matters of religious doctrine.

6. Jinger Duggar: A Closet Calvinist?

Jinger duggar smiling
Jeremy preaches the doctrine of Calvinism, which Jim Bob staunchly opposes. Sources claim Jinger feels that she’s torn between two worlds, but has sided with her husband.

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Duggar Family: Secrets of Their Twisted Ministry Revealed

If you're at all familiar with the Duggar family, then you're no doubt aware that the Counting On clan is as well-known for its strict religious beliefs as for the massive size of Jim Bob and Michelle's brood.

However, you may not be familiar with the specifics of the Duggars' controversial belief system.

The enormity of the family and the particulars of its members' worldview are not unrelated, of course, as the Duggars belong to a controversial non-denominational organization that encourages its followers to have as many children as physically possible.

But the bizarre and often dangerous teachings of the Quiverfull movement don't stop there.

In the gallery below, we'll explore the movement that informs so many of the Duggars deeply-held convictions.

Even if you count yourself among the diehard Duggar faithful, you may be surprised to learn exactly what drives reality TV's most controversial family.

1. A Quiverfull of Duggars

The duggars in 2004
Many of the Duggars’ beliefs derive from the teachings of Bill Gothard, a disgraced and highly controversial minister who teaches, among other things, that it is the duty of all Christians to marry young produce as many offspring as possible.

2. Bill Gothard: Guru of the Duggars

Bill gothard
To say that Bill Gothard, founder of the Quiverfull movement and the affiliated Advanced Training Institute, is a controversial figure would be a massive understatement. Gothard is currently in hiding following a number of high-profile sexual assault allegations.

3. The IBLP: Condoning Abuse Since 1961

Jim bob and josh duggar picture
The first of Gothard’s many off-shoot organizations (like any conman worth his salt, Gothard knows when it’s time to abandon one shadowy venture for the next), the Institute in Basic Life Principles was founded in 1961 as a tax-exempt umbrella conglomerate for several ministries.

4. And Just What Does the IBLP/ATI Teach?

4 duggar sisters
The Duggar children were all homeschooled using materials and curricula provided by the ATI. The recently revealed contents of said materials shocked many fans who thought they were familiar with the Duggars’ beliefs.

5. Biblical Life Principles

Jim bob and michelle duggar kitchen hug
Not surprisingly, the ATI materials emphasize “biblical life principles.” This means that children are taught from a young age that whether the subject is history, math, science or language, the Bible is the only text you need.

6. What That Really Means

So many duggars
The idea of teaching a child geography from a several-thousand-year-old text written by people who weren’t aware of the existence of other continents is troubling enough, but it gets worse, as the ATI materials actually convey that it’s Gothard, not God, who serves as the ultimate authority and has the final word.

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