Kylie Jenner Gives Birth, Reveals Shocking Pregnancy Secrets!

Nine months of secrecy. Nine months of hiding. Nine months of holding back a barrage of selfies and life updates over social media.

Now, the dam has burst.

Kylie Jenner gave birth!!

In an announcement over Twitter and Instagram, Kylie shared that she has given birth to a healthy baby girl. She shared the news on her due date, February 4th, but actually gave birth on February 1st.

In addition to that joyous news — and an apology to her fans for keeping this part of her life when they are accustomed to her sharing so much — Kylie and her family revealed everything that fans had missed.

Below, you can see the numerous photos that Kylie and her family shared, including the world's first glimpse of Kim's daughter, Chicago West.

Are you ready to see the baby kick? Are you ready to see the ultrasound? Take a look!

1. Kylie introduces her baby bump

Kylies bump
Did you worry that Kylie had stopped taking photos of herself? Never fear!

2. Kylie and Khloe

Kylie and khloe pregnancy sisters
Kylie and Khloe were pregnant at the same time despite their massive age difference.

3. Kylie Jenner’s Baby Shower!

Kylie jenner baby shower photo
Kylie kept her pregnancy “secret” from the world, but it was no secret to her friends who attended her baby shower.

4. Kylie and Heather

Kylie jenner and baby bump
Kylie Jenner and Heather Sanders showcased their baby bumps, side-by-side.

5. Pregnant together

Kylie jenner and heather sanders
Kylie reveals that she and Heather had joked that they would both be pregnant at the same time.

6. Kylie’s announcement and apology

Kylie jenner gives birth announcement
Before Kylie’s self-imposed embargo on new photos ended, Kylie shared the news on February 4th.

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Michael Madsen Knows Manson Movie Secrets, But Ain’t Crossing Quentin Tarantino

Michael Madsen ain’t about to piss off the golden goose — aka Quentin Tarantino — but it’s clear he knows a lot about the upcoming Charles Manson movie, and gave up at least one secret. Mike was doing some shopping at Vintage Grocers Tuesday in…


Michael Madsen Knows Manson Movie Secrets, But Ain’t Crossing Quentin Tarantino

Michael Madsen ain’t about to piss off the golden goose — aka Quentin Tarantino — but it’s clear he knows a lot about the upcoming Charles Manson movie, and gave up at least one secret. Mike was doing some shopping at Vintage Grocers Tuesday in…


Jinger Duggar: Secrets & Scandals of the Family Rebel!

Jinger Duggar has always been something of an outlier in the Duggar family.

Even before Jinger distingushed herself by wearing pants (gasp!) and marrying a man her father didn't approve of, she had already gained a reputation as the Duggar family's resident rebel.

Check out the gallery below for  our rundown of some of her most memorable clashes with her stirct upbringing:

1. A Broken Courtship?

Jinger duggar and lawson bates
Long before she met Jeremy Vuolo, it was rumored that Jinger was courting Lawson Bates. Many fans still believe that Jinger and Lawson got together, but the relationship didn’t work out.

2. Restroom Rebels

Jana and jinger duggar picture
Back in 2015, Jinger and sister Jana were accused of hypocrisy when they used a men’s public bathroom after publicly speaking out against transgender rights.

3. Jinger Duggar: Future New Yorker?

Jinger duggar hair
Jinger once indicated that she’d like to live in New York City someday. Michelle Duggar was quick to publicly shut the idea down and many fans castigated Jinger for what they saw as her naivete.

4. Jinger & Jeremy: A Controversial Couple

Jinger and jeremy vuolo picture
Jinger’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo, is not your typical Duggar spouse. A former pro soccer player, Jeremy has admitted to drinking and partying in his youth, a major no-no in Jim Bob’s world.

5. Jeremy Vuolo: Not a Hit With the Duggars

Jim bob duggar and jeremy vuolo and
Jeremy has butted heads with his father-in-law on multiple occasions. Insiders say Jim Bob and Jeremy frequently clash over matters of religious doctrine.

6. Jinger Duggar: A Closet Calvinist?

Jinger duggar smiling
Jeremy preaches the doctrine of Calvinism, which Jim Bob staunchly opposes. Sources claim Jinger feels that she’s torn between two worlds, but has sided with her husband.

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Duggar Family: Secrets of Their Twisted Ministry Revealed

If you're at all familiar with the Duggar family, then you're no doubt aware that the Counting On clan is as well-known for its strict religious beliefs as for the massive size of Jim Bob and Michelle's brood.

However, you may not be familiar with the specifics of the Duggars' controversial belief system.

The enormity of the family and the particulars of its members' worldview are not unrelated, of course, as the Duggars belong to a controversial non-denominational organization that encourages its followers to have as many children as physically possible.

But the bizarre and often dangerous teachings of the Quiverfull movement don't stop there.

In the gallery below, we'll explore the movement that informs so many of the Duggars deeply-held convictions.

Even if you count yourself among the diehard Duggar faithful, you may be surprised to learn exactly what drives reality TV's most controversial family.

1. A Quiverfull of Duggars

The duggars in 2004
Many of the Duggars’ beliefs derive from the teachings of Bill Gothard, a disgraced and highly controversial minister who teaches, among other things, that it is the duty of all Christians to marry young produce as many offspring as possible.

2. Bill Gothard: Guru of the Duggars

Bill gothard
To say that Bill Gothard, founder of the Quiverfull movement and the affiliated Advanced Training Institute, is a controversial figure would be a massive understatement. Gothard is currently in hiding following a number of high-profile sexual assault allegations.

3. The IBLP: Condoning Abuse Since 1961

Jim bob and josh duggar picture
The first of Gothard’s many off-shoot organizations (like any conman worth his salt, Gothard knows when it’s time to abandon one shadowy venture for the next), the Institute in Basic Life Principles was founded in 1961 as a tax-exempt umbrella conglomerate for several ministries.

4. And Just What Does the IBLP/ATI Teach?

4 duggar sisters
The Duggar children were all homeschooled using materials and curricula provided by the ATI. The recently revealed contents of said materials shocked many fans who thought they were familiar with the Duggars’ beliefs.

5. Biblical Life Principles

Jim bob and michelle duggar kitchen hug
Not surprisingly, the ATI materials emphasize “biblical life principles.” This means that children are taught from a young age that whether the subject is history, math, science or language, the Bible is the only text you need.

6. What That Really Means

So many duggars
The idea of teaching a child geography from a several-thousand-year-old text written by people who weren’t aware of the existence of other continents is troubling enough, but it gets worse, as the ATI materials actually convey that it’s Gothard, not God, who serves as the ultimate authority and has the final word.

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Little People, Big World: 9 Secrets EXPOSED!

The Roloffs are not the Kardashians.

The family at the center of Little People, Big World has managed to strike it big mostly because they are interesting, kind and close-knit.

Not a lot of controversy has followed around Matt, Amy and/or their children.

But this doesn't mean the TLC stars are as squeaky clean as you may have previously believed.

Just consider a few of the interesting tidbits we've uncovered below…

1. Matt Roloff Was Arrested Twice for Drunk Driving

Matt roloff instagram pic
Once in 2003, after which the charges were dropped because he completed an alcohol diversion program; and once in 2007, after an officer spotted him driving erratically after leaving a bar.

2. Jacob Was Forced to Star

Jacob roloff at coffee
Okay, “forced” may be a strong way of putting it… but he didn’t have much of a say at nine years old when the cameras started rolling and made it clear over the years to reporters that he was never really comfortable. Jacob left the show in 2016.

3. Their Neighbors are Not on Team Roloff

Their neighbors are not on team roloff
The family farm gets very busy, especially in early fall, angering those who live nearby. Some neighbors have complained that the farm is a waste of time and an “over-priced celebrity gawk-fest,” that brings in large, annoying crowds.

4. More from Jacob

More from jacob
This is an old Tweet, but Jacob once complained about the low salary he earned for the show.

5. Matt Started Dating an Ex-Employee After His Divorce

Matt roloff instagram pic
Many fans are familiar with this one, but Matt started dating the farm’s long-time manager, Caryn, shortly after he split from Amy. This caused a lot of controversy because she knew Amy well.

6. Racy Audrey!

Audrey roloff bathtub pic
Audrey got in trouble back when she posed naked in a bathtub, a troubling decision to those who admired Audrey for her conservative, Christian belief system. Click on the headline above for more.

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Keeping Up with the Kardashians: 14 Shocking Secrets!

Kim Kardashian and company gathered in late September of 2017 for an E! News special, during which they celebrated 10 years of their reality show being on the air.

Yes, 10 years!

What sort of secrets did these famous siblings spill during the sit-down?

Scroll around to find out!

1. When Did Kim Fall for Kanye?

When did kim fall for kanye
“Right before I got married to Kris Humphries, [Kanye and I] were talking, and I just went a different direction. I think I had to go through that to figure out what I wanted. After my breakup, I was feeling really low and down and he said, ‘Just come to Paris and see my fashion show.’ He jokes that he put on this whole fashion show just to get a date with me. So I went there and I stayed with him, and that’s where we started dating. I swear from the moment I landed, I fell madly in love with him and I thought, ‘Oh my God, why didn’t I do this sooner?’ Like, this is what real life is like — love and fun and real support.”

2. Kylie Started on the Show When She Was 9

Kylie started on the show when she was 9
“I feel like I can’t even remember a time before Keeping Up,” she told Ryan Seacrest.

3. Kim Feared She Had Miscarried North

Kim feared she had miscarried north
The star saw a doctor due to intense pain during this first pregnancy and the doctor told me, ‘There’s no heartbeat.’ I had a miscarriage. … Then I went in that morning, the doctor was like, ‘There is a heartbeat. You didn’t have a miscarriage.'”

4. The Family Bible?

Kourtney kardashian cleavage selfie
It wasn’t their idea! “Kim and I dated brothers [in high school] and they came up with it,” Kourtney said. “It was their thing in their family.”

5. "I’m jerking off pretty heavy!"

Im jerking off pretty heavy
Yes, Scott said this.

6. Kim Was Shocked by Kanye’s Proposal

Kimye anniversary pic
“He does really extravagant things for my birthday. It was my birthday and he flew in town and then I was like, ‘Let’s just stay home.’ We were getting on the plane and I was like: ‘Come on, do we have to go? Let’s just have dinner here. We don’t have to go to San Francisco.’ When all the lights went on and the band was playing, I had no idea. They were playing a Lana Del Ray song and I thought she was going to come out and perform.”

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KUWTK Anniversary Special: What Secrets Will Be Revealed?

On September 24, E! will celebrate 10 years worth of scripted storylines and very bad acting by gathering all Keeping Up With the Kardashians cast members in one place.

Ryan Seacrest will host an anniversary special that features Kim, Kris, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie and Kendall on stage in front of a studio audience, answering questions about the show that made them famous.

And we've got your first look at it below!

This 90-minute special will take fans back through some of the most memorable Keeping Up With the Kardashians moments of all time, while the reality stars share stories and tell never-before-revealed secrets.

"I can't even remember a time before Keeping Up," Kylie admits in this sneak peek.

Elsewhere, Kim adds: "It's like the shade room every day."

The siblings will dish about their exes, past weddings, their famous trips together and so much more.

At one point, Kourtney even hits the streets in disguise to ask fans about her loved ones and the series in general.

"Can you believe those whores have lasted for 10 years?" she asks two men in a scene from the special.

"Since the show's inception ten years ago, viewers have watched the family evolve, grow and become a huge part of today's pop culture zeitgeist," Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President of Programming & Development at E!, says of the milestone, adding:

"In celebrating the family's decade on the air, we are extremely grateful for the fans all over the world who have ‘kept up' since the beginning."

The show suffered a decline in ratings throughout Season 13, but it won't be going off the air any time soon.

In fact, E! has also confirmed that Season 14 will premiere on Sunday, October 1.

The upcoming season will chronicle "Kim as she re-immerses herself into public life while Khloe's relationship with Tristan Thompson gets even more serious," according to the network, also teasing that Kourtney will "embrace the single life" and Kendall will "find herself under an immense amount of pressure in her career."

But that's down the line. That's looking ahead.

To take a look back and to travel down memory lane, click PLAY:

Keeping up with the kardashians 10th year anniversary special wh

Pilot Jones to Spill MORE Blac Chyna Secrets?

Pilot Jones is a former Glee star, but recently he’s made headlines for locking lips with Blac Chyna — and getting serious threats from Rob Kardashian, who of course is now in an out-of-control feud with Blac Chyna, because that’s healthy.

After all of that, as well as some vile verbal abuse from both Rob and Chyna over Pilot’s alleged sexuality, it looks like Pilot might get the chance for a little revenge.

And it sounds like he’s going to spill a lot of the former couple’s secrets.

According to a report by RadarOnline, Pilot Jones is signed to film for The A-List Miami, a reality series by the same folks who brought us The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Shahs of Sunset.

Per their source, Pilot’s role on the show will “give great detail and insight into Pilot’s relationship with Chyna.”

Too vague for you? Try this, from the same insider:

“Including her relationship with Rob Kardashian, partying, lavish gifts, vacations, business ventures and more.”

Now, at the very least, this would mean Pilot confirming that Blac Chyna has expensive taste.

And it sounds like it might even confirm Rob Kardashian to be every bit the “sucker” that Snoop Dogg said that he was.

(Honestly, it sounds like Rob was the only one who didn’t understand what this relationship was about from the get-go … but he’s still managed to make himself the bad guy)

And Pilot Jones has every reason to want to spill the beans on Rob and Chyna, and not just because it can help keep the spotlight on him. …

One of Rob and Chyna’s first big fights was about Pilot Jones, if you’ll recall.

Pilot was at some parties with Blac Chyna, and since the two appeared to have made out at least once, it led people to wonder if Pilot Jones might be Dream’s father.

Now, we know that Dream’s father is, for better or for worse, Rob Kardashian. 

This led Blac Chyna to call Pilot Jones “gay” and insist that she wouldn’t have slept with him.

Rob Kardashian took that a step further and issued slurs and what may have been death threats.

That’s no real surprise at this point, since Rob Kardashian clearly has little to no control over what he posts on social media.

(We never thought that we’d miss the days when Rob was basically hibernating in social isolation)

A source tells RadarOnline that Pilot is bisexual, but until he comes out and uses that label himself, we can’t know for sure his sexuality or what label he prefers.

So let’s not expect his next photoshoot to include a speedo the colors of the bi flag.

Though it does seem likely that Pilot Jones’ sexuality will come up when he’s filming The A-List Miami.

Whether or not he made out with Chyna at a party has little to do with sexuality.

Everybody makes out with everybody at parties, you know?

Pilot’s alleged bisexuality isn’t really relevant, according to that same source.

“But it has nothing to do with the fact of what happened between him and Chyna. They had sex.”

Pilot is actually already a father, though we don’t know whether that will make it onto this show or if he’ll keep his kids out of it.

“He already has two amazing sons, but that isn’t even the issue! Blac Chyna can’t deny what happened between them, and she certainly shouldn’t be threatening him.”

Incidentally, no charges were ever filed against Rob for his alleged threats against Pilot.

Even the rumor of Pilot talking about Rob and Chyna is bound to drive up ratings.

In fact, even if no one watches the show who wouldn’t have been tuning in already, this kind of news is great publicity for the show.

You gotta raise awareness if you want to draw in viewers.

But let’s be honest — we imagine that Pilot Jones is going to want to promote his brand, not affix it to a relationship that has miserably failed.

We don’t doubt that Rob and Chyna will come up at some point, but it’s probably mostly just a hook to lure viewers and possibly string them along until he topic comes up briefly.

Maybe it’ll work.


Pretty Little Liars Finale: Major Secrets Revealed!

Pretty Little Liars has come to a stunning, shocking, suspenseful, WTF-just-happened conclusion.

What did we learn on the series finale?

And what secrets did the cast then spill on the after-show?

Scroll down for every last A-nswer…

1. First, Who is A.D.?

Pretty little liars group pic
Let’s get the major question fans had heading into the finale over with: It was Alex Drake, Spencer’s evil twin who didn’t know about her relativesin Rosewood until she ran into Wren in a bar in London.

2. Speaking of Wren…

Speaking of wren
… he’s the father of Alison’s baby! (We did NOT see that coming.)

3. Behind the Scenes…

Behind the scenes
… you probably already knew about those bombshells, right? If you’re a fan and tuned in for the finale? But the main cast members opened up about a number of finale-related secrets on the Freeform after-show.

4. The Major Secret… Spilled

The major secret spilled
Lucy Hale said she learned of A.D.’s identity, when Drew Van Acker dropped the news. “He ruined it for me, but I loved it,” she explained.

5. I Knew It Before You!

I knew it before you
Troian Bellisario found out because “I’m A.D. I had to [know],” she said, adding that she begged creator Marlene King to tell her a while back and that the discovered this secret about two years ago.

6. I Do? Really?!?

I do really
Hale said it was “very strange” reciting vows with Ian Harding, adding that the wedding “felt very real.”

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