Jessa Seewald Shares Super Embarrassing Ben Seewald Love Letters on Instagram

Before marriage, members of the Duggar clan are basically forbidden to even look at a member of the opposite sex.

After they get hitched, however, they’re encouraged to share their love with the entire world.

Anyone who’s seen Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar gush about one another knows that intra-marital PDA is strongly encouraged in Duggar Land.

As far as we can tell, it has to do partially with strengthening the bond between husband and wife, and partially to do with the Duggars’ ongoing efforts to convince the world they’re totally normal humans who experience actual emotions.

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald got married back in 2014, but it seems their love for one another remains as passionate as ever.

We know this because Jessa has been following in her parents’ footsteps and proclaiming her love from a mountaintop.

And by “a mountaintop,” of course, we mean Instagram.

Ben Seewald Love Letter

“When you smile at me, it takes my breath away, like my heart has been touched by an angel,” Ben opens.

Needless to say, he set the bar pretty high from the start.

But believe it or not, Ben was able to continue stepping up his Casanova game from there.

“Your smile brightens my spirit like the first gleams of sunrise after a crisp autumn night in the Arkansas Ozarks,” he wrote.

Like whoa, Ben, leave some smooth talk for the rest of us, ya know?

Seewald goes on to write that Jessa’s grin “shines forth radiant beams of warmest love and affection” and “is worth a thousand words, even the most eloquent words of affirmation.”

Here’s the kicker:

“Your smile could melt the age-old ice cap of Antarctica.”

If you’re not talking about age-old ice caps are you even in love?

Obviously, Big Ben knocked that one straight out of the park.

Surely, you might be thinking, he must have exhausted his supply of syrupy romance with that letter, right?

Guess again, friend-o:

Jessa Duggar's Pearls

He went ahead and hit Jess with the pearl-love letter combo.

“What good are such elegant pearls if not to have the grace of being worn by one so elegant and majestic as yourself?” Seewald wrote.

That sound you heard is millions of panties hitting the floor simultaneously.

We’re pretty sure Ben is a reincarnated Civil War soldier, because no one spits poetic game like that in 2018.

Fun fact: This is the single greatest display of non-Razorback related passion in the history of the great state of Arkansas.

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Ben Seewald to Derick Dillard: You’re Not a Real Christian, Bruh!

Talk of feuds between various factions of the extended Duggar family is not uncommon.

The rumors often have to do with discord between Jill and Jessa Duggar, who allegedly went from besties to rivals at some point in the past few years.

Now, fans are under the impression that a new tweet from Jessa’s husband, Ben Seewald, has shone a light on the cause of that dispute.

It now looks as though the conflict started with a spat between Ben and Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard, that’s only gotten worse in recent months.

As you may recall, Derick was fired by TLC last year after he launched a transphobic tirade against fellow network star Jazz Jennings.

Jill quit the show in a gesture of solidarity, and the couple has not shot a scene for Counting On in the months since.

Unfortunately, rather than learning a lesson from the incident, Derick has doubled down in his bigotry.

Last week, Derick attacked Nate Berkus, a designer who stars in a TLC show alongside his husband and daughter.

Dillard derided Berkus and his family as “a travesty” in another bizarre Twitter rant.

Just two days later, Ben — who is rarely active on Twitter — posted a retweet that many are interpreting as a shot at Ben:

“If you say you ‘love your neighbor’ while really just loving the people that look like you, live like you & think like you, it is not your neighbor that you are loving…it is yourself,” the tweet reads.

It ends with the hashtag “#reallylovethyneighbor”

This is not the first time that Seewald has proven himself to be more liberal than his in-laws, but never before has he so publicly attacked a family member’s bigoted beliefs.

It’s also not the first indication that members of the Duggars’ inner circle are fed up with Derick.

Earlier this month, Ben unfollowed Derick on Instagram, as did members of the Bates family, another massive fundamentalist clan that’s often regarded as some of the Duggars’ closest friends.

The situation has many wondering if Jill and Derick have cut off contact with her family entirely.

That seems unlikely, but it’s clear that there’s some tension between the Dillards and the Seewalds.

Will they work it out, or Derick eventually be exiled, a la Josh Duggar.

Unfortunately, the situation won’t play out on television, but you can still watch Counting On online to relive the days before Derck got kicked to the curb.


Ben Seewald to Jessa Duggar: Hurry Up & Get Pregnant Again!

Ben Seewald and Jessa Duggar have been busy.

The young couple has welcomed two children in just three years of marriage, and it seems that they have no intention of stopping there.

Or at least Ben has no intention of stopping there.

If you’re a fan of the Duggar clan, you may have been disappointed to learn that Monday night’s episode of Counting On was a season finale.

But fear not – the Duggars are taking an etremely brief hiatus and will be back with a whole batch of new episodes this summer.

“It’s crazy how much has changed in our family over the past year and there’s so much more to come,” Jessa in a recent teaser for the summer season.

“Babies, relationships and milestones are always happening.”

Sure, there are the upcoming milestones that we already knew about – we’ll get to see Joy-Anna Duggar welcome her baby; Jinger and Kendra are still expecting; preparations for the wedding of Josiah and Lauren Swanson are under way…

But could it be that Jessa is hinting at yet another majot development that will come as a surprise to Duggar fans?

“What if we have another kid by the end of four years?” Ben says to Jessa in the preview.

Jessa is a Duggar, so obviously she’s open to the idea of having more children … eventually.

But it sounds like Ben is talking about expanding the family ASAP – and Jessa comes off as less than thrilled by that prosepct.

In fact, at one point in the preview, she bemoans the 

“There’s days where it feels like we have just hardly any time in the evening together,” she complains.

Of course, like her sisters, Jessa was raised with the idea that the primary function of women is to breed.

So you can bet that Jessa is open to the idea of bringing more little bundles of joy into the world eventually.

But perhaps she’d like to wait until her first two sons are a but more independent.

“It seems like our family never slows down,” Jessa says at one point in a tone that could be taken as more resigned tha excited.

“You never know what’s going to happen next,” Joy-Anna adds.

Any new mother can imagine the fatigue that Jessa must be feeling at this point.

Unfortunately, like other new moms, Jessa isn’t permitted to tell her husband that she’s at the end of her rope.

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Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald: Slammed For Endagering Kids AGAIN!

It’s been a full year since Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald welcomed their second child, and the couple has been subjected to a non-stop torrent of criticism ever since. 

Part of the problem is that Jessa and Ben are members of the famous/infamous Duggar clan, meaning their every move is dissected in search of potential controversies.

But part of the problem is that Jessa and Ben really do make some questionable decisions as parents.

When fans criticize Jessa’s messy home, that’s a case in which their just zeroing in on minor Duggar controversies for target practice so that they’ll be ready to take aim when something major happens.

When folks are worried that Jessa’s not properly homeschooling her kids, that might come from a place of genuine concern.

We’ll leave it up to you decide which category the most recent mini-scandal falls into.

It all started when “fans” (read: stalkers) noticed something interesting about Jessa and Ben’s address.

Apparently, a glance at Google Maps reveals that ther house is located right next to a stretch of Interstate 49 that’s known to be one of the most dangerous in the country.

The aerial view also reveals that the Seewalds don’t have a fence around their property.

Naturally, these facts sent Duggar obsessives into a tizzy.

But the question remains – are they worried about the safety of toddler Spurgeon and baby Henry, or do they just enjoy ragging on Jessa and Ben?

Not surprisingly, this is far from the first parenting controversy the Seewalds have been involved in in recent weeks.

In an Instagram story posted last week Jessa shared an Instagram story in which eldest son Spurgeon reads a book.

(This may have been in response to claims that her children are not being properly educated.)

The video showed Henry playing in what appeared to be a clean and empty fireplace.

Despite the fact that the child was in no immediate danger, Jessa’s followers absolutelt lost their mnds.

“Am I the only one who noticed the baby playing in the fireplace?!” one commenter wrote.

“So cute. But the baby at the fireplace,” remarked another

“Meanwhile, the baby is playing with the fireplace!!” a third commented.

Yes, such is life for Jessa Duggar.

You’d think she would just make her social media accounts private, but then she wouldn’t be doing her part to promote the family brand.

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Jim Bob Duggar vs. Ben Seewald Feud: Worse Than We Thought?!

For several months now, we’ve been hearing rumors about an ongoing feud Jim Bob Duggar and his son-in-law Ben Seewald.

The cause of the discord is said to be a number of differing views regarding religious doctrine that would no doubt seem minor to anyone not deeply involved with the particular sect of baptism that shapes every aspect of the Duggars’ worldview.

But for Jim Bob and Ben what’s at stake is no less than the immortal souls, as well as the fates of Ben and Jessa’s two children.

Some of the disagreements can be easily understood by outsiders:

Ben holds a number of “liberal” beliefs (meaning they fall to the left of Jim Bob’s far-right ethos), and the Duggar patriarch believes that by supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and refusing to condemn all gays to hell, Seewald is defying not only the teachings of the Baptist church, but the very will of God.

But apparently, what concerns Jim Bob even more is some of Ben’s more arcane beliefs, which apparently fly in the face of the central tenets of Jim Bob’s beloved Quiverfull movement.

Insiders say the biggest point of contention is Seewald’s Calvinist beliefs.

One of the more controversial teachings of Southern Baptist Calvinism is that of predestination, or the belief that one’s salvation and path through life are pre-determined.

It’s a belief that’s shared by Jinger Duggar’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and apparently the doctrinal differences have created a deep rift within the Duggar clan.

“Every one of the guys have married into the family have their own way of thinking,” a source close to the family told Radar.

“Their beliefs aren’t always going to reflect every little ideal Jim Bob and Michelle embrace. There are a few differences in religious thought processes.”

The insider adds that Ben has been able to maintain close ties with most of his in-laws despite some major ideological differences–but it hasn’t always been easy.

“Overall he’s close to the family,” the insider continued.

“Most everyone tries to agree to overlook things that aren’t in alignment with their thinking. If there’s something that comes out they tend to work it out quickly.”

That said, Ben isn’t the only son-in-law with whom Jim Bob is currently locking horns.

It seems certain revelations about Joy-Anna Duggar’s husband, Austin Forsyth, recently came to light and Jim Bob is not pleased with what he’s learned:

“There has been a lot of talk about the character of her new husband Austin,” a source told Radar in September. “He was more of a rebel child.”

The situation has reportedly led to a generational feud that shows no signs of being resolved any time soon.

“There’s a lot of outrage between increasingly divided factions,” says one insider.

Thus far, Jim Bob has been able to maintain the outward appearance of civility.

But those familiar with the situation say it’s a veritable powder keg that’s liable erupt any day now.

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Jim Bob Duggar: Richer Than Ever, Still Feuding With Ben Seewald

How’s your 2018 going so far?

From a financial standpoint, you’re probably not starting the year as strongly as Jim Bob Duggar, but at the same time you’re not responsible for dozens of increasingly scandal-prone children and in-laws, so you’ve got that going for you … which is nice.

Yes, despite Jim Bob’s “high-class” hoarding and near financial collapse, it seems the Duggar patriarch is once again living high on the hog.

A new report from The Richest has Jim Bob’s net worth at roughly $ 3.6 million.

That’s not as much cash as it may sound like, due to the aforementioned wealth of mouths to feed.

But it’s also much better than Jim Bob’s been doing in recent years.

As recently as early 2017, JB was said to be on the brink of bankruptcy thanks to a string of financial miscalculations and the declining popularity of his family’s once-beloved reality show.

We recently learned exactly how much the Duggars are paid for Counting On, and it’s not quite as much as you might expect.

Sources say the family pulls in $ 25,000 per episode.

It’s a lot of money for just a few days’ work, but it’d also divided roughly 47 bajillion ways.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Jim Bob is struggling. Far from it, in fact.

These days, he’s back to gloating about his wealth (just as Jesus would do) at pricey financial “seminars” hosted by his friend Jim Sammons.

JB spoke of his fondness for the debt-free life in a recent seminar, telling the assembled crowd:

“After just seeing the first session, the truths from God’s Word being taught through Mr. Sammons began to convict me of my need to ‘owe no man anything but love.’”

Obviously, most of Jim Bob’s kids and their spouses are inspired by his ability to earn, but there’s at least one member of the family who thinks the Duggar patriarch has lost his way.

We’re talking, of course, about Jessa Duggar’s husband, Ben Seewald.

Jim Bob and Ben have clashed in the past over differences in their religious views, and it seems they’re once again butting heads.

Ben reportedly doesn’t think his father-in-law’s devotion to amassing a Scrooge McDuck-like swimming pool full of gold coins is particularly godly, and it seems he’s not shy about making his feelings known.

Jim Bob needn’t worry, of course, as he has the full support of the rest of his family, particularly Jill Duggar’s husband, Derick Dillard, who’s currently unemployed, but has taken to asking fans for money online, thus keeping the greed alive for a new generation.

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Jessa Duggar Wows Fans With Anniversary Letter to Ben Seewald

Hard to believe, but it’s been three full years since Jessa Duggar married Ben Seewald in front of 1,500 of their closest friends and relatives.

The Seewalds celebrated their anniversary on Wednesday, and Jessa marked the occasion with a touching open letter to the father of her two children:

“I thought we’d reached the pinnacle of our love on this day, three years ago… but since then, you’ve taken me from the mountain top up into the clouds! Darling, I love you more today than ever before,” Jessa wrote on her personal website.

Yes, she busted out the Austen-esque purple prose right from the start.

From there Jessa continued to sing Ben’s praises, but she also conceded that there have been some rough patches during their time together.

“Sure, we worked through our squabbles and disagreements, like anyone else. But because of your meekness and gentleness in the midst of trials, I always come out loving you even more,” she wrote.

Jessa being a Duggar, she devoted much of the letter to praising Ben’s piety, writing:

“When I wake in the wee hours of the morning to tend to Henry and you’re not beside me in bed, I know that you’re already up reading and studying your bible. 

“Many a time I have walked into the spare bedroom and discovered you there, kneeling beside the bed, in prayer… and it’s brought tears to my eyes.”

She added:

“I have loved our recently developing family devotions, as you lead us in prayer and reading the word. And though I laughed a bit and felt a teeny bit awkward at first, I’m now especially loving the aspect of singing together, with the boys, in family worship.”

There have been rumors of Ben butting heads with Jim Bob Duggar over religious differences, so Jessa might be subtly assuring fans that Ben is sufficiently devout and all is well on that score.

Jessa’s sense of humor shines through in her letter, and she affirms that Ben is a bit more “modern” than the other Duggar men by revealing that he’s skilled in a wide variety of household chores:

“Ok, can I brag on your cooking skills for a min? How is it that you can think up recipes off the top of your head, and they actually taste good?” Jessa writes.

“I, on the other hand, try to be a cool chef… so I substitute sour cream when we run out of milk for the pancakes. It’s dairy, right? No, that was not ok.”

Jessa concludes by praising Ben’s sense of humor and selfless devotion to making her happy:

“You’re one of the most down-to-earth and humble people I know. I love that we have fun and laugh together,” she writes.

“I love your made-up jokes and your cheesy play on words. You have me laughing out loud all the time. I genuinely love your sense of humor. 

“The list of the things I love about you is endless. I am forever being reminded of just how incredibly blessed I am to call you mine.”

Happy anniversary to these perennial fan favorites.

Here’s to many more!

Watch Counting On online to relive Ben and Jessa’s years of wedded bliss. 


Jim Bob Duggar: Clashing With Ben Seewald, Jeremy Vuolo Over Religious Beliefs (Exclusive)

Jim Bob Duggar is almost as well known for his ultra-conservative religious views as he is for the massive brood of children he’s raised with wife Michelle.

Jim Bob’s views on issues such as birth control, women’s rights and homosexuality have earned him scorn from critics, and accounts   from insiders indicate that the Duggar children – daughters in particular – face harsh consequences for defying their father’s code of ethics.

But once Duggar women leave the nest (which occurs only after marriage), it’s their husbands who determine everything from how they dress to how they worship.

And it seems Jim Bob now wishes he’d been more selective when in helping his daughters select mates.

As we’ve reported previously, Jim Bob has butted heads with his sons-in-law over a wide variety of issues.

Jinger Duggar’s decision to begin wearing pants after marrying Jeremy Vuolo (Under Jim Bob’s rules, Duggar women are only permitted to wear florr-length skirts.) may have attracted the most attention, but it’s the more arcane doctrinal disputes that are creating the deepest divisions.

A source who formerly held close ties to several members of the Duggar family tells The Hollywood Gossip exclusively that Jim Bob is deeply upset by many of the views held by both Vuolo and Jessa Duggar’s husband, Ben Seewald.

As a result of the patriarchal structure of their home lives, these views are now being espoused by Jinger and Jessa, and our source says Jim Bob is extremely troubled by his daughter’s new beliefs.

“He’s allowed a division in the family to occur,” our source says of Jim Bob. “He knows it’s not a true doctrine.”

It seems the major point of contention is Vuolo and Seewald’s adherence to the doctrine of Calvinism, which holds that only a pre-determined “elect” is eligible for salvation.

Jim Bob’s life is centered around the conviction that salvation is available to all through the grace of God, so it’s not hard to see why he takes issue with Vuolo and Seewald’s belief in pre-destination.

Apparently, Vuolo’s rebellion against Jim Bob’s belief system did not come as a surprise, as the Texas-based minister has long preached Calvinism to his congregation.

Many now believe that Vuolo’s beliefs played a role in Jim Bob’s hesitancy to approve of Jinger and Jeremy getting engaged.

In fact, it seems Jim Bob may have only given his consent after realizing that he was no match for Jinger’s stubborn streak.

Seewald, on the other hand, was not expected to offer much resistance to Jim Bob’s views, in part due to his submissive nature and the fact that he’s beholden to the Duggars financially.

“Very quiet, reserved, but he’s a Calvinist,” says our source, adding that Jessa makes most of the major decisions in the Seewald household.

“His wife is the boss. She holds the key to everything – money, you name it.”

Seewald’s more liberal beliefs have caused him to run afoul of Jim Bob in the past, but it seems it’s only since Vuolo joined the family that Ben’s been vocal about his Calvinist views.

As a result of Ben gaining an ally, it seems the Duggars are in the midst of a power struggle worthy of Game of Thrones.

“The things you see when the cameras aren’t rolling aren’t necessarily so when the cameras are off,” our source says of the deep ideological divisions that threaten to tear the family apart.

The insider believes that Jim Bob will ultimately be triumphant in his struggle against his sons-in-law, noting that the former politician is such a force to be reckoned with in his hometown of Tontitown, Arkansas that locals have taken to calling the area “Duggarville.”

“You really have to be around these people to understand how cultish they really are,” our source says. “Everything is controlled by Jim Bob, all the money in that place is controlled by Jim Bob.”

“Jim Bob does what Jim Bob wants to do,” he adds. “Sometimes, people who have a little bit of clout just do whatever they want.”


Jim Bob Duggar: Clashing With Ben Seewald Over Religious Beliefs?

If you know anything about Jim Bob Duggar aside from the fact that he’s very big on procreation, then you know that the father of 19 is deeply religious.

In fact, aside from the staggering size of his brood, it seems to be Jim Bob’s strict fundamentalist beliefs that attracted television producers and audiences to his unique story.

But it often seems that for every one fan who’s drawn to Jim Bob’s piety, there are 100 who are disgusted by his cultish views or who revel in pointing out his hypocrisy.

From an outsiders persective, it seems that Jim Bob rules over his household with an iron fist.

And indeed, the Duggars enforce a patriarchal system that gives Jim Bob a disturbing amount of autonomy over the lives of his wife and daughters.

But he exercises no such control over his adult sons or his daughters’ husbands, and it seems that even within the extended Duggar clan, Jim Bob’s uncompromising belief system has proven to be a source of strife and conflict.

We already knew about some of the more obvious ways in which Jim Bob’s beliefs differ from those of the men who have married into his family.

The most commonly cited example is likely the fact that Jinger Duggar is permitted to wear pants now, as her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, doesn’t share Jim Bob’s belief that women should only wear skirts.

Yes, once the Duggar girls marry, their husbands assume control of their lives, which may be why Jim Bob is taking some seemingly minor religious differences with his sons-in-law so seriously.

A source tells the The Hollywood Gossip exclusively that Jim Bob has openly disagreed with Jessa Duggar’s husband, Ben Seewald, on a number of different issues, particularly Ben’s belief in the doctrine of Calvinism.

Seewald and his family are adherents to the teachings of an Arkansas pastor named Kevin Smead, one of the nation’s formeost propnents of Southern Baptist Calvinism.

One of the more controversial teachings of Calvinism is that of predestination, or the belief that one’s salvation and path through life are pre-determined.

Ben has openly split with Jim Bob on a number of issues, such as when he publicly supported the Black Lives Matter movement, but it’s reportedly his beliefs in Calvinism and predestination that are of particular concern to Jim Bob.

Our source, a former employee of the Duggars, accuses Jim Bob of being unfaithful to his beliefs and accepting Ben’s influence over his daughter as a means of maintaining the illusion of wholesomeness and family unity that’s so essential to the Duggar brand.

“They chase they almighty dollar instead of their doctrine,” says the insider.

“When the cameras aren’t rolling, it’s a whole different life,” he adds. “It’s all about money. It’s crazy.”

The source adds that he believes fans would be shocked to see “such a division, doctrine-wise” within the Duggar family and the rift that it’s caused between generations.

Watch Counting On online to see the illusory world that the Duggars present to their legion of devoted fans.


Jessa Duggar Pens Adorable Letter to Ben Seewald for His Birthday!

The Duggars have their problems, everybody knows that, but sometimes, every once in a while, they can actually be pretty cute.

And this weekend, one of them was darn near precious.

On Friday, Ben Seewald celebrated his 22nd birthday. Yeah, you’d think he’d be a little older, what with being married with two children, but hey, it’s the Duggars.

What can you do?

So Ben had his birthday, and to celebrate, Jessa Duggar wrote just the sweetest little letter to him and slapped it up on the family’s website.

She begins the letter by telling Ben that she’s been reminiscing about how their relationship began, and “just thinking about how blessed I am to do life with you!”

“When first I laid eyes on you,” she writes, “a dapper seventeen-year-old young man, I never could’ve dreamt of what the future held for us.”

She explains that the first time she met Ben, they were at church on Sunday morning, and their eyes just happened to meet across the pews.

“Our first conversation was slightly awkward because we both wanted to say ‘Hey!’ but we were a bit nervous,” Jessa recalls.

“You tried to break the ice. ‘Is that an iPhone?’ you questioned, pointing at the device I was fumbling around in my hands. I held up my beat-up iPhone 3 in a lime green case.”

“‘Yeah, it’s an ancient one.’ You were an android user at that point (though I’ve since converted you), so I guess that was a genuine inquiry.”

After that, their families interrupted, and their first conversation was over.

Ah, young love.

Jessa says that after that first meeting, it took three weeks for Ben to show up at the Duggar’s church again, and after that service, her brothers invited him over to the compound.

They seemed to have a good time, so Ben made the trip back once a month, and after a while, he brought up the idea of transferring schools to be closer to Jessa.

This whole time, if you can believe it, she wasn’t sure about his age, and when she found out that he was over two years younger than her, she thought “Surely he wouldn’t be interested in an older gal.”

But he was!

“Over those next few months,” Jessa says, “we talked a lot during your visits. And the more we talked, the more I started to fall for you.”

“It was as if I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t know many guys in their 30’s with the passion for Christ that you had! I was amazed by the depth of the spiritual conversations we would have. You went deep with God.”

How could a girl resist that?

They continued meeting, and between meetings, they texted. Eventually he asked her on a date, and then shortly after that, they decided to “spend forever together.”

Jessa — sweet Jessa — says that she told Ben to “buy me a ring from Claire’s,” and that she “didn’t care if it turned my finger green if it meant we could save up quicker for our future together!”

But he saved up until he could buy her a diamond, and almost a year later, he proposed in a chapel decorated with candles and rose petals.

After that, of course, they had their gorgeous wedding, then began their life together.

She makes a long list of things she loves about Ben, including the way he supports her but still pushes her to try things out of her comfort soon, his corny sense of humor, and his tenderness.

“You are so tender with our children,” she gushes. “Spurgeon loves wrestling with you, and playing hide & seek. Henry loves ‘talking’ to you! His face lights up and he gets so excited when you’re around!”

“There is just so much more that I could say,” Jessa finishes, “but I shall close for now with this: I know that I married up. God has blessed me beyond measure in giving me you! I am so thankful for you!”

“Happy birthday, Lovey!”

Congrats on all the love, you crazy kids.