Selena Gomez Just Released a New Song. It’s Clearly About Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez has released brand new music.

And it very clearly seems to focus on a famous old boyfriend.

Yes, we’re looking at you, Justin Bieber. (But you may want to look away right about now, before it’s too late.)

Back in March, Gomez and Bieber broke up, although source insisted at the time that this split was different from the MANY other times the stars parted ways.

They insisted this was merely a temporary setback for the singer, who had reconciled romantically in November, just a few months earlier.

However, now here we are in May and there are no real signs that Selena and Justin have been hanging out again.

Bieber is allegedly making himself as perfect as possible in order to appeal to his frequent girlfriend, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Selena may truly be over Justin.

How do we know for sure?

Just consider the lyrics from her latest track, “Back To You.”

Gomez told Zane Lowe Thursday on Apple Music’s Beats 1 that this record is “special,” adding of the single:

“I want it to be a beautiful message in a really complicated way – but really fun.”

Will Bieber consider it beautiful, though? We somehow doubt it, not when the song appears to center on their romance and Selena’s regret over it.

Sings Selena:

We never got it right/Playing and replaying old conversations/Overthinking every word and I hate it/’Cause it’s not me, and what’s the point in hiding?

Everybody knows we got unfinished business/And I’d regret it if I didn’t say this isn’t what it could be.

You could break my heart in two/But when it heals, it beats for you/I know it’s forward, but it’s true/I wanna hold you when I’m not supposed to.

On one hand here, Selena is freely admitting that she can’t resist Justin Bieber. She just can’t say no to his personality or his smile or those rock-hard abs.

But on the other hand… she’s sounding wistful, isn’t she?

She’s not sounding very excited over the fact that she always ends up with this unnamed individual, she’s just sounding resigned to it.

Indeed: Gomez has “completely moved on” from Bieber and is “not interested in getting back together with him anytime soon,” an insider tells E! News, echoing a sentiment we have heard before of course.

But why do we believe it now more than ever?

Gomez nearly lost her life last summer upon getting a kidney transplant.

She appears to be a new lease on life.

She’s more mature and more grounded than ever and she certainly appears to have more perspective than ever before.

“Selena is going in a different direction with her life,” this same source tells E!, adding:

“She’s had a lot of self-reflection time and it’s been good for her. She’s hanging out with friends and taking it easy.”

Clearly, we still would not be stunned if Selena does get back together with Justin.

“When I’m lying close to someone else, you’re stuck in my head, and I can’t get you out of it,” she sings in this track, adding:

“If I could do it all again, I know I’d go back to you.”

But WILL she?

Will Selena go back to Justin in real life?

This is the question, folks.


Selena Gomez: I KNOW My Makeup Was Bad. Enough Already!

Selena Gomez is a gorgeous and talented woman, but fans noticed that at the 2018 MET Gala, she did not look her best.

Specifically, a number of people roasted her over looking like she had been on the receiving end of a bad spray tan. Some even suspected sabotage.

Selena has posted her response

Selena gomez at the gala

Selena usually looks better on camera than this.

This has happened at least once before — Selena's face appearing to have different, less flattering contours.

This time, fans could not help but notice, and those who don't care if their words are unkind took to social media to point it out.

"Whoever gave selena gomez that spray tan tonight is holding a secret grudge against her."

We don't believe that makeup artist Hung Vanngo was trying to sabotage her.

"Selena Gomez is looking like a reminder of why I’m scared to fake tan."


"Selena Gomez was counting one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi while getting a tan yikes."

Selena gomez at the met gala 2018

Others were clearly not trying to be too harsh to Selena but admitted that she had looked better.

"Selena Gomez isnt ugly but her makeup team did her so bad."

Someone else defended her … while roasting her.

"Everyone jumping down @selenagomez throat for her spray tan actin like half of y’all haven’t walked out of a tanning salon looking like a straight dorito. You’ve been there, I’ve been there, we’ve all been there."

Another believes that there may be a medical explanation.

"Guys she (selena gomez) had a kidney transplant! The medication after bloat you like crazy and swell you like crazy stop being so judgmental! If you dont accept what she looks like. Dont drag her down because its not “what you approve” …"


Selena gomez runs met gala 2018

Selena Gomez herself responded by posting a video, which you can see in its entirety below.

In the caption of her Instagram video, she writes:

"Me when I saw my pictures from MET."

The video itself shows her running away from the camera, letting the train of her dress flow behind her.

It seems clear that she felt similarly about her makeup job to a number of her critics.

But … she also disabled comments on that video.

Selena gomez 2018 met gala

An insider tells People that Selena's makeup fiasco was not apparent until the photos turned up.

"In person, she honestly felt great but not everything looks the same as it does in person."

Being photogenic is a real thing, and makeup that looks good in person does not always play well on camera.

And they reveal why she shared that video.

"She was just clapping back at people who were commenting on her tan and hair and wanted to make a joke about it."

We wouldn't call that much of a clapback. It just seemed like she was gently acknowledging the situation.

Selena gomez stunning selfie

In real life, Selena Gomez is as beautiful as she is magical and lyrical.

Admittedly, her dress was a disappointment when compared to Rihanna or Zendaya's looks.

But not everyone who attends the MET Gala actually dresses for the assigned motif.

And, quite frankly, Selena still played by the rules a lot more than most of the men who were in attendance.

We're sorry that her makeup caused so much criticism.

Selena's done a couple of things in her life that warrant controversy. Showing up with contouring that doesn't play well on camera should not be one of them.

Selena gomez i know my makeup was bad enough already

Justin Bieber: Shading Selena Gomez for Faking Happiness?

The 2018 MET Gala has come and gone, leaving us all with photos and fond memories of extraordinary outfits like Rihanna’s and Zendaya’s. Also, a lot of disappointments.

Justin Bieber was not in attendance, but that didn’t stop him from posting a curiously cryptic tweet early the following morning.

Was the Biebs throwing shade at the MET Gala … or just at Selena Gomez herself?

Justin Bieber reportedly believes that it’s God’s plan for Selena Gomez to take him back.

He is a devout Christian from a family of devout Christians (check his mom’s Instagram from time to time; she’s been known to post End Times materials).

So it absolutely make sense that he would view major life events such as the biggest relationship of his life through a religious lens.

But, in the mean time, the two have been broken up since March.

And a lot of fans can’t help but wonder if Justin was referring to Selena when he wrote this:

Justin Bieber's cryptic IG message

“Hey world that glamorous lifestyle you see portrayed by famous people on Instagram don’t be fooled thinking their life is better than yours.”

That’s almost a sentence.

“I can promise you it’s not.”

While plenty of commenters pointed out how much money would improve their lives, others guessed at the timing of Justin’s post.

This was early in the morning, following the MET Gala.

And Justin’s ex, Selena Gomez, had attended.

We absolutely adore Selena Gomez, but while her dress is fine, it doesn’t really meet the assignment of the MET Gala.

Rihanna came out dressed like a stylish, sexy pope. Zendaya’s outfit was so inspirational that people have been drawing fanart of her as a warrior.

Chadwick Boseman, Cardi B, Ariana Grande, and others really lived up to and exceeded our expectations.

But some wonder if Justin saw these photos — the official ones, and the personal ones posted to social media — and grew jealous of the happy expressions.

Maybe he wasn’t so much speaking to fans as he was reminding himself that a smiling photograph does not equate to happiness.

And, indirectly, telling himself that Selena isn’t necessarily happy without him.

That’s what some fans interpreted his cryptic PSA to mean, anyway.

Let us consider, for a moment, that he was not referring specifically to Selena.

Perhaps he was making a broader statement.

Perhaps he was blasting many fellow celebrities — and we should note that Selena was not his only ex at the MET Gala.

(Hailey Baldwin, of course, attended arm-in-arm with Shawn Mendes)

Some celebrities go through awkward phases during which they reject many of the trappings of fame because they’re “fake” or whatever.

Or maybe Justin was really just trying to assure people at home that beautiful famous people have bad days, too.

There is also a chance that Bieber, though not a Catholic, took offense at the Gala’s Catholicism motif.

Though the Vatican approved it and even loaned a number of items for the event, a number (who were not aware of this) tried to raise an uproar and allege “cultural appropriation,” which this is not.

(For so many reasons, dressing like Catholic art with the official approval of the Vatican is not cultural appropriation)

Maybe Bieber was offended that people were using some pieces of Christian imagery as a costume.

But that, too, is just fan speculation.

That’s the problem with cryptic tweets — they leave people wondering what you really mean.

One of Justin’s biggest hits was “What Do You Mean,” so … he should understand that.