Amy Roloff SLAMMED: Did She Exploit Jacob Roloff to Sell Bread?!

For some reason, certain “fans” of Little People, Big World like to take aim at Amy Roloff. A lot of the time, it’s for nothing more than imagined misdeeds.

This time … well, they’re not imagining anything. She definitely did a photo op with her previously estranged son, family black sheep Jacob Roloff.

And she used the otherwise endearing photo to … sell bread.

As we all remember, Jacob Roloff has been taking baby steps towards repairing his relationship with his family.

And while it looks like Jacob Roloff and Audrey Roloff still don’t see eye-to-eye (and, quite frankly, may never), he’s definitely been bonding with his family.

Particularly with his mom, Amy Roloff.

They’ve shared some of their touching moments over social media over the past several months, which has been great to see.

But this particular photo isn’t sitting too well with fans:

On the surface, Amy and her youngest son are just eating side by side at the table.

Okay, with some very prominently displayed bread. Like, remember the old timey food pyramid and how like a quarter of what you were supposed to ingest was bread? This is that amount of bread.

Amy’s caption raised some eyebrows:

“I just love when I get to hang out w/ my youngest son Jacob.”

Sweet … and totally innocuous so far. Then she writes:

“Even more so when having some of Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen Snickerdoodle Bread, Coffee, and hearing all about his Iceland trip w/ Isabel.”

That’s … that’s such awkward product placement that most movies would turn down the money.

“What a blast! Check out my January bread and other offerings at and Order some today! Enjoy! “

Don’t even get us started on her ridiculous tags at the end of the caption.

“#snickerdoodle #amyroloffslittlekitchen #amyssecondactcontinues .#lovetocookandbake #mylittlekitchen @AmyRoloffsLittleKitchen”

Honestly, and we don’t say this to be mean, but it’s possible that Amy Roloff doesn’t know how tagging on Instagram works.

If you take a group photo and somebody says “tag me,” it means, like, on the photo. Like Facebook tagging has worked since not long after Hurricane Katrina.

The issue, of course, was that it seemed wildly disingenuous to a number of fans for Amy to turn what looks like a normal social gathering into a painfully awkward commercial for bread.

Especially considering the reason that Jacob parted ways with his family in the first place.

A couple of years ago, Jacob Roloff decided that he didn’t want to be on Little People, Big World anymore. In fact, he didn’t want to be around his family.

He had a number of issues with his family — normal teen angst, combined with some very real grievances about how he was raised. Not everybody likes growing up on a farm. And the agnostic Roloff didn’t like being raised with zero religious choices, either.

The final straw was the show, which he blasted as “phony” when he departed.

If Jacob doesn’t like phony shows, how does he feel about staged get-togethers with mom?

Clearly he agreed to it — sometimes it’s hard to say “no” to mom — but fans really let Amy have it in the comments.

“I love my son but i also love my bread…both of which are for sale,” parodied one fan.

“Can you ever take a picture without selling your expensive products. You are tooooo commercial!” This one sounded less like hate and more like feedback.

“It’s awesome to see the 2 of you together, but does everything have to be a commercial?” That one’s definitely said lovingly.

There were plenty of nice comments, too, and others defending Amy. Even Jacob stepped in to speak up for his mother, writing:

I’ve actually never said filming ruined my childhood, only that it (obviously?) had, and continues to hold, a massive impact on my person now. In any case, being rude about a thing you want to change won’t do anything in the end — so please cool it, my moms bread is dank (that means good).

Of course, not everyone likes Jacob, either. One commenter wrote:

“He’s a little juvenile delinquent hates his family sorry SNOWFLAKE if you don’t like my post truth hurts”

Our takeaway? People who leave internet comments can sometimes be nasty people who say cruel things that they’d never say in person.

Groundbreaking stuff.

It’s crystal clear that Jacob is fine with helping his mom sell bread. He’s trying to repair his bond with his family. So let’s not create problems where there aren’t any, okay?

It’s bad enough that some fans want Jacob to cut his (great!) hair.


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Kendall Jenner Goes Topless to Sell Bottoms

Well … it’s better than Freedom Fries.

Okay, so Kendall Jenner’s latest ad is for something called the Freedom Panty.

And while she’s wearing the panties in question, she’s not wearing anything else. 

Considering how infamously terrible Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi commercial was, this photo that we have below is a huge step up.

In this photo, we see Kendall wearing a pair of red panties and standing to the side, with only her hands to conceal her bare breasts.

The background and makeup and even her hair combine to give it an eery, uncanny valley quality.

You’ll see.

Kendall shared the advertisement on Instagram.

In her caption, she tagged La Perla’s Instagram page.

La Perla’s Instagram page also shared the ad, and included the caption:

“Introducing La Perla’s #FreedomPanty, crafted from the finest French Leavers Lace with interwoven stretch. Shop online and in our boutiques.”

On both pages, this was the photo:

Move over, Madame Tussauds!

We kid — that’s really Kendall Jenner; she only looks like a horrifying knockoff of the original.

It’s part of the style of the photo — matching the way that her skin is made up to catch the light and the unnatural flowers behind her.

(Besides, if Madame Tussauds’ terrible impressions of Beyonce are any indication, they couldn’t make something that looks this much like Kendall)

Usually, Kendall is one of the most likeable of the Kardashian family.

She’s beautiful and she’s less likely to say dumbass things or feud with people.

She also has a real job — modeling — that’s pretty separate from what the rest of her family does.

Lately, however, Kendall Jenner has seemed to be courting controversy at every turn.

Her Pepsi ad was just a PR nightmare, obviously.

Then there were the shirts that she and Kylie tried to market.


And then, most recently, there was Kendall’s ad where she was smoking.

Smoking is bad for your health and, more importantly, incredibly disrespectful to everyone around you.

So many of Kendall’s fans are young and impressionable and really don’t need to be seeing celebrities smoking in any way that might make it seem cool or sexy.

(Smoking rates keep going down — can we please keep it that way?)

In her defense, Kendall absolutely mentioned in the captions that she doesn’t smoke.

So this looks like another case of her being asked to do something and her accepting the instructions without raising a fuss.

(Just like with the Pepsi ad)

Basically, Kendall’s problem isn’t that she sits around coming up with bad ideas.

It’s that she does her job by going along with other people’s bad ideas.

And we do think that it’s unfair that so much ire is directed at Kendall herself rather than at the people who are actually responsible.

Whether you love Kendall Jenner or can’t stand her …

No matter what you think of the artistic choices in this ad …

(Seriously, why choose such a gorgeous celebrity model if you’re going to give her that uncanny valley look?)

… We can all agree on one thing:

It’s way, way better than that Pepsi ad.