The Voice Recap: Will a New Twist Refresh this Tired Series?

it’s hard to believe it, but The Voice Season 15 premiered Monday night. 

Series mainstays Adam Levine and Blake Shelton were joined by Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson for what will probably be another season of the wrong contestant being voted out on a weekly basis, never to hear from the actual winner again. 

In any case, the Blind Auditions always pack a punch in the emotions department because it’s great seeing some people get that seal of approval. 

We learned at the top of the premiere that there would be a significant change, and that allowed Kelsea Ballerini to lend her coaching skills to six singers who did not get a chair turn. 

She then gets the chance to send her two best singers to the Live Playoffs, giving them the opportunity to be instantly saved and added to the team of their choice. 

It all sounds rather convoluted, but that’s the name of the game when you’re pushing out two seasons a year. 

Let’s break down the performances, shall we?

Sarah Grace – “Ball and Chain” – (Team Kelly)

Sarah has got to be one of the bubbliest contestants in the history of this series. She opened up about a condition she was suffering from. Named Synesthesia, it meant she sees colors every time she hears the music. 

Her voice was robust, and that probably explains why Kelly wanted her on her team. 

Tyshawn Colquitt – “Like I Can” – (Team Jennifer)

Tyshawn’s performance started with a whimper and ended with a bang. It’s great when that happens, and his dance routine was pretty solid. 

There’s a star here, but the true test will be whether Jennifer can coach him in the right direction. 

Tyke James – “Perfect” – (Team Adam)

Tyke looked like a star, but his vocals were not that great. They were shaky, and it made me question what Adam had planned to loosen the contestant up. 

A lot of the best performers let the nerves get the best of them, but Tyke will need to adapt quickly if he wants to pack a punch post-premiere. 

Mercedes Ferreira-Dias, “She Used to Be Mine” (Team Blake)

Mercedes appeared on The Voice Season 14 and failed to get a chair turn from Kelly, but that didn’t stop the kid taking another shot at her dream. 

She brought her A-Game to this performance, and Blake Shelton took her under his wing. 

Radha – “Mamma Knows Best” – (Team Adam)

It’s always difficult to assess who will make it from the premiere all the way to the finale, but there was something about Radha that oozed star quality. 

Maybe it was the fact that she never stopped for a breath. She was phenomenal. 

Kameron Marlowe – “One Number Away” – (Team Blake)

Kameron had a lot to offer, and that’s why it was unsurprising that his vocals were on top form. The 21-year-old has a unique voice, good looks, and a great stage presence. That will likely secure him a lot of votes. 

Mikele Buck – “She Used to Be Mine” – (Team Kelly)

It’s surprising that there are so many good performers off the bat. Mikele appeared with his guitar and got to work with a performance that packed an emotional punch. 

While it was surprising the judges never turned straight away, it was clear they were impressed by this man’s Brooks & Dunn cover. 

Patrique Fortson – “Get Here” – (Team Jennifer)

The moment Patrique opened his mouth to sing this Oleta Adams cover, one thing was clear:

His voice is up there as one of the series’ finest. Thankfully, Jennifer agreed, saying:

“When your voice opened up, “the gates of heaven opened up.”

Kennedy Holmes – “Turning Tables” – (Team Jennifer)

This 13-year-old appeared on stage, conquered and then some. She’s like a seasoned artist, despite her age and there’s not much Jennifer will need to change to make her marketable. 

What are your thoughts on the first night of the Blind Auditions?

Hit the comments below. 

The Voice continues tonight at 8/7c on NBC. 


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Ruby Rose Will Play Lesbian Superhero Batwoman on New CW Series!

It’s time for some great casting news!

Ruby Rose will be joining the CW’s Arrowverse. She will be playing Batwoman as the titular character in the upcoming TV series.

Even before that series premieres, fans will get to see her make an appearance as Batwoman.

Greg Berlanti is living his best life. He is producing Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, Titans, and more.

And soon, he and writer Caroline Dries will have a new series for The Cw: Batwoman.

The character of Batwoman will make her first appearance before her show even begins, because she will have a role on his December’s big DC crossover event.

And The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Batwoman will be played by Ruby Rose.

Ruby also a model and recording artist, and is noted for acting roles on Orange Is The New Black and Dark Matter as well as film roles like John Wick II and The Meg.

This is great news!

Batwoman CW image

If you’re not familiar with the character of Batwoman, you should start off by knowing that she is emphatically not Batman’s girlfriend.

In fact, Batwoman is Bruce Wayne’s cousin. Also, she’s a lesbian. Her name is Kate Kane.

Like her cousin, she utilizes combat skills, detective work, and gadgetry in order to combat her city’s criminal element.

The Batwoman series will follow Kate Kane as she pursues her interest in social justice and her training in street fighting, battling her inner demons and also battling crime in Gotham.

There have been a number of versions of Kate’s story over the years — that’s the nature of comics. It’s likely that fans will see both new and familiar elements of Kate as they watch her joint he Arrowverse.

While Batwoman won’t be the DC’s first lesbian superhero on the CW (for example, there is Anissa Pierce, aka Thunder on Black Lightning), or the first LGBT+ lead on a DC show (that would be Sara Lance on Legends of Tomorrow), she will be the first gay lead.

Showrunners had decided from the get-go that they wanted to cast an openly gay actress for the role.

Representation is important, and a lot of heterosexual actors have been hailed as “brave” for portraying LGBT+ characters over the years.

Ruby Rose, who came out as gay when she was 12, and was dating Jess Origliasso of The Veronicas until April of this year, is a great fit.

The Arrowverse is affirming its commitment to representation with Nicole Maines, a trans woman who will play a trans superhero, joining Supergirl as a series regular next season.

When the news of her casting broke, Ruby took to Instagram to confirm it to her followers.

“The Bat is out of the bag,” Ruby’s captions begin. “And I am beyond thrilled and honored.”

“I’m also,” she admits. “An emotional wreck.”

This means so much to her, she explains, “because this is a childhood dream.”

“This is something I would have died to have seen on TV when I was a young member of the LGBT community,” Ruby says. “Who never felt represented on tv and felt alone and different.”

Kids and teens need representation, too.

“Thank you everyone,” Ruby says. “Thank you god.”

We still do not know which other characters will be featured on Batwoman, let alone who will play them.

(We all have our fancasts of who should play Renee Montoya — a comics character often associated with Batwoman, though, like Harley Quinn, Montoya was originally conceived in the 1990s for Batman: The Animated Series)

Batwoman is expected to air on the CW, while other upcoming live-action DC shows like Titans, Doom Patrol, and Swamp Thing will be making their debut on the DC Universe streaming app, which is now available for preorder.

Congratulations to Ruby Rose for living her dreams and getting to bring this comics legend to life!


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