Rudy Giuliani Deflects Attorney General Questions, Job’s Not Open and Sessions Is a Friend

Rudy Giuliani insists he won’t stab Jeff Sessions in the back for the Attorney General post — and says President Trump should field all questions about the job … not him. We got the former NYC mayor at Reagan National in D.C. and…


Saturday Night Live Takes on Jeff Sessions Scandal: Watch!

OK, so Kate McKinnon is easily one of the best parts of Saturday Night Live these days, right?

And Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions, as we saw last month, is just brilliant.

So Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump?

Yeah, it's pretty much guaranteed to blow your mind.

In last night's cold open, Kate put on that spectacular costume, sat at a bus stop, and told Jeff Sessions' story to a series of strangers.

"I'm the Attorney General of the whole United States," SNL's Jeff said at one point, his mouth stuffed full of chocolates.

And it really only gets better from there.

Where Forrest Gump had Jenny, Jeff has Kellyanne, his "best good friend." He pulls out the now-infamous picture of Kellyanne Conway kneeling on the Oval Office couch, saying "She ain't got no legs."

"I always say life is like a box of chocolates," he says, taking another of Forrest Gump's catchphrases. "Sure are a whole lot of brown ones in there!"

Well, that last part isn't exactly how it went in Forrest Gump, but it's fitting for the character of Jeff Sessions, right?

Jeff also talked about that little scandal he found himself in a few days ago, the one where it turned out that he may have committed perjury during his confirmation hearing by lying about meeting with a Russian ambassador during Trump's campaign.

At one point, Putin himself even showed up.

Watch the glorious, glorious skit below:

Saturday night live takes on jeff sessions scandal watch

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