James Franco Uncomfortable on Seth Meyers’ Show Talking About Ally Sheedy

James Franco had some super uncomfortable moments Wednesday night on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” when the host asked the actor about Ally Sheedy. You’ll recall, after Franco won Best Actor during the Golden Globes, Sheedy tweeted, “Why is a man…


Seth Meyers Slams Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey to Open Golden Globes 2018

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Seth Rogen’s Mom Tweets About Sex: What Did Seth Say?

There is nothing more embarrassing than having your parents on social media.

They are all up in your business, checking where you’ve checked into. It can be pretty crazy. 

It can also be pretty funny, and Seth Rogen is learning the hard way that his mother will embarrass him at every single opportunity thrown her way. 

In a hilarious exchange between the mother-son, Seth reacts in shock to his mother chatting about sex to her 41,000 followers. 

No, that was not a typo. Seth Rogen’s mother is all over Twitter commenting about sex. 

“Falling asleep after sex is like shavasana after yoga.!,” said Sandy Rogen on Twitter on July 5, shocking everyone who laid eyes on the tweet. 

People tweeted that they were waiting to see Seth’s response, and, well, he did not take it all that well. 

“Jesus fucking Christ mom,” the 35-year-old actor clapped back at his mother. 

However, Sandy was not in an apologetic mood and went with a witty response to her son. 

“It’s just an observation of life!” she responded. We’re actually very surprised the tweet did not disappear from existence. 

Whenever celebrities tweet embarrassing things, they are generally swiftly deleted. 

“Whatever!!,” Seth replied, apparently irate by the whole thing. We can’t even begin to imagine how shocked and embarrassed he was at the time, but it was still hilarious. 

“Whateverrrrrrrr mom mm!,” said back, clearly wanting to keep the exchange going strong. 

Another family member named Danya chimed in with their thoughts on the matter. 

“Seriously. I actually gagged,” the family member said. 

“It’s gnarly,” Seth responded, while his mother said: “Lame!”

Something tells us there are going to be some awkward silences the next time Seth meets up with his mother. 

What do you think about all of this?

Sound off below!


Sean Hannity: FIRED From Fox News Over Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory?

If you’re familiar with Sean Hannity, you know that he’s the national news media’s answer to the former fat kid who went from bullied to bully after making third string offensive line, and who now makes up for lost time by shoving twice as many kids into lockers.

Hannity used to beat up on his on-air partner, Alan Colmes, who was clearly meant to play the role of the Fox News audience’s idea of a typical liberal: meek, bookish, always wrong.

But these days, Hannity is on his own, and so he’s forced to terrorize less likely victims.

Like, say, the families of promising young men murdered in their prime.

As you’ve likely heard by now, a DNC employee named Seth Rich was tragically shot dead at the age of 27 in July of last year.

Police have concluded that Rich’s murder was part of a botched robbery attempt, but naturally, the tin foil-hat-wearing nut jobs who brought us #Pizzagate and Alex Jones heard the words “murder” and “DNC” in the same sentence and immediately became fully erect.

Having long ago exchanged his soul for a profitable share in the 49-65 demo, Sean Hannity has decided in recent weeks to force Rich’s family to relive the grim details of their son’s murder in service of a conspiracy theory that his own network has renounced.

Yes, Fox News officially believes there’s no connection between Rich’s murder and the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

(Ya know, because why in the hell would there be?)

Additionally, Rich’s family has publicly asked Hannity to stop politicizing their son’s murder and dragging his legacy through the mud.

But at first, Hannity refused to let it go.

Not only because it was great for whipping up a frenzy at retirement communities all over the country, but also because he had some great sources on his side:

We’re talking about folks like international fugitive Julian Assange and a hacker named – we sh-t you not – Kim Dotcom.

Move over, Woodward and Bernstein! Assange and Dotcom are not members of Tracy Morgan’s entourage on 30 Rock, but rather totes legit journalists here to steal your crown!

Of course, following the firing of Bill O’Reilly, multiple sexual harassment scandals, the departure of Megyn Kelly, and the death of Roger Ailes, Fox News is on shaky ground these days.

Many advertisers who aren’t thrilled with the idea of terrorizing parents who recently lost a child have already jumped ship, and Hannity was forced to issue an on-air pseudo-apology earlier this week.

Now, Hannity has announced some unexpected “time off,” which is the Fox News-speak equivalent of when your parents say they’re taking the family dog to live on a farm upstate. 

Hannity addressed the rumors that he’s being canned by claiming (like O’Reilly and Kelly before him) that his vacation was totally planned and he’ll be back before you know it.

“ANNUAL Memorial Day long weekend starts NOW,” Hannity tweeted, adding, for clarification, that he has not taped his “last show.”

Yes, friend of the working man Sean Hannity might be in the midst of a tireless effort to expose the political scandal of a lifetime, but sometimes you just have to take a five-day long weekend to get your chillax on, ya know?

Hopefully, Sean gets the R&R he needs, and returns ready to stoke the flames of some Des Moines meth-head’s dangerous paranoia.

After all, the parents of murdered young people aren’t gonna bully themselves.


Seth Meyers Does Best He Can with Kellyanne Conway

Seth Meyers tried on Tuesday night. He really did.

The comedian sat across from Donald Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, not very long after a report surfaced that claimed Donald Trump has been working with Russia for years.

He tried to get her take on the stunning revelations, starting with whether or not Trump was briefed on this report and his reaction to the claims.

"As an American citizen…we should be concerned that intelligence officials leaked to the press and won’t go tell the president-elect or the President of the United States what the information is," Conway replied.

But… wait.

The President-Elect was made aware of the contents of this report, wasn't he?

“He has said that he is not aware of that," Conway shot back.

"That concerns me," Meyers replied.

Give Meyers credit for attempting to pin Conway down on the matter.

Watch the (Funny? Awkward? Disturbing? Ridiculous? Infuriating?) exchange now:

Seth meyers does the best he can with kellyanne conway

Seth Meyers Breaks Down Over Election Results

In light of Donald Trump’s stunning Presidential victory this week, late-night talk show hosts are left with a pretty big dilemma.

Do they keep mocking everything Trump does and says? Do they keep treating him like the racist, manipulative lunatic that he certainly appears to be?

Or do they take him far more seriously and treat him with more respect… now that he’s actually the President-Elect of the United States?

Seth Meyers may not have a long-term answer to this question. But he simply had to get a few things off his chest during his first broadcast since the world changed for the darker.

Or at least the more orange.

“One of the things I’ve tried to make clear over [the 18 months I’ve been talking about Trump] is how I’ve been wrong about him at every turn,” Meyers told his audience.

“When he first came down the escalator at Trump Tower and announced [he wanted to run], I boldly said on this show it was a stunt, and he would never really run. I then said he would never win the GOP nomination, and I certainly didn’t think he would be our next president.

“But the good news is, based on this pattern of me being wrong on every one of my Donald Trump predictions, he’s probably going to be a great fucking president!

“Let’s just hope this trajectory holds.”

After then making a few jokes about his son and his own response to Trump as President, Meyers talked about the letdown of this country NOT seeing its first woman Commander-in-Chief.

That sucks, he said, but…

“That does mean that someone’s daughter is out there right now who will one day have that title … and whoever you are, I hope I live to see your inauguration,” he said.

Meyers proceeded to choke up a bit when discussing how disappointed his mother is over Clinton’s loss.

Her name is also Hillary and she very badly wanted to be alive when a woman was sworn in to the Oval Office.

It was emotional stuff.

And it came on the heels of Stephen Colbert having the unique opportunity to address Showtime viewers live on air as the election results came in.

Here is how he handled that job:

Meyers did go on to express empathy for Trump supporters.

And even hope for Trump himself.

“In general, I am hopeful for President Trump because hope is always the best possible path to take, and one thing that makes me hopeful is we know from interviews he’s given over the years that he has, at any given point, held every position on every issue.

“He’s been pro-choice, pro-life, for the Iraq War, against the Iraq War. Pretty much his only consistent position has been: anti-Rosie O’Donnell.

“So I’m hopeful that he’s not actually a racist, and that he just used racist rhetoric to court voters – because when you’re courting someone, you’re always willing to pretend you’re something you’re not.”

He then compared apple picking to racism… in a very insightful and hilarious way.

It actually will be interesting to see how comedians tackle the issue of Trump going forward.

It will also be interesting to see if any of the following celebrities actually move to Canada.