Sexiest Motorcyclist on Instagram Dies in Horrific Crash

Olga Pronina, a female biker in Russia often referred to as the “Sexiest Motorcyclist” on the planet, was killed Monday night after losing control of her vehicle and slamming into highway side railing.

She was 40 years old.

Pronina was racing through the city of Vladivostok in Russia at a high speed when her BMW motorcycle swerved off the road and caused its rider to be hurled from the bike.

She died before emergency medical personnel could even get to her, according to The New York Post.

The mother of one was known as “Monika” to her 176,000-plus followers on social media, most of whom were drawn to the biker due to her sexy snapshots.

Most of these snapshots featured Pronina in various states of undress, posing either alongside or directly on top of her motorcycle.

An admitted adrenaline junkie, Pronina shared a video on Instagram last month that depicted her straddling a bike sideways, while drinking from a straw and racing down the street.

“By the way, doing 250kmph and holding one hand is very uncomfortable,” she told fans in the footage.

“I do not recommend But I got my adrenaline dose.”

According to local reports, Olga had earned dozens of speeding tickets over the years.

A friend named Eduard Hasanov told Russian media outlets that Olga spent her life “breaching every rule of safety and riding at high-speed pretty often.”

He labeled her death as “incredibly tragic.”

Another friend reportedly arrived at the area of the accident about 10 minutes it took place, telling a reporter in Russia:

“She was high-speeding and the rear wheel of the bike was lying 600 meters from the scene.”

This friend assumed that Pronina was filming another stunt at the time of her death, saying:

“We tried to find her action camera, but could not find it.”

Police do not believe foul play was to blame for Pronina’s accident, although no official report has been filed just yet.

In response to this sad news, Olga’s Instagram followers left messages of condolence.

“This is huge tragedy. Sleep calm, crazy girl,” wrote user GNK_77.1.

Added aaterihoff ”I wish you good roads in heaven” and then katilda__in__law, who was a bit more realistic in his/her assessment:

“She got her adrenaline dose all right, once and for all…”

May Olga Pronina rest in peace.


Fifty Shades Darker: The Sexiest GIFs So Far!

Yesterday, we had the immense pleasure of seeing the new trailer for Fifty Shades Darker, the action-packed, drama-filled, sex-tastic sequel to the massive hit, Fifty Shades of Grey.

And oh, the feelings we had …

In Fifty Shades Darker, our heroine, Anastasia Steele, starts off feeling a little freaked out by Christian Grey's freakiness, but so much hardship ends up bringing them back together.

And there's also the sex. We can never, ever forget that.

Hey, when you find a guy who leaves butt plugs out for his maid to sanitize and who will actually reach inside your vagina to pull out your tampon so you can have period sex, you hold on and never let go, right?

But even though we're still so excited from seeing the trailer, it will still be a couple of long, hard, lonely months until the actual movie comes out.

So you probably want to check out these magical GIFs from the trailer in the meantime, right?

1. Christian Grey Has Many Muscles

Christian grey has many muscles
Yes, Christian Grey has several issues, but he probably has more muscles! You can see at least a dozen or so in this GIF. Not that you’ll be counting though, right? Of course not — everybody knows brains don’t work properly around sexy sadists!


Shower sex
This is one scene that’s sure to inspire emotion in literally everyone. Either you’re way into it for the obvious reasons, you pervs, you’re interested in getting a close look at Christian’s ridiculously huge shower, or you care about the environement. The least they could do is take their clothes off so they could actually bathe too, you know.

3. Christian Grey Actually Feels A Feeling!

Christian grey actually feels a feeling
We know, we know, Christian is “50 shades of f-cked up,” but check out the little guy here! In this very special moment, you see that Anastasia is changing him, that she has helped him to develop the ability to smile. Romance!

4. Oh No, A Helicopter Crash!

Oh no a helicopter crash
Hey, being sexy isn’t only about genitals and feelings! Intense action can also be sexy, and if you don’t think Mr. Grey himself crashing a damn helicopter is sexy, then check yourself.

5. Boats Are Magical

Boats are magical
Look at Christian’s smile, guys, and Anastasia’s look of total pleasure. Did she see a dolphin? She probably saw a dolphin. HOT.

6. The Old-Fashioned Elevator Grope

The old fashioned elevator grope
Because what’s sexier than being in a small, enclosed space full of strangers, you know? Like, can you think of a BETTER place for your emotionally damaged and controlling boyfriend to grab himself a handful of you? We’ll wait.

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Kylie Jenner: Her 37 Raciest, Sexiest Photos of All Time

It’s hard to believe Kylie Jenner is only 19 years old … and that she's been teasing us with seriously racy photos like these for years.

Years, people. The girl is basically 19 going on 37 in a sense.

We have no idea what that means honestly, but this is clear:

Ever since we've known she existed, the youngest member of the whole Keeping Up with the Kardashians crew has been just … gulp.

Flaunting extreme cleavage, huge lips and come-hither expressions, the social media queen has been taught well by big sister Kim.

And exploited handsomely by Momager Kris, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars for the Kardempire. We just coined that phrase.

Not sure if it's any good, but you win some and you lose some. In any event, we're all winners thanks to this photo gallery we've created.

See the 37 hottest pictures in Kylie Jenner history now:

1. Kylie Jenner Seduces Followers

Kylie jenner seduces followers
Kylie Jenner wrote that she had a “broken nail” in this photo. But why do we think no one is really looking at her nail?

2. Kylie Jenner: Semi-Topless Boob Grab Photo

Kylie jenner semi topless boob grab photo
Kylie Jenner is getting more and more naked everyday to promote a new shade of her lip kit. We like where this trend is headed.

3. Kylie Jenner Tiger Toy Image

Kylie jenner tiger toy image
Kylie held a tiger toy up to her crotch during a recent photoshoot. We think it might be her subtle way of saying she’s banging Tyga.

4. Kylie Jenner Butt Picture

Kylie jenner butt picture
Kylie Jenner is mighty proud of her rear end. She flaunts it in this photo from Instagram.

5. Kylie Jenner Piercing

Kylie jenner piercing
Stop staring at Kylie Jenner’s cleavage! She’s showing off her new piercing in this Instagram photo.

6. Kylie Jenner Cleavage

Kylie jenner cleavage
Kylie Jenner’s cleavage is off the hook in this photo. Just unbelievable, really. Is it real? We think so. Is it spectacular? You tell us.

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Britney Spears’ Sexiest Moments from Slumber Party Music Video!

Britney Spears really is back, bitches … and her brand-new video for Slumber Party is the hottest thing since Toxic

In Britney's new video, which has been viewed almost six million times in its first 24 hours, is hot beyond hot. 

And when we say "hot," we don't mean just hot … we mean HAHT. HAWT. HAAAAAAAAHT.  

In the nearly x-rated music video — we can dream, right? — Britney looks the best she's ever looked. 

She's tight, she's toned, her dancing is spot-on … and that weird vacant look seems to have evaporated from her gaze.  

Things are looking up, and we mean that both metaphorically and literally. 

The video revolves around a party, featuring a bevy of scantily-clad figures, but none better-looking than that belonging to Britney, and ends up in a racy slumber party event. 

Tinashe was also there, somewhere, and we're pretty sure it's the other chick in the pic above with Brit, but we haven't looked hard enough to really confirm it. 

Eventually, the two begin making out, and oh goodness our eyes; our blessed eyes — they've not seen such glory in … well, perhaps ever. 

After sealing the deal with Tinashe, Brit makes her way onto her next victim — an extremely hot male guest.

A Britney Spears threesome?

Who knows.  

 Everybody at this point is in various states of undress, and it's so hot it hurts

Check out the Britney Spears video that everybody's talking about … you don't wanna miss out on this, that's for certain. 

Britney spears sexiest moments from slumber party music video

People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive: A Handsome History


Every year, People Magazine names its Sexiest Man Alive, causing the temperature in offices and in living rooms around the globe to rise a few handsome notches.

Which obvious selections have made the cut? Which choices may come as a surprise?

Beware of getting drool on your keyboard and click through the gorgeous guys below…

1. 2016

Dwayne johnson peoples sexiest man alive
In 2016, People smelled what the Rock was cooking and declared it sexy.

2. 2015

David beckham people cover
Bend it like Beckham? More like, we wish we could look like 2015 winner David Beckham! Even just for one day!

3. 2014

Chris hemsworth sexiest man alive
Chris Hemsworth took home the honor. Anyone want to tell Thor he wasn’t a worthy selection?

4. 2013

Adam levine sexiest man live cover
And he will be loved! Adam Levine smolders on the 2013 cover.

5. 2012

Channing tatum people cover
We’d Channing all over the Tatum of this 2012 winner any day at any time.

6. 2011

Say it with us: the sexiness of Bradley Cooper is limitless, people. Limitless!

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Dwayne Johnson: People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2016!

We have smelled what the Rock is cooking  – and it’s some sort of sexy, sexy stew.

Yes, Dwayne Johnson’s appeal to women, men and small animals is certainly no secret, but today People magazine confirmed what millions of fans already knew:

Johnson is the sexiest man alive.

People bestowed the WWE-wrestler-turned A-list movie star with its highest honor this morning.

(Fun fact: the first Sexiest Man Alive was Nick Nolte in what was clearly a very, very different time.)

The magazine has drawn flak in the past for choosing stars who have projects to promote instead of giving Americans in the checkout lane the sexiness they deserve, dammit!

And while it’s true that Johnson’s animated film Moana (which, as a Disney movie with songs written by Lin-Manuel Miranda stands to make approximately all of the money) is soon to hit theaters, we can’t imagine much controversy over this decision.

It’s hard to think of a more universally-beloved (and frequently lusted after) star than Johnson.

The man who brought the cocked eyebrow and the People’s Elbow into the ring was an unlikely choice for mainstream Hollywood success, but Johnson’s self-deprecating charm and winning smile made him a natural on the big screen.

Asked how he reacted to the news, Johnson replied:

“I said, ‘That’s awesome.’ And then what went through my mind was just how cool and exciting it is.” 

“And then I thought, ‘Wow, we’ve pretty much reached the pinnacle.’ I’m not quite too sure where we go from here. I’ve done it all, this is it.”

He also addressed the honor on his Twitter page this morning, writing:

“Still up at 4am trainin’ hard & takin’ care of my babies.. sexily;). Thank U @people & all the fans. Grateful for the luv!”

He added, with his trademark humor:

“And I smell good… on most days. Truly an honor. Sexy time.”

Johnson was one of the highest-paid actors of 2016, and he may be on the verge of the biggest year of his career.

In addition to the aforementioned Moana, Johnson has a Baywatch adaptation, a Jumanji reboot, and another Fast and Furious sequel slated for 2017.

Yes, the people have smelled what the Rock is cooking.

And they have declared it sexy.


13 Reasons Why Dwayne Johnson is the Sexiest Man Alive

Dwayne Johnson has been asking for years whether or not you can smell what The Rock is cooking.

And, in 2016, People Magazine finally answered that question:

Yes, it absolutely can. And Johnson is cooking drop dead sexiness.

The wrestler-turned-actor has been named People's Sexiest Man Alive… and we can think of a few reasons why:

1. That Eyebrow

Dwayne johnson eyebrow
How many other people out there can say that they rose to fame as the result of a single eyebrow?!?

2. That Body

Dwayne johnson shirtless pic
Okay, maybe not JUST the eyebrow. This body looks like it has been Photoshopped.

3. That Appetite

Dwayne the rock johnson
Note to men: eating a salad is not sexy.

4. That Mustache!

Dwayne johnson throwback photo
HA! Or at least that sense of humor. Johnson is confident enough to have shared this amazing throwback photo with the world.

5. Those Puppies

Dwayne johnson and his puppies
Are we talking about the animals in his arms or his pecs? You decide!

6. Those Thighs

The rock shows off his thighs
Holy muscles!

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