Paola Mayfield Claps Back as Body-Shamers Accuse Her of Being Too Sexy

90 Day Fiance star Paola Mayfield doesn’t let haters get her down.

She’s a fitness model who loves her body, and she’ll flaunt her baby bump in a bathtub if she sees fit.

But her new video has followers accusing her of posting “porn.”

As you are about to see, Paola Mayfield showed off the changes that her pregnancy is making to her body.

“Everything is growing so much,” she wrote in the caption. “And it is not only my belly.”

Pregnancy can have a drastic impact on your entire body.

“I thought it was going to be hard to see all of these changes,” Paola admits.

“But,” she continues. “To be honest I’ve been enjoying being pregnant.”

“I feel lucky and blessed to have such an amazing pregnancy,” she gushes.

This was the new footage of her that, as you’ll soon see, got her followers so riled up.

“I’ve been using the extra delicious calories to build muscle while working out,” she shares.

“But of course,” she admits. “I’ve gained weight.”

Paola then continues: “but to be honest that doesn’t bother me at all.”

It doesn’t bother her “because at the end I know how to get back to the way I was and I like it #noregrets.”

“The most important” thing, she notes. “Is that my little angel is growing strong and healthy.”

Even before the hateful trolls could fill up her mentions, Paola knew to head them off.

“*Before the #momshaming start with the blah blah blah comments,” she added as a note. “Let me tell you this.”

“No, I’m not worried what my kid’s friends will say about me when they see my photos or videos,” Paola affirms.

“That is way [too far] down the road for me to even worry about,” she explains.

“Plus,” she notes. “I haven’t even pushed this baby out yet lol!”

We hope that in the dozen or so years before baby Mayfield has friends with free reign on social media, society will view women more fairly.

Paola is a fitness model, and she says that pregnancy hasn’t altered her career goals.

“I’m not changing just because I’m pregnant or becoming a mom,” Paola affirms.

Good for her!

“I was proud before of who I am,” Paola writes. “And what I’ve done.”

“So,” Pao concludes. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

She is absolutely right, and has been just right all along. Sadly, not all of her followers see it that way.

As they have all along at Paola’s previous pregnancy pics and videos, mom-shamers and body-shamers crawled out of the woodwork.

“Have some respect for yourself!” demaned one hater. “You’re about to be a mother for God sakes!”

Sometimes, self-respect is loving your body instead of being ashamed of it.

“Maybe U should focus more on your marriage and baby rather than your body,” suggested another shamer.

Her marriage is fine and her baby is healthy.

Then another accused Pao of posting “porn” and insisted that she get “some self respect and modesty.”

Anyone who thinks that an innocuous Instagram video of a non-nude pregnant woman is “porn” has some truly alarming tastes.

There was nothing pornographic about Paola’s video.

She showed the cheeks of her butt, as she has done countless times before, both as a model and as a human being who goes to the beach.

There is of course nothing wrong with sex work, but Paola was not engaging in that.

She’s just showing her body in the mirror.

Some people won’t be satisfied until every woman dons a nun’s habit.


Tyga: Heartbroken Over Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s Sexy GQ Cover!

By now, the whole world has seen Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s GQ cover. You know, the one where she’s essentially dry-humping her baby daddy?

Some people liked it. Some people did not. But do you know who really hated seeing Kylie and Travis celebrate their love?

Tyga. He is not taking this well.

HollywoodLife casts some insight on how Tyga feels about Kylie’s latest cover.

Tyga feels crushed over another one of Kylie’s magazine covers,” their source reveals.

With this one right on the heels of Kylie’s controversial Forbes cover, it must be difficult.

Especially since, this time, she’s not on the cover alone.

“He feels heartbroken,” the insider elaborates. “Over her latest GQ cover with Travis.”

If we think about it, he’s probably heartbroken over a lot of the developments in Kylie’s life over the past year.

The report goes on to detail how Tyga, who dated Kylie off and on for what felt like centuries, feels.

“Tyga misses Kylie,” the source explains. “And feels like that should have been him making gorgeous babies with Kylie.”

Considering that Tyga began dating Kylie when she was 17 — he is eight years older than she is — a lot of people were relieved that their relationship didn’t last that long.

Reportedly, Tyga also believes that he should be the one “doing interviews and posing with her for photo shoots and magazine covers.”

So seeing Kylie and Travis’ love splashed over multiple magazine covers really gets under his skin.

“Last week’s Forbes cover was like a punch in the gut,” the insider explains.

There was a lot of wank about the “self-made” qualifier, but that wasn’t Tyga’s issue. He just misses her.

“And now,” the source adds. “This GQ cover with Travis is only making missing Kylie worse and more painful.”

That’s no surprise.

There’s a reason that out of sight, out of mind is a popular saying, even though it isn’t always true.

Every time that he sees these reminders, he has to be imagining the life that they used to have together — and the life that he feels that he should be living.

The Forbes cover might be a reminder that Travis is missing out on his life with Kylie.

But the GQ cover really rubbed salt into the wound.

“He doesn’t like seeing her with Travis’s arms wrapped around her,” the source dishes.

That barely begins to describe the intimate pose that Kylie struck with Travis.

The insider continues, saying: “and he does not want to read the interview either.”

It’s hard to imagine that he won’t cave eventually and read the article.

Like flipping through your ex’s photos on Instagram at 3:45am and you accidentally double-tap a photo from five months back and you tremble in horror at what you’ve done.

Kylie and Travis seem to be here to stay — for now, at least. They have a baby together.

Tyga will just have to find another much-younger heiress makeup mogul with “perfect feet” (Tyga has a foot fetish, lest we forget) to seduce to build up his brand.

And Kylie will go on living her life as her net worth continues to climb towards $ 1 billion. And beyond.


Kourtney Kardashian Treats Younes Bendjima to a Sexy Birthday Vacation

39-year-old Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend, Younes Bendjima, is now 25 years old!

To celebrate his birthday, Kourtney whisked him away on a sexy surprise vacation. Even Younes didn't know their destination.

But Kourtney is sharing some glimpses of their getaway. Take a look for yourself in the video below.

Kourtney kardashian straddles younes bendjima

Friday seemed normal enough.

Younes was Kourtney's date to the Syrian American Medical Society' Voices in Displacement event in L.A.

But his birthday was Saturday, so she made sure to have him on a private plane before the clock struck twelve.

Kourtney took to her Instagram stories to share a view of just the two of them on a plane together and some huge silver balloons that read "25."

Kourtney wrote:

"For once, he has no idea where we're going."

Younes bendjima birthday surprise 01

Younes also updated fans on his own Instagram stories on Friday night, writing:

"Oh, s–t. She got me on my way to [I don't] know where."

In general, it's not a good idea to get onto an airplane if you don't know your destination.

But this is Kourtney and Younes. It's fine.

Younes wrote about his birthday excitement, saying:

"25 at midnight."

In the video below, in addition to the glimpse of their private plane ride, you'll see Younes' birthday cake — which features a frosting print of a photo of him as a child.

A little weird for the otherwise sexy mood that the two seem to be in, but it is an undeniably cute gesture.

Younes bendjima birthday surprise 02

Younes wrote a birthday message of his own and shared it with followers.

"On this special day, I just want to thank God for the priceless gift of life that he has given me, my being alive, healthy and for the wonderful people he has put in my life."

People like Kourtney, presumably.

"My journey so far in life has been amazing. El hamdulilah [sic] always."

(It is believed that he meant to write "alhamdulillah," which simply translates to "all praise is due to God alone" or, more simply, "Praise God")

"Also, to my queen, my super hero, mom, I promise to live a life that will do justice for all the sacrifices you've made."

Awww, that is so sweet!

Younes bendjima turns 25

Kourtney shared a video of Younes that we turned into a gif for you. You're welcome.

Commenters spoke up, congratulating the two of them on their sexy getaway.

"Kourtney is the most naturally, beautiful one of the Kardashians. Luv you and the family. You two are a beautiful/handsome couple."

A lot of comments were directed directly at Kourtney. But that's fair.

"Do you girl!! Have fun. You deserve it. He has swag! You are beautiful, and a sweetheart. What a match!!!!!"

Some comments were, quite frankly, bonkers.

"WHAT is WRONG w/ the Kardashian girls that THEY are PAYING for their guys to vacation w/ them, spend time w/ them and pay to occupy a theme park for their boyfriend's bday party?! Have they NO self esteem?!"

This person seems to be suggesting that archaic gender roles are so important that Kourtney should make Younes pay for his own surprise vacation, ignoring the obvious financial disparity between the two of them.

Younes bendjima birthday surprise 03

That commenter wasn't even the only one who spoke up. Another wrote:

"So who pays for all tho travel.. the Kardashians?? Or do their men pay …"

It probably depends upon who has more money and whose idea a certain activity is. In most cases, why in the world would the person with less money pay?

Comments like that were shut down by fans who just wanted to see the birthday celebration.

"it's his birthday gift, omg & all your thinking about is who is paying for it., he can have anything he wants & they are traveling what an awesome bday gift. She is so smart!"


Take a glimpse into their sexy getaway in this video:

Kourtney kardashian treats younes bendjima to a sexy birthday va