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Playmate Vendela Lindblom I’m No Britney … My Shaved Head’s Sexy!!!


Vendela Lindblom‘s officially shaken the stigma of women with shaved heads made infamous by Britney Spears more than a decade ago … by making history as the first Playboy Playmate with the hot hairstyle.

We got the Swedish-born model outside Amoeba Records in Hollywood and asked how she managed to land in the pages of the iconic magazine … she says a lot of girl power’s to thank.

Vendela’s not really sure why it took so long for a buzz cut Playmate, but she says the time is right now and she’s happy to be the first.

She also reveals who she’d vote for as the hottest woman out there with a buzz cut … no arguments from us.

As for the comparisons to Britney circa 2007 … Lindblom’s a good sport. But, she wants to make it very clear her look is completely by choice … no mental breakdowns led to the ‘do.

Vendela will be featured in the latest Playboy issue as its January 2019 Playmate of the Month … get it while it’s hot.

Model Hallie Uhrig Feeling Bubbly … Sexy Champagne Shower!!!


Hallie Uhrig is taking you into the New Year in the sexiest way possible … spraying Champagne all over her insanely hot bod! 

The model is ringing in 2019 with some sexy black lingerie and a bottle of bubbly, giving us a shower routine for the ages during this shoot with Chris Applebaum … trust us, you’re gonna wish Hallie was your New Year’s kiss!

Ya gotta see what happens when Hallie starts popping bottles … safe to say sparkling wine flows just fine where the sun don’t shine! 

The fun doesn’t stop when the bottle is empty … because after Hallie dries off, she slips into a bra and panties and dances around as confetti rains down.

Yeah, this beats the hell outta Times Square.