Maci Bookout Poses with Co-Stars, Shades Farrah Abraham

Maci Bookout is ready to move forward.

But not before she takes a quick look back.

Shortly after the first promo for Teen Mom OG Season 8 went viral, the long-time MTV personality spent a night out in New York City with her old and new co-stars.

As you can see below, Bookout clearly had an enjoyable time with Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood, Cheyenne Floyd and Bristol Palin.

What about Farrah Abraham?

She is no longer a part of the case, due to her affiliation with amateur pornography, and Maci couldn't help but get a small shot in at her frenemy prior to moving on with these new ladies.

See what we mean right here and now…

1. Here They Are!

Teen moms in nyc
Here is a photo of the new quintet out and about; with ex-The Challenge participant Floyd now part of the crew, along Sarah Palin’s controversial daughter, Bristol Palin.

2. Fare Thee Well, Farrah?

2 over 1
Or not, Maci basically said in her caption to this photo, which reads: “awesome day working with these beauties #tmogfamily #twoisbetterthanone.”

3. Did You Catch It?

Mace and farrah
#twoisbetterthanone. We don’t see any way to interpret that hashtag aside from Maci saying that these TWO new additions far outweigh the ONE cast member who is now gone. And that would be Farrah.

4. This Wasn’t Maci’s First Dig at Farrah’s Expense

Farrah abraham for mtv
Appearing on Kailyn Lowry’s podcast in August, Maci was asked about Bristol joining Teen Mom OG. Simply put, “anyone is better than Farrah,” Bookout replied.

5. Farrah Claps Back

Farrah abraham in a sports bra
A little, at least. After learning that Maci would appear on the show Naked and Afraid, in the wake of Abraham getting fired for being naked on Web cams, Abraham said of Bookout: “The irony of this is hilarious. Hopefully she has fun on her pornographic show; [it] sounds tragic.”

6. What About Bristol and Cheyenne?

Maci bookout and bentley edwards
Maci doesn’t have anything negative to say about them, only about the way producers went about hiring these newbies and informing the other cast members.

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Jennifer Lopez Auctioning ‘Shades of Blue’ Wardrobe for Puerto Rico Relief

Jennifer Lopez’s TV turn as dirty cop Harlee Santos might technically be over, but she’s about to do a lot of good in the real world … particularly for Puerto Rico. J Lo is partnering up with the Hispanic Federation and the UNIDOS Disaster Relief…


Jennifer Lopez Auctioning ‘Shades of Blue’ Wardrobe for Puerto Rico Relief

Jennifer Lopez’s TV turn as dirty cop Harlee Santos might technically be over, but she’s about to do a lot of good in the real world … particularly for Puerto Rico. J Lo is partnering up with the Hispanic Federation and the UNIDOS Disaster Relief…


Alec Baldwin Shades Daughter Ireland’s Latest Instagram Thirst Trap

No matter how old your parents get, they’ll never grow tired of embarrassing you. That includes celebrity parents on social media.

Ireland Baldwin is the 22-year-old daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. She is a beautiful model who sometimes goes topless on Instagram.

But when she posted a recent thirst trap on Instagram, her dad couldn’t resist calling her out on it.

Instagram’s comments system is a disorganized mess, where people can lose track of their own comments under a slew of new messages.

But that does not actually mean that your comments are invisible. They’re still there, and people can see them.

And if you’re a celebrity, there’s a more than decent chance that people are tracking and screencapping your comments across all social media.

If you leave a random thirsty comment on somebody’s Instagram pic, people will notice.

The same is true if you try to shame your daughter for posting a thirst trap.

Alec Baldwin Comments on Ireland Baldwin IG pic

Ireland posed in a racy pic on Instagram, which she does all of the time — it’s part of her job and part of her brand as a 22-year-old model.

In the photo, she is posed ona  motorcycle while the photo, taken from a low angle, showcases her bare leg and the curve of her derriere.

Alec commented on his daughter’s photo, writing: “No. Just … no.”

Clearly, unlike the man whom he so often portrays on Saturday Night Live in recent years, Alec has no interest in seeing his daughter in various states of undress.

We know that it’s awkward but, if that’s the case, maybe he should just unfollow her on Instagram?

Ireland Baldwin has shut down body-shamers before because she is an absolute treasure who knows that we have to confront awful comments at every turn.

But how do you respond when the body-shamer is your own father?

(Plenty of women have had to ask this same question, including adults like Ireland, and the answer is different for different people)

Whatever Ireland may have said or done behind the scenes appears to have made Alec realize that he had embarrassed her or embarrassed himself.

Because he has now posted an indirect apology.

Over the weekend, Alec posted a series of photos indicating that he is spending time with his young grandchildren.

At around noon on Monday, it appears that he realized that he should make a conciliatory gesture towards Ireland.

Posting an innocuous photo of her on Instagram, Alec captioned: “Actually, this is number one out of five…”

The implication, of course, is that she is his favorite child.

Many immediately assumed that he was trying to apologize or at least compensate for his comment under her modeling photo.

Overall, we’d say that this is a far cry from that one time that Alec Baldwin called 11-year-old Ireland a “rude, thoughtless little pig” in a voicemail.

No one should speak to anyone like that, but that is even more important for parents speaking to their children.

Ireland chose to continue to speak to her father as an adult, however, and says that the two of them have a much better relationship.

While Alec’s comment wasn’t nice, we should at least remember that he’s said a lot worse to her in the past. So … that’s something.


Nicki Minaj Shades Travis Scott, Says Kylie Jenner Made His Album #1

Last week, after Kylie announced that she was taking Stormi on tour with her baby daddy, Travis Scott’s album reached #1 on Billboard.

Which means that Astroworld is #1 the same week as the debut of Nicki Minaj’s new album, Queen.

Nicki went on a Twitter rant, blaming this on Kylie’s promotion — and on a plot by Spotify to “teach her a lesson.”

“I put my blood sweat & tears in writing a dope album,” Nicki lamented in her first of several tweets.

Her album debuted, she writes, “only for Travis Scott to have Kylie Jenner post a tour pass telling ppl to come see her & Stormi.”

While that wasn’t quite what she said, we did note last week that plenty of fans are likely to hope to get a glimpse of Kylie and her baby at Travis’ shows.

“lol,” Nicki continues. “Im actually laughing. #Queen broke the record of being number 1 in 86 countries.”

Nicki concludes that tweet with: “Thank Jesus & thank you to my fans.”

Nicki Minaj Tweet about Travis Scott 01

“Travis sold over 50K of these,” Nicki writes in her next tweet, with an accompanying image, as you will see in a moment.

Nicki notes that Travis did this “with no requirement of redeeming the album! With no dates for a tour, etc.”

What’s more is that the queen of rap says that Travis himself knows that his position on the charts is overblown.

“I spoke to him,” Nicki claims. “He knows he doesn’t have the #1 album this week.”

Imagine what that alleged conversation must have been like!

“I love my fans for the #1 album in AMERICA!” Nicki writes, before teasing: “I’ll explain on #QueenRadio 4 albums in, #1 in 86 countries”

Nicki Minaj Tweet about Travis Scott 02

Speaking of Queen Radio, Nicki has a major bone to pick with Spotify.

“Spotify put drake’s face on every playlist,” Nicki laments. “But told me they’d have to teach me a lesson for playing my music 10 mins early on #QueenRadio.”

Streaming platforms love their exclusivity.

Nicki says that they are doing this “even tho they’ve been giving away my music for free for years & I am one of the top Spotify artists of all time.”

“Spotify had to teach me a lesson,” Nicki accuses. “But rewarded the man who has had an Apple radio show the longest; inadvertently helping the Apple platform the most.”

“Oh I can’t wait for #QueenRadio on Tuesday,” Nicki says. “They took away my promotion they had promised for the 1st cpl days b/c of this. #Queen”

A number of fans suggested that Nicki’s label should be standing up for her with Spotify.

Nicki replied that her label has more to lose than she does.

“My label didn’t want to defend me,” Nicki explains. “For fear of Spotify trying to teach Ariana a ‘lesson’ too!”

Oh no! Ariana’s new album, Sweetener, just came out last week. It’s not her best album, but it’s still good, and “Goodnight n Go” is such a gift.

It sounds like Nicki suspects that Spotify would hold their ability to penalize other artists over the head of any record label.

Despite all of that, Nicki suggests that there are no real hard feelings.

“People are calling me thinking I’m huffing & puffing,” Nicki tweets. “Omg y’all this is sarcasm/dry humor. Yikes. I’m having the most iconNIC time.”

That sounds like a very different tone than than her earlier tweets.

“Come let me kiss you,” Nicki adds. “Who’s coming to the secret show? When people call me & hear me crackin up laughing they seem so puzzled. Loosen up.”

It is difficult to tell how much of that is just bravado. Perhaps she will reveal more on Tuesday.