Kailyn Lowry Shades Jenelle Evans: She’s a TERRIBLE Mom!

Last month, Jenelle Evans’s youngest son Kaiser celebrated his birthday.

Evans posted photos of the big day, but fans took issue with the fact that the bulk of the celebration … at a daycare facility.

Based on the comments on Jenelle’s pic, it seems her followers were spilt on the question of whether or not that’s an acceptable way to celebrate a toddler’s birthday.

Some say it’s perfectly fine — after all, what preschooler doesn’t want to be showered with attention by a couple dozen of his peers?

Others, however, thought the move was Jenelle in a nutshell — a lazy gesture that’s documented for social media in order to give the impression what she’s a doting mom.

“Not a fan of JE, but why on earth are we judging people’s parenting at all, let alone based on b-day parties?”

(Editor’s note: It’s perfectly acceptable to judge Jenelle Evans’ parenting, as she’s awful at in roughly 99.999 percent of the time.)

Anyway, as is usually the case with Jenelle, she had more detractors than supporters, and one of them was none other than her longtime Teen Mom 2 castmate, Kailyn Lowry.

Kailyn celebrated her son Lux’s birthday, and she basically pulled a reverse- Jenelle.

Kail went all out for the party and even posed with Lux’s dad, Chris Lopez, for the trio’s first-ever family photo.

Of course, this is 2018, a time in which everything that everyone does is subjected to intense scrutiny and criticism, so it should come as no surprise that Kail was also roasted online.

Fans accused her of “over-celebrating” for Lux, as she never hosted such a massive shindig for her older sons.

Many fans came to Kail’s defense and that, boys and girls, is how Ms. Lowry once again found herself butting heads with the Carolina Hurricane.

At one point in the discussion, Kail retweeted the following comment:

“There has been a lot of discussion about how @KailynLowry has ‘forgotten’ she has two other kids, or went so extra for Lux’s bday but never did the same for the other boys.

“Guys give her a break, she didn’t pull a JE and take them to daycare with Walmart cupcakes. She’s a good mom.”

Jenelle has yet to respond, but we’re guessing she’s less than thrilled, as is far from the first time that Kail has criticized her parenting.

Following Jenelle’s road rage incident, Kail — like pretty much else who watched the show — remarked that Jenelle is an absolute psychopath for putting her child’s life at risk in such a reckless fashion.

The jury may still be out on Wal-Mart cupcakes, but surely we can all agree that stuff like that makes Jenelle an unfit mom.


Kim Kardashian Shades Younes Bendjima, Totally Has Sister’s Back

Family first.

This basically serves as the Kardashian motto, as evidenced at the moment by the responses of Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian to the break-up of Younes Bendjima and their older sister.

They are NOT about to take any crap from the well-sculpted model.

As reported on Tuesday afternoon, Kourtney Kardashian and Bendjima have broken up.

The news went viral just a few days after photos of Bendjima hanging out in Mexico with another woman (Jordan Ozuna, actually!)  also went viral.

Elsewhere, as previously reported, and depicted on Sunday night’s season premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim and Kourtney are engaged in a major argument.

The insults flew fast and furiously between the sisters on this episode, as you can see here:

Still, like we noted above, family comes first for these two.

Therefore, with Bendjima defending himself online and sort of throwing shade at Kourtney and her loved ones, Kim has come out swinging in relative’s defense.

“once again you guys failed. I’m not attached to this ‘life’ so you can’t touch me,” Bendjima wrote on his Instagram Story yesterday, mere hours after the model claimed he was simply having “fun with [his] friends” in Mexico.

He then added:

“I know who i am where i’m from and where i’m going and that bothers you. only one opinion matter The one of my Lord. Have a wonderful day.”

Cue Kim’s response to what she deemed a steaming pile of nonsense…

“Nice pics from your ‘boys trip,’” Kim wrote in the Comments section of Bendjima account (per The Shade Room), adding a Pinocchio-inspired emoji that features a long nose.

It’s rather clear that Kim thinks Younes cheated on Kourtney.

And Khloe feels the same way.

In responseto Bendjima’s claim that he was just chilling with “friends” down south over the weekend, Khloe wrote on Instagram:

“Alexa play ‘heard it all before’ by Sunshine Anderson.”

Sadly, as we all know by now, Khloe knows a thing or two dozen about dishonest men and their wandering penises.

boys trip

Bendjima and Kardashian surprised nearly all celebrity gossip fans by remaining together for close to two years.

Most folks assumed this would be a fling back word spread that Kourtney and Younes had hooked up in Paris in late 2016.

But they managed to last for a long time, even taking vacations with Kardashian’s three kids (the latest taking place in July).

However, it became clear just a couple weeks ago that tension existed after Bendjima slammed Kourtney as being desperate for attention she shared a picture of herself in a thing.

As for what led to their split?

“They decided to take time apart, but ultimately it led to a split,” a source has told with E! News, adding:

“Kourtney is upset but she is trying to focus her energy on other things and stay busy.

“Kourtney doesn’t plan on calling attention to it publicly and wants everything to blow over.”

Fair enough. We respect her privacy and really just want her to be happy.

Unless this means a reconciliation with Scott Disick.


90 Day Fiance: Anfisa Reveals Her Boob Job Details, Shades Castmates

In last year’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Tell-All special, Jorge Nava claimed that his wife Anfisa got mean after her paid for her boob job.

Jorge and Anfisa are one of the show’s most controversial couples — with good reason — but Anfisa (reluctantly) opened up to fans on social media.

And one of her answers in the Q&A spilled all of the details about her boob job.

Anfisa has been known to troll her followers from time to time, but her impromptu Q&A on Instagram was the real deal.

She hit some of these answers out of the park, and we’ll get to that list, but let’s start with the most important part: the boobs.

Specifically, Anfisa was asked for details on her boob job by a fan who (allegedly) wants to get hers done to match. Which sounds a litlte Single White Female, but sure.

“Anfisa please tell me what size implants,” a commenter implored her. “They’re perfect and we are the same size and shape. I want to get mine done…”

Anfisa actually answered this very personal question.

“400 cc anatomically shaped moderate projection Natrelle style 410,” Anfisa replied. “Got them done in Russia so sharing dr is pointless. I hope we are done with boobs questions.”

Q: “Do you regret being on the show? Not necessarily being with Jorge, but having you life public?”

A: “No. I don’t regret anything I’ve done in my life. I believe that everything happens for the best.”

Q: “How do you deal with all the negative comments? So many people are so harsh to you.”

A: “Same way I deal with dogs barking at me. Just move on with my life.”

Q: “How old is Monkey? Did you get him as kitten or like an adult cat? Do you want more cats?”

A: “Monkey is a little over 2 years old now, I got him when he was 2 months old.”

Anfisa’s answer continues: “Yes I want more cats but not right now, when I am completely settled down and have my own house I want to have more cats and dogs and parrots.”

Q: “Do you have stretch marks? What treatment do you use?”

A: “Yes I do and I don’t use anything. They don’t bother me”

Q: “Does Jorge speak Spanish to you?”

A: “Si. Lol”

Q: “Do you mostly shop online or in stores?”

A: “Online. Sometimes I go into a store to try something on and then order it online because I like the feel of a brand new thing that nobody tried on before. Is it weird.”

That’s pretty standard. Plus, when you order something, you get a sense of anticipation.

One of Anfisa’s best answers came when she was asked about having children.

Q: “Are you and Jorge planning on starting a family?”

A: “We started it 2 years ago. We are husband and wife. That’s a family.”

Great answer! And hey, at least that person didn’t mention Jorge’s alleged lovechild.

Q: “How did you end up on the show? Like how did that come to be?”

A: “When Jorge and I decided to apply for a fiancé visa we were looking up info about the whole process and came across a casting call for the show. We decided to apply and got chosen.”

That offers some insight into how other couples may have joined the franchise.

Q: “Paola and Lauren were really mean to you in the final episode, even racist, but you didn’t react, were you mad?”

A: “Honestly I was more disappointed because I thought we all should support each other as fellow cast members and we are all in the same boat. Maybe them drinking behind the scenes made them that way, I don’t know.”


Finally someone asked about Anfisa’s academic career.

Q: “Which classes do you enjoy the most and the least?”

A: “I like everything math and hate writing.”

Well, not everyone can relate to that (I emphatically cannot) but, you know what? Good for her.


Alexis Bellino Shades Ex-Husband in Independence Day Post!

Former The Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino is getting divorced from her husband of 13 years, Jim.

Wednesday was the Fourth of July, and while Alexis wore her most patriotic bikini to celebrate the United States’ independence from Great Britain.

And she made it clear that she was celebrating her own independence, as well.

In the captions of this photo of her showing off her incredible body in this American flag bikini, Alexis is not subtle with her double-meaning.

Alexis writes: “Happy INDEPENDENCE Day friends!”

Yes, she wrote independence in all caps. Like we said … this is not subtle.

In case anyone managed to miss it, however, she included some tags.

She wrote “#independent” followed by “#woman,” and then “#letfreedomring.”

Dressed in a little more … well, clothing, Alexis also posed in a photo with her three children.

Her son James is wearing blue and white — a nice understated way to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Her twin daughters, Melania and Mackenna, are wearing American flag dresses.

Alexis herself is wearing a white dress in this photo.

While white is certainly one of the colors on the U.S. flag, some of her followers joked that she was “wearing the wrong flag.”

A white flag, of course, is a symbol of surrender. Not the message that she intends to send during her divorce.

Of course, when Alexis and Jim Bellino confirmed their divorce, the two made it very clear that they do not intend for this divorce to become contentious.

“It is with heavy hearts that we inform the public of our mutual decision to end our marriage,” their joint statement began.

They acknowledged that they are divorcing, “but it’s important to us that you know we made this choice together, with love, and as the best decision for our children’s future.”

“We hold one another in the highest regards as spouses, and especially as parents,” they announced. “We have agreed on 50/50 custody of the children, and we ask that you respect our privacy by not theorizing about the reasons for our divorce.”

“In recent days and weeks,” they explained. “There has been a lot of negative discussion about our marriage and why it is ending.”

“Outside of the news of our decision to part ways, there is nothing provocative, alluring, or sordid about the dissolution of our marriage,” Jim and Alexis insisted.

“Quite to the contrary,” they said. “We strongly support each other just as we have since the beginning of our relationship.”

Should fans take Alexis’ declaration of independence as a sign that things are a little less amicable now?

“Our marriage was a good one, but we were never perfect people or spouses,” they said. “No one is, and in this respect, we were a lot like millions of other married people.”

They continued: “And, just like millions of other married people, we simply grew apart over time — there is no ill will or bad blood between us.”

“And maybe,” their statement continued. “That’s why absurd rumors about our marriage and future together began when we filed for divorce.”

“We ultimately want you to feel happy for us,” Alexis and Jim said.

They asked fans to “respect our privacy during this difficult time, and pray for our mutual benefit as we weather this storm.”

“To the fans who have supported us since the beginning,” they continued.

“We’re grateful for how you cheers us on,” they told fans. “We ask that you continue to cheer as our lives and the lives of our children change and ultimately improve as a result of this difficult decision.”

So … we should probably assume that Alexis is not trying to “start something” with Jim. They’re just happier apart and she’s not afraid to be honest about that.


Baker Mayfield Shades Ex-OU Teammates In Hilarious Complaint Over Madden Rating

Baker Mayfield’s former Oklahoma wideouts ain’t gonna like this … the new Browns QB is taking pop shots at ALL of them … saying he can catch better than any of his ex-Sooner teammates!! Baker was asked what he thought his Madden 19 rating…