Justin Bieber: Shading Demi Lovato After Overdose?!

As you’ve almost certainly heard by now, Demi Lovato suffered an overdose that left her hospitalized earlier this week.

Scores of celebrities have showered Lovato with love and support on social media, and we’re sure the show of support from her A-list friends has been a much-needed source of strength.


Now, Lovato’s longtime colleague Justin Bieber has become the latest to speak out on the situation.

And some fans aren’t totally thrilled with his response.

In a video obtained by The Blast, Justin comments on Demi’s recent difficulties in a way that some have described as callous and insensitive.

“It’s very sad. I haven’t talked to her, but my prayers go out to her and her family,” Bieber told the outlet.

Obviously, the first part of Bieber’s response is boilerplate stuff that could have come from the mouth of any publicist.

It’s what came next that pissed some people off:

“I thought she was sober, that’s terrible, right?” Justin continued.

Now, that may not sound so bad in context, but the pull quote many media outlets relied consisted of nothing more than “I thought she was sober.”

We suppose it’s not hard to see how that comment, taken by itself, could be interpreted as subtle shade-throwing.

After all, Demi’s latest single is entitled “Sober,” but even a cursory glance at the lyrics would reveal that the song is her way of dealing with her recent fall from the wagon.

Add to that the fact that Justin is living clean these days — devoting himself to his faith and his relationship with Hailey Baldwin — and it’s easy to understand how some fans might have taken his remarks as a bit smug and self-satisfied.

To be clear, we don’t think Justin meant to throw any shade, but we can see how some might have interpreted it that way.

Meanwhile, Demi’s loved ones are reportedly doing their best to convince her to seek in-patient treatment, but thus far, they’ve had no luck.

“The thing about an addict is that you become so good at hiding it,” one insider says of the situation.

“She’s a really smart girl,” the source adds.

“When she had work commitments, she could pull it together. But that’s how she’s always been, and this might not be her rock bottom.”

The insider goes on to say that Demi’s loved ones are aware that they could take steps toward forcing her into treatment, but they know from past experience that such an approach would be ineffective.

“Demi has to want to get help. She can’t be forced into rehab or treatment,” the source alleges.

“It won’t work.”

Sounds like Demi’s road to recovery will be tougher than previously thought.

We wish her all the best during this tremendously difficult time.


Justin Bieber: Shading Selena Gomez for Faking Happiness?

The 2018 MET Gala has come and gone, leaving us all with photos and fond memories of extraordinary outfits like Rihanna’s and Zendaya’s. Also, a lot of disappointments.

Justin Bieber was not in attendance, but that didn’t stop him from posting a curiously cryptic tweet early the following morning.

Was the Biebs throwing shade at the MET Gala … or just at Selena Gomez herself?

Justin Bieber reportedly believes that it’s God’s plan for Selena Gomez to take him back.

He is a devout Christian from a family of devout Christians (check his mom’s Instagram from time to time; she’s been known to post End Times materials).

So it absolutely make sense that he would view major life events such as the biggest relationship of his life through a religious lens.

But, in the mean time, the two have been broken up since March.

And a lot of fans can’t help but wonder if Justin was referring to Selena when he wrote this:

Justin Bieber's cryptic IG message

“Hey world that glamorous lifestyle you see portrayed by famous people on Instagram don’t be fooled thinking their life is better than yours.”

That’s almost a sentence.

“I can promise you it’s not.”

While plenty of commenters pointed out how much money would improve their lives, others guessed at the timing of Justin’s post.

This was early in the morning, following the MET Gala.

And Justin’s ex, Selena Gomez, had attended.

We absolutely adore Selena Gomez, but while her dress is fine, it doesn’t really meet the assignment of the MET Gala.

Rihanna came out dressed like a stylish, sexy pope. Zendaya’s outfit was so inspirational that people have been drawing fanart of her as a warrior.

Chadwick Boseman, Cardi B, Ariana Grande, and others really lived up to and exceeded our expectations.

But some wonder if Justin saw these photos — the official ones, and the personal ones posted to social media — and grew jealous of the happy expressions.

Maybe he wasn’t so much speaking to fans as he was reminding himself that a smiling photograph does not equate to happiness.

And, indirectly, telling himself that Selena isn’t necessarily happy without him.

That’s what some fans interpreted his cryptic PSA to mean, anyway.

Let us consider, for a moment, that he was not referring specifically to Selena.

Perhaps he was making a broader statement.

Perhaps he was blasting many fellow celebrities — and we should note that Selena was not his only ex at the MET Gala.

(Hailey Baldwin, of course, attended arm-in-arm with Shawn Mendes)

Some celebrities go through awkward phases during which they reject many of the trappings of fame because they’re “fake” or whatever.

Or maybe Justin was really just trying to assure people at home that beautiful famous people have bad days, too.

There is also a chance that Bieber, though not a Catholic, took offense at the Gala’s Catholicism motif.

Though the Vatican approved it and even loaned a number of items for the event, a number (who were not aware of this) tried to raise an uproar and allege “cultural appropriation,” which this is not.

(For so many reasons, dressing like Catholic art with the official approval of the Vatican is not cultural appropriation)

Maybe Bieber was offended that people were using some pieces of Christian imagery as a costume.

But that, too, is just fan speculation.

That’s the problem with cryptic tweets — they leave people wondering what you really mean.

One of Justin’s biggest hits was “What Do You Mean,” so … he should understand that.


Cressida Bonas Posts Racy Pic: Is She Shading Meghan Markle?

We’re just months away from the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and the royal couple is no doubt dealing with all the little hiccups and headaches that comes with planning such a massive ceremony.

There’s the guest list, the menu, the bridesmaid dresses, and of course, the thirsty-ass exes trying to steal the bride’s shine.

We kid.

That’s a photo that Harry’s former girlfriend Cressida Bonas posted on Instagram this week, and despite what the comments section seems to think, it has nothing to do with Meghan.

As you can see, Cressida’s not rocking much in the way of actual clothing.

“By the wonderful Mike Figgis @figgismike,” she captioned the photo, giving credit to the filmmaker best known for directing 1995’s Leaving Las Vegas.

So clearly, “washed-out and sorta sad-looking” is Mr. Figgis’ aesthetic.

That’s not a knock against Cressida, who’s a gorgeous woman, but rather against Figgis for having her dress like a sullen teen with a Hot Topic gift card and generally going for a “dead-eyed fentanyl chic” aesthetic.

Cressida and Harry broke up back in 2014.

The split was reportedly amicable, and she’s all but faded from the British tabloid headlines in the years since.

However, she’s back in the news these days, thanks to rumors that Cressida might be invited to Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

Yes, Harry and Cressida have reportedly remained friendly, and sources say Meg is totally cool with allowing Bonas to be in attendance on her big day. 

But that hasn’t stopped random online trolls from reading way too much into this pic and posting some truly disgusting comments on Cressida’s pic:

“Highly doubt [Meghan] is jealous of a used mattress, c-m dumpster! Cressida dumped Harry, she isn’t the gold digger,” wrote one fan.

“The beautiful Meghan is the only one” commented another.

Yes, despite the fact that Harry and Cressida have been broken up for nearly four years and there’s no indication that Bonas and Markle are in any sort of competition, haters continue to pit them against each other.

It’s stuff like this, and the sausage party that is the list of 2018 Grammy winners, and … well pretty much all of the news to come out of Hollywood in the past six months that reminds you that society still has a long, long way to go in terms of its treatment of women.

Of course, it’s not like Cressida or Meghan needed to be reminded.

Both have been targets of the notoriously brutal British tabloid press at various times, which means they’re all too aware of how they’re regarded by certain male-dominated by the publications.

We know the royal family is an archaic institution, but that doesn’t mean the media outlets who cover it can’t get with the times.


Audrey Roloff: Shading Jacob Roloff Engagement in Passive-Aggressive Instagram Post?

With Little People, Big World star Jacob Roloff engaged to Isabel Rock, fans of the famous TLC family are by and large thrilled.

And, just as predictably, his sister-in-law Audrey Roloff is being accused of trying to upstage Jacob and Izzy’s announcement.

Jacob and Audrey

Some fans quickly accused Audrey of igniting controversy and trying to sabotage the happy couple with her most recent post on Instagram.

Did she really do such a thing, though?

This much is true: Jacob and Isabel had been engaged – publicly, anyway – for all of a few hours when Audrey posted her latest message.

In it, she offered relationship advice (as she often does), specifically about not rushing into a relationship, which raised some eyebrows.

The notion that she somehow posted this particular message as a shot at Isabel may be a stretch, but the timing was curious.

Audrey Roloff captioned the image below:

“Some words on dating from a Christian perspective…”

“Let’s just say you recently hurried into a relationship, dabbled with sexual intimacy, and then became emotionally attached.”

“The main problem with this scenario is that it blinds you to red flags. It’s the classic ‘love at first sight’ trap.”

“You begin to see the person you are dating as the ‘the most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe.'”

“(If you don’t get that reference, please go watch The Lego Movie after you finish this book. It’s sure to solve all your dating problems).”

“As time passes, your friends and family may raise concerns, but you won’t be able to rationalize with them because all you will see is perfection.” 

“This is a titanic problem,” she goes on.

“The recipe for a healthy dating relationship calls for generous servings of insight from the people who love and care about you.”

“Don’t be that girl who started dating someone and then fell off the face of the earth. Couples who do this are usually hiding shame, guilt, fear, or pride.”

“Allow your friends to see into your relationship and speak truth and affirmation. Allow them to raise red flags.”

“Their honestly may sting, but it could also be what prevents some deep wounds. #beating50percent #journeyofjerandauj

Audrey’s messages can come across self-righteous and preachy, and often rub fans the wrong way. This one was no exception.

“Would be great if Audrey would not destroy the moment with her dumb post on IG,” said one fan, pointing out the timing aspect.

“The timing when she posted (right after they announced the engagement) and what she said there sounds like it’s about Izzy.”

“Hope they will be happy,” said another fan about Jacob Roloff and his fiancee. “Because someone [is] clearly not happy about this.”

Yet another Roloff Instagram follower accused Audrey of “always trying to upstage others and sabotage people’s happiness.”

(Audrey has reportedly blocked these two followers.)

Still more critics accused her of deleting comments that portray her in a negative manner and “liking” Jacob’s post after the fact.

As in only as a minor form of damage control.

One disgruntled fan even went so far as to call Audrey “very egoistic girl” of whom their opinion “completely changed after that.”

To be fair, most of Roloff’s fans showed their appreciation for her words of wisdom on Instagram and did not jump to conclusions.

While Audrey gushing about her lifestyle (using God to make money, critics might say) may be off-putting, perhaps that’s all it is?

In other words, maybe it’s not about Jacob?

There have been rumors floating around for months that Jacob and Audrey don’t get along, allegedly due to contrasting views on religion.

Audrey is all about her faith, which goes without saying, while Jacob does not appear to be as strong a believer, at least publicly.

Still, they were all smiles during Jacob’s 21st birthday recently, leading us to believe they had quashed any beef that existed.

What do you think of her message?


Kailyn Lowry: Shading Keaton Jones on Twitter?!

Over the weekend, a Tennessee middle school student named Keaton Jones captured the hearts of millions thanks to a viral video in which the distraught … tearfully describing the bullying he’s endured at the hands of his classmates.

If you have yet to see Keaton courageously tell his tale, you can check out the full clip below:

Pretty heartwrenching stuff, right?

Not surprisingly, Keaton’s story has earned him the sympathy and support of hundreds of celebrities, many of whom have posted encouraging messages and even offered to meet with him.

But as is the case with just about everything in 2017, this situation isn’t as simple as it seems.

The video was recorded and uploaded by Keaton’s mother, Kimberly Jones, who presumably would’ve cleaned up her social media accounts had she known that her son was about to go viral.

Kimberly has allegedly posted several photos in which she’s seen waving an Confederate flag.

Not only that, some of her status updates are painfully ironic tone in the hours since she’s become an anti-bullying advocate:

Kimberly Jones Photo

“Dear butt hurt Americans, If you aren’t bleeding, no bones are sticking out & you can breathe, STOP crying! For the love, some folks clearly never picked a switch,” Jones recently wrote.

“And before y’all start talking to me about metaphorical, emotional, financial or historical blood & brokenness, Don’t. Join a group.”

Now, skeptics are calling for an immediate halt on donations to the GoFundMe page set up by Keaton’s mother until the situation can be sorted out.

Many beliebe that Mrs. Jones is at best an opportunist, and at worst a scam artist.

It seems one of those people is Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry:

In a since-deleted tweet, Lowry wrote, “People are really quick to throw money around before knowing the situation.”

She also retweeted an article about MMA Joe Schilling, who says he reached out to Kimberly and was shocked with the reply he received.

Kimberly Jones Messages

Schilling says that he offered to meet with Keaton and was appalled to find that his mother simply wanted cash.

Mrs. Jones has not spoken publicly about the allegations, but a source close to the situation says Schilling was communicating with a fake Instagram account.

Obviously, no matter how this situation plays out, Keaton is indisputably a victim here.

The question that remains is whether he’s being victimized by his classmates, or his bigoted parents.

Whatever the case, the support for Keaton highlighted the very best of humanity, while the allegations against his mother reminded us of the very worst.

Many have suggested that until the matter is sorted out, those who wish to offer their support to those whose lives have been affected by bullying can contribute to the fundraiser for the family of Ashawnty Davis, an elementary school girl who chose to take her own life rather than endure another day of bullying.


Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi: Who is Shading Them Now?

Emily Maynard tuned in to watch The Bachelor finale on Monday night, along with the live After the Final Rose special.

And, upon seeing Nick Viall interact with his chosen suitor, Vanessa Grimaldi, the former Bachelorette star had only one thing to say about the couple.

HA! Good luck getting married!

Maynard didn’t use these exact words, of course.

But she made her feelings on the future of Viall and Grimaldi pretty well known over Twitter.

“They look like me and you know who. Yikes!!,” Maynard wrote in response to fellow season 15 Bachelor contestant Ashley Spivey, who sarcastically quipped during the After the Final Rose special:

“Y’all. Nick and Vanessa are just too real, so passionate and they are so open. Things are great! #ATFR #TheBachelorFinale.”

maynard message

For those unaware:

Maynard made her reality TV debut on season 15 of The Bachelor.

She proceeded to win and get engaged to Brad Womack.

During their own After the Final Rose interview, however, Maynard and Womack were widely mocked for their lack of chemistry. The tension was obvious from the outset.

“Watching [the season back], it was tough,” Maynard said during their special. “I look so boring … I’m sorry he gets mad when I say that.”

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Maynard and Womack did not make it down the aisle.

After the break up, Maynard became The Bachelorette… where she accepted Jef Holm’s proposal at the conclusion of Season 8.

The couple split up in October 2012 – and Maynard is now happily married to Tyler Johnson, with whom she shares baby sons Kyle and Jennings.

The ex-reality star also has a daughter, Ricki, from her previous relationship with late fiancé Ricky Hendrick.

So Maynard does have some experience in this arena when she speaks her mind.

Viall and Grimaldi, meanwhile, are aware that the odds are against them.

Few duos that get together in this fashion ever stay together, but Nick and Vanessa swear things are going well so far.

“You can never make people happy. At the end of the day, we are focusing on our relationship,” Grimadli said this week.

“It’s so easy to focus on the negative, which sometimes I do, and Nick tries to get me out of it. But it’s the world that we’re living in.”

How very true, isn’t it?

The Internet isn’t exactly a place where users send their well wishes to strangers.

It’s often quite the opposite, as Grimaldi and Viall now know well.

To their credit, Nick and Vanessa were at least aware of their awkward interactions throughout the After the Final Rose special on Monday night.

“I hope we came across as in love and passionate tonight,” Nick said in response to widespread sentiment that they looked awfully unhappy side by side.

“The reality is – we joke about it, but it’s true – we don’t know what it’s like to go to the movies together, to spend time together in the real world.

“Our relationship has been based off of stressful situations.”

And this is the rub. This helps explain why so few Bachelor and Bachelorette couples make it down the aisle.

For months, nearly all of their exchanges are contrived; they’re either outright scripted or they take place within some alternate reality of ABC programming, which sends the stars on exotic dates and sticks microphones in their faces at all times.

It’s shocking any couples from the franchise get married at all.

“We’re taking baby steps,” Grimaldi told host Chris Harrison about getting hitched.

“I think we’re still in the process of really getting to know each other … we’re very optimistic about what the future holds.”

Are YOU optimistic, though? Sound off below and vote:

Will Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi end up together?