Kailyn Lowry Blasts Javi Marroquin: He’s Too Shady For Me!

Well, it was fun while it lasted!

Last week, rumors that Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin had gotten back together seemed to be everywhere on social media.

Fans were convinced that the troubled former couple had decided to give their marriage a second chance.

Now, however, it looks as though trying again with Javi is the last thing on Kail's mind.

In fact, she responded to the latest rumors by roasting Javi within an inch of his life …

1. Trying Again?

Javi and kailyn lowry
Comments made by Javi in a recent interview led fans to the conclusion that he and Kail had decided to give their romance a second chance. It’s not hard to see how his remarks might have been interpreted that way.

2. Private Discussions

Kailyn lowry and javi marroquin kiss
“We have our own private discussions just me and her,” Javi said when asked if he and Kail had discussed the topic of reconciliation.

3. Doing It For Linc?

Kailyn lowry and javi marroquin and son
The Teen Mom 2 stars have a son together, Lincoln, and many fans concluded that they had decided to give their marriage a second chance for his sake.

4. Happier Times

Javi marroquin and kailyn lowry picture
There was a time when Kail and Javi were considered one of the series’ most successful couples. They appeared to be happily married and only seemed to experience real problems when Javi shipped out for a tour of duty with US Air Force.

5. Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Javi and kailyn
To hear Kail tell it, however, the problems began long before Javi took off for Qatar. She says she’d caught him being unfaithful prior to his tour of duty.

6. Setting the Record Straight

Kailyn lowry at star magazines scene stealers
Now, Kailyn is clearing up the rumors regarding her relationship with Javi. And she is not mincing words when it comes to her ex’s sketchy behavior.

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Maci Bookout on Mackenzie Standifer: She is SO SHADY!

You'll never believe this, but we have another not-so-flattering story about Mackenzie Standifer to share today.

Except you'll definitely believe it, because out of all the many, many stories of Mackenzie we've shared in the past several months, literally none of them have been flattering.

It's just that she's so … what's the word … snake-like? Manipulative? Untrustworthy? Terrible?

It's hard to say, but the point is that Mackenzie is Teen Mom OG's biggest villain right now, and that point is proven yet again in this sneak peek for next week's episode.

In this clip, Maci is driving around town with a couple of friends, and she tells them that she just got an invitation to Ryan and Mackenzie's wedding in the mail.

"I thought that already happened," one friend says — and we can't help but detect a little bit of shade at the reference to the parking lot wedding of the century.

Maci says that while they are already married, they're planning on having an actual wedding, which was the one that took place in November.

But that's not exactly what she wanted to discuss with her pals.

"The wedding invitation is only addressed for myself and Bentley," she says. "Like it says Maci Bookout, not Maci McKinney, and Bentley."

And that's not cool.

We use Maci's maiden name because that's how people know her — like, nobody is out there Googling "Maci McKinney."

But obviously Mackenzie has a close relationship with Maci as the stepmother of her son, so there's no chance she wouldn't know the proper way to address her.

And to leave out her husband and her two other children on the invitation?

Come on, Mackenzie. Come on.

Her friend asks who she thinks addressed the invitations, and she points out that it's definitely "a girl's handwriting."

But instead of making a big deal about the slight, Maci says that she's just going to RSVP to the invitation with her married name and her actual number of guests.

Her friend suggests that she respond to the invitation with "not attending," and she laughs and admits that she wishes she could do that.

Who could blame her for not looking forward to that mess?

The clip ends with Maci's friend saying "shame on" Ryan and Mackenzie for this petty little move — and if it wasn't a petty move, then it certainly was a thoughtless one.

Check out the drama in the video below:

Maci bookout on mackenzie standifer she is so shady

The Bachelor Women: Shady Pasts… Revealed!

With Arie Luyendyk Jr. set to embark on his totally unscripted and natural adventure as The Bachelor next week, we’d like to issue the following warning to the star:


Be very, very careful.

The good folks at Radar Online have been doing some digging and what they’ve unearthed sheds some troubling light on three of Arie’s suitors.

(Might two of them be the two with whom he allegedly falls in love?!? It’s too early to say for certain.)

This is what we’ve learned about a pair of the women you’ll meet when The Bachelor returns on January 1 at 8/7c.

Krystal Nelson (who goes by the last name Pallesen in court documents) earned a citation for illegal alcohol consumption when she was caught with an open Coors Light can on June 9, 2006.

She was ordered at the time to pay a fine and attend eight hours of an alcohol education class.

Is open container a big deal? God, of course not.

However, Krystal did the same thing on February 8, 2008!

She was busted again, at the age of 20, for underage consumption and was sentenced to a year of probation. Moreover, her license was revoked for 90 days.

This is a photo of her:

Then there’s Rebecca Kufrin.

She received her own summons for underage consumption on January 17, 2009, pleading guilty to the misdemeanor and paying $ 431 in fines.

This is a photo of her:

Now we can move on to Ashley Luebke.

In a lawsuit Radar obtained from Circuit Court of Palm Beach County, she was sued for injuring a man in a car crash on November 9, 2010.

Reads the legal document: “Ashley Luebke negligently and carelessly [operated] and [maintained] her motor vehicle so as to cause it to collide with a motor vehicle owned and operated” by the Plaintiff.

The lawsuit requested Ashley to pay $ 40,000.

The case was dismissed after a settlement was reached.

This is a photo of her.

The thing is, Arie himself was arrested for driving with a suspended license in 2008.

So he isn’t exactly Mr. Innocent himself.

Arie has even been accused of cheating on former The Bachelor contestant Courtney Robertson after she split from Ben Flajnik.

What will become of him and his women on the season ahead?

You can visit our section of The Bachelor spoilers to find out.

You can also scroll through the photos below to get to know Arie’s women in general.

One of them will become his wife…or at least his temporary fiancee. Who will it be?!?


Samantha Markle: Meghan’s Shady Sister Lands TLC Special

The whole world is in love with the story of Meghan Markle, the self-made actress whose fairytale romance is soon to make her a member of the royal family.

Well, perhaps we should say almost the whole world loves the saga of MegMar…

Meghan has a half-sister named Samantha Grant, who has apparently decided to devote herself to a career in professional shade-throwing.

Having re-branded herself as Samantha Markle, Meg’s semi-sibling is attempting to make a name for herself by exposing the former Suits actress’ checkered past.

It’s a job that would no doubt be much easier if Meghan actually had a checkered past.

Meghan and Samantha were born 16 years apart, and they haven’t seen each other since 2008, which means Meghan’s doorman probably knows more about her life than Samantha does.

But that’s not stopping Ms. Grant Markle from cashing in on her sister’s rise to the A-list.

TLC has announced a new special cornily titled When Harry Met Meghan: A Royal Engagement, which will apparently serve as a soapbox for Samantha.

“The tabloids wanted to create this African-American, rags-to-riches Cinderella, if you will, which is so far from reality, you know,” Meghan says in a preview.

So … is Samantha really contesting the fact that Meghan is African-American?

Guess we’ll have to watch the special to find out!

You got us again, TLC!

This is far from the first time that Samantha has endeavored to make a buck by publicly slamming Meghan.

Back in April, Samantha landed a deal to write a tell-all about Meghan entitled–wait for it–The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister.

While promoting the book, Samantha accused Meghan of turning her back on their relationship simply because Samantha is wheelchair-bound with MS:

“[Meghan] ignores a sister in a wheelchair because it is an embarrassment to her,” Samantha told UK tabloid the Sun.

She added, “I didn’t feel a separation from [Meghan] until I was in the wheelchair.”

But don’t worry, Samantha swears she has nothing but nice things to say about the sister who dropped her due to a physical disability:

“Everyone assumes my book is a slamming tell all, which it is not, now it can be egg in their faces and everyone can say what they think, my book is not a slam piece and it is important historically,” she recently told Us Weekly.

We can’t help but think that assumption has something to do with the fact that Samantha calls her “Princess Pushy” right in the awful title that sounds more like a Judy Bloom novel than a document of historic importance.

Oh, and there’s the fact that you accused her of abandoning you because your wheelchair clashed with her outfit or whatever.

We’re sure the book is a regular hagiography, and the wedding invitation is on its way!


The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 6 Recap: All Aboard the Shady Express

It was about time the Real Housewives of Atlanta went on a trip to stir up some drama. 

When The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 6 got underway, NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williams were embroiled in their biggest bust-up to date. 

“You couldn’t even be here if it weren’t for a bitch like me!” NeNe shouted at Porsha, reiterating the fact that she was Queen and everyone else was merely her minion. 

“You f—ed Kandi over. She had your back, bitch!” NeNe continued. “You sit on your show and you lie every day, but we good. The door is closed! The door is closed!”

With that, NeNe decided it was time to make a getaway from the dinner because things were just getting tenser by the second. Sheree felt bad for playing peacekeeper when she spoke to Porsha. 

“Who the f–k is perfect at this table?” Porsha cried to Sheree in the aftermath. To be fair, she had a good point. None of these women are perfect. 

NeNe tried to claim she did not mean anything by her comments to Andy about firing Porsha. She asked a question, and she answered it. 

The rest of the women seemed to think Porsha needed to stop acting like a kid and grow up. 

While Porsha felt she could cut the tension with a knife, she realized that she needed to change things up or she ran the risk of being ousted from the group. 

When the ladies met up, the drama seemed to dial back until Kenya started bawling and confirmed she was going to bury the woman who raised her. 

Cynthia noticed that Porsha was still upset and told her to speak with NeNe about what happened and accept responsibility for what happened. 

Porsha agreed, and said she would give NeNe some time to cool down before speaking to her. 

With Kenya upset because her dearly departed family member, Marlo, Sheree and Porsha thought it was a good idea to throw her a surprise wedding celebration. 

The ladies were not invited to the real wedding, and that was likely because Kenya wanted to keep it all quiet. They even managed to get Kenya’s husband, Mark in on the action. 

But, there was a twist. He was not there in the flesh, it was a cardboard cutout. Cynthia has been known to speak to everyone about other peoples secrets, so she was kept in the dark about all of this. 

Kenya was ecstatic and found it all to be pretty funny. It was great for her because she got to speak some more about the big wedding. 

Porsha even tried to change things up between her and Kandi, but Kandi did not seem impressed. 

“I want to be able to have a good time amongst the group,” Kandi said. “I’ll give you your space and have a good night,” Porsha said.

At the end of the trip, Kenya was gone, and the ladies wasted no time in chatting about her wedding. Kandi said that she and Todd tried to get a glimpse of Mark while they were in New York. 

She then went on to say that it was odd Kenya was keeping him in private, and it all turned into another big argument. 

Marlo argued that Cynthia was not that close to Kenya or she would have known in advance about the wedding. 

Cynthia ultimately stormed out and told NeNe the other women needed to quit dragging Kenya. 

“I don’t want them to make fun of her in front of me,” Cynthia said. “I think they’re questioning why a friend would not introduce another friend to their husband.”

Cynthia eventually confirmed she was hurt that she did not get to attend the big wedding. 

Will this come back to bite her?

Hit the comments. 


90 Day Fiance: Molly Hopkins’ Shady History Revealed!

Not all of the obstacles on 90 Day Fiance come from bureaucratic red tape or judgmental parents or lack of financing. A lot of issues arise when people haven’t been up front about their past.

There’s a lot going on with Molly and Luis, but the more that we learn about these two, the more concerns we have. Especially when it comes to Molly Hopkins and her newly exposed criminal history.

We know that every couple on 90 Day Fiance is unique, but … is Molly the new Danielle Mullins?

We know that it’s harder to keep up with new 90 Day Fiance couples than it is with the ones we’ve had years to get to know, so here’s a bit of a reminder about Molly and Luis.

Molly is 41 and comes from Woodstock, Georgia. Originally from Atlanta.

Molly was also a star of the reality series Double Divas for two seasons.

Luis, who is only 26, is from Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic.

It was in the DR that Luis and Molly met and eventually fell in love.

Molly and some of her friends were on a trip, Luis was bartending. It was a classic cougar-meets-boy romance.

Separated by a 15-year age gap and by nationality, they’re letting the 90 Day Fiance cameras follow them as they undergo the K-1 visa process.

But the couple faces other challenges.

For one thing, Molly has two daughters — not, in and of itself, a challenge. But her older daughter, Olivia, does not seem to be a fan of Luis or of the idea of him becoming her new stepdad.

(A stepdad who was only 12 when she was born? That’s not always a bad thing, but we can see why she might balk at it)

Molly’s father is also not convinced that Luis is right for her. He believes that Luis is just using Molly for her resources or citizenship or both.


On Sunday’s episode, Luis finally made it to Cougartown.

Wait, sorry … we mean to America. And into the embrace of Molly Hopkins.

Molly had to get her daughter, Olivia, to drive her to the airport.

Now, there are plenty of folks who can’t or don’t drive for a variety of reasons, but it’s only natural that fans wondered why Molly had to rely upon her daughter for this.

As it turns out, there’s a very good reason:

Molly Hopkins’ criminal history doesn’t really portray her as the best or safest driver.

Molly Hopkins Mugshot

This photo is only one of the mugshots that Molly Hopkins has accumulated.

Starcasm, bless them, did some digging, and came up with a list of Molly Hopkins’ arrests.

In 2008, Molly Hopkins was charged with possession of marijuana.

It was a misdemeanor charge, involving less than an ounce of the naughty plant that is, don’t forget, still illegal in many US states.

Molly’s May 2012 DUI arrest involved accusations of speeding and improperly changing lanes. But … we’re mostly concerned about the DUI.

In November of 2012, Molly had another mugshot taken, but records aren’t clear on why that happened … except that she was booked in a courtroom. She may have appeared in order to address the DUI.

In June of 2016, Molly was pulled over for speeding.

The officer administered a breathalyzer test and, well, she got another DUI.

Molly pleaded guilty and was sentenced to “72 hours in jail, two years of probation, and 240 hours of community service.”

(That sounds like Paul isn’t the only 90 Day Fiance star who is currently on shock probation)

But … what happened to Molly’s license?

She had two DUIs within the same 5 year span, and had to surrender her vehicle tags.

Which she did.

Now, all reality shows (just about) are filmed months in advance, so Molly filed for an early end to her probation in July and, in August, her wish was granted. She is still subject to random drug testing and may not have any alcohol in her house.

(To our horror, we just realized that Molly and Luis may have to have a dry wedding, if they make it to the altar. So Molly’s friends and family will be punished for her mistakes)

Starcasm notes that Molly had four non-DUI speeding tickets on top of all of this, which is probably more than most people get within their lives. That’s cause for concern, right?

Still, this kind of shady past isn’t quite the same Danielle Mullins’ criminal background, is it?

Just because she’s an older woman of means with children and Luis is a twenty-something younger man whom many suspect of looking for an easy route to American citizenship doesn’t mean that these two are the next Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali.

But … let’s keep our eyes open.


Doug Spedding: The Shady Past of Christina El Moussa’s New Boyfriend Exposed!

As previously reported, Christina El Moussa has a new man.

But just who is he? What does he have planned? And what information has surfaced about his shady past?

These are the questions loyal fans of the HGTV star want answered, and these are the questions we aim to answer below…

First, the new man’s full name is Doug Spedding, Jr.

He was friendly with El Moussa over a decade ago, long before she met eventual husband Tarek, with certain reports claiming he and Christina dated for a brief period of time.

Along these lines, a few insiders have mentioned that Tarek is very jealous of his estranged wife’s new romance.

Partly because he’d be jealous of any man sticking it to the mother of his kids… but partly because he’s familiar with Doug from back in the day as well.

According to Radar Online, meanwhile, Spedding Jr. works as an auto dealer – and he was sued for a number of alleged bad business practices dating back to at least 2008.

This information is based on Orange County, California court documents.

These records indicate that a small claims suit was filed against Spedding for $ 3,482.02 in January of 2008 after he “refused to sign the forms necessary for [a customer] to be able to register the vehicle under [their] name.”

The case was dismissed just a few weeks later.

From there, Spedding was sued in October of 2008 for $ 5,970.20 after an employee claimed that he “failed to pay [her for] the month of April 2008.”

To be fair, this case was also dismissed.

Spedding – who was also arrested for meth possession at one point – was listed in a 2008 fraud lawsuit against his business by a couple that claimed this dealership deceived them into purchasing a more expensive vehicle than what they had originally bought.

We’re not really clear on what this means or how that’s possible.

But the general point here is that Spedding has a spotted history of some some ethically questionable stuff.

What about his future, though?

A new Life & Style article is titled “Christina Wants To Marry Her New Man Despite His Past” and it hints that an engagement may be on the way.

An anonymous source says El Moussa and Spedding are moving in together and that Christina isn’t aware of all the “controversy” surrounding this new squeeze.

“If Christina thought she was getting out of a bad situation by divorcing her estranged husband and co-star, Tarek El Moussa, she may not understand the controversy surrounding Doug and his numerous runs-in with the law,” writes the magazine.

It goes on to speculate that El Moussa was never aware of the full history of Spedding’s supposed wrongdoings, despite first meeting “more than a decade ago.”

“If he did, Christina might have run the other way,” the insider says.

Christina, of course, isn’t still working with Tarek on new episodes of Flip or Flop.

She’s still married to him as well.

So she has a long way to go before she exchanges vows with another man, whether that man has a sordid history or a perfect history.

As for Tarek… well… he isn’t thinking about marriage right now.

Just about what couples typically do on their wedding night.



Meghan Markle on Shady Sister: She’s Just Trying to Cash In!

Yesterday, we reported that Meghan Markle’s half-sister, Samantha Markle (who recently, shadily changed her name from Samantha Grant), is planning to write a damning tell-all in which she’ll reportedly expose Meghan as a social-climbing fraud.

As royal-watchers have been eager for a reason to revile Meghan ever since it was first revealed that she’s dating Prince Harry, Samantha has had no trouble finding an audience for her slander.

In fact, the worst of the Meghan-haters have been happy to ignore the fact that Meghan and Samantha grew up under completely different circumstances and have had no relationship with one another as adults.

One would think this would seriously undermine Samantha’s credibility as the world’s foremost expert on all things MegMar, but it hasn’t prevented her from expanding her social media following and scoring a lucrative book deal.

Thus far, there’s been no official word on the book from either Meghan or the Royals, and there probably never will be.

After all, why offer up free publicity that the erstwhile Ms. Grant would probably kill for?

But just because a dude with pointy slippers and a scroll of parchment hasn’t renounced the book as a dodgy load of rubbish, that doesn’t mean Harry and Meghan aren’t making their opinions known.

“Insiders” have been offering up their two cents to E! News, and as this isn’t the first Meghan-related exclusive that the outlet has published in recent weeks, it’s safe to assume the source here is either or someone in Meghan’s camp … or Meghan herself.

“Samantha Grant doesn’t have a relationship with Meghan Markle and she never has,” the insider says.

“As they were 17 years apart, they were never raised in the same house. Meghan was raised an only child by her loving parents.”

The source (who pretty much has to be Meghan, right?) goes on to claim that Meghan has a long history of lying and manipulating others in order to get what she wants:

“This woman who she hardly knows, who has had a lifelong history of lying and manipulation is setting her sights on her for no reason,” Meghan the insider says.

“In their very limited contact, Meghan has never been anything but nice to her and for the majority of those interactions, Meghan was just a little girl.”

The source adds:

“This is an old, jealous woman (she is in her 50s! who does this in their 50s?) doing anything she can to take advantage of the situation to sell lies for money and fame. Meghan has never done anything to her and continues to take the high road.”

Woof. Tell us what you really think, source.

Oh, you’re not done yet? Well, please proceed:

“Recently Samantha changed her name from Samantha Grant to Samantha Markle. If she hates Meghan so much, why is she suddenly trying to share an identity with her?” the tipster inquires.

She adds:

“Meghan was raised as an only child and split her time between her parents’ homes. Her parents were divorced when she was 1-and-a-half years old and she largely lived with her mom though her parents had an extremely amicable relationship and co-parented often, having Sunday supper and taking vacations together.”

“Samantha was not a part of that life and in no way shape or form did Samantha raise Meghan until she was 12.”

In case her point wasn’t already crystal clear, the insider goes on to claim that Meghan and Samantha have seen each other exactly once in the past 23 years.

Samantha’s justifications for why she’s an authority on Meghan are getting flimsier by the day, but none of the recent revelations have stopped her from feverishly promoting The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister (Yes, that’s actual working title.) on social media:

“Believing everything you read in tabloids is dangerous. Keep your minds and hearts open. Look for goodness to extrapolate.”

Yes, because nothing says “extrapolating goodness” like tearing down a half-sister you barely know for having the audacity to enter a romantic relationship.