Duggar Family Shame: Church Members Share Shocking Tales of Abuse

Anyone who’s regularly watched the family’s reality shows knows that the Duggars are a deeply religious lot.

But even the most diehard Duggar fans may not know the details of the belief system that Jim Bob and Michelle have imparted to their children.

The Duggars are Independent Baptists, but they’re also members of the Institute in Basic Life Principles and the Advanced Training Institute, both founded by controversial pastor and former personal guru of the Duggars, Bill Gothard.

Back in 2015, the Josh Duggar sex scandal shined some light on the institute’s teachings and more scandalous practices.

Not only did the organization assist Josh and his parents in evading prosecution, it also justified his misconduct with homeschooling curriculum that places the blame for sexual assault squarely on the victim.

Prior to Gothard resigning in disgrace after being accused of sexual misconduct by more than 50 former employees, he presided over the organization for decades, and – according to many former members – was directly or indirectly involved in countless acts of systemized sexual assault.

Recent revelations about the Duggars and the rise of the #MeToo movement have emboldened several alleged victims to come forward with shocking accounts of the abuse they suffered under Gothard’s watchful eye.

As reported by In Touch Weekly, an anonymous Reddit used was recently at the center of one of the sites “ask me anything” or AMA sessions.

And what she had to say about her time as a member of the IBLP-ATI is likely to shock even the most strident Duggar defenders.

“I was part of a fundamentalist Christian cult known as ATI/IBLP,” the user began.

“Recent scandals have hit the news about the cult leader Bill Gothard when over 50 women came forward with allegations that he sexually harassed them. But that’s only scratching the surface.”

“Let me tell you my scariest experience — and just keep in mind, I’m far from the only one,” she continued.

“First off, throughout my childhood, my father and sisters abused me sexually. Since the cult taught a strict familial hierarchy, with the father being top dog, then mother, then children in order of birth, as the youngest I was bottom of the totem pole.

“My father would twist Bible verses to justify rape, death threats, and more. Because ATI is a homeschool cult, it was really handy to cover up the abuse from any prying eyes.

“My home was a prison for 11 years until he died of a massive heart attack. And that’s not even the scariest experience.”

The user went on to explain how the abuse worsened as a result of her mother’s continued involvement with the IBLP.

“Fast forward two years. I’m 13, with a mother who’s frantically fixated on me being a ‘troubled child’ because 1. I dared resist my father’s advances and argue against the abuse I was suffering, gaining me the reputation of ‘rebellious,’ 2. I’m severely depressed because I’m a freaking rape victim and depression is considered sin, and 3. I asked too many questions as to WHY we believed the things we believed —you don’t ask questions, needless to say.”

She then describes being shipped off to Oklahoma without warning and enrolled in the IBLP’s “Log Cabin” program, which is designed to “retrain” resistant adolescents.

“All I know is I’m about to move to Oklahoma for a while to be fixed by ‘nice counselors’ because I’m a dirty sinner,” she writes.

“For the next two years, I am tortured, brainwashed, starved, sleep-deprived, threatened with a shotgun, punished, humiliated, interrogated, and terrorized.

“I lose 40 pounds in the first month or two. They take me off my medications (believing it is wrong to take them) cold turkey; I exhibit severe symptoms of withdrawal and they go ignored.

“I am worked grueling hours, sent on aimless hikes and marches, scrubbing floors on my hands and knees until my knuckles are cracked and bleeding from the bleach, punished with hard labor until I’m near fainting,” she adds.

“They had fun coming up with new and strange ‘punishments.’”

Through it all, the victim says, she was so brainwashed she didn’t fully realize that those who imprisoned her were engaging in the most egregious forms of abuse.

It wasn’t until years later that she began to become aware that something was deeply wrong with the religion she had been raised in.

“There really wasn’t one concrete ‘oh s–t’ moment,” she explains.

“But the first time I remember thinking ‘this is BS’ was how often people would be ‘sentenced’ to hell for the most trivial reasons. Everything from an impure thought to cursing to sleeping in late.”

Amazingly, despite the high-profile nature of their lives and the zeal with which they discuss their beliefs, the Duggars have managed to avoid commenting on their continued involvement with the IBLP-ATI.

That may prove increasingly difficult as time goes on.

Or the family’s legion of devoted fans may prove willing to continue turning a blind eye to the rampant abuse within the organization.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Episode 13 Recap: Crying Shame

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is at the stage in which it’s running on fumes, and one little shred of drama can be maximized in the edit in order to ramp up the action. 

When The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Episode 13 kicked off, we were at a dinner party that found all of the women at odds with each other. 

A fight was about to break out, and then we were taken five days before the big event. No, this is not How to Get Away with Murder, but the editing certainly made it seem it was. 

We quickly found out that Lisa Rinna (Who is still a cast member, by the way!) and Teddi were having a day to themselves. They were indulging in some pedicures. 

That’s when Rinna admitted that things with Dorit were finally on the up and that they bonded over champagne flutes. We kid over that last part, but still, they’re friends!

Then Teddi felt like it was her duty to report back about Dorit and PK trashing Lisa three months before at that big dinner party. Yeah, we’re not sure why three-month-old comments were brought back up, but Teddi needs an ally. 

Rinna was quick to point out that she was done listening to all of it because she knew they had said it and she was ready to put the past behind her. 

Teddi is an accountability coach, so it made sense that she would want Dorit to take responsibility for her actions. However, bringing up drama that happened months ago seemed like a desperate attempt to hog the camera. 

Maybe Teddi is trying to be nice, but she has no idea what show this is. Everything is manipulated, and a narrative is created. Unfortunately, her edit is not coming out like an oil painting. 

Aside from that, not much else happened away from the big fight that was teased at the opening of the hour. 

When we got to that night, Teddi called up Dorit and asked if they could make their way to the event together so that they could chat about their differences. 

That did not go well, and Teddi asked Dorit to keep quiet about their fight because she didn’t want another fight to ruin another dinner party. 

Dorit was not ready to agree, and we found out the hard way that she was not ready to pull any punches when it came to the ladies being the presence of each other. 

Teddi was made to look like the bad one because she brought it all back up. But talking things out is in Teddi’s nature, so it made sense for her to act that way. 

That’s when Teddi struck at Erika because she was playing a game. 

“You pretending that it’s full amnesia right now is confusing to me,” said Teddi with a grin. 

“No, excuse me, don’t ever say I’m pretending, because I’m not pretending,” Erika barked back.

“I’m telling you the truth, I don’t remember saying that. Don’t ever say that to me again, don’t f— with me like that — you don’t want that. Don’t ever, EVER do that to me.”

Yeah, these ladies are now more fractured than ever, but how long will it be before they all makeup and realize they’ve been fighting for an absurd reason?

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You can watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online right here. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues Tuesdays on Bravo. 


Megyn Kelly Basically Encourages Viewers to Shame Fat People

Megyn Kelly would very much like a mulligan.

The NBC anchor claims she really did not mean to sound this week as if she was PRO-fat shaming.

What led some viewers to think Kelly actually held this seemingly ridiculous stance? Well…

During an interview Thursday with fit mom Maria Kang – a mother who is very into fitness and who is best known for her “No Excuses” campaign – Kelly made an eyebrow-raising remark.

And that’s a kind way of putting it.

“You should parlay the shaming thing into a professional business. Because some of us want to be shamed,” said the controversial host to Kang, who was promoting her workout philosophy.

Continued Kelly, sharing some personal history:

“When I was in law school, I was gaining weight, I said to my stepfather, ‘If you see me going into that kitchen one more time, you say, ‘Where you going, fat a–?’

“And it works!”

It’s easy to see how Kelly could have just been trying to make a joke here.

But it’s also easy to see how it could have been interpreted as the encouragement of fat-shaming – since she’s literally explaining that making her feel bad about her body was an effective strategy employed by her family member.

On Friday, facing a great deal of backlash, Kelly clarified her position.

On air, the failing reporter said “would never encourage [body shaming] toward any person,” despite how she may have come across the day before.

“I said something yesterday on the show that clearly struck a nerve, and I think it’s a conversation we need to have openly,” Kelly continued.

“We were discussing body shaming others, something I absolutely do not support. In fact, quite the opposite.”

Kelly then got very candid with viewers.

She explained that her “entire family is or has been overweight or obese.”

She also shared that her sister weighed more than 300 pounds at one point, prior to undergoing gastric bypass surgery, and that when she Kelly was six years old, she came home “in tears” after a neighbor called her mom “fat.”

There’s a history here, she elaborated.

She was simply trying to relay some of it on Thursday in her chat with Kang.

“By the time I got to middle school, the hormones and the weight kicked in. I was chubby by any standard and soon I found myself on the wrong side of some vicious bullies,” Kelly said.

She added:

“Ones who called me fat, and made fun of my backside, who subjected me to humiliating pranks. Those comments can cut deep, trust me, I know.

“Soon there were diet pills and obsessive exercise and I had reduced my calorie intake to 500 calories a day.

“My heart was racing all day, my hair and skin were dry but I was thin. And so unhappy.

“I was scared of gaining weight because of the insane standard this country holds its women to and because I was and remain afraid of dying in my 40s, which happened to my father.”

Kelly has grown and evolved.

She says she tries to eat healthy and is no longer ashamed of her figure.

However, “I still cringe when I hear a person attacked for his or her weight.”

The journalist says she can relate and that’s all she ever meant to imply with her initial comment.

In conclusion:

“Please know, I would never encourage that toward any person. I’ve been thinking a lot about why I once encouraged it toward myself. What I know for sure is that weight is an issue for millions of people, thin and heavy alike.

“And neither deserves to be judged or shamed for how they choose to handle that struggle.”


Keeping Up with the Kardashians Recap: Walk of Shame

Some wounds take a very long time to heal, and some family dynamics are so complicated, they can’t be easily put into a box.

On Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 14 Episode 3, Kim’s Paris robbery ordeal came back to haunt her in a major way.

Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian found herself in a world of trouble when she tried to hide her dating life … but from whom?

If you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online, you will see an episode kicking off with Kim getting ready for the Met Gala.

By her side as she preps for this event on Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 14 Episode 3 are Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

Kylie was focused on showcasing her impossibly curvy figure, and that means making her waist so thin she can’t even breathe.

Seriously. Her words. “I need to kind of suffocate. Like, I need to not be able to breathe like the whole time,” she instructed.

Kylie was also dismayed that her red carpet slot was “so f–king early” and thus not prime time, but Kim had bigger things on her mind.

Much bigger things.

Even after so many years of fame, she was a nervous wreck about this red carpet appearance, saying she was “about to throw up.”

Spoken like a first-timer, she revealed part of her mantra: “I’ll say to myself, ‘Suck my stomach in, arms to the side, chin down.’”

The issue here is that even someone as famous, wealthy and renowned for posing nude as Kim has some serious body issues.

“She’s got a real insecurity problem lately,” Jonathan Cheban said, while Kim added, “That Mexico trip really f–ked me up.”

That was when shady photographers captured Kim Kardashian bikini photos at a most unflattering, cellulite-revealing angle.

Kim said this gave her “body dysmorphia,” and that’s the kind of thing you don’t just snap your fingers and get over on cue. 

Kourtney Kardashian thought it was a trigger for something worse, adding, “I think this is just making her think about Paris again.”

According to her older sister, Kim was publicly ridiculed after the robbery, so any scrutiny – even over body issues – is amplified.

Khloe Kardashian agreed, saying that Kim “was just mocked about this traumatic thing that happened to her” and it’s harsh.

We give the Kardashians a hard time for their hashtag First World Problems, but in all seriousness, Kim is still human after all.

You might not think of unflattering press bringing Kim’s past demons to the surface as a big deal, but to her, it is beyind that.

It is all she thinks about.

Meanwhile, Kourtney began a new relationship … with a guy whose name was not revealed, but we have to assume is Younes Bendjima.

She didn’t reveal that, and seemed to try to keep the romance on the DL, but these are the Karadshians. Secrets aren’t easy to keep.

There was no hiding her excitement.

Said Khloe of her older sister’s love:

“It’s so cute to see her this giddy.”

When Kourtney returned home after a night out that went … very well, Khloe (good-naturedly) called her out by calling it what it is:

“Walk of shame, right there.” 

Sorry Scott.