Kailyn Lowry Announces “Pothead” Haircare Line, Gets Shamed By Ignorant Trolls

Of all the stars in the Teen Mom galaxy, perhaps no one is more adept at launching a successful side hustle than Kailyn Lowry.

In addition to starring in one of the most successful reality shows on television, Kail hosts a popular podcast and has written several bestsellers.

Earlier this week, Lowry announced the release of her signature line of haircare products.

Some might argue that she'll have a tough road ahead of her in such a crowded market — but Kail's company is offering products with an unexpected secret ingredient.

Take a look:

1. Kail on Her Grind

Kailyn lowry for good american
For several weeks, Kail has been teasing her hair care line on social media. Yesterday, she finally unveiled her signature products.

2. The Big Reveal

Kail cbd 6
Kail announced the release of Pothead Hair Care with a tweet that immediately caught fans’ attention.

3. Kail Explains

Kail cbd 7
Now, the name Pothead is intentionally provocative, but Kail has been quick to point out that her products contain CBD — a product derived from the hemp plant that’s been shown to have a number of medicinal properties — and not THC.

4. Reefer Madness

Kailyn lowry looks happy
In other words, the Pothead line can’t get you high and presents no more of a health hazard than whatever products you already use.

5. The Discourse

Kail lowry on instagram
Thankfully, everyone who had doubts read Kail’s science-backed explanation and calmly conceded that they had rushed to judgment.

6. lol jk

Kailyn lowry wearing all black photo
Ha! Just kidding. This is the internet in 2018, which means everyone rushed to form an opinion, then dug in their heels and refused to be swayed in spite of compelling evidence to the contrary.

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Meghan Markle: Shamed by Sister Over Wedding Snub

Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows how stressful the invitation game can be.

Do you invite co-workers? Former co-workers? Friends of friends of friends of your parents?

It can turn into quite a mess… and that goes for nearly any bride, let alone the bride who will soon take part in the most famous wedding of the decade.

As reported a few weeks ago, invitations to the Royal Wedding have gone out.

They’ve been received by friends, by loved ones of Prince William and Meghan Markle and by nearly every high of state not named Donald Trump.

But a few people are noticeably absent from the list of impending attendees:

Members of Markle’s own family!

As we’ve detailed on many prior occasions, Markle is not especially close to some of her relatives, most specifically her half-sister, Samantha Grant.

The siblings are not close in age and were not raised in the same household, yet Grant has taken many opportunities to slam Markle over the last several months…

… and now she is doing so again.

Depending on which reports you believe, around 600 people will attend Markle and William’s wedding on May 19, while the reception afterward may include an audience of over 2,000 individuals.

But it doesn’t sound as though Grant is included on either of these lists.

And she wants the world to know about it.

“At issue is not a matter of closeness as more than 1000 complete strangers are invited. Family is family,” Grant tweeted on Wednesday, adding:

“I have an uncle I have only seen once but I would never say he is not family because we are not close. Humanitarians move forward with love and kindness especially to Family.”

This is quite the rich dig, many would say.

Markle, after all, it nearly as well known for her humanitarian and charitable efforts as she is for her role on USA Network drama Suits.

s, markle

Grant then followed up her diss with another Tweet that reads:

“Smoke and mirrors cannot hide the elephant in the room. Out of respect, tradition, and humanitarianism, the #Markles should be invited if 2000 complete strangers are invited.

“Our uncle who got her the internship, brother, me, best friend of 30 years Nikki Priddy, nephews. Fact.”

Perhaps Samantha should have considered this snub last year when she said of her half-sister:

“Hollywood has changed her. I think her ambition is to become a princess…The truth would kill her relationship with Prince Harry.”

s, m2

To Markle’s credit, she has never engaged Grant in any kind of back-and-forth.

We certainly can’t imagine her responding to these sorts of taunts.

Especially not when she has to concern herself these days instead with talk that Prince William has been cheating on her.

We strongly doubt that claim, which you can read more about via the link directly above.

But let’s just say this:

We actually believe it’s more likely that Williams stepped out on Markle than Meghan ever extends a wedding invitation to Samantha Grant.


Kim Kardashian Posts Underwear Selfie, Gets Slut AND Mom Shamed!

In many ways, Kim Kardashian is the embodiment of the American dream.

Now, before you go hurling rotten produce at your computer screen or tossing your mobile device into a dumpster and then lighting the dumpster on fire, hear us out:

Kim came from a reasonably well-off family, it’s true, but who could have ever predicted she would grow up to be one of the most famous women on the planet?

In her early twenties, Kim was basically Paris Hilton’s errand girl.

By the time she reached her thirties, Kim had not only eclipsed Paris in terms of fame and fortune, she’d become a bonafide international icon and a one-woman media empire.

These days, she continues to rise to new levels of fame, all while raising three children and remaining in flawless physical condition.

We point all of this out only to highlight how absurd it is that Kim still gets ragged on by basement-dwelling trolls every time she posts a pic that they deem too risqué.

Kim posted the above photo to Instagram this week, along with a caption reading:

“Found this pic I took in the bathroom on set of My @calvinklein shoot #MyCalvins #ad”

Now, in terms of Kim Kardashian underwear selfies, this one is pretty tame.

Nevertheless, the trolls and haters came out in full force to 

Mom-shaming Kim is one of the internet’s favorite activities, but this pic seemed to bring out all manner of trash-talkers.

There were the plastic surgery-shamers, who said things like:

“She looks a bit more natural here. Is this an old pic?”

And then there were the classic body-shamers who like to pretend that 1. Kim would ever show any interest in them, and 2. They would totally pass if she did.

“If u still looked like this id crash but u garbage now,” wrote one such troglodyte.

And then there are those who seem to completely misunderstand the nature of Kim’s career and social media presence:

“Will your thirst ever be quenched?” these people ask, ironically quenching their own thirst in the process.

Folks, allow us to explain something important:

It’s not called “thirst” when you’re just carrying out the basic requirements of your job.

This is what Kim does for a living.

She identified the pic as an ad, which means she got paid (probably a staggering sum of money) to post it.

On top of that, this is how she’s amassed the following of tens of millions of fans that allows her continue cashing in on this sort of thing.

But please, continue telling us how taking a selfie in front of a mirror makes her a bad mom.


Farrah Abraham: I Was Shamed for My Sex Work!!

Long before Farrah Abraham fell victim to Viacom’s “hate crimes” — in other words, before Farrah got fired from Teen Mom OG — she starred in a sex tape.

Now she’s talking about the sort of response, which she describes as sex-shaming, she received for the tape that she claims she never intended to go public.

Farrah’s also talking about what she has planned next and … you’ll be genuinely surprised. Really.

These days, Farrah has wholeheartedly embraced her sex work. She’s even been named an ambassador for sex positivity.

Originally, however, she tells E! that she’d never planned on sex work becoming part of her life.

“I have to emphasize that I didn’t intentionally decide to work in the adult industry.”

And yet she did a sex tape with James Deen (before he was accused of rape by multiple women)

Farrah says that the sex tape with the porn star was never supposed to get out, and that she only signed her approval for distribution after it leaked.

“At that time, I was a young experimental 21-year-old woman who happened to be a celebrity that tried to balance life, fame, and dating while forging new friendships.”

Goodness — hearing Farrah describe herself is always fascinating and illuminating.

If you want another example, check out Farrah’s dating profile.

Now, Farrah’s obvious persecution complex aside, she did receive some very unfair feedback.

“The backlash I received for my sex tape was genuinely hurtful.”

Sex-shaming is real and it’s never okay, though it doesn’t really make up the bulk of criticisms of Farrah — many of which are much more legitimate gripes.

“I felt misunderstood for expressing my sensuality.”

Sex-shaming is genuinely wrong — yes, even if it happens to Farrah.

“Although it took me a few years to reconcile those feelings through therapy, along with my faith in God, I was able to overcome being sex-shamed to find my real purpose.”

And she goes into what she believes that her purpose in life must be.

“I am grateful for this experience because it made me into an empowered woman who proudly wants to help end the stigma around sex.”

Sex positivity simply means rejecting shame and stigma surrounding sex — while also respecting that other people may not desire sex or feel that it’s as liberating as you do.

Farrah goes into what the term sex positivity means to her.

“For me, it means embracing your sexuality and personal freedom.”

That’s certainly true.

“It’s important to promote safe and consensual sex and use my celebrity status to spread this vital message.”

And she wants to pass on that message to the next generation.

“I want to be able to spread this message to my daughter.”

Farrah is asked what she wants to do next with her life.

“At 26 years old, I feel like I’ve accomplished so much already.”

We’ll let that one slide.

“And I hope to continue to develop new products, from my furniture, toys, and clothing line to providing entrepreneurs with educational resources. The sky’s the limit.”

It’s not a shock that Farrah’s going to continue to sell things, some of which is definitely lingerie.

But this is a bit of a surprise:

“I would also love to open a new frozen yogurt location!”

Sounds like somebody’s looking to broaden her brand.

Ignoring for the moment the prospect of slurping Farrah’s frozen yogurt …

It looks like Farrah’s persecution complex has led her to believe that people dislike her for her sex work, whether it’s the old sex tape or her more recent livestreamed sex shows.

This conveniently ignores her racist tirades that have gotten her called out by other reality stars.

It ignores the fact that, even for a reality star, she seems to feud with everyone in sight. It’s obnoxious.

No one should be shamed for sex or for sex work. But Farrah has allowed herself to believe that this, and not her very real personality flaws, are responsible for her “haters.”

She should consider that she’s not the only Teen Mom star who’s stripped down.


Jinger Duggar: Shamed by Fans Over Pregnancy

It’s no secret that Jinger Duggar Vuolo is pregnant. In fact, fans were just treated to a look at Jinger’s baby bump at 15 weeks.

Some fans are offering Jinger and Jeremy their congratulations. This will be the couple’s first child.

Others, however, appear to be shaming the couple for having “taken so long” to get pregnant.

After Jinger shared her good news — and a glimpse of her baby bump — fans and followers filled her Instagram comments.

“Yay!! They are finally pregnant!!”

That comment … didn’t need the finally part, but it’s overall positive and doesn’t seem to be mean-spirited.

“Omg yay!!! Finally.  I’m so happy for you guys.”

That’s more like it.

“Congratulations, so happy for you guys! My God bless you and your family.”

That one’s sweet and incorporates a reference to the Duggar family’s Christian faith. Totally appropriate.

Other commenters offered their heartfelt congratulations … while also congratulating the “late” timing of the news, since Jinger and Jeremy have been married for a “whopping” 15 months.

“You look gorgeous. So glad you took time to just enjoy being a married couple before having a baby. I suspect you planned it that way & good on you. After all, women are not just brood mares.”

She does look great. Though we suspect that Jim Bob would disagree about the brood mares comment.

“I am glad you waited a little bit to enjoy being a newlywed. There is nothing like being parents but you also need time to learn and grow as a couple first.”

That’s definitely very healthy!

“So cute. Congratulations , I happy you had a year to learn about each other without distractions.”

Most people learn about each other by dating, but the courtship-to-marriage pipeline for the Duggars is practically instantaneous. 

Then came a comment that sounded an awful lot like shaming.

“Finally I was wondering if y’all were just gonna use birth control unlike the rest of your sisters. But I guess it happened for ya all in good time.”

This sounds like, for one thing, they’re relieved. And there seems to be a judgmental tone to it.

I’m not the only one who picked up on this and similar comments as being rude; one commenter took their peers to task:

“You don’t know why she didn’t get pregnant right away, whether it was by choice or they were having trouble for some reason or if she’s had miscarriages.”

In fact, very miscarriages are so common that many women have them without realizing that they were ever pregnant. The commenter continues:

“Please think about that kind of comment for any pregnant woman, because some women actually want to get pregnant right away and it can be hurtful when you congratulate them for a timeline they didn’t plan on.”

A couple of these comments seemed a little off-topic but also worth mentioning, so that people can get the full spectrum of Jinger’s Instagram comments:

“Congrats to you Jinger & Jeremy can’t wait to start the new season on the 26th of February. I have been wondering what the heck was going on and finally saw a commercial last night. My husband always has the control but I have a lot of shows saved on the dvr”

This sounds less like a comment and more like a cry for help. One possibly misplaced in the Instagram comments of a Duggar, since the family eschews both “worldly” entertainment and any notion of gender equality.

And then there’s this:

“The Lord put you and your baby on my heart today to claim the Lords DNA In every cell in that little babies body! And for protection against any firey darts the enemy tries to throw in the growing process! The Holy Spirit is guarding your womb and you will have a healthy baby and God ordained delivery in Jesus name!”

That is perhaps the most colorful well-wishing that we’ve ever seen on Instagram.

Jim Bob has been criticized for doing his best to force his children to be “clones” of his ideology and lifestyle by deterring them from seeking higher education (or public education).

Jinger may be a deviation from that — or maybe she and Jeremy have been trying their hardest to conceive since they got married.

We don’t know. Frankly, it’s not our business when an adult gets pregnant or what they did or didn’t do along the way.

She’s pregnant now and anyone who considers themselves a real fan should just offer congratulations. Pariod.


Jessa Duggar Gets Shamed For Dirty House, Fires Back at Haters

Last week, Jessa Duggar posted a series of Instagram photos chronicling the various unclean items around her less-than-immaculate home.

For many parents of young children, the images in Jessa’s confessional slideshow no doubt made for a relatable sight:

The mother of two showed the world her appliances and mirrors covered in fingerprints, a bed piled high with laundry, even a mound of soiled diapers waiting to be taken to out to the trash.

For the most part, fans were supportive and took the opportunity to offer their own admissions about allowing their housekeeping habits to fall by the wayside in response to the demands of caring for toddlers.

But this being the internet in 2017, there were more than a few haters and shamers, as well.

“No m’am. You had ONE job,” wrote one follower in response to Jessa’s post.

“This is so disgusting. You spend the most time in your home. Take pride in it and take care of it,” commented another.

It’s certainly not the first time Jessa’s parenting has been criticized.

But while Jessa may have let the negativity roll off her back in the past, this time she’s taking a stand against the mommy-shamers.

“We all try to put our best foot forward and are most comfortable posting our ‘highlight reel’ for people on social media to see. I could’ve waited 24 hrs and posted pics of everything freshly cleaned and looking beautiful (the stovetop is sparkling, dust bunnies have been removed, laundry is folded, bed sheets are washed, etc),” she wrote in a lengthy posted on response Instagram.

“Certainly people would find no fault with that… but many may find fault with themselves. I didn’t do that for a reason. Reality.”

Jessa went on to address the specifics of her situation:

“Sometimes you find yourself with an 8-month-old who isn’t sleeping through the night, and you don’t care that your bed has spit up on it–you’re tired. Throw a towel down on it and sleep!” she continued.

“Sometimes you don’t want to wash the dishes right after supper because your husband is finally home from work, and there’s only one golden hour of family time before babies are tucked into bed and hubby has to start in on his college homework… and so you put off dishes until then.”

Proving that her sense of humor hasn’t been broken by the judgemental response to her housekeeping, Jessa added:

“Oh, and the diapers. Our diaper pail is currently outta commission, and I’m awaiting a replacement. Yeah, they were stinky, but I had them bagged up and out of the house before the pic of them was even posted.”

Jessa concluded by summarizing what she had hoped to convey for the sake of her less receptive followers:

“My takeaway, and what I was trying to convey, was this: I could break down household tasks into manageable increments, with a few min here doing this, and a few min there doing that,” she wrote.

“And when it comes to quality time with kids, it’s really the same thing. It’s a few min here and a few min there. The point was not kids vs. house cleaning.

“The point was my heart’s goal to devote undivided time and attention to my kids– to make memories together each day, no matter what else I have on my schedule.”

“It’s all too easy for me to want to turn on Baby Einstein and get back to my project, and while that may be fine or necessary at times, it can’t replace pausing for moments here and there to give them a mama’s loving, playful, teaching, and engaging interaction.”

She added:

“P.S. We had a blessed day, the house was tidied right up, books were read, snuggles given, kids happy… and we all lived happily ever after.”

Wise words from a young mother who knows about the daily challenges of balancing priorities.

Watch Counting On online for more on Jessa’s parenting philosophy.


Sean Young Claims Barbra Streisand Shamed Her for Calling Out Sexual Harassment

Sean Young says she was the Rose McGowan of her day … getting shamed by Hollywood’s elite — like Barbra Streisand — when she dared to accuse Warren Beatty of sexual harassment. Sean was on KLBJ-FM in Austin Thursday and when they asked her…