Shannon Beador: David Stopped Loving Me When I Got Fat!

Last month, Shannon Beader announced her split from husband David. After 17 years of marriage and three children, it’s over.

But the Real Housewives of Orange County star is giving new insight into how and why their union has come to an end.

And this is really not what anyone expected.

Shannon Beador has had a rough time in her personal life, lately.

Sure, she’s an affluent realty star with three beautiful teenage daughters and a number of supportive friends.

But she’s had some well-chronicled … issues.

Earlier this summer, Shannon Beador accused Vicki Gunvalson of making her fat.

While it’s true that Shannon was stress-eating (though she’s certainly not what we’d call “fat”) and also true that Vicki Gunvalson had been gossiping about Shannon’s marriage and adding to her stress, it rubbed fans the wrong way to hear her blame Vicki.

(Even if you don’t care for Vicki Gunvalson, she just doesn’t have power over other people’s actions and bodies)

Shannon Beador began exercising, and Tamra Judge vowed to help her out of fear that Shannon might die.

And we’ve heard again and again that Shannon’s weight gain was causing friction within her marriage, which is positively tragic.

You marry a person, not their waist measurements. But David was reportedly reluctant to touch her now that she was (slightly!) heavier than she once was.

When a couple suddenly stops having sex, sometimes many other problems that they’d previously been ignoring can rise to the surface.

And Shannon was understandably frustrated by David’s attitude.

But though it’s been reported that Shannon Beador might be ready to divorce David … that’s apparently not how this went down.

On The Real Housewives of Orange County‘s reunion special, Shannon revealed how things happened.

And it was apparently David who asked for their separation in the first place.

But Shannon says that she’s coping:

“It’s been really, really hard but I’m a mom and I’m a role model for my kids and it got to the point where I wasn’t teaching my daughters positive lessons.”

That sounds like a useful mindset. Some people find it easiest to remain strong if they’re being strong for someone else.

Especially for their teenage daughters.

“They deserve a happy and joyful home and that’s where we are now. … It is my job now to show the girls — I’m scared, I’m 53 years old, it’s the first time I’ve been out on my own, but I can do it.”

That sentence structure is a little odd, but suffice it to say that she’s not saying that her job is to show her daughters that she’s scared.

Rather, she’s showing them that she can overcome adversity and adapt to a new situation.

And that they can, too.

Children who haven’t been through a divorce before can often find them frightening and feel insecure.

Some even blame themselves.

Shannon and David are putting the girls first, which is absolutely the right thing to do.

“We’ve agreed for the benefit of our daughters to be amicable.”

That’s the right move. The children didn’t cause the marriage, the divorce, or their own births. It’s on the parents to accommodate them.

“It was always a tradition to go to Sunday night dinner so we meet him for dinner on Sunday nights.”

That’s good. A continued routine can help create a sense of stability for kids who might feel vulnerable.

“And we still go to the USC games and take the kids. Which is hard but it’s for the benefit of them.”

Sometimes, you just grin and bear it for the sake of your kids.

The revelation that Shannon and David split has apparently given Vicki a wake-up call about the harm that she can do by spreading rumors.

“I’m sad about it because I didn’t know and I thought they were doing really good,” Vicki said.

“If I was responsible for any of it, I’d feel awful.”

You know, we believe that.

“If I could take back that day, if I was hurting because you weren’t talking to me… I’m so sorry. We’ve been through bumpiness but I want the very best for you.”

Again, though, Vicki Gunvalson isn’t all-powerful. If her jabs at Shannon’s marriage caused it to fall apart, then it really didn’t have a solid foundation to begin with, did it?

Hopefully Shannon, if she seeks another relationship, can find someone who loves her for who she is and won’t recoil with disgust if her waist size changes.

Our best wishes go out to the Beador daughters in the hopes that their parents give them awesome presents in a game of one-upmanship.

Divorces are rarely fun, so they might as well enjoy one of the few potential benefits: insecure parents bribing them.


June Shannon is Making a Workout Video!

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has come and gone, and Mama June Shannon has lost a massive amount of weight.

That doesn't mean that she's done with reality TV. Rumors have been swirling about what exactly June Shannon's weight-loss spinoff will be.

And now, at last, we have some details about what June has planned to inspire fans to follow her example: a workout video.

June shannon promo photo

America could not tear it eyes away from the bizarre sideshow attraction that was Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

Some reality shows are about something. Somebody's journey or romance or career.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was "about" the life of child beauty pageant winner Alana Thompson and her family.

It ran for five season (well, four seasons — the fifth season aired later as "lost" after June Shannon was accused of engaging in a relationship with a registered sex offender … yikes).

But Mama June didn't let that keep her from being a reality star.

She came back as the star of From Not to Hot, getting a total makeover.

Mama June went from over 400 pounds to well under 200, losing 300 pounds in the process.

If you're thinking "well, some people are just bigger," keep in mind that while that's true and while, say, football players might be in the 300 to 400 pound range, Mama June is only 5-foot-4.

We're not out to body-shame anyone, but it was Mama June who decided that she wanted to change her weight and her whole body, and that definitely sounds like the better decision for her health.

Mom june

But now that June has had multiple surgeries to aid weight loss and then to remove the excess skin …

(That's the secret downside to massive weight loss, folks — that skin doesn't magically go away, and needs to be surgically removed)

… What is she going to do next?

HollywoodLife reports that she wants to pay it forward and help inspire other women to transform themselves and their lives.

With a workout video.

"June is looking into making a workout video, she thinks her dramatic slim down could be great motivation for other women struggling with their weight."

Though Mama June had help and resources that most people don't, she managed to lose, well, more weight than most people have to begin with. She could really be an inspiration.

And she did more than just go under the knife. She can share what she's learned.

"June’s lifestyle habits have undergone a drastic turnaround since she decided to get in shape, and she now eats super healthy, in addition to working out every day."

That is so important for losing weight — with or without surgery.

It's also important for maintaining that weight loss.

"June is fully committed to maintaining her weight loss, she’s worked really hard to drop the pounds, and she intends to never go back to her previous size."

You might think that her surgeries, which included limiting the capacity of her stomach, would totally prevent her from regaining weight.

But your body tends to try to keep its largest size, and we imagine that hers is in starvation mode and working overtime to store every calorie that she consumes.

She needs to be constantly vigilant if she wants to stay the way that she is.

"June feels like a completely different woman now, she has so much more energy, and for the first time in years she actually really likes what she sees in the mirror."

Mama june pouting

Obviously, weight loss is a personal decision, not an obligation.

But a lot of people who do choose to lose weight, whether it's a little or a lot, find that having a peer group can be helpful.

That's why spin classes exist. And Weight Watchers. And so on.

But that's not necessarily feasible for everyone. A workout video about weight loss, on the other hand, with a reality star to bring it attention and recognition, could work wonders for a lot of people.

Mama June sounds particularly interested in helping to inspire other women to lose weight.

She's not necessarily being sexist. She, herself, is a woman.

Also, we live in a society that values men by their wallets or sense of humor while it values women by their attractiveness and bodies.

Sure, there are exceptions, but the social conditioning is powerful. You still see men in their 50s paired up with 25-year-old actresses in films.

And you're still more likely to see that kind of gap between age and gender in everyday life than you are to see it with the genders reversed.

The new mama june

In the video below, you'll see June Shannon talk about the sorts of lifestyle changes that she's made.

Don't worry, folks — she still has cheat foods available.

That's something important for people who want to follow her example to keep in mind — just because you want to lose weight doesn't mean that you have to give up on ever being happy again.

Honestly, the difference in Mama June's figure from how it was just a few years ago is wildly staggering.

She really could be an inspiration. But … when, we wonder, will this workout video actually happen?

June shannon is making a workout video

Shannon Beador and David Beador: It’s Over After 17 Years!

It’s sad, and maybe a little bit surprising, but it’s true:

Shannon Beador and David Beador have ended their marriage.

The Real Housewives of Orange County cast member and her husband of 17 years split last month, People Magazine has confirmed, with Shannon herself announcing the news on Friday afternoon.

“It’s heartbreaking for me and my daughters that this is the road that had to be taken but it’s the only way,” Shannon said, taking a swipe at David by adding:

“I felt alone in my marriage. You can do what you can to keep your family together, but you have to have willing parties.

“You need two people to make a marriage work, and that just wasn’t happening in our relationship.”

The couple share three kids together: Sophie, 15, and twins Stella and Adeline, 12.

In a statement to Bravo, Shannon said the following of her separation:

“After much thought and careful consideration, David and I have made the difficult decision to separate.

“We remain partners in parenthood and are committed to raising our three daughters.

“This is not the future we envisioned, and we kindly ask for privacy, especially for our children, during this transitional time.”

Anyone who has followed The Real Housewives of Orange Country for Beador’s four-year duration can’t be all that shocked by this development.

On season 10, the series regular revealed that David was unfaithful to her via an affair she learned about just days before filming got underway.

The two then spent time repairing their marriage through therapy and open dialogue with their family, all of which was captured on camera.

Unfortunately, not even an eventual vow renewal at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe in California could save this marriage.


Over the past few months, meanwhile, David and Shannon grew rather distance.

The former often seemed to choose the gym over spending time with his family.

The stars also dealt with an ugly accusation by Vicki Gunvalson last season that David “beat the s—” out of Shannon,” an allegation that never proved to be true… yet which caused Shannon to stress eat and gain around 40 pounds.

“This is not the path that I thought that I would be taking,” Beador also told People.

“To come from the highest of the highs last year to go to such a low so quickly? At the beginning when it starts to crumble, you think, ‘This is just a phase. It’ll get better.’ But it never did.”

Finally, this is the main point Beador wanted to emphasize with People:

“We are doing our best to be amicable for our children. That’s our primary concern, to act in the best interest of our daughters.”

Look for Shannon to talk about it in more detail with Andy Cohen on an episode of Watch What Happens Live next month.


Pumpkin Gender Reveal: Lauryn Shannon is Having a…

As previously reported, Lauryn Shannon is pregnant with her first child.

The former Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star and recurring family member on Mama June: From Not to Hot is only 17 years old and is expecting either a boy or a girl with rumored fiance Josh Efird.

Actually, we're about to amend that sentence:

We now know what Shannon is having!

In a video meant to tease Mama June: From Not to Hot Season 2, which premieres in January, the young woman known as “Pumpkin” sits down to eat a cupcake.

Based on the color of the cream inside, she'll find out whether she's having a girl (pink) or a boy (blue).

“I kind of want a girl because, of course, another me, duh!” Shannon says in the footage below, prior to making her baby's gender reveal.

Will she get her wish? Will she have a tiny version of herself in a few months?


“I think Alana’s going to flip her shit because, you know, she’s the baby girl of the family, and now she’s not going to be no more," Shannon says after reacting in excitement over the pink frosting discovery.

Pumpkin goes on to explain the one drawback to having a daughter, while laughing and telling viewers:

“I don’t think you guys are ready for another little me!” 

That may very well be true.

But it looks like we'll have no say in the matter.

Watch Shannon's full, cupcake-based gender reveal below:

Pumpkin gender reveal lauryn shannon is having a dot dot dot

Shannon Beador: Ready to Divorce Her Husband?!

Shannon Beador’s marriage is on thin ice.

We know that from watching The Real Housewives of Orange County, where we saw the star blame her marital troubles — the loss of affection, the constant fighting — on her recent weight gain.

But it turns out that their relationship is in worse shape than we’d imagined.

(One of the “mean” comments under this photo of Shannon and David was someone referring to David as her “sugar daddy.” Both spouses are in their early 50s, making this one of the nicest things that we’ve seen a hater say about Shannon Beador)

If you’ve read our The Real Housewives of Orange County recap, you know that even on camera, the relationship between Shannon Beador and her husband David is rocky at best.

Shannon has been quick to point the finger at one thing that’s behind the decline in their relationship: her weight gain.

This is the same weight gain that Shannon had blamed on Vicki Gunvalson.

Absurd, of course, which is why Shannon retracted the statement. Vicki Gunvalson isn’t a witch and she wasn’t sneaking into Shannon’s home and feeding her in her sleep. To our knowledge, anyway.

Shannon Beador had accused Vicki Gunvalson of spreading false rumors about her and her husband — that David was abusing her — and said that the resulting stress-eating was behind her gaining weight.

Even though Shannon really didn’t gain that much weight and still looks healthy, her friend Tamra Judge worries that Shannon’s going to die.

But Tamra is one of those fitness-obsessed types (she’s a “fitness guru” so it goes with the territory, we guess), so take that with a grain of salt.

Though Shannon has always denied Vicki’s “theory” that David abuses her, it does look like their relationship has gone south recently.

They’re arguing and Shannon has been openly discussing their problems on camera.

(She’s a Real Housewife so maybe she just needed to be open about it for her storyline and maybe they’re even exaggerating things for the camera, but … these marital problems kind of feel like they could be real, you know?)

It’s not unusual, unfortunately, for couples to begin to develop problems when one puts on weight or makes some other dramatic change in their appearance.

It does not mean that their spouse only loved them for their looks.

However, love and physical attraction are different things (though, for many people, they are related).

When a couple is no longer having sex because of a loss of attraction on one spouse’s part (or both), then that lack of sexual intimacy can spill over into their lives.

They become frustrated — at each other but also with themselves and in general.

They get cranky, basically.

It’s not that they were only together for sex, but the sex was part of the equation of their relationship. Without it, things got all out of whack.

Vicki’s diligently working to lose the weight that she’s gained.

Unfortunately, now RadarOnline‘s source says that things are even worse beneath the surface.

“Things have not improved much since the show was filmed!”

That means that the fight that we saw, the problems that Shannon shared, are more or less still in play, even though the episode was certainly filmed months ago.

“What you see this season on the show is just the tip of the iceberg and Shannon is at the point where she doesn’t know if she even wants to fix things anymore.”

Wouldn’t it be something if Shannon loses the weight and then leaves David because of his recent behavior?

“David does not touch her anymore and the two are no longer romantic or intimate.”

Like we said — that’s not good for your relationship.

“They are still in counseling, but it has gotten to the point where their kids don’t even want them together anymore because they are sick and tired of the non-stop fighting.”

Never say together “for the kids,” because they don’t want to be around you fighting and they certainly don’t want to feel like it’s their fault that their parents are forcing themselves to stay together.

And it sounds like the kids have the right idea.

“They are both miserable and at this point, divorce seems like the only option”

We should keep in mind that RadarOnline‘s source is, by nature, not privy to every detail in the couple’s lives.

No one is — unless Shannon and David give an interview together, basically, we’re not going to ever see the whole story.

But usually, if a couple still seems to be fighting and not sleeping together or otherwise getting along, that’s the case.

And that’s all kinds of sad for Shannon and her family.