Tamera Mowry Shares Her Grief After Laying to Rest Slain Niece

Last week, Alaina Housley, niece of Tamera Mowry and Adam Housley, was murdered in a mass shooting.

Now, the bright teenager has been laid to rest.

Temera shared a heartbreaking quote about grief to mark the occassion.

Reports on the 12 innocent lives lost in the Thousand Oaks shooting were consumed by stories of the raging wildfire that is tearing through Southern California.

But Tamera can’t think of anything but her niece, her grief, and her family.

“Today we lay you to rest sweet angel,” Tamera writes on Instagram.

“I’ll miss you forever,” she continues. “And your sweet smile.”

“Until we meet again,” Tamera adds.

She follows those words in her caption with an emoji of two linked hearts.

Tamera Mowry Shares Post About Grief

Her caption is beside an image of a very relevant quote.

“Grief never ends… but it changes,” the quote begins.

“It’s a passage, not a place to stay,” the quote continues.

The quote notes: “Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith.”

“It is,” the quote concludes. “The price of love.”

That is heartbreaking but very accurate.

Tamera gave context for the quote that she shared.

“This quote was sent to me by my friend David,” she says.

She didn’t tag him, which is a tasteful way to give him credit without getting him mobbed by fans.

“When I am having a challenging day,” Tamera shares. “I cling to it.”

She has had a lot of challenging days in the past week.

Her entire family has.

Tamera confirmed that she did not have sex until she was 29 and then, wracked by guilt due to her religious beliefs, remained celibate until marriage.

She has come under fire for her marriage to Adam Housley.

Some took aim at their interracial marriage — because yes, this world is still full of hatefulness and racism.

Others took aim because of Housley’s role at Fox News, a conservative outlet that gives a platform to outspoken white supremacists like Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson.

It should be noted that Housley departed from his role at Fox News in protest over the network’s pivot from actual journalism to Trump hype.

And at any rate, any criticisms that one might have of Tamera or her husband can wait.

They are in mourning.

Alaina Housley was a freshman at Pepperdine University.

It was college night at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, California.

What should have been a night to party, mix, and mingle turned into a massacre.

Tamera and Adam have expressed their sorrow, not only for their own loss, but for the other 11 innocents who were gunned down.

And for their families, and for the numerous individuals who were injured.

One of the victims who did not survive had, just a year earlier, survived the Las Vegas shooting.

To Alaina’s loved ones who survive her, the reality of her tragic death is still sinking in.

Some of them may feel betrayed that the world immediately moved on from the story of the massacre.

As we mentioned, multiple blazes following serious drought in Southern California have raged through.

Entire towns have been destroyed. Dozens are dead. Hundreds are missing or unaccounted for.

2018 has visited many horrors upon us all, but seems to be doubling down on the people of Southern California as the year draws to a close.

Rest in peace, Alaina. We hope that her family is able to cope with this unthinkable loss.


Liam Hemsworth Shares Grim Photo of the Ashes of His Malibu Home

Like countless other Californians, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus lost their California home to a raging wildfire.

This blaze has consumed entire towns. Dozens are confirmed dead, and the number of people unaccounted for is over 200.

Liam has posted a grim look at what was once his home — and shared what he is doing to help his community.

“It’s been a heartbreaking few days,” Liam wrote on Instagram and crossposted to Twitter.

“This,” he continued. “Is what’s left of my house.”

Accompanying his message was a stark image of the burned out ruin that was once his beautiful home.

“Love,” he said, in reference to the sign of that word, still visible among the ashes.

“Many people in Malibu and surrounding areas in California have lost their homes also,” Liam noted.

“And,” he wrote. “My heart goes out to everyone who was affected by these fires.”

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus Malibu home destroyed by fire

“I spent the day in Malibu yesterday,” Liam shared.

He also posted a before-and-after image of his home, putting the image on his Instagram Story.

“And,” Liam continued. “It was amazing to see the community pulling together to help each other out in any way they can.”

“Malibu is a strong community,” Liam affirmed.

“And,” he predicted. “This event is only going to make it stronger.”

Here is the truly jarring image of what he and Miley lost.

Liam Hemsworth shares malibu home LOVE sign before after fire

“Thankful for the all the great local guys that helped keep smaller fires out around my property,” Liam wrote.

“I love u guys,” Liam affirmed. “I love you Malibu.”

Liam continued: “Thank you to all the hero firefighters around California.”

“It’s going to be a journey to rebuild,” Liam acknowledged.

He concluded: “Stay strong all.”

Miley also spoke out on social media this week.

“Completely devestated by the fires affecting my community,” Miley admitted.

She was sure to acknowledge: “I am one of the lucky ones.”

“My animals and LOVE OF MY LIFE made it out safely,” Miley wrote. “And that’s all that matters right now.”

“My house no longer stands,” she admitted. “But the memories shared with family & friends stand strong.”

Miley kept a healthy perspective, saying: “I am grateful for all I have left.”

Like so many others, she is in awe of the firefighters who are doing everything that they can to deter, contain, and douse this raging inferno.

“Sending so much love and gratitude to the firefighters and LA country Sheriff’s department,” Miley continued.

In addition to the professionals, the California Department of Corrections also sent inmates to combat the blaze.

(It’s controversial, in part because these individuals risk their lives but will be unable to get jobs as firefighters upon release)

“If you are interested in getting involved see next tweet….” Miley told her followers.

She suggested that those who want to help: “Donate $ , Time , Supplies.”

“I love you more than ever,” she told her fans, signing off: “Miley.”

Miley and Liam aren’t just suggesting that people donate.

They’re putting their money where their mouths are.

The power couple has donated $ 500,000 towards rebuilding Malibu.

It will take a lot more than that simply to rebuild their own home, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Communities can come together to rebuild after disasters. That is how humans have always operated.

That is how society’s thrive.


Tamera Mowry Shares Bittersweet Photo of Late Niece on Son’s Sixth Birthday

Last week, Tamera Mowry and Adam Housley’s niece was one of the twelve innocents who were murdered in a mass shooting in Thousand Oaks.

Aiaina Housley did not live to visit Tamera’s son’s sixth birthday..

Tamera shared a heartbreaking photo of the cousins and revealed how her very young son is coping with her passing.

Tamera Mowry took to Instagram to mark the bittersweet occassion of her son’s sixth birthday.

She shared a photo of the two cousins together, below.

“Happy 6th birthday Aden!” Tamera wrote in the captions.

On a sadder note, she continued: “Alaina was excited to come to your birthday party.”

“But,” she concluded. “As you said buddy, ‘She lives in your heart now.'”

“We love you,” she added — to Aden, but also to Alaina.

Here is the picture of the two cousins, side-by-side.

Obviously, only days have passed since that heartbreaking mass shooting in Thousand Oaks.

“Alaina. My sweet, sweet Alaina,” Tamera lamented in another post. “My heart breaks.”

“I’m still in disbelief,” Tamera admits.

Few people are truly prepared to lose loved ones, especially a teenager.

“It’s not fair how you were taken,” Tamera mourns. “And how soon you were taken from us.”

Alaina was a college freshman at Pepperdine University. She was an English Major.

“I was blessed to know you ever since you were 5,” Tamera continues.

She says that, from the beginning, “you stole my heart.”

“I will miss our inside jokes,” Tamera writes. “Us serenading at the piano.”

“Thank you for being patient with me learning how to braid your hair,” Tamera adds.

This is just heartbreaking to read.

“And,” Tamera says. “I will never forget our duet singing the national anthem at Napa’s soccer game.”

These personal anecdotes and details are what really twist the knife, even for people who never even knew of Alaina before she died.

Tamera makes it clear that her love has not diminished simply because her beloved niece has passed away.

“I love you. I love you. I love you,” Tamera emphasizes.

She continues: “You are gonna make one gorgeous angel.”

That is so sweet.

Tamera then extends her sympathies to the others who were murdered, or wounded, or traumatized, or lost loved ones in that same shooting.

“My heart and prayers are with every victim of this tragedy,” Tamera concludes.

As difficult as it is for Tamera, Adam, and the other adults in Alaina’s life … death is harder for children.

Children are more resilient than people imagine, but also lack perspective and coping abilities that come with age and maturity.

We’re sure that Temera and Adam, even as they grieve Alaina for themselves, are doing everything to help Aden cope with losing his cousin.

By all accounts, this was a close family, and it may take time for him to accept that she’s truly no longer with us.

In the mean time, it is up to us as a nation to determine whether mass shootings like the one that claimed Alaina’s life continue to be an almost daily occurrence.

We absolutely can, as other nations like Australia have done, simply decide that this nightmare will no longer be commonplace.


Mackenzie Standifer Shares Update on Ryan Edwards, First Baby Photo

Mackenzie Standifer offered a couple of treats for her social media followers on Halloween.

First, the long-time reality star provided fans with their very first glimpse of Jagger, the baby to whom she gave birth in October.

It was a fleeting glimpse, mind you. Some might even take issue with this being labeled a glimpse at all.

But… hey, there is a baby in the photo below, alright?!?

Standifer simply included a black heart emoji as a caption to this image of Jagger and his 10-year old brother, Bentley, both of whom were out and about on Halloween night.

Mackenzie has often used this same unusual graphic across her Instagram, prompting some to believe it’s meant as jab at Edwards, who continues to get into trouble with the law.

But Standifer insists the emoji has nothing to do with her often-jailed husband.

“So here’s the deal about my use of [the black heart],” she wrote two weeks ago online.

“There’s nothing behind it except for the fact that it’s different from your everyday [red heart]. Sorry to disappoint. Lol. There’s no hidden or cryptic messages behind it…

“It’s just a heart shaped emoji that happens to be black instead of red.”

Oh. Okay then.

Standifer made a return to Teen Mom OG this past Monday evening in order to discuss Bentley possibly going to private school with his grandparents.

She and Ryan had previously quit the MTV franchise, with Mackenzie claiming the network didn’t want to be associated with a recovering drug addict such as Edwards.

Mackenzie, never one to mince words, then shared a photo of Teen Mom cameras being set up around her home, writing in the caption that the scene being shot was “Faaakkkkkeeeeeeeeeee” and strongly implying that everything one sees on the show is fake.

Sorry, “Faaakkkkkeeeeeeeeeee.”

But Ryan’s run-ins with the law have been very real.

Because he was arrested (AGAIN) for drug possession earlier this year, Edwards actually missed Jagger’s birth.

According to various sources, he has never met his second son.

There’s been talk (below) of Standifer leaving Edwards at last and taking their son with her, but she seemed to shoot down such chatter in an Instagram response last night.

“Where is Ryan? As a fellow addict I wish him the best. Is he in treatment still?” a follower asked Standifer in reply to her Halloween picture, to which she directly responded:

He is doing SO good. Proud of him.

doing so good

We think this is the first time Mackenzie has even acknowledged that Edwards is in treatment.

Perhaps that’s progress, considering Standifer spent the better part of the last year insisting that Edwards was clean and sober following his 2017 weeks-long rehab stint.

Despite the many times Edwards has faced drug charges, Mackenzie has continued to deny that her husband has a substance abuse problem.

But he does. No one can say any differently now.

For the sake of his very precious two children, let’s just hope he takes the proper steps to kick it once and for all.


Kylie Jenner Shares Throwback Pics Where She’s Totally Twinning With Stormi

Even though billionaire businesswoman Kylie Jenner no longer wants to marry Travis Scott, their baby girl still makes them a family.

Kylie is honoring her daughter by putting up side-by-side photos of Stormi with baby pics of herself.

Take a look at these baby photos. They’re twinning!

Precious little Stormi Webster will turn nine months old on November 1.

We treasure every baby picture of this cutie, but these photos you’re about to see are extra special.

Kylie took to Instagram to treat her fans and followers to a couple of side-by-side comparisons.

In the images that you’re about to see, half of the picture shows baby Stormi.

The other half are throwbacks to when Kylie herself was just a wee baby.

Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster, Side-By-Side Baby Pics 01

Look at them!

That is very obviously Stormi on the left, and baby Kylie in the late ’90s on the right.

They do look exceptionally similar.

“My baby and me,” Kylie captioned the photo.

After those words, she shared three well-deserved heart eyes emojis.

Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster, Side-By-Side Baby Pics 02

Kylie had no words to add with this image.

Instead, she wrote three heart eyes emojis and then a red heart emoji.

Those chubby cheeks on the left belong to Stormi.

On the right, dressed like the princess that she basically is, is Kylie.

They really do look so similar — which they should. They’re mother and daughter.

Unfortunately, we remember all too well this summer’s manufactured scandal.

A handful of Kylie’s fans created and spread a conspiracy theory that Travis wasn’t Kylie’s real baby daddy.

They noticed that Kylie’s bodyguard was hot and decided that baby Stormi’s features and skin were closer to his Asian features than to Travis’ black features.

(Yes, there was some implicit racism behind this hurtful conspiracy theory)

We hope that, if there are any more “Stormi truthers” out there, these twinning photos lay their doubts to rest.

Stormi doesn’t look like some other man. She looks like her mommy.

Back in July, Kylie mentioned that her baby was the spitting image of her.

“Stormi, she’s my twin,” Kylie gushed during a YouTube Q&A with bestie Jordyn Woods.

Kylie did admit at the time: “She’s looking a lot more like her dad.”

“She has the most perfect lips in the entire world,” Kylie shared.

Since you can’t genetically inherit lip fillers, that didn’t come from Kylie.

“She didn’t get those from me,” Kylie affirmed. “I think her dad has those.”

No baby should be the target of criticism, and no mother should have to choose between ignoring hate and defending her baby.

Kylie spent most of her life, including all of her teens and the end of her childhood, in the spotlight.

Stormi will spend her entire life as one of the most famous people on Earth.

She is already second only to literal royalty in terms of famous babies.

We hope that, along with her mother’s strong features, she inherited her mom’s resilience against the burdens of that fame.

But hey, at least she got her dad’s lips — that’s one fewer cosmetic procedure to consider.


Jinger Duggar Shares Adorable Pics of Her “Little Family,” Melts Fans’ Hearts

Hard to believe it's been three months since Jinger Duggar welcomed her first child.

These days, Jinger and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, are loving their lives as new parents and sharing every moment of that joy on social media.

Perhaps it's because Jinger and Jeremy live in Laredo, Texas, far away from the rest of the Duggar clan in Arkansas.

Or perhaps it's because Jinger has harbored a lifelong love of photography.

Whatever the reason, the pics of little Felicity just keep coming, and fans can't get enough.

Take a look:

1. Jinger, Jeremy, Felicity

Jinger jeremy felicity
Jinger has posted several new photos of her “little family” this week. And fans have eagerly expressed their appreciation.

2. Felicity In Black and White

Felicity in black and white
“Safe in Daddy’s arms,” Jinger captioned this artful pic. Duggar fans may recall that Jinger has long had an interest in photography.

3. Felicity’s Parents

Felicitys parents
Despite the demands of being first-time parents, Jinger and Jeremy still make time for one another. She captioned this pic, “Forever and always.”

4. Friend of the Vuolo Family

Friend of the vuolo family
“Our lovely friend Adelyn Foto is in town this weekend! Felicity couldn’t be bothered for a smile,” Jinger captioned this pic.

5. Felicity at 3 Months

Felicity at 3 months
It’s hard to believe three months have gone by since little Felicity entered the world. Fortunately, Jimnger has been thoroughly documenting all the major moments in her daughter’s life.

6. Flying High

Felicity vuolo on a plane
At 3 months old, Felicity is already a seasoned world traveler! Okay, so she’s only been on one plane — but it’s a start!

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Kailyn Lowry Shares Rare Photo of Lux. What Does It Mean?

Kailyn Lowry continues to confound her Instagram followers.

The famous Teen Mom 2 star has said many times of late that she's single, yet one would be forgiven for thinking the opposite.

She keeps mentioning Chris Lopez. She keeps sharing photos of Chris Lopez. She has even now included one of Chris Lopez and the ex-couple's son, Lux.

What might this mean? Is Lowry purposely dropping hints? Or is she simply content that she and her third baby daddy are on good terms?

Scroll down to see the latest photo and to delve into this confusing issue…

1. Chris Lopez and Lux! Together!

Chris lopez and lux together
We don’t get to see this very often. But Lowry posted this picture of Lopez and Lux together along with the caption “Twinzzz.” It’s just the latest example of Lowry and Lopez spending more time together.

2. See! Here They are Again!

Kailyn with chris
This picture was shared on October 9, 2018. “Phillies n shit,” Kailyn penned as a message along with it, despite the baseball season being over for this squad.

3. Is Kailyn Trying to Tell Us Something?

With little lux
We mean, she’s done more than merely TRY in the past. She’s come right out and referred to Lopez as her “first love,” adding in a blog post this summer: “I know, weird, when I had two kids with two other people. Breaking up with Isaac and Lincoln’s dads was upsetting because I felt like my kids lost the family aspect that I craved so badly for them. But this was different.”

4. Knock Me Up, Dude!

Kailyn and her family
As loyal Teen Mom 2 fans likely know by now, Lowry has also said she wants Lopez to impregnate her again. No, really. We are not making this up.

5. Right, Kailyn?

Chris lopez with baby lux
“I would definitely have more, but I also know that my life isn’t really set up for another right now,” she previously told Us Weekly about adding to her family, dropping the bombshell as follows: “Ideally I would have liked Chris to be the father of my next child.”

6. Does This Mean She Wants to Get Back Together?

Kailyn lowry and 2 sons
Not necessarily. There’s articficial insemination and other ways to accomplish the pregnancy goal without a romance. Lowry just maybe wants a fourth child and wants this child to be biologically related to her third child.

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Farrah Abraham: Daughter Shares SUPER Creepy Video, Gets So Much Hate!

OK, so pretty much no one likes Farrah Abraham, right?

Well, besides her dad, and maybe some misguided Teen Mom fans.

If you check out the comments on any of her Instagram posts, you’ll see what we mean.

There are people calling her a whore, making fun of her plastic surgery, pointing out how truly unhinged she always appears to be.

Every once in a while, you’ll see someone say something like “if you don’t like her, why do you look at her posts?”

But for the most part, it’s nothing but hate as far as the eye can see.

Farrah gets so much hate that it’s even spread to her daughter, Sophia.

It’s actually pretty sad.

Sophia is only nine years old, and she’s been criticized for her appearance, the way she talks, the way she behaves …

She’s a cute kid, and it’s not her fault that her delusional mother has pulled her out of school, you know?

That goes for many other things in her life, too: it’s not her fault Farrah has raised her the way she has.

And it’s important to remember that Sophia has been through a lot in her short life.

Her father passed away before she was born, and she’s never had anybody in her life to fill that role.

Ever since she was a baby, Farrah’s been feuding with her own mother, and sometimes it’s even gotten physical.

And then there were the times that she left Sophia with her parents so she could move to Florida on her own or film a reality show overseas.

Basically what we’re saying is that Sophia has experienced a lot of craziness and very little stability over the years, so maybe a little compassion would be nice.

And again, the girl is nine years old.

Still, all of that never stops the grown ass people who feel comfortable bashing her.

And when Sophia shared this new video in celebration of Halloween, those people went wild:

Is the video creepy?

Uh, yeah. Very much so.

That’s kind of the point.

But let’s check out what her followers had to say about it.

“WOW YOUR TRUE FORM!!!” one person wrote.

Someone else called this video “never before seen footage of Sophia relaxing at home.”

There were actually several comments like this — like this is how the girl truly is, and everything we’ve seen on Teen Mom OG has been a lie.

And yeah, it’s a joke, but … come on.

One person said that this video “is beyond disturbing,” and even went so far as to add “@cps.”

Because that’s how contacting child protective services works.

It’s just sad because Sophia is obviously having fun here, and even if you don’t personally like it or think it’s acceptable for a kid her age to be acting like this, there’s nothing really wrong with it.

Kids do act in horror movies all the time, and lots of them like horror, too.

With something this mild, it’s not like she’s going to get scarred for life over it or anything.

So maybe let’s just congratulate her on succeeding in being absolutely horrifying and move on, all right?


Joe Giudice Deportation: Daughter Milania Shares Heartbroken Plea

Last week, we learned the heartbreaking news that Joe Giudice will be deported to Italy after his release from prison.

Eldest daughter Gia Giudice is rallying support for her father in the hope that he can win his appeal.

And now, so is his younger daughter, 12-year-old Milania. You can read her impassioned plea below.

Milania Giudice took to Instagram and shared a pair of throwback photos that she took with her father before his incarceration.

“My dad,” Milania begins her captions.

She describes Joe Giudice as someone “who is the best dad in the world.”

That more or less how you’d expect a man’s 12-year-old daughter to describe him.

Milania then writes that he “needs to come home.”

Milania’s captions continue as she vows that their family isn’t going to let the court’s deportation order go unchallenged,

“We aren’t done fighting, dad,” Milania promises.

Joe has 30 days (fewer than that, now) to appeal the court’s ruling.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” she admits.

As someone who is not even a teenager, Milania was totally unprepared for the horrors that our world has in store for so many families.

Joe has already been away from his family for long enough — serving his time for fraud.

Until last week, Teresa and her daughters had been looking forward to his release in 2019. 

It was like the light at the end of the tunnel, when their family would be reunited.

Milania admits that she can’t wrap her head around him being away from his family for even longer — this time separated by an ocean instead of bars.

“I can’t imagine another day without you,” she writes.

Milania vows that the whole family is working to see him returned home when he finishes his stint.

“We are gonna do everything we can to fight this daddy!!” she promises.

She gushes: “I love you with all my heart buddy.”

A few years in prison might seem like a short time for adults, but it’s a huge chunk of Milania’s life that she’s now enduring without her father.

This deportation order could make a bad situation even worse.

Milania concludes her message with a simple, sad tag.

“#heartbroken,” she writes.

We can imagine so.

While Milania is fortunate to have two parents who love her and to live a privileged existence, she still wants her father in her life.

And so do her sisters.

As we mentioned, Gia Giudice also sent out a call for support in preventing her father’s deportation.

Where Milania speaks from the heart, Gia’s passionate words come with a list of compelling arguments.

Significantly, she mentions that Joe was brought to the United States at the age of one by his parents.

Deporting him to Italy is deporting him from the only country and only home that he has ever known.

Italy is a beautiful country, but that doesn’t mean that a person being shipped there upon release from prison would be the same as sending them home.

But Milania makes a very important point — deporting him would fracture his family.


Catelynn Baltierra Shares Extra Special Maternity Photos

Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra are expecting their third baby.

This would be a special occasion for any couple, but it's an especially meaningful one for the Teen Mom stars because Catelynn suffered a miscarriage several months ago.

The trauma caused her to check into rehab in order to deal with mounting stres and anxiety – and it also put into question whether the couple could or would have any more chilren.

But… amazing surprise!

They announced Catelynn's pregnancy two weeks and have been flying high ever since.

Below, meanwhile, Catelynn shares a bunch of special maternity photos snapped by Tyler in celebration of this "rainbow" baby, which is the term, given to a child conceived after a miscarriage. 

Check out the gorgeous images now…

1. A Very Special Photo

A very special photo
This is not just any maternity photo. It’s a unique rainbow maternity shoot in honor of Catelynn’s third child.

2. #RainbowBaby

Number rainbowbaby
Catelynn Baltierra used this hashtag to caption this photo. A rainbow baby is when a woman gets pregnant after having a miscarriage.

3. Does It Get Any Sweeter?

Does it get any sweeter
We’re pretty sure it doesn’t. What else is there to even say about this official photograph?

4. The Mother-to-Be

The mother to be
Catelynn didn’t hire an official photographer for these images. She used someone she knows and trusts: her husband!

5. The Vision in Red

The vision in red
Catelynn is a vision in this flowing red dress. We cannot wait to meet her third child.

6. A Reason to Celebrate

A reason to celebrate
We love what Catelynn and Tyler have done here and we wish them the absolute best on their journey to parenthood again.

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