Kim Kardashian Shares Shocking Family Photo (What is Kanye Doing?!?)

Something is definitely wrong with Kanye West.

Are we saying this because the rapper has returned to Twitter with a stream of indecipherable nonsense?

Because he has publicly expressed affection for President Donald Trump and conservative commentator Candace Owens and openly scoffed at the Black Lives Matter movement?

Because a new report from The Blast claims that Kanye recently blew up at everyone around him during a studio session, screaming that he needs no assistance and that “Yeezy is the new Apple?”


For all these reasons, it does seem like something is very off about West.

But they actually do NOT account for why we’re concerned.

No, we’re concerned about the artist because of what he’s doing in the following image, which features Kanye, Kim Kardashian and all three of their kids on board a private plane.

In the rare snapshot, Kanye is… actually smiling.

It’s true! See for yourself!

Kim made no mention of this unusual act upon sharing this sweet family photo on her Instagram page this week.

“Party of 5,” she simply wrote as an affiliated message instead.

And this is now true, of course:

Kim and Kanye added to their immediate unit in mid-January, announcing to the world that son Chicago West had been born to a surrogate.

(Due to health complications, Kardashian had been advised by doctors not to get pregnant for a third time.)

In this picture, West is cradling his five-month old, while Kim has her arm around two-year old Saint and four-year old North flashed the peace symbol.

It’s actually the second five-member family photo Kardashian has shared of late, as she also gave social media followers a look at her precious brood over Easter weekend:

“The most beautiful family ever!” one fan wrote in response to the latest image, while another added:

“This is the most beautiful pic for you bcuz it represent real happiness.”

And yet another replied that North is the “spitting image” of her mother.

Having overcome divorce chatter several months ago, Kim and Kanye have been showing more affection for each other than ever before in public.

Take the video below, for instance, which features a very cute kiss between the famous couple:

The question now, of course, centers on whether or not Kim and Kanye are finished.

Could their party of five become a party of six?

Might they actually add a FOURTH child to the family, in the very near future, no less?

This is what a certain report alleges is at least under consideration.

We can’t say for certain whether it’s accurate or not, but we can say that this would explain Kanye’s mental state at the moment.

Four kids is a lot. We’d also go a bit crazy just thinking about the possibility!


James Harrison Says Tom Brady Retiring Wouldn’t Shock Him, Shares His Own Post-NFL Plans

James Harrison just hung it up, but could Tom Brady be next?? With rumors swirling on Brady potentially not playing this season, we asked Deebo himself — Tom’s teammate last year — and he told us it would NOT surprise him … given…


Audrey Roloff Shares Major Baby Milestone: Watch! Shriek!

Audrey Roloff returned to Instagram just in time.

As previously noted, Roloff took a three-week hiatus from social media last month in order to finish writing a book with husband Jeremy Roloff.

But she shared a new post just a few days after Easter, wishing folks around the Internet a very happy Resurrection Day.

We're very glad to have Audrey back in our virtual lives because she often shares inspiring messages about faith and family.

Moreover, the timing could not have been better for Roloff to jump back online… considering the milestone just achieved by daughter Ember Jean.

"The face of determination. Moments later she learned to crawl. She is one STRONG girl," wrote Audrey as a caption to the photo above.

Indeed, seven-month old Ember can now now get around on her own, marking one of the more exciting moments of any parent's life.

Thankfully, Audrey didn't merely capture this crawling on camera… she captured it on camera and shared the results with her followers.

"While we were gone… Our baby got a little bigger, and hair got a little longer," added Audrey in her return post last week.

She wrote those words not long after announcing that she and Jeremy were set to become actual, official, professional writers.

The past several months have given this Little People, Big World couple plenty to learn from and talk about in their memoir, from discovering they were pregnant… to struggling with parenthood… to watching their girl grow up each and every day.

"Our hope is that [our book will] encourage our generation to prepare for, pursue, and protect their love story," wrote Audrey upon first telling the public about her project.

No release date for it has been announced just yet.

But while we wait to read Audrey and Jeremy to share their words of wisdom, we can at least enjoy the following footage of Ember crawling.

Ready to join in Audrey's excitement?

Click PLAY now!

Audrey roloff just shared a major baby milestone

Kylie Jenner Shares the CUTEST New Pics of Stormi

Despite what some may think, Kylie’s sleek stomach didn’t come from a laboratory. She might not be the fitness buff that a couple of her sisters have become, but she exercises.

She and Travis took precious baby Stormi on a walk

Stormi, of course, spent the walk in her stroller — she’s only two months old, folks! — but in the photos that Kylie shared, she looks unspeakably adorable.

Do you remember how, a number of years ago, people kept complaining about their former classmates posting baby photos on social media? They even came up with apps and browser add-ons to block baby pics.

Those people were fools.

Why? Because babies are absolutely, unspeakably adorable. Stormi Webster is no exception.

Stormi, as we mentioned, is barely two months old. She’s growing more and more every day.

And her sweet baby cheeks will make you want to weep.

Take a look:

“Walk [with] mommy and daddy,” Kylie writes, announcing that Travis Scott was with her on this outing.

It’s so cute that they’re doing things as a family.

Though, to be clear, they’re not yet married.

And Kylie recently destroyed the claim that Travis Scott is now being managed by Stormi’s grandmomager, Kris Jenner.

But just because their brands aren’t fully entwined doesn’t mean that Kylie and Travis can’t go on normal outings with their baby like other parents.

Stormi, it seems, was lulled to sleep by the adventure.

“Sleepy Stormi,” Kylie writes.

Remember, babies spend a lot of time sleeping — with good reason.

They’re growing up. In fact, they’ll never grow faster than they do when they’re this young. They can double in size within the space of their first couple of months of life.

Some people, to our horror, body-shame babies and think that babies with chubby cheeks and fat legs need to be put on diets. That can be potentially fatal for a baby.

Again, they need to store that energy in order to grow up to their adult selves. Stormi’s big ol’ cheeks are a sign that she’s a healthy baby who’s getting the proper nutrition.

They also help to make her just as cute as a button.

People reports the details on Stormi’s stroller. As you can imagine, she didn’t just buy any old stroller.

“Stormi’s $ 400 PIPA lite lx car seat by Nuna is one of her parents’ go-to baby accessories, including a tricked-out pink stroller from CYBEX by Jeremy Scott.”

Kylie’s pink version reportedly has “cherubs, dollar signs, gold wheels, and gold wings.”

Honestly, that is all so extra

But you know what? Good for Kylie and for Travis for not settling for anything less for the most important person in their lives.

This is the first that Kylie’s shared of Stormi since Stormi experienced her very first Easter.

One can only imagine how little since a baby can make of holiday decorations and traditions. April 1 was not only Easter, but exactly two months after Stormi’s day of birth.

Honestly? The vast majority of babies have zero conscious memory-retention from that age.

But that’s okay! Every single day, Stormi’s brain is developing and she’s learning new things about the world and growing more familiar with how it works.

Our apologies if these images or this post have made anyone’s biological clock start ticking in their ears.

Cute babies can have that effect on people.


Demi Lovato Shares Revealing Glimpses of Her Body’s “Flaws”

Demi Lovato hasn’t been shy about discussing the ways that her eating disorder ravaged her health in the past.

These days, she’s a powerful proponent of self-care, self-love, and body positivity.

And she’s sharing some revealing, no-nonsense photos of her own body to remind fans of how important it can be to embrace their “flaws.”

Demi Lovato tummy

Demi Lovato shared an image of her pulling at the skin of her own abdomen, writing:

“Stretch marks and extra fat and yet I still love myself.”

Before you try to argue that she is not in any way fat — which is true — it is important to remember that eating disorders can strike all body types.

Demi has a slightly more solid build than many of her peers in the entertainment industry, and that was for years a source of self-destructive behavior and self-loathing for her.

Now, she’s learning to love her incredible, gorgeous body for what it is.

She continued to share these images on Instagram, writing:

“Cellulite and yet I still love myself.”

Demi Lovato cellulite

Before anyone points out that they don’t see the cellulite to which she is referring, she writes:

“The boomerang smoothed out my legs.”

Various phones and apps alter images in subtle ways that are designed to be flattering; she wasn’t being hypocritical, folks.

She continues, writing:

“The point is, I have cellulite just like the other 93% of women do.”

There are certain biological differences that make cisgender women store fat in certain ways that can be conspicuous. That should never be a source of shame.

“What you see on Instagram isn’t always what it seems to be. Let’s embrace our real selves. #iloveme.”

That’s such a powerful message.

Demi Lovato no thigh gap

Demi continued her body positive message, writing.

“No thigh gap for me and yet I still love myself.”

Thigh gaps weren’t even a topic of mainstream conversation until several years ago, when a number of people suddenly decided that they gave women bragging rights.

Perhaps it was because larger butts were coming into fashion, and people who wanted to find ways to body-shame others hoped to find a way to distinguish between otherwise slender people with ample “peaches” and people whose whole bodies were curvy.

No, it doesn’t make sense or sound fair. Body-shaming is the worst.

Demi shared this photo of her thighs as a reminder that beauty comes in a lot of forms.

Her body-positive message may help to save the lives of fans who are war with their own image.

Recently, Demi Lovato celebrated six years of sobriety while on stage.

Getting sober was just part of her journey to restore her health and live her best life.

It’s beautiful to see how far she’s come, particularly considering that she wanted to kill herself as young as age 7.

Demi Lovato is gorgeous, but that does not in any way make her perceived “flaws” the body equivalent of “first world problems.”

She is still unlearning old, terrible society beauty standards.

And she’s passing on these valuable lessons to her fans.

She’s sharing some gorgeous photos in the process. Everybody wins.


Lorde Shares INSANELY Offensive Post About Whitney Houston!

Lorde is so great, right?

She makes great music, she seems wise beyond her years, she once had a secret Instagram account devoted to reviewing onion rings.

What's not to love?

Well, here's at least one thing most people don't seem to be too crazy about: yesterday Lorde made a post on Instagram that was extremely insensitive.

And it was about the late Whitney Houston, no less.

Has Lorde been canceled?!

Read on to see!

1. So Innocent

Lorde photograph
Lorde has been touring for the past several months, but yesterday she had a day off. To celebrate the occasion, she decided to take a nice, long bath. Sounds fine so far, right?

2. Oh, Honey

Oh honey
But then she posted this on Instagram. And things got bad so fast. Do you see the issue?

3. RIP, Whitney

Whitney houston photograph
She shared a photo of the bathtub with some lyrics from “I Will Always Love You,” the Dolly Parton song that Whitney Houston turned into an iconic ballad. But Whitney drowned in a bathtub. So it’s just not a great reference.

4. Lorde, Sweetie …

Lorde singer
Lorde has never done anything like this, so she likely just didn’t fully consider what she wrote before she posted it — it happens. But still, she got a big reaction out of this.

5. Ouch

We get people being upset, but to say that she’s talentless? That’s a bit of a stretch.

6. "Lord of the Rings"

Lord of the rings
Is this person trying to say she looks like Gollum? We assume that’s what the message is here. Again, not cool.

View Slideshow

Leah Messer Shares Heartbreaking Story About Her Daughter’s Disease

Teen Mom is filled to the brim with sadness, right?

All kinds of sadness too — we’ve seen children be neglected, we’ve seen the parents deal with drug addiction and domestic violence and prison.

But there’s one story that pretty much takes the sadness cake when it comes to this show, and that’s the story of Leah Messer’s daughter, Ali.

Ali is one of the twins Leah had as a teenager, and she suffers from a rare form of muscular dystrophy.

On the show, we’ve seen Leah and Ali’s father, Corey Simms, struggle to figure out what was wrong with Ali, and we saw how heartbreaking it was when they realized how serious her condition is.

We’ve seen them be told time and time again that she needs to use her wheelchair and to wear a helmet and to get help, and we’ve seen them slacking on that so she could have a more “normal” childhood.

It’s the nature of Ali’s condition that as time goes on, the disease will get worse and worse. We can’t even imagine how difficult it must be to watch from Leah’s perspective.

But thanks to this ridiculously tragic story she shared on Twitter, we can get a little glimpse of it.

“As I’m doing Ali girls makeup she looks at me and says ‘Mom, what’s it like to see with two eyes?’ …” she wrote.

“Everyday I wish I could take her place but I know there’s a greater purpose!” she added. “Just broke my heart.”

… Ouch.

Way back when Ali and Gracie were toddlers, Leah began noticing that there was something wrong with Ali’s eyes and legs — those were the first signs of her disease.

Since then, Ali’s been wearing glasses, and now it’s clear that she’s not even able to see out of one eye.

As Leah explained after this initial tweets, “this is the first time she’s asked” anything about her eyes, and “she’s starting to ask a lot of questions like this.”

Thankfully though, Leah seems to have a good attitude about it all.

Someone told her that Ali loves her life and she wouldn’t even want to switch places with Leah — which, yeah, obviously, it’s not like Leah was proposing a Freaky Friday scheme.

“Ohh for sure!!” she replied. “I don’t think of it negatively at all. It’s just like, dayyyyuum. Sooo many take the little things in life for granted.”

She also retweeted a bunch of nice messages about Ali.

Things like “You continue to do everything you can for her and your love for her shines. Some days are tough, but always focus on her smile and cherish every memory.”

And also “She will be phenomenal because of her struggles. She will not struggle in vain. She has purpose. Purpose to overcome and live a beautiful life.”

Thanks for the good, hard cry, Leah!


Kim Kardashian Shares New Family Photo (Hi, Chicago!)

Easter marks the first (and only) time that Jesus Christ came back from the dead.

It’s a worthwhile reason to celebrate, for sure.

But Kim Kardashian also used the occasion this week to share a different kind of first (and, to date, only) of her own…

… her first family photo!

Her first family photo, we should say, when there are five members of her immediate family.

As you can see above, Kim is posing formally with husband Kanye West and her three kids:

Four-year old North West, two-year old Saint West and brand new baby Chicago West.

The latter of that trio, of course, was welcomed into this world just a couple months ago by Kim and Kanye via a surrogate, who the couple used due to Kardashian’s ongoing health problems.

She really struggled with her first two pregnancies and was advised by doctors not to get knocked up a third time.

“I don’t think you really understand how hard it is to take a good family pic,” Kim wrote as a caption to the image, adding:

“This was all we got before all three kids started crying. I think I cried too.”

If you look closely, you can tell that Kim is grabbing a hold of Saint’s shirt in the back, likely because he kept trying to run away.

Pretty funny stuff, actually.

It’s the most relatable Kim has ever been, practically, as we can all related to issues with getting young kids to stand still for a photo, can’t we?

No one is saying a bad word about this cute picture, which is a far cry from the backlash Kardashian faced after sharing a different Easter-themed image on social media.

On Sunday itself, the former sex tape star posted a snapshot of a cross with diamonds in the background.

Many haters dragged her hard for seemingly flaunting her wealth via such an image — which even we, as consistent Kim critics, must admit was a bit of a stretch.

Added Kim in regard to this family gathering:

“One hand holding the baby and the other hand grabbing the back of Saints shirt because he kept running away lol.”

We love it.

Because we can totally relate to it.

All of the Kardashians and Jenners gathered last Sunday for a celebration at one of their houses.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott brought along baby Stormi Webster for the outing, according to E! News, which featured little baby bunnies, tiny chicks, lambs and MANY of treats for the attendees to enjoy.

Kourtney Kardashian’s kids – Mason Disick, Penelope Disick and Reign Disick – also participated in an Easter egg hunt alongside their cousins.

What fun!


Chelsea Houska Shares ADORABLE New Photo of Her Baby Bump!

Sometimes it feels so strange to talk about Chelsea Houska, you know?

Strange, but also very, very refreshing.

It’s just that there’s always a ton of Teen Mom gossip to get into, but it’s usually stuff like Ryan Edwards’ arrest, Jenelle Evans’ moronic NRA statements, or truly upsetting updates on Catelynn Lowell’s mental health.

It’s rare to have a piece of purely good news when it comes to this crew, but whenever that little unicorn of a Teen Mom story comes by, it usually has to do with Chelsea.

Even though she shares her oldest child, Aubree, with Adam Lind, who is probably the worst person ever featured on any Teen Mom anything, she’s been doing well for herself for the past few years.

She got married to Cole DeBoer, who is impossibly handsome and also an amazing father figure for Aubree.

In January of last year, they welcomed adorable little Watson to the family, and everyone was thrilled to have him.

Chelsea and her family just seem genuinely happy in a way that none of the other people on the show do — even when other cast members have good moments, they’re usually overshadowed by some kind of sadness.

That’s probably part of the reason why it was so extra, extra precious when she revealed earlier this month that she and Cole are adding to their family once again!

After several months of talking about baby fever and wanting a house full of babies, Chelsea revealed that she’s actually pregnant.

She even let us know that she’s having a baby girl!

She shared an ultrasound photo on Instagram to share the good news, writing “….GUESS WHAT! A sweet baby girl will be joining the DeBoer clan in a few short months! We could not be more excited!”

chels bump

Shortly after dropping the news, she shared a photo of her baby bump, which was pretty tiny, as she’s not that far along.

We don’t know an exact due date yet, but it sounds like it’s sometime in September — she did say that she’d probably give birth in August, since her babies tend to come out a little early.

At the time of her announcement, she also said that she was “about 4 months” along.

Pregnancies are funny things though, because it’s just been a little over two weeks since we heard the good news, right?

And yesterday, Chelsea was sweet enough to share another shot of her bump — that baby girl is growing fast!

“Oh hey little baby girl,” she captioned the photo — she also explained that her goofy headband wasn’t a new fashion statement, just something she wears while she’s doing her makeup.

So not only do we get to see the bump, we also get to see the extraordinarily rare sight of Chelsea Houska with minimal makeup!

Oh, what a glorious day!

And, of course, Chelsea’s fans strongly agree.

“Your belly is so cute!” one person wrote. “Congrats to you and your growing family!”

Another follower told her “So Happy for all 3 1/2 of you! Chelsea, thank you for sharing!”

Then, proving that some of her fans love her beyond all reason, someone actually commented “You could legit rock that headband out in public!!! Congrats on #3!”

We don’t know about the headband thing, but with everything else, we strongly agree.

Congrats again, DeBoers!


Kourtney Kardashian Shares a Message About Her Broken Heart

Kourtney Kardashian may be furious with Sofia Richie, but she has a lot of love for herself.

But when Kourtney opened up with an artistic message about how much she appreciates her amazing body, she also talks about her broken heart.

There’s a real sense of sadness, here.

Baby sister Kylie Jenner may not use Snapchat anymore, but Kourtney’s still making use of the embattled app.

Kourtney shared photo of a poem, and it really fits her brand.

It is titled:

“A love note to my body.”

And the poem begins:

“First of all, I want to say thank you.”

Kourtney Kardashian Love Poem

Very quickly, it talks about broken hearts.

“For the heart you kept beating even when it was broken.”

Kourtney has certainly known her share of heartbreak. The initial breakup with Scott Disick, of course. But it cannot have been easy to watch him be a human vortex of bad behavior throughout 2017.

And there are other heartbreaks in life that aren’t even romantic. That’s part of being a person.

“For every answer you gave me in my gut.”

Intuition can be a real life-saver.

“For loving me back even when I didn’t know how to love you.”

After that line about struggling to accept her own body, she thanks her flesh prison for its endurance.

“For every time you recovered when I pushed you past our limit.”

As a fitness-obsessed Kardashian, she’s done a lot of that.

“For today,” the poem concludes. “For waking up.”

Life itself is a great thing to celebrate.

It’s really no surprise that Kourtney is talking about her body.

Most of the Kardashians are in some way body-centric. Kylie and Khloe went through famous transformations. Kim made headlines with a sex tape and later broke the internet. Kendall is a professional supermodel.

For Kourtney, it seems to be an obsession.

Did you know that Kourtney Kardashian only weighs 98 pounds?

The fact that she has the bodyweight of a child isn’t solely the result of her being the height of one — at 5-foot-0.

She’s obsessed with fitness and with restricting things like sugar from her diet.

She also tries to avoid processed foods, and even goes so far as to make her own salad dressings at home.

You know what? It’s always possible that we’re reading too much into this.

Maybe Kourtney just found a poem that celebrates her majorly epic body and decided to share it with her followers.

Sometimes, artistic expression can really help people with things like self-acceptance and body image. The vast majority of people, even the hottest folks on the planet, would like to make some changes to their bodies.

Others would like a refund on their meat suits and ideally a replacement.

Kourtney may have chosen the poem purely for its body-appreciation qualities, and might not be sharing that she, personally, has recently felt brokenhearted.

But we do have to ask ourselves if the Kardashians ever share anything on social media by “accident.”