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Michael Phelps vs Shark: Twitter Responds Hilariously!

Remember how Michael Phelps raced a shark for Shark Week?

We all saw the promotions for ages, that Michael Phelps was going to race a great white shark in a special titled: "Phelps vs Shark: Great Gold vs Great White."

Some people saw that and actually believed that they were going to drop Michael Phelps and a great white into the same body of water and somehow get them to race.

A shark in a chlorinated pool would die.

Michael Phelps wouldn't necessarily be devoured by a shark if dropped next to one in the ocean, but even if he were up for taking that risk … how exactly would Discovery have gotten the shark to race? By asking nicely?

So when people tuned in to watch Michael Phelps be lowered to his sharky doom as if by some James Bond villain, they had all sorts of reactions to watching him race a cgi shark that matched the speed of an actual great white.

Michael Phelps lost, but only by a couple of seconds. Super impressive for any human, and it just goes to show you that Michael Phelps' body is incredibly hydrodynamic in addition to just representing the human physical ideal.

Twitter responded to Shark Week's ridiculous stunt, and their varying takes on the special are more entertaining than Shark Week itself has been in years.

1. This perfectly captures the mood

Shark 00
Twitter was already gearing up even before the race began. …

2. They really thought that he’d race a physical shark. Wow.

Shark 01
Look, she SAYS to call her crazy. We should respect her wishes, right?

3. Disappointment abounds.

Shark 02
To be fair, the digital shark’s speed was based upon actual sharks. What’s impressive is how close Phelps came.

4. Science is disappointing?

Shark 03
It’s a little worrisome that so many people apparently thought that they were going to sacrifice Michael Phelps to the deep.

5. Why do they hate Michael Phelps?

Shark 04
Realistically, the bigger problem would be getting the shark to cooperate with the race. They’re not actually as ravenous as bad movies make them look.

6. This person wanted the shark dead, huh?

Shark 05
Putting a shark into a chlorinated swimming pool would kill the shark, and might lead to some people getting crushed or bitten while the shark died. Big yikes.

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Shark Week Celebration: 13 Famously Fictional Sharks

Yay for Shark Week!

This annual tradition on Discovery Channel isn't adored by celebrities around the globe, along with regular television viewers in their underwear.

In honor of the yearly seven-day event, we're here to pay homage to a handful of famously fictional hunters.

We may now want to cross their path in the water, but we're happy to sit back and let them entertain us on screen:

1. Jaws

Who else could get this list started? Everyone say it together now: We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

2. Bruce

Bruce stars in Finding Nemo. He tries to eat Nemo and Dory at one point, it’s true. But he ends the film by remembering that “fish are friends, not food.”

3. Jaws from James Bond

Jaws from james bond
Actor Richard Kiel portraye the villain Jaws in two James Bond movies: The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. He stood 7’2″.

4. The West Side Story Sharks

The west side story sharks
The Sharks battles with The Jets in West Side Story, neither side willing to give up their turf without some dancing, snapping and a bit of fake fighting.

5. Any Given Sunday Sharks

Any given sunday sharks
Al Pacino coached The Sharks in Any Given Sunday and helped them fight for EVERY INCH of the field in this classic Oliver Stone movie.

6. Sharks with Lasers

Sharks with lasers
Dr. Evil does not ask for a lot in life. Just $ 1 million and some sharks with lasers on top of their heads.

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Michael Phelps Races a Shark, Viewers Lose Badly

Having devoured all human competition for years, Michael Phelps dove into the water on Sunday night against his most formidable opponent of all-time:

A great white shark.

The most decorated athlete in Olympic history helped kick off Shark Week on the Discovery Channel with a primetime special titled “Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White."

It was a winning concept.

Who would NOT tune in to see a man with 23 gold medals swim 100 meters against the most dangerous animal in the ocean?

"I’ve raced the fastest swimmers on the planet, except for one," said Phelps in promos leading up up to the race.

The event took place in Cape Town, South Africa… and Phelps was an underdog from the outset.

Consider: When he broke the world record in the 100 Meter Butterfly back in 2009, he averaged 4.5 miles per hour during his swim.

Equipped with a monofin in the shape of a shark’s tail fin, he said he had been ramped up to 8.5 miles per hour during training.

But a great white shark can swim 25 miles per hour in short distances, especially when it is on the hunt for food, making this sharp-toothed predator even more of a favorite than Russia was against the United States hockey team in 1980.

Yet… we all know how that game turned out, don't we?

Could Phelps pull off a similar upset?!?

No. He lost by two seconds.

He wasn't exactly racing alongside an actual shark, either, which left many viewers feeling like the real loser.

Watch the following video to see what we mean and then decide: Did this race live up to the Shark Week hype?

Or it totally bite?

Michael phelps races a shark viewers lose badly