Usher Accuser Quantasia Sharpton: We Made a Sex Tape! I Have Proof!

Usher is being sued by multiple women.

An anonymous woman is accusing him of giving her herpes. Usher’s response has basically been that the woman can’t prove that he’s the one who gave her herpes, though his legal team isn’t exactly denying that he has the infection.

A not-so-anonymous woman, Quantasia Sharpton, is also suing Usher. And she says that she can back up her claims … with a sex tape.

Quantasia Sharpton says that she went to an Usher concert for her birthday, where Usher brought her up on stage.

She alleges that, afterwards, Usher returned with her to her hotel room where they had sex.

Though she did not contract herpes, she accuses Usher of having recklessly endangered her by exposing her to his own (alleged) herpes infection without telling her.

(If you point a gun at somebody and fire and it misses or doesn’t go off, that’s still a crime — it makes sense that knowingly exposing someone to an incurable STI would be treated in the same way)

Quantasia has a witness — a hotel staffer who backs up her story of entering the lobby with Usher and taking him back to her room for an extended period of time.

Usher and source close to Usher have been trying their hardest to shoot down Quantasia’s story, even starting right at the beginning.

“He may have pulled her up onstage, he doesn’t remember, but he absolutely didn’t hook up with her.”

Now, the usual he-said, she-said is expected in a lawsuit predicated upon whether two people had sex.

Shamefully, they’ve been attacking Quantasia’s story by attacking her body-type, saying things like:

“He’s just not into her type.”

In addition to being hurtful to countless women with similar body types to Quantasia’s, this tactic — whether true or not — preys upon prejudices that many people have towards larger women.

A lot of people seem shocked to learn that fat women have sex at all, let alone with conventionally attractive men.

After a story came out that Usher had infected a woman with herpes and paid $ 11 million in hush money, Usher could have nipped all of these lawsuits in the bud by offering to prove in court that he does not have herpes.

Many have taken the fact that he hasn’t offered anything of the sort as an indirect admission that the star has herpes.

If he is infected, that alone is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s literally just an infection. We don’t shame people for getting sick, do we?

If he knowingly infected women with herpes, or lied about not carrying the infection, or even just knowingly recklessly exposed women to contracting his infection … well, that sounds inexcusable.

Well, despite the hotel staffer witness, there isn’t any “smoking gun” style evidence just yet that Usher and Quantasia had sex.

We can’t think of anything else that a person might reasonably assume that a celebrity and a random woman from his show’s audience would be doing in that woman’s hotel room.

But courts of law are based upon evidence and the legal system, not on common sense.

That may no longer be the case, though.

In an interview with YouTube vlogger Miss Jacob Kohinoor (which is the most random platform for dropping such a bombshell that we can imagine), Quantasia Sharpton says that she and Usher have a sex tape.

Before you think that she’s admitting to a crime, she says that Usher knew that they were being recorded.

She also says that her legal team is subpoenaing the Days Inn in order to get security camera footage of her and Usher entering her hotel room.

This is explosive and … as we said, an odd place to release this information.

Unless you believe that Quantasia is just some sort of compulsive liar or will say anything if backed into a corner (Miss Jacob Kohinoor expressed a lot of doubt, and even asked stupid questions like “why would you keep these all these years?” as if somebody’s just gonna delete their celebrity sex tape, ever), this is huge.

Frankly, even the security footage, corroborated by the hotel staffer’s testimony, would be enough to make most people reasonably put two and two together.

Video of the act itself would be real proof that the two had sex.

If Quantasia really has this tape, and if it really shows their faces (a lot of homemade sex tapes do not), maybe Usher’s team will start singing a different tune and soon.


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