Kylie Jenner: How Long She’ll Hide Herself & Her Baby!

Okay, so not only is Kylie Jenner pregnant, but we finally know how the big Kylie pregnancy reveal is happening on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Once that two-part special airs, she’ll finally be able to go out in public and let people see that she’s pregnant. … Right?

Maybe not. As it turns out, Kylie is reportedly still determined to remain in seclusion until the baby’s born.

Though the entire planet has known about Kylie’s pregnancy since September, Kylie — who used to dominate social media with selfies and updates on her life — hasn’t confirmed it.

Or even allowed herself to be seen — really seen — in ages.

At first, we wondered if it was just because she wanted to do a big reveal. We even wondered if it was some sort of revenge, if staying mum about her pregnancy was a way of getting back at her nosy fans.

One heartbreaking reports claims that Kylie Jenner cannot stop eating.

That’s normal for a pregnancy, but, if it’s true, it must be a nightmare for a reality star. Especially one based in Southern California who built a lot of her brand on having a desirable look.

Whatever the true cause — and we’re sure that a number of factors are involved — reports have been claiming for a while now that Kylie Jenner plans to hide until she gives birth.

HollywoodLife reports that Kylie Jenner plans to remain in hiding … and they describe how she reportedly plans to share her baby with the world.

Kylie wants to keep the worst kept secret still very vague until she actually has the baby.”

That much seems clear.

“She doesn’t want anyone to know when she will be at the hospital and in labor, she doesn’t want anyone to get the shot of the baby.”

We’ve heard absolute nightmare situations about famous people being stalked at hospitals and even followed by helicopters.

Kylie’s reason for wanting zero photos of her baby after the birth is for a much more practical reason.

“Because she would like to sell that photo and she doesn’t want it to be a part of the show until the baby is actually born.”

Kylie has a very specific role model in mind for how she rolls out information and media about her soon-to-be child.

“But she is going to move forward pretty much the same way how Kim has dealt with it with her children.”

Meaning, specifically:

“Revealing things very limitedly or not at all.”

Honestly, it makes sense that Kylie would follow Kim’s example, here. Is Kourtney the more experienced mother? Of course.

But Kim’s been having children over the past few years, at the height of Kardashian fame. Kourtney is world-famous, but she’s never taken center-stage like Kim or Kylie.

HollywoodLife‘s source goes on to talk about how Kylie is enjoying keeping this private.

“She doesn’t have many things for herself and with this being her first baby, she wants to make it as special and real as it possibly can be.”

That seems to contradict her plans to sell a photo of her baby … but whatever.

“And then make everything about her private life take the turn to public life.”

So she’ll, what, gradually let people know more?

“She wants to give something to herself before she gives it up to the world.”

That is very sweet. But … is it the whole truth?

We’re leery of latching onto an individual report and swallowing it hook. line, and sinker. But we’ve heard a lot about Kylie’s alleged weight gain during her pregnancy and about her apparent body image issues.

Considering her history (she wasn’t always considered “hot,” folks … and Kylie went through her own transformation, not unlike Kourtney’s, during her teen years and many believe that it wasn’t just puberty), it’s easy to believe that Kylie’s freaking out about pregnancy weight, from hormones and from eating.

We hope that she’s able to calm down and get some perspective by the time that the baby arrives.

And Kylie’s baby is due in less than a month.


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Kim Kardashian, Meghan Markle Praise Serena Williams: She’ll Make SUCH a Great Mom!

Serena Williams is having a baby, you guys! … That’s not new information, but it’s still exciting, you know?

Serena, who didn’t plan this pregnancy, clearly has some lingering insecurities about herself as a mother, as she discusses in this interview.

But if you listen to Kim Kardashian and Meghan Markle’s assessment, it’s easy to picture Serena Williams as a fantastic mother. Just see what they have to say. …

First of all, we should just address the fact that some people think that Serena Williams is a mean or intense person.

She’s obviously hella intense on the tennis court, because she’s perhaps the greatest athlete on the face of the planet.

But, like, we’ve all seen Michael Phelps seethe in some sort of furious Sith meditation before swimming, but nobody has this image in their mind that he’s a sports machine or an unkind person.

Maybe it’s a “resting bitchface” thing … or maybe it’s that centuries of racism and racist caricatures tells people that black women are supposed to fit into one of just a few niches.

So they assume that Serena Williams fits a stereotype of being unfriendly or rude or aggressive because that’s what they see of her on the court, and mostly they’ve just seen her on the court.

Folks, let’s be better than that, okay?

As she admits in her Vogue interview, Serena Williams has some doubts of her own about what sort of mother she’s going to be.

Like most first-time parents.

Mostly because she’s been career-focused and because she and her fiance, Alexis Ohanian, didn’t plan this pregnancy.

They don’t know what kind of genitals their baby’s going to have (so they won’t be having one of those absurd gender-reveal parties — I’m sorry if that’s harsh, but those parties and the photos from them are ridiculous.

Right now, Serena says that the thing that she is sure of is that she wants an epidural.

(Basically always the right choice, folks)

But, like we said, she has some parenting insecurities.

“The biggest thing is that I don’t really think I’m a baby person. Not yet.”

That is perfectly okay.

For most people, oxytocin and other hormones and millions of years of instincts kick in and kind of turn you into a ridiculously affectionate baby person.

“That’s something I have to work on. I’m so used to me-me-me, taking care of my health, my body, my career. I always ask, ‘Am I going to be good enough?'”

A lot of people choose to not have children because they want to take care of themselves.

But the fact that she’s wondering if she’s going to be good enough is a good sign, you know?

If we look at other celebrities who’ve gone from someone you couldn’t imagine as a parent to seeming totally on top of being a mom, that transformation seems pretty natural.

Kim Kardashian’s said that becoming a parent totally changed her. That happens a lot.

Kim Kardashian also spoke to Vogue about the sort of person Serena Williams is, and what sort of mother she’ll be.

“I wish people could see her silly side!”

We do, too — we don’t really think of Serena as a particularly silly person. Because we don’t see that side to her.

“She is obsessed with karaoke, which personally is my biggest fear in life.”

Always interesting to know people’s biggest fears.

Please, Kim, continue.

“I remember a dinner in San Francisco before a DNC fundraiser. Serena sang, [former U.S. President Barack Obama] sang. [Kanye West] sang. sang.”

Obviously this was before Kanye West had his breakdown and spouted off alarming political messages.

But that must have been amazing.

“It was legendary. She gives herself those moments — it’s how she recharges.”

So Serena’s an extrovert, then?

An introvert might enjoy singing in public, but feel drained by it. Only an extrovert could recharge by doing it, you know?

“Serena’s the girl you can call and say anything to. She’ll never judge you, and she’s never too busy for you. Oh, and she can keep any secret.”

Now we’re wondering what secrets of Kim’s she’s kept over the years, but … we suppose that we’ll never know.

You know who else has an opinion on Serena Williams’ potential skill as a prospective parent?

Meghan Markle.

The Suits actress and reasonably probable future member of the British Royal Family had some high praise for the tennis champion:

“She will be an amazing mom. The very best, because she is so attuned to balancing strength and sensitivity.”

That sounds really great. Fewer name-drops than Kim’s anecdote, but a better assessment of character.

Like Kim Kardashian, Meghan Markle brings up Serena Williams’ legendary fondness for karaoke.

“Plus, given that she is pretty epic at karaoke, I think she’ll put her signature Serena spin on singing lullabies for the baby. I can’t wait for that!”

That’s really cute to imagine.

Obviously, no one knows exactly what sort of parent Serena Williams will make.

But considering that she’s seemed to have zero chill about being the best at tennis — or, apparently, at karaoke — it’s hard to picture her not giving motherhood her all.

We hope that, when the time comes, Serena has an easy time with the delivery.

Alexis is not a short man, so there’s a definite possibility that Serena’s baby is going to put her through the wringer on the way out.

Welcome to motherhood, Serena.


Farrah Abraham SLAMMED by Simon Saran: She’ll Be Alone Forever!

Remember when it looked like Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran were actually really in love?

Seems like a lifetime ago now, doesn’t it?

In reality, it’s been less than two months since Farrah and Simon went down to Jamaica together for romantic dinners on the beach and selfies that inspired pregnancy rumors.

But it might as well be decades with the way they’ve been behaving lately.

They had some sort of falling out — it’s hard to say what exactly happened, but we first suspected an issue earlier this month when Simon announced he was done with Teen Mom.

He’s always loved trolling every single cast and crew member imaginable, so for him to give up such a hobby seemed suspicious.

Shortly after he made his statement, Farrah confirmed that their relationship had taken a turn in — what else? — an insane Twitter rant.

She claimed that Simon “is not in my life and really is hurt I moved on,” she called him “pathetic” and “jealous” and accused him of “stalking” her.

Around the same time, he shared some photos of himself looking awfully friendly with a new lady, then tweeted that after he posted the pictures, Farrah sent him a cease and desist letter.

Her lawyers have since admitted that the letter was sent, but Farrah said it wasn’t because she was jealous that he moved on.

Instead, she said that he’s been “ruining business deals” for her, “stalking social media,” and “saying lies about me, my parenting, and other scandalous things.”

She also claimed that he’d been reaching out to her friends and family in an attempt to keep track of what she’s up to.

But, in a new interview with E! News, Simon is, once again, giving his side of the story.

And the whole thing is just getting uglier by the minute.

“Given that I have respect for her dad, I’ll let her slide,” he begins. “I don’t need drama in my life at this point.”

“She can say what she wants, but we all know who the real one is and who the fraud is.”

“I have no hard feelings against Farrah,” he continues. “We are just from two different worlds. She likes the fake life, I want what’s real.”

“I wish her the best for her and much success in all her future endeavors.”

In response to Farrah’s claims that he’s been stalking her, Simon explains that “Her friends reach out to me and give me an update on her. She’s very confused.”

“Her friends know that she screwed up big time by losing me.”

But is there a chance they’ll get back together again, like they eventually always do?

“No,” he says. “I think we are better off going our separate ways. There’s no loyalty in that woman.”

“She’d rather make a buck then to keep someone around who actually cared about her. She will forever be alone.”

It’s harsh, but it doesn’t sound like he’s being shady at all here. It sounds like he’s sharing his experience with her, and like he’s being honest about how awful it was.

If you want shade, you’ll have to look to Twitter — there’s plenty of it over there!

In response to one of Farrah’s statements about how she “made” Simon, he wrote “You made me? How? You went from selling dildos and finger banging equipment to having a high end furniture store front I put on for you.”

There’s the Simon we know and kind of love sometimes!

He also answered a few questions about Teen Mom in general.

For instance, he claims that the moms make $ 300,000 per season, and that while he and Farrah’s father have “always been good,” her mother “is the worst example of a human being in American History.”

He also claims that Larry, one of the show’s executive producers, “makes fun of Gary’s weight. Laughs with other crew members that he needs an extra plane ticket to seat him.”

He adds that “Larry is a piece of sh-t.”

Surprisingly, Simon also alleges that one of the grossest scenes in Teen Mom history, the one where Matt Baier tried to pressure Amber Portwood into marrying him in Las Vegas, “was fake.”

As for Farrah’s outlook on the latest round of her feud with Simon, she told E! “I’m so happy I’ve separated myself and won’t be harassed or stalked by him further.”

Don’t bet on it, girl.


Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Line: She’ll Make HOW Much in Minutes?!

Kim Kardashian is launching her own makeup line, Kim Kardashian West Beauty.

Even though, as people have already pointed out, Kim’s business could compete with Kylie Cosmetics.

But now that we’ve seen how much money Kim is projected to make … we totally get it.

Women’s Wear Daily projects that Kim Kardashian’s first product will rake in $ 14.4 million within minutes.

Just about anybody would sell out their sibling’s business for that kind of cash, right?

We’re kidding. Ish.

So, Kim’s new line drops its first product, a cream for contouring and highlighting that comes in four shades, on June 21st,

That’s the Summer Solstice, so we hope that the conspiracy folks who think that every Halftime Show is an Illuminati ritual have fun with that.

Kim Kardashian West Beauty is expected to sell all 300,000 of these kits in under 5 minutes.

Since each of them cost $ 48 and math exists … you get $ 14.4 million.

Well, Kim and other profit participants get that much.

They’re not pulling these numbers out of nowhere, either.

Apparently, when Kylie Cosmetics released KKW by Kylie, it was basically just a test run for Kim’s own line.

Which had to be weird for both of them, right?

300,000 of these lip kits sold out in minutes, and were $ 45 each … generating over $ 13 million.

Based on that test run — literally imagine making that much on a test run, holy crap — they expect for Kim’s own products to sell at least as well for her own brand.

And remember that some people only go to Kylie Cosmetics because they adore Kylie.

There’s no telling how quickly Kim might sell out to her own fans.

Given that level of cooperation, it sounds like they might not be competing after all.

Kim, at least, would have us think so, because that’s what she told WWD.

“I am older than Kylie. We definitely have a different audience.”

That’s true. Kylie’s audience is, for the most part, people young enough that using Snapchat doesn’t make them feel like the cold hands of time are clutching at them and dragging them ever-closer to the grave.

They must think that it’s worth it to see Kylie pose in a sheer lacy bra that does nothing to hide her nip-nops.

Kim’s fans tend to be a little older — old enough that they can relate in some way to a woman who’s now a married mother of two.

“We do have a lot of similar things — but we aren’t doing the same products so we won’t run into that overlap.”

Kim Kardashian Beauty is supposed to just be concentrating on contouring and stuff instead of lip kits, but who knows how that might change?

Money changes people. Even when they’re already rich.

But Kim seems to thinkt hat it won’t be an issue.

“We’re really cautious of that. We work together to make sure that we don’t overlap like that.”

Keep your friends close and your sister closer, eh, Kylie?

We know that Kylie’s willing to go all-out to promote her products.

Usually that just means, you know, sexy pics with a caption here and there.

Kim’s has more experience at being a businesswoman — remember her video game? — and her brand is a little different.

But however she keeps people interested in her products over time, we’re sure that it’ll be hard to miss.

Maybe she and Kylie can both be makeup moguls.

We just hope that, with hundreds of thousands of women doing their makeup like Kim, Rob doesn’t bang any more Kim Kardashian lookalikes.

Because ick.


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