Meghan Markle Just PROVED She’s Pregnant, Twitter Thinks

No, really, this time we know for certain.

This time it has to be true.

This time there is definitive proof, okay?!?

This is basically what Twitter users are saying in the wake of Princess Eugenie's wedding, at which Meghan Markle was spotted in an overcoat that folks are positive was used to hide her growing baby bump.

Yes, it's time for more Meghan Markle pregnancy speculation!

Do people have a point this time around, though?

Check out her ensemble below and then check out a handful of reactions from interested Internet users…

1. Rocking the Overcoat

Rocking the overcoat
That’s a rather large overcoat, Meghan Markle. Are you hiding something under it?

2. Is She Bumpin?

Is she bumpin
Meghan Markle could not just attend Princess Eugenie’s wedding in peace. She was the subject of many pregnancy rumors thanks to this outfit.

3. Was It Cold in There?

Was it cold in there
Markle kept her overcoat on throughout Princess Eugenie’s wedding. Fans can’t help but be curious about why.

4. It’s Being Called!

Its being called

5. Forget the Coat. Look at the Face.

Forget the coat look at the face

6. I Lost Sleep for This!

I lost sleep for this

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Ariana Grande: Why Everyone is Convinced She’s Pregnant!

So Ariana Grande has had quite the eventful year so far.

She’s gone through some really wonderful things, some truly terrible things …

It honestly has been a whole, whole lot.

To start with the bad things, of course there was her breakup with Mac Miller.

And when he passed away from a suspected overdose a few months later, she definitely took the news hard.

But 2018 hasn’t been all bad, either.

She released a new album, Sweetener, and it’s been doing very well.

On a more personal note, she also became engaged to Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson!

In the beginning, there was some controversy over the engagement, since it happened just a few weeks after her breakup with Mac Miller.

But as time has gone on, most people seem to be more accepting of it.

(Not that it really matters what strangers think of her relationship, but hey, it is true.)

Lots of people have even come to find Ariana and Pete kind of adorable together, even when he’s admitted to “jerking off to her” before he met her.

Adorable enough to get excited about a pregnancy, though?

Guess we’ll see!

Ariana shared this new selfie this weekend:

She’s promoting her new perfume, Cloud, and while many of her fans seem excited about it, that’s not what they’re focusing on.

Instead, they’ve zeroed in on that playpen in the background.

Which, in case you couldn’t tell, was 100% made for a baby.

If you check out the comments on the photo, tons of her followers have been losing their minds over the playpen and what it might mean.

“Is she pregnant because i see that baby thing in the background,” one person asked, “maybe thats why she got engaged to pete so early.”

“Are you gonna have a baaaby?” another fan questioned.

Some were a little more excited, like the person who commented with “WHY THE HELL DO YOU HAVE A BABY BED???? YOU PREGNANT MY QUEEN??!!”

Along the same lines, someone else wrote “THERE IS A BABY CRIB OMG.”

Katy Perry even got invested in this mystery, asking “WHAT ARE YOU COOKING IN THE CRIB?”

Thankfully, Ariana was sweet enough to respond to all these questions.

Except she responded with “My secret child duh,” which didn’t really do much to calm down her fans.

Later on though, she revealed the truth, which is “That’s Piggy Smalls’ play pen in the background. The red is to keep ha warm.”

Because in case you missed it, she and Pete got a pet pig last month.

And they named it Piggy Smalls.

Look how cute he is:

Piggy Smalls

As Pete explained in a recent interview “This girl, like, she was like, ‘I want a pig.’ And then an hour later it was just there.”

He also said that “Thefirst two days it was like really new and like, didn’t move much.”‘

“But then, now, it’s starting to bite and, you know, start to do stuff … I love it. I want it to get big and fat.”

Us too, Pete.

Us too.


Catelynn Lowell: See the Adorable Moment She Tells Her Daughter She’s Pregnant!

By now, you've surely heard the big Teen Mom OG news, right?

And no, we're not talking about the additions of Cheyenne Floyd and Bristol Palin to the cast.

We're talking, of course, about Catelynn Lowell's pregnancy!

Yep, after having a miscarriage last year that was so traumatizing it caused her to contemplate suicide, Catelynn is pregnant with what she's been calling her "rainbow baby."

She and husband Tyler Baltierra seem very, very excited about adding another member to their family, and it's been pretty cute to see.

So far, we know that the baby is due on March 6th, and although there's been no official gender reveals, reports claim that they're having another girl.

And thanks to this adorable new Teen Mom OG sneak peek, we know that their daughter Nova is pumped about being a big sister!

The clip starts off with Catelynn and Nova making cupcakes while Tyler sits at the table nearby.

Cate tells Nova that some of their cupcakes are going to be pink and others are going to be blue, then asks her if she knows why they're making them that way.

Nova honestly just seems psyched about cupcakes in general, so Catelynn asks her if she knows why they're having a party the next day.

"Mommy has a baby in her belly," she explains to her, "and tomorrow the party is because we're going to find out if it's a little girl or a little boy."

"Yeah!" Nova responds, soaking up the news.

Cate asks her if she'd rather have a little brother or sister, and Nova doesn't hesitate to say she'd prefer a sister.

Tyler, who's always been open about how much he wants a son, makes a face, then asks her "What if it's a boy?"

Catelynn asks her if she'd be happy with a little brother too, and she says she would, because she's precious and perfect.

They start talking to Nova about babies, and they tell her babies cry a lot.

"Yeah, then you just say 'shh,'" Nova says, again, because she is too cute for this world.

She then says that she's going to rock the baby and feed it bottles and be a big sister.

"He's so cute!" she exclaims. "I love him!"

The whole thing is really just painfully adorable, it really is.

It's also nice to see a lighthearted moment with the family, after how heavy things got for them last season.

Some people think that Catelynn and Tyler rushed into having another baby, that they should have waited longer after her trips to rehab.

But one thing is for sure, and that is that Nova is going to be the best big sister.

Check out the sweet moment in the video below:

Catelynn lowell see the adorable moment she tells her daughter s

Counting On Recap: Jinger Duggar Learns She’s Having a Girl!

Counting On suffers from the same problem as so many reality shows nowadays, in that its stars are so famous and so popular on social media that it’s very easy to stay up to speed with what’s going on in their lives.

Some have argued that these circumstances render reality TV obsolete, but Counting On remains as popular as ever, and last night’s episode provided some potent reminders of why that is.

The installment served up major developments on different fronts, as the two most rebellious Duggar siblings each prepared for the next stage in their life.

Back in July, Jinger Duggar welcomed her first child, a girl named Felicity.

But at the time that Monday’s episode was filmed, the young couple was still clueless as to the baby’s sex.

“There was a lot of anticipation waiting to find out the gender,” Jinger told the cameras of prior to her doctor’s appointment.

“Who’s the baby going to look like? We were both so thrilled.”

Jeremy — clearly overwhelmed by seeing an image of his daughter for — struggled to put the profound moment into words.

“That’s incredible,” he said at one point.

“This was my first time ever being in an ultrasound, and the fact it’s my child was astonishing,” Vuolo later added.

“I was almost at a loss for words.”

Despite some initial misgivings, Jeremy and Jinger opted to find out the baby’s gender as early as possible, and lucky for us, the emotional moment was caught on camera.

“We opted not to be surprised so maybe we could have more time to reflect on the name, and maybe down the road we may choose to be surprised,” Vuolo said.

“When the technician told us what we were having, we were both overjoyed,” Jinger told the cameras.

“We just could not believe it.”

Just a few months later Felicity Nicole Vuolo entered the world at 8lbs. and 3oz. 

And so far, fans have continued to share in every moment of her young life.

Of course, Jinger and Jeremy weren’t the only ones gearing up for a life-changing moment on last night’s show.

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson got married in June, and on Monday’s Counting On, fans got a peek at the preparations as Lauren attempted to find the perfect dress for the occasion.

The Duggars and their fundamentalist community are typically very big on gender roles, but Lauren broke with tradition by bringing her dad along on her dress-shopping excursion.

“Before Josiah came into the picture, my dad was my very best friend,” Lauren told the cameras.

“He was someone I always would talk to about anything if anything was wrong, and I really value my dad’s opinion.”

Of course, there are downsides to shopping with the guy who’s footing the bill:

“I really wanted him to be part of it. My dad will probably be more concerned about the price, just knowing my dad,” Lauren said.

“He’s very frugal. I don’t necessarily like to pick the expensive things. I don’t tend, to but that happens.”

Clearly, Lauren’s not as conservative as the Duggars — so it’s a good thing that she found happiness with the most non-traditional of the Counting On clan.


Jersey Shore Recap: Yup, She’s Back!

So… how did Jersey Shore follow up THAT episode?

How did Jersey Shore match the intensity and drama of Jen Harley spitting on her baby daddy and having to be restrained by security a week ago?

ron ron

Just a few days back, MTV aired one of the most epic arguments in reality series history, as Harley attacked Ronnie as a “f-cking loser” and a “piece of “sh-t,” and we picked up right there on Thursday evening.

On this latest installment, Ronnie admitted in the confessional that they “have no control” over their relationship and will fight until they’re “65 years old.”

Which is especially a shame because they are parents to an adorable baby girl named Ariana. She was born in April.

“She’s f-cking drunk, I can smell the alcohol on her breath,” Ronnie said Jen left his hotel room, proceeding to ask “where’s my kid?” before breaking down crying and telling the cameras he felt this was the final straw.

Following the fracas, security called the cops to report a domestic violence incident.

Although Ronnie didn’t want to press charges, The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department searched Jen while Ronnie asked authorities to do a wellness check.

He literally didn’t know the whereabouts of his child.

Ultimately, the police questioned Jen and she was NOT arrested — and Ronnie decided to move forward by meeting his attorney again and discussing custody.

ang and ron

And that was the end of the drama this week.

Just kidding!

In another mega development, Angelina Pivarnick arrived in Sin City!

She was invited there by Snooki (and, you know, the producers) and was all set to join the party after saying in a confessional that she didn’t really get along with Jenni “JWoww” Farley.

It didn’t take very long for the anger to be felt between these stars, either.


Upon touching down in Nevada and making her way over to her past and then present colleagues Angelina said hello to everyone … except Jenni.

Instead of a greeting, she simply told Jenni the two had “sh-t to work out.”

“We’re actually dealing with family sh-t … you wouldn’t know because you’re not part of the family,” JWOWW shot back immediately.

If a knife had been nearby (and, with this crew, thank goodness it was not), one could have cut all this tension with it. Easy.

ron gif

From there, Angelina stirred the pot further — when she slapped Vinny Guadagnino!

All he did was playfully try to put the returning cast member into the shower because it looked like her “hamster cage,” but Angelina was not in a joking mood.

And no one was happy about the slap, which is where Jersey Shore faded to black for the week.

Will you be tuning in next Thursday evening to see where things go from here?


Farrah Abraham Flaunts Ridiculous Amount of Side-Boob, Continues to Pretend She’s Training For Boxing Match

Have you heard the exciting news about Farrah Abraham?

No, we’re not talking about the fact that she was arrested for drunkenly assaulting the staff at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

And no, we’re not talking about the fact that Farrah is training for a boxing match against one of the women who shamed her family by competing to have sex with Flavor freakin’ Flav on national television.

We’re talking about the latest video that Farrah posted on Instagram.

Now, you’re gonna see some things you’ve seen before in this video — namely, an almost-naked Farrah Abraham.

But you’re also gonna see some things that may cause you to question everything you thought you knew about biology, physics, and the very nature of reality.

We’re talking, of course, about Farrah’s side-boob.

You may be thinking to yourself, Farrah’s boobs are just like every other part of her body. I’ve seen them more times than I care to count!

That may be true (especially if your search history looks like ours), but for some reason, the latest glimpse at Farrah’s surgically-enhanced breasts has even the most jaded fans doing a double take.

Perhaps it’s the fact that most of the time we see Farrah’s boobs, they’re not in motion.

Or maybe it’s the fact that Farrah has been boasting non-stop about the results she’s gotten from all her recent “training” and implying that her physique is all natural.

Whatever the case, this video has been scrutinized by fans more than any Farrah footage since Backdoor Teen Mom.

“They don’t even bounce!” wrote one medical expert.

“Your surgeon gave u that body not god and it’s not that great,” commented another follower.

“Surgery got you that body. Training hasn’t given you any results yet,” remarked a third.

“You haven’t been doing it long enough and you don’t have any muscle definition. Why you tryna to preach to ppl who know what they’re talking about?”

Of course, Farrah had her defenders, too:

“There is so much body shaming going on! It’s hard enough for most women to love their body and themselves and then you have women who are shaming others!” remarked one fan.

“Great way in helping empower others!!! SMH!” the commenter added.

“You know she may of had procedures but that’s on her, so what! That her life and her body!

Far be it for us to back Farrah, but we’re in full agreement with this comment.

Besides, there are so many valid reasons to make fun of Farrah Abraham that it just seems lazy to resort to easy boob jokes.


Anna Duggar: Why Fans Are Convinced She’s Pregnant With Baby #6!

Earlier this week, Josh Duggar dared to show his face online again, rearing his ugly head in a family photo.

Fans were irate — and were so distracted that some didn’t immediately notice that something about Anna’s look was very conspicuous.

Now, however, these eagle-eyed Duggar fans believe that Anna Duggar is pregnant with baby #6!

Josh Duggar is so reviled that even people who like the Duggar family hate him, and those who dislike the Duggars as a whole still think that he’s worse than the rest.

That’s what happens when the world finds out that you molested little girls and got away with it.

So it is totally understandable that almost everyone’s attention was fully on Josh appearing in Anna Duggar’s Labor Day family photo.

But if you turn your attention to the right of the pic, you will notice that Anna is also partially off screen, even though she and Josh could have easily fit into the picture.

She could be hiding a baby bump.

But the fact that half of her body is excluded isn’t the only reason why fans think that she’s pregnant. Can you catch it?

Anna Duggar Labor Day Photo, no arrows

While most of the comments are either from people going “yikes” about Josh appearing in a photo or, worse, from people defending him, others pointed out Anna’s dress.

These fans recognized it as the same floral print maternity gown that she was wearing not all that long ago.

While it’s totally possible to wear a maternity gown because it’s relatively comfortable and loose-fitting, fans can’t help but wonder if she is once again pregnant.

It has been almost exactly one year since Anna gave birth. Considering that we’re talking about the Duggar family, it is not unreasonable to think that she may be pregnant again.

Take a closer look at Anna and her gown.

Anna Duggar Maternity Gown Zoom

If she is pregnant, it looks like she’s still at an early enough stage of her pregnancy that she can conceal an obvious baby bump by wearing a loose gown and by leaning forward.

(And, of course, by cropping off part of her body in the photo)

As we mentioned, it’s been a while since she gave birth. Mason Duggar will turn one year old in less than a week — on September 12.

Late last month, Anna revealed a health issue impacting baby Mason.

Maybe Mackynzie, age 8, Michael, age 7, Marcus, age 5, Meredith, age 3, and Mason, age 1-ish are going to get a baby sibling.

As we mentioned, the photo saw a number of passionate defenders speak up for Josh Duggar.

One commenter suggested that, in the future, Anna should simply disable comments when she shares a picture of Josh, so that she doesn’t have to look at the “hate.”

Another condemned Josh’s detractors, writing “society doesn’t understand true forgiveness,” as if holding child-molesters accountable is a strictly secular value.

(For the record, it is not, and we should note that other famous conservatives, including some Robertsons of Duck Dynasty fame, publicly urged Anna to divorce the creep)

One commenter even revealed that her own son had “gone through” what Josh had when he was 15, and expressed pity for these men for facing consequences for their actions. Wow.

Even if Anna is pregnant, you can bet that the discourse over Josh is not going away any time soon.

Some fans feel that, all things considered, it is simply too soon for Baby #6.

Others feel that, at this point, she’s as thoroughly linked to Josh as she can be, and another child won’t do any harm.

That said, it’s always possible that she was just wearing a comfortable, loose-fitting dress that still complies with Duggar rules.

In the mean time, fans think that they have proof that Lauran Swanson is pregnant with Josiah Duggar’s baby already.