Jenelle Evans: Does This Photo Prove She’s Being Abused?!

For the past … well, for pretty much the entirety of their relationships, there have been rumors that Jenelle Evans is being abused by David Eason.

These rumors keep popping up for many, many reasons.

So many reasons.

One, David is no stranger to be accused of such atrocities. In court documents, his ex claimed that he pushed her down while she was pregnant, and that after she gave birth, he choked her.

Two, Jenelle has never been in a relationship that didn’t involve abuse in some way, not in the history of Teen Mom 2.

Three, we’ve seen David be extremely controlling on the show, to the point where some viewers feel comfortable referring to his behavior as emotional abuse.

Four, David has officially been accused of abusing Jenelle’s son, Kaiser, in court documents filed by Kaiser’s grandmother. Not only that, but her other son, Jace, has allegedly told his therapist that he’s scared of David.

Five … no, OK, look, we could list reasons and instances all day, we really could, but let’s just get to the point already.

Lots of people are concerned that David could possibly be abusing Jenelle, and some eagle-eyed Teen Mom fans think they now have photographic evidence of this.

Jenelle shared that photo above a couple of days ago to show off one of her lipsticks — she just debuted her new makeup line, JE Cosmetics.

Unfortunately, not too many people focused on the makeup.

Instead, they focused on the way Jenelle seems to have heavily filtered the photo — and those red marks on her chest.

If you look closely, you can see that there’s a lot of discoloration from her neck down to her collarbone, and there’s even what could be the hint of a bruise just below her collarbone.

Her nose seems to be a bit discolored, too.

A few people were so dedicated to the downfall of David that they did some editing magic in an attempt to remove some of the many, many filters from the photo.

In doing this, the marks appeared darker and much more noticeable — though that could be because of different filters, not necessarily because these are definitely bruises.

Even without the filtering tricks though, many of Jenelle’s followers were immediately suspicious of this photo.

“Is it just me or does her neck look bruised?” one person asked — many people told her that no, it wasn’t just her.

“What are those red marks on your neck??” another person questioned. “Did David do that to you hmmmmm…”

Yet another of her followers asked about the red marks, wondering if it was “an allergic reaction to your makeup or to David’s hands.”

“She always bruised somewhere,” someone claimed, and another stated that she “used a filter to cover up the marks seems like.”

But while there were many haters willing to believe the worst, there are some actual Jenelle fans who were willing to explain away the issue.

“You’re kidding right?” one of those fans said. “I get red marks like that on my chest all the time from anxiety. Which she suffers from as well!”

“Omg she probably just itched herself,” another proposed. “I get red like that too when I do that … lort, full on NCIS in these comments.”

So what’s really going on here? It’s hard to say.

Could those marks be from a scratch or anxiety or a million other innocent, non-concerning reasons?

Of course.

But could it also be something more sinister?

Well, that’s the main concern with Jenelle these days, isn’t it?


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Kylie Jenner: Proof That She’s FAKING Pregnancy Posted on Snapchat?!

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her first child.

Or is that just what the lame-stream media wants you to believe?

Strap on your tinfoil hat, cue the X-Files theme music, and pop some of those herbal boner pills Alex Jones sells on his show, because it’s loony conspiracy theory time, folks!

Kylie has yet to confirm that she’s pregnant, but the consensus among fans has been that she’s simply waiting for the right time in order to ensure maximum publicity.

(She is Kris Jenner’s daughter, after all.)

But what if there’s a much simpler explanation?

What if Kylie hasn’t confirmed that she’s pregnant because she’s not actually pregnant?

We know. Your head is reeling, just like the first someone told you that Ted Cruz is both the Zodiac Killer and Lee Harvey Oswald, but hear us out.

First of all, we present you Exhibit A:

Kylie Jenner Snap

Kylie posted the above photo on Snapchat, with a caption that reads simply, “GIRLS TRIP!”

It seems innocent enough–until you realize that girls headed straight to the town of Fake Pregnancysburg in the state of Scandals-vania!

Please, look closely at the sundry snacks and assorted foodstuffs that Kylie and her compatriots are purchasing for their trip.

We’ll just be over here pausing menacingly with our hands clasped behind our backs like Law & Order prosecutors.

Notice anything unusual in the upper-right corner, near the Black and Mild flavored cigarillos?

That’s right–tampons, an item that’s generally not purchased by pregnant women!

Add that to the fact that Kylie wants us to believe she hasn’t gained an ounce in the past two months, and we think you’ll that there’s sufficient evidence that the young Ms. Jenner is not with child.

You might be saying to yourself, “But she clearly stated that she’s taking a trip with a group of her girlfriends. Maybe the tampons are for someone else.”

Or maybe you’re thinking, “Well, or course Kylie doesn’t want to admit to gaining any weight. She is a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, after all.”

And maybe you have a point, skeptical hypothetical reader.

But we say this to you: 

What’s more fun to believe: that Kylie is actually pregnant and just keeping an uncharacteristically low profile, or that this whole thing is an elaborate charade that’s soon to blow up in Kris Jenner’s face and bring the entire Kardashian empire crumbling down?

We’re following the first rule of celebrity gossip here, folks:

Drama is always more important than facts.

We rest our case.


Teresa Giudice: Sofia Vergara Should Be Nicer Since She’s an Immigrant!

Earlier this month, NeNe Leakes went up on stage and told a heckler that she hoped that she gets raped. It was neither a good thing to say nor a good career move.

Well, there must be something awful in the air that's making Real Housewives go up on stage and stay stupid, offensive things. This time, the perpetrator is Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice.

Teresa Giudice … being unkind? Difficult to imagine, we know. As you'll see in the video below, the subject of her ire is none other than actress Sofia Vergara.

Teresa giudice instagram pose

Teresa Giudice is getting blasted right now for some inflammatory, offensive comments that she made on stage for a panel discussion titled: "Gettin' Real With The Housewives."

Teresa, perhaps best known for flipping tables and for serving time in prison, was asked about her celebrity encounters.

The best … and the worst.

Teresa was quick to point the finger at Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara.

She describes Sofia as a "b–ch," saying that she stepped in front of her and captured the spotlight.

Oh, and Teresa also commented that Sofia should be nicer, because she's an immigrant.

Sofia vergara at the globes

Obviously, this is offensive, potentially on multiple levels.

Let's start with how it's potentially unfair — Teresa seems to be describing Sofia's entire personality based upon a single encounter in which the two women were photographed together.

But … what's really grabbing people's attention is the outright xenophobia and potential racism.

The suggestions that immigrants in particular should be nice or good-natured is appalling.

Sure, everyone should be nice. 

Suggesting that a particular class of people are obligated to be nice … has all sorts of nasty implications and really shows that you don't consider them to be equals.

While the folks over at TMZ who first shared this video were quick to point out the xenophobia, we think that Teresa is specifically motivated by racism.

Teresa giudice on season 8

Do you know why we think that this is racism and not more garden variety xenophobia?

Because Teresa Giudice's husband, Joe Giudice, is an immigrant.


The dude's in prison now, and it's even possible that Joe Giudice will be deported after he finishes serving his sentence.

Joe was born in Italy, which makes him an immigrant.

What's more is that Joe Giudice never obtained US citizenship.

So we more than suspect that Teresa doesn't have a problem with just any old immigrant.

What's different about Sofia? Well, she's not a European immigrant — she's Columbian.

Sofia also became a US citizen — even getting a perfect score on her citizenship test. Which should be easy for US citizens who were born here but requires a lot of learning for a newcomer.

(Seriously, you can take it for fun online and it's not hard, but a disturbingly large number of native citizens would be unable to pass it)

Sofia vergara

Sofia Vergara is a celebrated, award-winning actress and the highest paid woman on television. She also ranks reasonably high up there among the most powerful women in the world, in some listings.

We guess that, to Teresa Giudice, she was born in Columbia and that makes her somehow … lesser. That's sad.

You know what else jumps out at us about this?

Teresa Giudice believing that immigrants should be nice implies that she doesn't believe that native citizens have to be friendly.

And that explains a lot about Teresa Giudice.

Teresa giudice sofia vergara should be nicer since shes an immig

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Eminem Gushes About Hailie Jade Mathers: She’s Better Than Her Parents!

Eminem has been back in the news lately for an unlikely reason.

If you’ve been anywhere near social media in the past week, then you now doubt caught at least a snippet of Em’s blistering anti-Trump rap that debuted at the BET Awards.

Yes, Em has always been a rabble-rouser and a trash talker, but his barbs are usually aimed at fellow musicians.

(That mop-headed dude from NSync is probably still in therapy.)

This time, Mr. Mathers set his sights on a far more powerful opponent, tearing Trump down with a succession of scathing putdowns that would make no doubt rendered the Orange One as speechless as Anthony Mackie at the end of 8 Mile.

Best of all, the rapper released the acapella diss barrage with the full knowledge that many of his fans are also Trump supporters, exhorting red staters to pick a side in one of the track’s most memorable lines.

It was a pleasant for hip hop fans, as Em has reached the point in his career where he could never record another track and still be remembered as a legend of the genre.

But believe it or not, it’s not his music career that the 44-year-old emcee is most proud of.

(And no, it’s not his epic beard that somehow became a trending topic when he debuted it earlier this year.)

As Em is always happy to tell interviewers (on the rare occasion he grants interviews. Come to think of it, is he ever really happy?) his proudest achievement is raising his daughter Hailie.

(Who, as fans know, came well after he was harrassed daily by this fat kid named D’Angelo Bailey.)

Like we said, Marshall doesn’t speak to the press very often, but a source slose to the rapper says he gushes about his 21-year-old offspring every chance he gets:

“Eminem is really proud of Hailie, she’s the very best of him and Kim,” the insider tells Hollywood Life.

“Hailie is smart, popular, motivated, kind, and really down to earth. Eminem was determined that his daughter would be raised out of the spotlight, as the last thing he wanted was a ‘showbiz kid’, and he really did a good job—considering the problems that both her mom and dad have had, she’s incredibly well balanced. “

The source concludes:

“Hailie is really committed to her studies, she works really hard, and she has a great head on her shoulders.”

“Popular” might be a massive understatement, as new photos of Hailie go viral amongst Em obsessives about once a month.

We like to think they’re not being internet pervs and are just thrilled with the way she turned out, having essentially witnessed the girl’s upbringing through Em’s music.

While it’s the disses that might be most remembered by casual fans, those who have pored over the Detroit rapper’s lyrics know that family has always been one of his favorite themes.

In the early days, he argued (quite convincingly) that his lack of a healthy upbringing had left him permnanetly damaged.

These days, it seems he’s been rescues by his love for his daughter.

It’s a hell of a happy ending for a man who likely never would have predicted one for himself.