JWoww Gets Estranged Husband Booted from House … He Says She’s Lying & Out of Control

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8:35 AM PT — Snooki posted surveillance video recorded in JWoww and Roger’s home, showing JWoww speaking to police. The audio is low, but from what we can make out … Jenni is making the point to officers that she wants Roger to be able to see their kids.

She flat-out says, “He should be allowed to see them … He’s not a bad dad.”

The officers tell Jenni she’s going to have to make that distinction — keeping Roger away from her, but not the kids — to a judge when she gets a court hearing in 3-7 days.

JWoww‘s estranged husband is out on his ass after cops hauled him out of their home early Friday morning … for absolutely no reason, he claims, other than Jenni blowing things out of proportion.

Roger Mathews says the ‘Jersey Shore’ star got a restraining order against him late Thursday night after they had what he calls a “disagreement.” Roger got his side of the story out quickly by recording a video — from the back of the police car — describing the night’s events.

Roger claims JWoww got “completely, uncontrollably emotional like she always does” and threatened to call cops — but he went to police first to file a report, preemptively informing them about their argument. 

He says he went home, went to sleep and was awakened by cops at 2:30 AM … telling him he had to get out of the house due to the restraining order. Roger wasn’t arrested, cops just drove him to a friend’s home. 

Roger continued pouring out his emotions from the friend’s couch, and ripped into Jenni for not being able to see their 2 kids. He claims she exposed them to their fight, saying things like … “Your father’s a piece of s**t, he’s out of here. I’m sorry I ever had children with him.”

He maintains he did nothing wrong, and Jenni was so out of control he feared she would beat herself up and accuse him of abuse.

Remember, JWoww filed for divorce back in September … but Roger said he wasn’t giving up, and wanted to save the marriage. That seems like a tall order now.

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Nikki Bella Don’t Let the Pic Fool Ya … She’s Not Back with John Cena


Nikki Bella is NOT reuniting or reconciling when it comes to John Cena … and there’s a perfectly logical reason she posted a romantic pic of them, making fans think they’re tapping in on their relationship. 

Sources close to Nikki tell TMZ … the WWE superstars are still very much single, despite Nikki posting a shot of her and John cuddling in a hot tub at sunset.

We’re told Nikki was simply reminiscing over the past year and thinking back on what she was thankful for — she posted several pics of other people in her life — and John was a part of that. Even though they called off their relationship and stopped talking to each other.

Haters will say she was trolling … but we’re told it was just some Thanksgiving reflection.

And yeah, sounds like the sun really has set on their romance. At least they’ll always have #TBT if you’re jonesin’ to see ‘em together again.

Amanda Bynes ‘She’s the Man’ Caused Severe Depression … I Didn’t Like Me As A Boy

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Amanda Bynes is opening up about her past issues with drugs, acceptance and a deep battle with depression brought on by one of her most famous movie roles. 

Bynes starred in “She’s The Man” back in 2006, playing a teen girl who dressed like a boy, pretending to be her brother. Amanda sported short hair and sideburns for the role, and the film grabbed a ton of attention. 

In a new interview with PAPER — Amanda’s first in a long time — she reveals the movie left her in a deep depression, saying, “When the movie came out and I saw it … I didn’t like how I looked when I was a boy.” She called seeing herself in the role a “super strange and out-of-body experience. It just really put me into a funk.”

Bynes shares she’s been sober for the last 4 years and blames a lot of her past issues — including her infamous tweet where she said she wanted Drake to “murder my vagina” — on drugs.

Amanda remains under a conservatorship that started in 2014, and was recently extended until at least 2020.

She’s currently a student the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in L.A. — but says she’d eventually like to get back into acting if the opportunity presents itself. 

Farrah Abraham: EEK! She’s Coming Back to Television!

Farrah Abraham didn't simply get taken from behind on camera as part of her recent porn venture.

She has also now made a forward-looking career move, somehow managing to maintain her relationship with MTV even after getting fired from Teen Mom OG.

The cable network has announced that Abraham will return for Season 2 of Ex on the Beach, confirming as much in a press release that reads as follows:

The U.S. format of MTV’s global phenomenon “Ex On The Beach” returns for season two on Thursday, December 20th at 8PM ET/PT.

Hosted by multi-platinum rapper and actor Romeo Miller, the provocative dating series follows celebrity couples in Malibu Beach as they search for new love while being confronted by their past romances. 

Abraham's ex, of course, is Simon Saran.

He's returning as well.

Scroll down for a look at Abraham's promotional photos on behalf of Season 2 — and also for a look at which other cast members (from which past programs, if any) will be a part of this global phenomenon…

1. I’m Coming Back!

Im coming back
She’s coming back, folks! Farrah Abraham looks pretty happy to have landed another role on another MTV program, huh? She’s returning for Ex on the Beach.

2. Look at This Bod!

Farrah abraham for ex on the beach
You know you wanna hit it, guys.

3. Simon Saran

Simon saran
Oh, yes, more fireworks between Simon and Farrah are on the way!

4. Tor’I Brooks— Harlem Globetrotters, “Ex On The Beach”

Tori brooks harlem globetrotters ex on the beach

5. Sha Carrell— Wilhelmina Model

Sha carrell wilhelmina model

6. Nurys Mateo — “Are You The One?”

Nurys mateo are you the one

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Kelly Dodd: Fire Vicki Gunvalson! She’s Past Her Expiration Date!

Season 14 of The Real Housewives of Orange County will be here before any of us know it.

Kelly Dodd is well aware, but revealed on The Talk she thinks that the cast needs one major mix-up before filming begins.

She thinks that most of her colleagues should return, and she has specific reasons for that.

But she thinks that Vicki Gunvalson needs to go.

And her metaphor in explaining why will be enough to curdle your blood.

Take a look:

1. Kelly Dodd says Vicki is old news

Kelly dodd and vicki gunvalson
And she has a very specific analogy to share — after she shares why her other castmates deserve to remain on the show

2. Kelly on Shannon:

Shannon beador speaks to the camera
“I’m obviously friends with Shannon [Beador],” Kelly says. “I talk to her every day.”

3. Kelly on Tamra:

Tamra judge rocking sunglasses
“I talk to Tamra [Judge] every day,” Kelly adds.

4. The show wouldn’t be the same without those two

Tamra judge and shannon beador
“So,” Kelly continues. “I want them to be back for sure.”

5. Kelly on the new girls:

Emily simpson image
“I like Emily and Gina,” Kelly notes of Emily Simpson and Gina Kirschenheiter.

6. Kelly welcomes her newest castmates

Gina kirschenheiter
“I think they should get a second chance,” Kelly says of the newcomers.

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Tori Spelling Says Wildfires Forced Her to Evacuate; Fire Marshal Says She’s Lying

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, dozens have lost their lives and millions of dollars in property has been destroyed, as California continues to battle the deadliest wildfires in the state’s history.

Numerous celebrities have lost their homes, including Miley Cyrus, Gerard Butler, and Robin Thicke.

Those stars have received an outpouring of support from fan,s and it seems Tori Spelling may have taken one look at the tidal wave of sympathy and thought, how can I get in on that?!

Tori took to Instagram this week and told a tale of being evacuated just as the fires made their way to her neighborhood:

“My big brood and I were evacuated last night. My eyes swell with happy tears when I reflect on how many friends immediately reached out and offered their homes to us,” the actress said.

“No small offer when you are talking about a family of seven. Some I don’t even know that well but as part of our school community they stepped up. Thank you all!”

Fans were quick to rally behind Tori with words of love and support.

“Praying for you and your family,” commented one follower.

“I’m so sad and sorry this is happening! Praying for you all,” wrote another.

It’s great that Spelling has such caring friends and fans … but it looks like those folks may have been bamboozled by the notoriously unstable actress.

“I haven’t heard anything about Mulholland Drive [where Spelling resides] being affected,” a Los Angeles County fire marshal tells Radar Online.

“I can tell you that I was just sent from Miracle Mile and we’re here in Woodland Hills in kind of a standby mode. We have been dispatched to different place across the city. We have different pools of fire engines kind of in a standby mode.”

The unidentified firefighter went on to say that there’s a possibility Spelling’s neighborhood could be affected by the fires — but it definitely hasn’t happened yet:

“We still have high winds and there is danger, so there could be spots and new fires that can break out. So we are sieging resources to get ready for that,” says the fire marshal.

It’s possible there’s some confusion here, or that Spelling and her family made the decision to evacuate on their own out of an abundance of caution.

But if it turns out Tori is lying, we think it’s safe to say this incident won’t do any wonders for her already battered reputation.

It’s anyone’s guess as to why she would concoct such a story.

Spelling’s financial troubles have been well-documented, so it’s possible she exaggerated her situation in hope of a handout.

Insiders who know the actress say Tori seems to lie compulsively, and they’ve learned to take everything she says with a grain of salt.

Here’s hoping Tori will provide soon post an update clarifying that this has all been one big misunderstanding.

Otherwise, she may have just reached a new rock bottom in a career that’s been filled with them.


Tyler the Creator Body-Shames Kendall Jenner: She’s Got No Ass!

It’s insultingly reductive to say the Kardashians are only famous because of Kim’s sex tape or the sisters’ famously curvy figures.

The entire family (with the possible exception of Rob), has worked hard to build an iconic brand, but there’s no denying that large posteriors still spring to mind at the mention of the name “Kardashian.”

Kendall Jenner may not be a Kardashian by name, but she’s no less a member of the Kard clan than Kim, Khloe or Kourtney.

So when Tyler the Creator called Kendall out for being less curvy than her sisters during a recent performance, the body-shaming insult carried additional resonance.

“I want everybody to shake they ass when this f–king song come on,” Tyler said on stage.

“Hey A$ AP Rocky, shake that ass. Shake it on Jaden [Smith], he next to you, he might like it with his weird ass. Where Kendall? She ain’t go no ass but shake them bones.”

Kendall Jenner-Tyler the Creator

Suffice it to say, things got quite weird at Tyler’s performance over the weekend.

Obviously, it’s his comments about Kendall’s figure that are drawing the most attention — though encouraging A$ AP Rocky to shake his ass on Jaden Smith is pretty odd, too.

But it’s possible that all the uproar over Tyler body-shaming Kendall is baseless.

It’s important to note that Tyler and Kendall are friends, and he has a history of publicly and playfully mocking her.

At Coachella in 2015, Tyler called out Kendall out in brutal fashion during his set on the main stage.

“Kendall Jenner over here thinking she’s cute and sh-tt. Hey Kendall, Kendall, Kendall, I’m over here to your right. F-ck you,” he said.

While many in attendance were shocked by the comment, Kendall responded by playfully flipping Tyler the bird.

He later clarified the nature of their relationship on Instagram, writing:


At one point it was widely rumored that Tyler and Kendall were dating, but the rapper shot those rumors down, jokingly (we think) tweeting:

“Not possible, we’re both gay.”

So in all likelihood, Tyler was just having a laugh with an old friend when he commented on Kendall’s physique.

Now, there are some who will argue that even if they’re friends and the comment was made in jest, it’s still not okay for Tyler to publicly speak about Kendall in those terms.

They may have a point — but the joke is really quite tame compared to some of the other things Tyler has said over the years..

We’re not saying that makes it okay — just pointing out that Kendall probably wasn’t terribly shocked.


Jersey Shore Recap: “She’s a F-cking Psycho!”

We nearly saw Vinny Guadagnino’s penis on the latest episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

But while this veteran castmate thankfully kept his junk in his pants, Vinny let it all come out when discussing his feelings toward former fling Angelina Pivarnick.

Seriously, the guy just WENT OFF on her. Scroll down to find out why…

It’s been clear for a few weeks now that Angelina still has a thing for Vinny, following their hook up eight years ago.

(Yes, eight years ago! These people have been in our lives for a very long time.)

On Thursday night, however, Vinny made it clear that Angelina lust for him was not reciprocated after the group went out for dinner and Angelina would not leave him alone.

At one point, after taunting Vinny and alleging that he’s the one obsessed with her, Angelina grabbed Vinny’s crotch.

And he was so NOT down with it.

“I hate that girl. I’m done with that girl, seriously. She went too far. I’m done being nice to her,” he screamed in response, adding:

“She’s f-cking psycho.”

Snooki and JWOWW were encouraging Angelina (who’s engaged, by the way) to simply “hate f-ck” Vinny, but even they backed off once they saw the state Guadagnino was actually in.

The final straw was when Angelina said Vinny was attracted to her because, in her mind, she reminded Vinny of his mother.

grabbed my crotch

“You’re obsessed with me,” Angelina told Vinny over dinner, turning the knife in deeper by continuing:

“You literally love me. Just admit it to everybody here that you’re obsessed with me. You should just confess your love in front of everybody.”

Vinny called her “delusional” and told her to “shut up” multiple times; nevertheless, Angelina persisted. And then she crossed a line.

“You want a woman like your mom. That’s what you want,” she said. “That’s why you love me so much, because I remind you of your mother.”


pissed vinny

“How dare you? How dare you?” Vinny later vented to the camera.

“I don’t care if Angelina compared herself to Kim Kardashian. I don’t care if you compare yourself to f-cking Beyonce. Do not ever compare yourself to my mother.”

He also made it as clear as could be to Angelina herself, telling his past lover:

“All I begged you to do is stop talking to me. You f-cking bring up my name every second.”

Still, Angelina kept interrupting.

“You’re obsessed with me. You love me. You literally love me. You wanna marry me. You literally wanna marry me,” she said.

Vinny eventually snapped, yelling “COME AT ME, BRO!” — until The Situation calmed everyone down by asking about dessert.\

praying  with mike

Speaking of The Situation:

He invited JWOWW to attend his speech at his former rehab facility.

She was still sort of drunk from the night before, but she downed some Gatorade, tossed on some sweat pants and agreed to support her friend.

On his way there, Mike told Jenni a story about his struggle with drinking and how his now-wife stood by his side throughout the worst of times.

“There was one time where I was attempting to get sober,” Mike explained.

“I had a doctor and a nurse at my house. They were detoxing me, and after I think four or five days, I had the ‘f-ck its,’ they call it, where you’re like, ‘F-ck it, I don’t want this anymore. I wanna go party. I wanna feel better.’

“So I jumped in my car, and Lauren jumped in her vehicle. I was trying to get away from her, so there was a bit of speeding going on, a little bit of a car chase.

“Eventually, a cop pulled up beside me, and I actually said to the cop that there’s a crazy fan following me.”


Continued The Situation:

He didn’t entertain it. He was just like, ‘Mike, you’re crazy.’

“But I actually said that [about] my girlfriend, who’s behind me trying to help me. That’s a good story for people to hear that because that was my crazy times. I could not escape her. She was determined.

“I turned around and went home and went through the detox process.”

And now Mike and Lauren are married.

We don’t often say this when it comes to Jersey Shore, but: How sweet, right?!?