Khloe Kardashian: Look at My Shiny Grill!

While Kim Kardashian may be hitting up Instagram to show off her naked and sparkly body, her sister Khloe Kardashian is showing off her beautiful curves. 

In a series of snaps uploaded to Instagram yesterday, the pregnant Keeping Up with the Kardashians star showed off a variety of different looks. 

Yes, as always, she looked stunning. 

The most striking of which showed the 33-year-old looking as fierce as ever with a shiny grill, wearing a light blue sports bra. Her nails were also visually stunning. 

They were long, and pink, and could probably cut someone. The look was finished with Khloe’s sunkissed skin, longer than usual earrings and blonde locks for good measure. 

“Mean Mug,” she captioned sultry image. Yes, Khloe, even as the mean girl, you are still one of the most fashionable around. 

Another snap from the photo shoot found the star crossing her arms and pouting for the flashing lights. It also showed off her pink nails in more detail. 

She accompanied the above with an inspiring quote. 

“I choose to start each day with a grateful heart and a happy state of mind,” it reads. 

The final snap of the look showed the star pouting with her finger on her lips as though she is thinking about something she likes, and the caption seemed to confirm that. 

“Hummmmmm… ice cream or fro yo?” it reads. “Yummm.”  

The Revenge Body star’s pregnancy was revealed back in September by Us Weekly, but Khloe has yet to address the news publicly. 

Being in the spotlight for so long, Khloe likely knows that keeping fans on their toes is the best way to stay relevant. Hell, she and her family have been in the spotlight for years now. 

Khloe’s relationship with Tristan Thompson was first hinted at as far back as August 2016, but it was made official in September of that year when they attended mutual pal, Flo Rida’s birthday party. 

There have been countless snaps of the pair together, and we think it’s fair to say they look loved up. Khloe has been unlucky in love in the past, so it’s great she’s found someone who appears to be a keeper. 

What do you think about Khloe’s confident and hot new look?

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Woman’s Shiny Legs Vex Internet, Lead to Mass Hysteria

Remember The Dress?

Remember spending several hours trying to decide whether it was white and gold or blue and black and then spending several more days arguing with friends about the answer?

Sorry. We just brought you back to a very dark place, didn’t we?

Our bad. Let’s move on to your next Internet obsession: this picture of two seemingly VERY shiny legs!

The image was posted to Instagram in September by someone named Hunter Culverhouse, but then re-posted on Twitter this week…

… and madness has ensued ever since.

How did this woman get her legs to shine in such a manner?!?

What substance is to blame for this level of glossiness?!?

Are you ready for the answer? Are you ready to feel sort of stupid? And yet not alone because an endless array of Internet users have made the same mistake for days on end?

Okay, here we go:

These legs are not shiny. There are simply streaks of white paint on them.

And the thing is, once you come to this realization, you won’t believe you ever thought the legs were shiny. It’s weird how the mind can work, isn’t it?

Now ALL you can see is white paint, right? 

leg tweet

The World Wide Web has gone from confused to flabbergasted.

Wow! LMAO!

confused leg tweets

Was this some sort of giant hoax that Culverhouse planned?

Some way for her to make a statement about the mind and the eyes and one’s impressions and to make herself go viral for a litte bit?

Not exaclt.

“I was finishing off some art homework and had some white paint left on my brush and just decided to draw random lines,” she tells Buzzfeed.

“I had no intentions of making it look shiny.”

Oh. Okay then.

So… back to that dress: it’s not really black and blue, is it?!?

And speaking of seemingly shiny fluids on random people