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BlocBoy JB Sues Fortnite Creators I’ma ‘Shoot’ My Shot in Court


BlocBoy JB is following suit with a lot of other artists by filing his own suit against the creators of Fortnite for allegedly stealing a dance he popularized … TMZ has learned. 

BB JB just sued Epic Games — the company behind Fortnite Battle Royale — for allegedly ripping off his dance the “Shoot” and throwing it into their game with a different name … the “Hype” dance.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, BlocBoy claims he’s the creator of the dance, and that Epic Games didn’t get permission to use it in Fortnite. Once again, he claims that while he hadn’t registered a copyright on the dance when Fortnite used it … he says he’s in the process of locking it down now.

Lots of other rappers and social media figures have filed similar suits — including one Alfonso Ribeiro, who’s got beef with the “Carlton” dance being used in the game, as well as Backpack Kid, who claims the game creators stole his move, “The Floss” — and they all seem to have the same claim … we popularized a dance, and therefore its ours.

Good luck, fellas.

Clemson Football Dabo Swinney ‘Shoot’ Dance!! … in Locker Room Party

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Clemson coach Dabo Swinney pulled a page outta BlocBoy JB‘s book to celebrate winning it all on Monday night … bringing out his “shoot” dance — and his players totally lost it!!

Clemson shocked Alabama by whoopin’ the Tide 44-16 in the College Football Playoff National Championship … and the Tigers capped of the win with a dance party for the ages.

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“Trust me, at the top it isn’t lonely.” #WeWinWeDance

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Dabo’s been known to get loose after Clemson dubs … and already had the “dab” and “hit dem folk” in his repertoire.

But this one had to be even better than his other moves, and the dude didn’t disappoint.

Of course, there was more shade towards new Bama fan, Drake … as the team jumped around and chanted his song, “Big Rings.”

Don’t stop dancin’, Dabo.

CJ Franco Flamin’ Hot Shoot … Eat Your Heart Out!!!


CJ Franco is coming in HOT with this incredibly spicy video, eating Cheetos in the sexiest way possible. 

CJ slipped her flaming hot figure into some skimpy lingerie for this shoot with Chris Applebaum … and she’s doing a lot for the snacking industry. Dancing, jiggling and posing — while wearing this little — is guaranteed to make everyone hungry.

You probably recognize the model from her Maxim, FHM and GQ features — or for being the knockout director Len Wiseman rebounded with after breaking up with Kate Beckinsale.

We’re told CJ’s photo shoot was NOT a Chester Cheetah sponsored event.

We’re sure he won’t complain. NO one possibly could.