Floribama Shore Recap: The Stalker Returns

Just when the cast of Floribama Shore gets it together, something happens that drives them further apart. 

The latest installment of this MTV hit picked up mere moments after Jeremiah learned of his grandfather’s death. 

There were tears, fights and more tears, and we’re going to unpack all of the big developments from the episode right here. 

Everyone rallied around Jeremiah to make sure that he felt at ease, and Candace said a prayer for him and his family before he exited the house to be with his family. 

Before his exit, however, he wanted to hit the bar with his roomies and have a drink to celebrate his grandfather’s life. 

Everyone made their way to The Salted Goat. Yes, that’s actually the name of the bar. It’s ridiculous, but the cast is probably barred from every other fine establishment in Florida, so they had to make do. 

While most of the houseguests were upset, and drinking slowly, Nilsa partied a little too hard when she laid eyes on her ex-husband’s friend. 

It resulted in her running backward and forward to the bar to get some shots. It did not go unnoticed by the others, who were under the impression this was a quiet family night. 

Things got worse when a man appeared at the table asking about the cast. Kirk and Codi were happy to answer questions, but Nilsa was rude as hell. 

“Bye, bitch,” she yelled while waving her hand at the man. 

She continued to be rude, and the man ultimately left the situation red-faced. 

Back at the house, Nilsa flat-out refused that she was rude to anyone, and even asked the following:

“What bar?” 

This further irked her friends because they were only in one bar the whole night. Nilsa denied that she was drunk, and got especially mad when her BFF Aimee did not defend her. 

Aimee was right not to defend her. Nilsa was in the wrong and all the others wanted was for her to own it, and they could move on. 

But Nilsa called her friend, Shayla, and got ready to leave the house. The only thing that kept her there was a hug from Kortni (of all people!). 

Nilsa still played dumb the next morning, but Aimee said she was not ready to forgive her because the man was friendly, and that it’s no way to treat a nice person. 

Jeremiah made his exit, but Kortni put a letter in with his packed lunch for the road. She told him that she would always be there for him. 

That was enough to confuse Jeremiah because he knows there’s a burgeoning romance there, but he needs to decide whether he wants to leave the one night stands behind and get in a relationship. 

In a real shocker, Codi and Jeremiah managed to put their feud aside. As you will recall if you watch Floribama Shore online, Codi’s grandfather died last year, so they bonded over that. 

It’s amazing, but these two were so against each other earlier in the summer, but if they manage to put it aside, something good will come of it. 

The ladies went away on an all-female trip, leaving Kirk, Codi and Gus to do their own thing. 

The boys went to a bar and Gus opened up about his issues growing up. He recalled the time he found his mother sleeping with another man, and it paved the way for his father to leave with another woman. 

It was heartbreaking, but the biggest shocker was saved for the final scenes:

Logans Fairbanks aka Kortni’s stalker left flowers, a letter and images on the doorstep of the house at 3 am. 

How will Kortni react to her stalker’s return? 

We’ll find out next Monday at 10/9c. 


Jersey Shore Recap: “I Will F-ck You Up!”

Move over, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley.

Two new combatants stepped into the figurative ring on Thursday night, as Jersey Shore: Family vacation featured yet another ugly confrontation between cast members.

a headlock

A week after Angelina Pivarnick arrived in Las Vegas, due to an invitation by MTV producers Snooki, the tension between this former regular and Jenni “JWOWW” Farley reached record levels.

And it was largely because Angelina tried to make nice with JWOWW.

Well, it was really because Angelina referred to JWOWW as a “Jersey Whore” back in May, but Jenni warned her foe last night that if she just kept her distance, everything would be okay.

Angelina failed to heed this advice, however.

Jenni tried to simply steer clear of Angelina, who she said was “like a pet you don’t really want.”

When the group went down to the pool, for example, JWOWW refused to clink glasses with Angelina during a toast, thinking that ignoring her rival would basically make her go away.

But it had the opposite effect. It turned Angelina into an irritating pest.

“Why would she all of a sudden say cheers to me?” Jenni asked Nicole. “I’m just trying to f-cking enjoy my last couple of days. I’m a mom now. If I’m gonna be getting bullied and dumb shit, I’m out.”

It was clear that the situation was merely escalating with every passing moment.

At one point, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino warned Angelina to “proceed with caution” when it came to her relationship with Jenni (he should know… remember when she punched him?), but Angelina continued to do annoy JWOWW.

In a cab on the way to the club that evening, Snooki tried to get Angelina to apologize to Jenni for the whore comment.


“You were acting like a f-cking whore,” she told JWOWW. 

ap rides

When Nicole reprimanded her for repeating the insult, Angelina replied:

“Not a whore like that, you ass! Like a freaking bitch. You were acting like a bitch!”

Jenni then tried to explain to Angelina that there was a difference between a “whore” and a “bitch,” but it fell on deaf ears.

“It’s obvious that Jenni still has resentment towards me, and I’m to blame a little bit, but I’m trying genuinely to be friends with her and maybe we can squash this eventually?” Angelina told the cameras, as she attempted to sit on Jenni’s lap and dance with her at the club.

Bad move there, Angelina.

too soon pic

“I just want to party and let loose and have fun, and she’s just not having it,” Angelina said. “I don’t know if my approach is wrong, but I’m trying.”

(Editor’s Note: We knew. Everyone there knew. You’re approach was definitely wrong.)

Continuing down the clearly wrong path, Angelina tried to drop some ice down Jenni’s shirt while at the club, a so-called prank that only served to anger the star.

“Don’t touch me!” Jenni boomed “You’re out of your damn mind! What is wrong with you? Stop. Stop, or I will f-ck you up!”

“I don’t know what Angelina’s thinking messing with Jenni,” Ronnie said hilariously, referring to Jenni’s husband and adding:

“Roger don’t even do that yet, and he’s been married to her for eight years!”

This was a lesson Angelina did not learn, however, which is how she ended up scuffling with JWOWW on the dance floor and getting caught in a headlock.

Angelina eventually squirmed her way out of Jenni’s grip and slapped her in the face with the back of her hand.

“Bring me home, or I’m gonna go to jail,” JWOWW said to The Situation, apparently convinced she broke the law.

Finally, to close out yet another violent and intense episode, Jenni told everyone at dinner the next night that she was going home early.


Jersey Shore Recap: Yup, She’s Back!

So… how did Jersey Shore follow up THAT episode?

How did Jersey Shore match the intensity and drama of Jen Harley spitting on her baby daddy and having to be restrained by security a week ago?

ron ron

Just a few days back, MTV aired one of the most epic arguments in reality series history, as Harley attacked Ronnie as a “f-cking loser” and a “piece of “sh-t,” and we picked up right there on Thursday evening.

On this latest installment, Ronnie admitted in the confessional that they “have no control” over their relationship and will fight until they’re “65 years old.”

Which is especially a shame because they are parents to an adorable baby girl named Ariana. She was born in April.

“She’s f-cking drunk, I can smell the alcohol on her breath,” Ronnie said Jen left his hotel room, proceeding to ask “where’s my kid?” before breaking down crying and telling the cameras he felt this was the final straw.

Following the fracas, security called the cops to report a domestic violence incident.

Although Ronnie didn’t want to press charges, The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department searched Jen while Ronnie asked authorities to do a wellness check.

He literally didn’t know the whereabouts of his child.

Ultimately, the police questioned Jen and she was NOT arrested — and Ronnie decided to move forward by meeting his attorney again and discussing custody.

ang and ron

And that was the end of the drama this week.

Just kidding!

In another mega development, Angelina Pivarnick arrived in Sin City!

She was invited there by Snooki (and, you know, the producers) and was all set to join the party after saying in a confessional that she didn’t really get along with Jenni “JWoww” Farley.

It didn’t take very long for the anger to be felt between these stars, either.


Upon touching down in Nevada and making her way over to her past and then present colleagues Angelina said hello to everyone … except Jenni.

Instead of a greeting, she simply told Jenni the two had “sh-t to work out.”

“We’re actually dealing with family sh-t … you wouldn’t know because you’re not part of the family,” JWOWW shot back immediately.

If a knife had been nearby (and, with this crew, thank goodness it was not), one could have cut all this tension with it. Easy.

ron gif

From there, Angelina stirred the pot further — when she slapped Vinny Guadagnino!

All he did was playfully try to put the returning cast member into the shower because it looked like her “hamster cage,” but Angelina was not in a joking mood.

And no one was happy about the slap, which is where Jersey Shore faded to black for the week.

Will you be tuning in next Thursday evening to see where things go from here?


Floribama Shore Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: There’s No C In Disease

In some ways, Kortni Gilson would make a great mother. 

But making a child with the loser that is Logan Fairbanks would probably result in her early exit from the Floribama Shore house. 

If you watch Floribama Shore online, you know that Logan has been the definition of stage five clinger ever since he was revealed to be Kortni’s boyfriend. 

Shortly after Floribama Shore Season 2 got underway, we learned that he had been reprimanded for stalking Kortni and her castmates. 

Well, things only got worse from there, and the MTV reality series is covering all of that right about now. 

Before Kortni made her way to the doctor, her mother showed up at the house to check in with her daughter. 

In a truly bizarre scene, she said that if Logan were to cause any problems for her daughter, he would be chained up at the farm. 

She then said that the grizzly bears would lay waste to him. Yes, really. But this mother must be worried sick by Logan’s actions. 

When Kortni was out for some fun with her roomies, Logan showed up. He’s like that shark that appears when you least expect it. 

Kortni returned from the doctor with some news that was either good or bad, depending on whose side you are on.

After revealing to her friends that she would be taking on a healthier diet as opposed to drinking herself into oblivion like the Kortni we’ve watched on TV since the show debuted. 

She followed this up with a stunning bombshell:

She’s pregnant! 

As the shock started to set in, Candace was first to say that Kortni will make a great mother. 

But then Aimee noticed the look on Nilsa’s face, and it said it all. Kortni then confirmed she was pulling a prank and that she learned she was most definitely not with child. 


But this gave Kortni the drive to make things right with Candace. The pair has been bickering ever since Kortni failed to help Candace when she was arguing with Gus and Jeremiah. 

The two bonded over some Irish Car Bombs. From what we can find online, it’s an alcoholic drink that includes Guinness and Irish Cream. 

While the pregnancy plot is over, Logan is likely going to continue terrorizing this close-knit group of friends. 

Nilsa flat out refused to allow him to speak to Kortni when he called the house, leading to her uttering the following:

“Quit calling, you are not welcome here,” Nilsa screeched down the phone at him. 

Will this be enough to keep this shark at bay? 

In any case, Jeremiah was happy to offer to punch Logan if he persists in pursuing Kortni. 

The others in the house figured this meant there was a connection between the two that was not just platonic. 

A drunken Kortni seemingly admitted that if Jeremiah liked her in that way, then she would be happy to go there. 


Can you imagine the way Logan would react if they went there? 

Floribama Shore continues Mondays on MTV.  


Jersey Shore Recap: “You’re a F-cking Psychopath. You’re a F-cking Loser. You’re a Piece of Sh-t!”

If you’re a fan of Jersey Shore, you had likely read all about it by this point.

But still.

Simply having knowledge of what went down this summer between Ronnie and his girlfriend/baby mama, Jen Harley, probably did not prepare you for what transpired on Thursday night.

Because… holy Hell. Things got ugly.


On the latest installment of this MTV hit, we witnessed Harley and Ronnie go at it after Ronnie threatened to leave the show because Jen was keeping his daughter, Ariana, away from him.

He was convinced to stick around by Pauly D and by a producer who actually appeared on camera, but he realized that something in this ugly back-and-forth with Harley had to give.

“I have to make a change for my daughter. We need some kind of guidelines and foundation to make sure that she’s all right at the end of the day,” he told his co-stars about heading to meet with a lawyer.

Ronnie’s friends obviously understood where he was coming from.

“Jen is controlling him and baiting him,” Snooki said at one point. “You can’t take someone’s baby away, like, that’s not okay.”

Ronnie agrees, that’s sort of the whole point here.

But he also remarks that he could see himself getting back together with Jen, prompting an all-time response by Pauly.

“You gotta be nuts! She was just holding a baby from you, that’s the beginning. You gotta stay away from this girl for a while,” The DJ yelled to his pal, adding:

“That’s crazy. You can’t reconcile with her, you can’t. At this point, you can’t anymore. Why would you want to be with somebody that would hold a baby from you and not tell you where it is?

“That’s unsafe. God forbid something happened to her, you wouldn’t know where the baby was. … You can’t be with someone like that. You’re better than that.”

(Is he, though? Discuss.)

While Ronnie’s gone, Jen comes knocking… with a friend by her side.

She demands to know where Ronnie is and doesn’t believe the cast when they claim to have no idea.

Harley alleges that last night, he went “on a f-cking rampage, texting me every name in the book” in over 300 messages.

(Yes, this did really happen. Click below for proof.)

“Obviously someone’s with him, a producer or …” Jen says, looking around the room.

At this mention, a producer actually interrupts, reminding Jen that they’d told her he’d be back at a specific time later and suggesting that she leave and return then.

This appears to blows up her ruse: Jen knew he wasn’t home when she traveled to the hotel. Busted!

“You guys are f-cked up! You guys are f-cking liars!” she cries out as she departs.

“That girl came to this room with an agenda, to tell her side of the story and paint this picture that Ronnie’s this animal,” Pauly says.

“Jen is gangster. She’s trying to play everybody. She’s not going to play me.”

But then $ hit REALLY gets crazy…

big fight

After Ronnie comes home and says he feels better after talking with an attorney, the group goes out to dinner — but he remains at the hotel, bracing himself for a confrontation with Jen.

As soon as she walks in… BOOM! It’s on.

“Ron! You’re texting me I’m a f-cking whore, I’m a liar, I’m a f-ckng cheater?” she screams.

“Calm down,” he replies.

“No. I’m not gonna calm down. I don’t want to hear your whole f-cking bullsh-t story. … You’re calling me a f-cking whore? Motherf-cker?”

And then it was Ronnie’s turn to lose it:

“You’re driving me crazy! All you do is use that kid as a f-cking pawn!””

Your response, Jen?

“You’re a f-cking psychopath. You’re a f-cking loser. You’re a piece of sh-t,” she yells… and then spits in his face.

(This is where we remind people that Jen and Ronnie were parents to a newborn girl at the time this was filmed.)

A security guard intervenes at this juncture, only for Jen to lunge at Ronnie and the picture to fade to black.

We’re left with the prophetic word: “I don’t give a f-ck. I’ll go to jail.”

And then, for the record, Harley did go to jail.

What do you think, viewers?

Was this the most explosive fight in the history of Jersey Shore?

Heck, in the history of reality television?

You can click on the video below and relive every vicious second now:


Floribama Shore Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: Is Kortni Gilson Pregnant?

Floribama Shore took viewers on a wild ride this week. 

Kortni Gilson, one of this MTV show’s leading ladies got the shock of her life when she tried to book an appointment with her OB-GYN after questioning whether she had something going on downstairs. 

She was told to conduct a pregnancy test because, well, she’d been having lots of unprotected sex with her scary boyfriend, Logan Fairbanks. 

Thankfully, Nilsa was on hand with one for her. That’s when thing took a crazy turn: There was a faint blue line on the stick. 

For those who are not familiar with pregnancy tests, that means there’s a chance someone could be pregnant. In this case, it was Kortni, and she did not know how to react. 

The next step was to visit the doctor to find out whether she had a little Floribama bun in her oven, but she had to wait several days for the appointment. 

Totally dramatic, right?

Nilsa was quick to point out that they should keep it to themselves because, well, even when you’re pregnant, it’s the rule of thumb to keep things on the down-low until three months have passed. 

With eager producers who are thirsty for all the drama, Kortni wasted no time in telling her fellow roomies about her dire situation. 

Aimee took it well but wanted her friend to use condoms in the future. Kortni did not seem too enthused about that thought but later confirmed that she had a miscarriage before and was worried about the prospect of the same thing happening again. 

As previously reported on The Hollywood Gossip, Kortni’s boyfriend and potential baby daddy, Logan is not father material and has been reprimanded on multiple occasions for stalking

Thanks to reality TV being filmed months in advance, we’re only just getting to the stalker drama, and boy, Logan is deluded. 

If you watch Floribama Shore online, you know that he’s made several comments about Kortni’s roommates being around when he is, threatened to fly off the handle, and just generally been a sucky person. 

It all came to a head on this installment thanks to Kortni going out and not drinking with him. Every single time he begs for attention, he does it in such an extra way that it bugs Kortni. 

It got so bad that Kortni had to flee a nightclub and head home with her friends to escape his clutches. 

Once home, she conveniently started doing more pregnancy tests as she awaited her appointment, but her own personal stage five clinger showed up as she was waving the pregnancy tests around. 

Jeremiah decided he would stand next to the room the pair were bickering because he was ready to rearrange Logan’s face. 

Logan flew off the handle and exited the house because everyone knew he was acting out of the ordinary. However, the episode closed with him waiting outside, potentially to go in for another go at it. 


Meanwhile, Kortni brought Aimee to the doctor and found out that the latter had contract bronchitis. That was enough for Aimee to get her own private house, three doors down to recuperate. 

It showed a different side to Kortni, who has punched holes in walls, threatened to beat people up and yelled at people all season long. 

Then there was Candace, and her boyfriend Gaytor, who continued to fight about all the phone calls the former was getting from dudes. 

They managed to brush it under the rug while sipping on mimosas for breakfast. That’s a positive, we guess. 

What are your thoughts on the latest action?

Hit the comments. 

Floribama Shore continues Mondays on MTV.


Jersey Shore Family Vacation Recap: Baby, Mamas and A LOT of Drama

For the cast members on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas.

It gets broadcast to millions of viewers each week!

Indeed, Ronnie, Pauly, Sitchy and company returned with TWO brand new episodes on Thursday night, kicking off Season 2 in grand, intense and adorable fashion.

The bulk of these installments centered on Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his occasionally-violent girlfriend Jen Harley welcoming their daughter into the world.

But Ronnie was actually in London for the blessed event, flying back to Sin City as soon as he learned Harley was in labor.

Pauly D was already there, however, and was actually the first member of the crew to meet precious little Ariana.

Shortly after this life-transforming development, however, Jen and Ronnie got into the ultimate social media fight (see slideshow below).

This prompted Vinny and Mike to fly to Nevada for a guys’ night out in order to figure out was the heck happening with Ronnie.

The new father acted as if everything was totally cool and said he and Harley were together and on solid terms and, oh, also: he didn’t want to to go a strip club.


Elsewhere, JWoww was also in an intriguing place in life.

Her two-year-old son was not yet talking and was therefore attending therapy three times a week. She was trying to handle it as best she could.

For Mother’s Day husband Roger Mathews asked all of her friends to send in a 30-second video so he could create something to cheer her up.

When only The Situation participated, though, Jenni wanted to call out Snooki, upset that her BFF didn’t play a role in this gift.

However, the confrontation got put on the backburner when Deena Cortese announced she was pregnant while they were all at lunch. How exciting!

Snooki also noted that she had been hanging out a bit with Angelina Pivarnick, despite her having recently labeled JWOWW a “whore” on social media.

She even said she had invited the controversial ex-cast member to Vegas.

On the second half of the premiere, meanwhile, the drama truly picked up.

It actually got very serious and potentially dangerous.

After receiving a text from Harley that made him angry, Ronnie got wasted and nearly attacked someone at a pool party, at least reminding long-time viewers that he hasn’t changed much.

Back at the hotel, the muscle-bound tough guy actually broke down in tears and at last opened up to the roommates about what was going on.

Since they had arrived in Vegas, he had been saying that everything was good with Harley — but that was just to keep her happy.

with cops

In reality, Ronnie explained that he didn’t want to talk badly about the mother of his child (which is news to us, considering some of what he’s said) and then he cried.

And he cried and he cried.

When he broke down, his friend told him they needed to know what was happening so they could try to be of some assistance.

So Ronnie finally told them everything. It all came out, folks.

“I’m scared of losing my f-cking daughter,” he said, continuing:

“Jen, she’s irrational, she’s capable of taking the baby and going away. Everything I say is on a thread with her…

“I’m gonna f-cking get crucified for this. I’ve been going through hell.”

Later, in the confessional, he added:

“When we fight, she has kept the baby from me for five days, six days. It’s like, I won’t even know where my daughter is.”

JWOWW was sympathic, but she also told Ronnie that if he’s concerned about not seeing his daughter, he shouldn’t be posting mean things about her mom on Instagram.

That’s a fair point, isn’t it?

“Every move that I make, I’m scared that my daughter’s gonna be gone,” he yelled.

sad ronnie

But Jenni had a solution:

“Leave her and fight for your daughter, and then go get help. Go to the court, go get a lawyer,” she told him, bringing up how her son couldn’t speak and that he should be grateful he has a healthy kid.

When Ronnie replied he has “nothing,” Jenni really let him have it:

You chose that life. You f-cked a crazy bitch. You got a crazy bitch pregnant!

Ah, good times.

Who out there didn’t miss all of these people?!?

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs on MTV on Thursdays at 8/7c.

You can watch Jersey Shore: Family Vacation online right here if you need to catch up:


Jersey Shore Family Vacation Teaser: “You’re a F-ckin Psychopath!”

I've never, in the history of this earth, done Vegas like this.

When this beat drops, I wanna see that fist pump.

I feel like I’m in The Matrix right now, dodging all the thotties.

Well, you act like a f-ckin whore.

You're a f-ckin psychopath.

All these hilarious/explosive lines are featured in the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 2 posted here, as the footage gives fans a look at all the craziness to come on this revived reality show.

But there's really just one storyline that really stands out above all…

… the drama between Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his girlfriend Jen Harley.

We've documented the highs and lows of this romance over the past couple months, which started with the tandem's daughter being born in early April.

Since then, however, Ronnie and Jen have broken up and gotten back together numerous times, while also hurling seriously vicious insults at each other and even getting into physical fights.

In the clips published here, we see Ronnie actually break down while talking about custody of his child.

We also see Harley lay into Ronnie as a "psychopath."

Elsewhere on Season 2, we'll see the return of Angelina Pivarnick, who shocks the cast by showing up in Sin City.

During an evening out, she gets into an argument with Jen Farley, who she calls out for "acting like a f–king whore."

We also witness some unexpected tension between JWOWW and Snooki.

Later on, the veteran cast returns to the Seaside Heights, New Jersey, house where it all began.

"We’ve totally not grown up,” Farley says. “Living our best lives in our 30s – as 12-year-olds.”

Finally, just when it seems like the season can’t get any nuttier and outrageous, the preview concludes with Polizzi and Farley telling Pivarnick that she “should bang Vinny again."

Oh God.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation returns on MTV on Thursday, August 23, at 8/7c.

Jersey shore family vacation teaser youre a f ckin psychopath