Joy-Anna Duggar: FINALLY Addressing Shotgun Wedding Rumors?!

From the time Joy-Anna Duggar announced that she’s expecting her first child, fans have suspected that she’s not being entirely honest about the date of her conception.

According to her timeline, Joy-Anna got pregnant just days after she married Austin Forsyth back in May.

Many are convinced that Joy got pregnant before saying “I do” and has been going to great lengths to conceal that fact ever since.

There are several reasons for these “shotgun wedding” rumors, not the least of which is that Joy and Austin moved their wedding date up by several months and have repeatedly dodged questions about why they made that decision.

The conception date theorists were further encouraged during the first months of Joy’s pregnancy when she kept a low profile and refused to follow in the footsteps of her sisters, who posted frequent updates and selfies during their pregnancies.

The assumption was that she was putting as little information as possible out into the world so that fans wouldn’t realize she was further along than she claimed.

But now, it’s looking more and more like Joy was being truthful about getting pregnant on her honeymoon and decided to keep a low profile for the sole reason that she’s under no obligation to fans to update them on every single aspect of her life.

Joy posted the above photo earlier this week after attending a car auction with Austin.

“Well, we didn’t end up buying anything today, but it’s always fun going to the auto auction! #9daystillduedate,” she captioned the pic.

As usual, fans went nuts analyzing her baby bump.

“Such a big bump. Must be more than one,” wrote one follower.

“I’m thinking twins … wow,” another fan commented.

“She’s popping out twins end of story,” remarked a third.

Yes, Duggar obsessives have changed tacks, and the new rumor about Joy’s uterus is that she’s carrying twins.

All this time, we had no idea that every anonymour Instagram commenter is a medical professional.

To our minds, the most interesting part of this post is the caption, as Joy is talking about the specifics of her due date for the first time in a long time.

Now it looks like she’ll be welcoming a bundle of joy before the month is through, and as a bonus, she’ll get to prove the haters wrong!

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Joy-Anna Duggar Cradles Baby Bump, Shotgun Wedding Rumors Won’t Die

Joy-Anna Duggar, her husband and two of her brothers posed for a cute pic this week, but all eyes were on the unborn member of the family.

Check out Joy’s burgeoning baby bump, people!

As always, her belly created an online firestorm.

Talk of Joy-Anna getting pregnant before marriage has circulated since … well, before her marriage, and especially after she got pregnant.

There had already been chatter about them breaking courtship rules, and they started a family in a hurry even by Duggar standards.

Joy announced she was expecting almost exactly 12 weeks after her wedding in late May of last year, and looked even further along.

Was it really a shotgun wedding to Austin Forsyth? We don’t know for sure, and likely never will, but the great due date debate continues.

Some fans say Joy-Anna Duggar’s due date is February 22, based on an online registry attributed to the 20-year-old Counting On star.

The family has only revealed that she’s due in late February or early March, while others insist that they have never officially said anything.

(There’s also a theory going around that Joy already gave birth, though the above photo would appear to have shot that nonsense down.)

In any case, the Forsyths, who share a joint Instagram account, posted the image of Joy-Anna on the far left cradling her growing bump.

She’s wearing a tight t-shirt and a smile, while husband Austin and two of Joy-Anna’s brothers also look to be having a good time.

They captioned the pic, “Hanging with the bros!”

That they are. Though almost no one seemed to think much about the other two guys (sorry, John David) in the comment section.

Joy also raised eyebrows when she remarked that the pregnant Jinger Duggar would be giving birth just six months after her.

That math doesn’t quite match up with the timeline offered by the Duggars and their end-of-February-or-start-of-March claims.

As for the registry date? Assuming that’s her “official” due date, it’s less than nine months after her wedding, but not by much.

The simple fact that she’s pregnant at this moment pretty much disproves the shotgun wedding theory, as we’re now in February.

It’s almost certain that there was no rescheduling of her nuptials, as rumored, although certain skeptics still remain unconvinced.

From a numerical aspect, February 22 is 37 weeks from her wedding night, and a typical pregnancy is approximately 40 weeks.

However, that 40-week date is typically calculated from the date of the woman’s previous period, so it could very well be the case.

In any case, the matter is far from resolved, and the couple has not commented on any shotgun wedding/premarital sex chatter.

Obviously, the only reason this is even a story is the fact that the Duggars pride themselves on their courtship rules and restraint.

There are no full-frontal hugs allowed before engagement, let alone sex; Joy and Austin would be breaking family protocol hard.

Only time will tell if the birth of their first child sheds any light on this debate, or if it remains an ambiguous mystery long afterward.


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Joy-Anna Duggar Comes Clean About Due Date, Shotgun Wedding Rumors

For months now, the biggest story surrounding the Duggar clan has had to do with Joy-Anna Duggar’s pregnancy and rumors that the family is misleading fans with regard to her due date.

Reports of Joy-Anna’s “shotgun wedding” have been circulating non-stop, and to be fair, there’s a good deal of evidence to support the theory that she secretly got pregnant prior to marrying Austin Forsyth.

And the proof just keeps piling up.

Joy-Anna and Austin have admitted to breaking the “courtship rules” that her family holds dear and they rather suspiciously moved their wedding date up by several months without any explanation.

Just last week, Joy further raised eyebrows when she commented on the news that Jinger Duggar is expecting her first child.

The 20-year-old remarked that Jinger would be giving birth just six months after her, which, as many fans pointed out, doesn’t quite match up with the timeline offered by the Duggars.

The family claims Joy got pregnant on her honeymoon, which began on May 26.

If that were true, her due date would be sometime at the end of February or the beginning of March.

Earlier this week, Joy and Austin made an online baby shower registry, in which they revealed that her due date is February 22, 2018.

The revelation has Duggar fans split, with some claiming it’s evidence that Joy got pregnant before her due date, and others claiming the exact opposite.

While it’s true that Joy’s due date is less than nine months after her wedding, the news puts to rest the rumor that Joy got pregnant in March, thus prompting the rescheduling of her nuptials.

Skeptics point out that even if Joy got pregnant on her wedding night, her due date would likely be later than February 22.

Obviously, the matter is far from resolved, and it probably won’t be completely settled even after Joy gives birth.

If Joy delivers before her due date, then the nay-sayers will insist its solid evidence that she’s lying about her conception date.

Duggar loyalists will point out that every pregnancy is different, and babies arrive well ahead of schedule every day.

Either way, it’s one more controversy for a family that’s known little else in recent years.

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Joy-Anna Duggar: Family Friend Sounds Off on Shotgun Wedding Rumors!

The news that Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her first child drew a surprising reaction from fans of her famous family.

It seems not a month goes by without a Duggar pregnancy announcement, and usually the response from fans is universally congratulatory.

But the timing of Joy-Anna’s statement resulted in confusion from some Duggar obsessives and outright condemnation from others.

Here’s a recap:

Joy married Austin Forsyth in May.

Just three months later, she announced her pregnancy with an Instagram photo in which she appeared to be several months along.

The Duggars offered an official conception timeline to put to rest any rumors of premarital sex, which is strictly forbidden by their arch-conservative religious beliefs.

The family insisted that Joy got pregnant on one of the first nights of her honeymoon.

Fans were unconvinced, and rumors of Joy-Anna’s “shotgun wedding” began to circulate on social media.

The Duggars will likely never address the matter directly themselves, but a family friend spoke out about the rumors surrounding Joy-Anna during a recent “ask me anything” session on Reddit.

The friend chose to remain anonymous, but she appeared to be knowledgeable about a number of topics that the Duggars have not yet spoken about publicly.

Asked point blank if she believes Joy-Anna got pregnant before her wedding, the source responded simply that it’s “not likely.”

It’s important to note that elsewhere in the thread, the insider offered information and opinions that were not entirely favorable to the Duggars.

For instance, she confirmed that Jim Bob is a domineering force in his household and that women have few rights on the Duggar compound.

For the most part, however, she spoke about Counting On clan in glowing terms.

We supposed that’s not particularly surprising, considering she identified herself as a family friend.

So will these remarks put to rest the rumors that Joy-Anna conceived prior to saying “I do”?

Almost certainly not, particularly since fan theories regarding her date of conception are based on much more than Joy’s sizable baby bump and the timing of her announcement.

For one thing, Joy-Anna and Austin admitted to breaking her family’s courtship rules in an interview with Counting On producers.

Of course, given the draconian nature of those rules, that could mean many things.

The Duggars require chaperones on all dates involving non-married couples, and they even place time limits on hand-holding.

So while many consider Joy-Anna’s admission to be particularly damning, that’s not necessarily an indication of premarital sex.

There is one incriminating clue, however, that’s proven difficult for the Duggars to explain away.

Joy-Anna and Austin rescheduled their wedding from October of this year to May.

Many believe the date was pushed up five months to conceal the fact that Joy-Anna is expecting.

Thus far, her family has yet to offer a different explanation.

In all likelihood, the matter will never be settled to the satisfaction of the family’s most nosy fans.

But as long as Jim Bob and company openly engage in harsh moral judgement of others, fans will continue to look for signs of hypocrisy–and so far those signs have proven plentiful.

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Joy-Anna Duggar: PROOF of Shotgun Wedding Posted on Instagram?!

By now, you’ve likely heard that Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her first child.

You may have also heard about the contoroversy surrounding Joy’s conception date.

According to her family, Joy got pregnant during her honeymoon, just days after she married Austin Forsyth,

But fans of the Duggars have come up with a timeline of their own.

It’s widely believed that Joy-Anna’s was a shotgun wedding, and that she and Austin actually conceived long before they said “I do.”

Obviously, this would create problems for her family, as the Duggars are almost as famous for their belief in premarital abstinence as for their love of procreation.

So Joy is sticking to her official story:

She continued to claim that she got pregnant in late May or early June, shortly after tying the know.

And fans continue to insist that photos like the one above are evidence that Joy is lying.

Joy and Austin posted the image to honor America’s service members on Veteran’s Day.

“We are so thankful for the men and women who have served to defend our freedom! Grateful we got to spend the day with my grandfather who is a Army veteran,” they captioned the pic.

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance. (Psalm 33:12)”

Not surprisingly, however, their Instagram followers were less concerned with the vet in the photo than with Joy-Anna’s bump.

In the past, doctors (who have not personally treated the mom-to-be) have analyzed her photos and come to the conclusion that it looks as though Joy-Anna got pregnant before marriage.

The consensus amongst professionals seems to be that Joy is about a month further along than she claims.

Of course, fans have been offering their own not-so-professional opinion for months, and it seems there are very few who buy into Joy’s version of events.

Some Duggar obsessives, however, are quick to point out that every pregnancy is different, and it’s impossible to tell from a photo when exactly Joy conceived:

“I’m 17 weeks along and look like I’m about 6 months along. People need to shut their mouths and realize that every person’s body handles pregnancy differently,” wrote one fan on the pic above.

“People need to leave it alone. Love you Joy and Austin congratulations,” commented another.

These folks are not wrong in their argument that it’s silly to try and pinpoint an exact date of conception based on a photo.

Frankly, we would draw such conclusions based on a few pics.

It’s all the other evidence that Joy and Austin broke her family’s courtship rules that has us convinced.

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Joy-Anna Duggar: Latest Pic Ignites “Shotgun Wedding” Controversy

It’s been  since we learned that Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her first child, and the controversy surrounding her conception date rages on.

In case you missed it, allow us to bring you up to speed on the latest goings-on within Joy-Anna’s uterus:

Joy-Anna married Austin Forsyth back in May.

Three months later, she announced that she was three months pregnant.

According to the Duggars, Joy-Anna got pregnant on her honeymoon, but some fans aren’t buying into that version of events.

Perhaps it was the fact that she was already sporting quite a sizable baby bump in her announcement photo.

Or maybe it has something to do with the time Joy and Austin confessed to breaking courtship rules.

Whatever the reason, Duggar obsessives are convinced that Joy got married in a “shotgun wedding“–and her latest pic isn’t helping her case:

It’s Joy’s birthday this week, and to celebrate, Austin posted the above photo, along with a caption in which he gushed about his expectant wife:

“Happy birthday to the love of my life! Besides my salvation, you have been the best thing that has happened in my life!

“From being my spiritual encourager, working partner, hunting buddy, and everything in between you complete me in so many ways! I am always amazed at how much integrity and character you display in our day to day lives! I love you with all my heart!”

So what’s so suspicious about Austin’s fairly straightforward birthday post?

Well, some fans believe the way pic is frame is an indication that the couple has something to hide.

The Duggars typically celebrate pregnancy even more than most families.

Baby bump progression is usually meticulously documented and posted on social media for all the world to see.

So a poorly-lit tight closeup of a face is an unusual way ro celebrate a Duggar woman’s pregnancy.

Is it definitive evidence that Joy-Anna and Austin engaged in premarital sex.

Obviously not, but we’ll probably never get that.

So you can expect fans to continue latching onto every shred of possible evidence.

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Joy-Anna Duggar: Baby Bump Pic Fuels Shotgun Wedding Rumors

The pregnant Joy-Anna Duggar is in the middle of the latest scandal to engulf her famous family, and it has to do with her baby.

Specifically, her baby bump. Let us explain …

The 19-year-old first sparked rumors of a shotgun wedding earlier this year when she moved her wedding with then-fiance Austin Forsyth.

Originally scheduled for October 28, the couple’s vows were exchanged in front of 1,000 people on May 26 in their home state of Arkansas.

On its own, that doesn’t tell us a whole lot … the October 28 date (Joy’s birthday) was listed on their registry, but could’ve been a ruse.

It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for Joy to want to keep the date secret, or as secret as a mega-church event like that can be.

Were there other motives at work, though?

When Joy-Anna announced her pregnancy, just three months had passed since the wedding … but her large baby bump shocked fans.

Take a look at the new photo above now.

Joy posted the image this week. If you assume she got pregnant on her wedding night, she’d be in her 15th week (14 weeks, 5 days).

All women “show” differently of course, but to many observers, this does not look like a baby bump that appears just after the first trimester.

This wouldn’t typically be subject to intense debate, of course, but this is a family that doesn’t permit full-frontal HUGS before engagement.

Premarital sex, it goes without saying, simply does not happen, so the idea that Joy and Austin partook in that would be … well, it’d be something.

All of this has fueled rumors that she had secretly conceived the child before her wedding and rushed the wedding to avoid a scandal.

It certainly makes for good gossip, but there were other events leading up to this that gave fans pause – or at least made them wonder.

Joy and Austin, 23, blatantly broke courtship rules by showing physical affection for each other prior to him asking for her hand in marriage.

Austin defied Jim Bob Duggar’s PDA protocol by touching Joy-Anna’s hand, on camera no less, and she even sat on his lap. His LAP!

We know, it sounds ridiculous, but combined with the fact that they were also hugging – frontal style – after Austin’s marriage proposal?

And the fact that Anna Duggar hates Austin, who she considers arrogant, immature, and a bad influence of questionable character?

Let’s just say rumors spread for a reason.

Following the shocking scene airing on TLC, Forsyth addressed the fact that his hardcore hug was indeed a violation of his stated guidelines.

His response, and Joy’s, are telling.

“We’re humans and sometimes we don’t always abide perfectly by our rules,” Austin acknowledged. “We try. That was a real hard try.”

“I thought it was just us there,” Joy-Anna added, regarding the fact that she was busted on camera, “and that was really special.”

A real hard try? Really man?

Joy revealing that she didn’t know cameras were on her is also interesting. What else did they do when cameras actually weren’t rolling?

Mr. and Mrs. Forsyth have yet to discuss the shotgun wedding rumors, but an in-law of the Forsyth family briefly did touch upon them.

His brother-in-law Robert says that the family is aware of allegations and how it could damage their reputation a la Josh Duggar.

Well then … we wouldn’t go that far.

Josh’s dueling scandals involved him molesting four of his sisters, then cheating on his long-suffering wife, while espousing family values.

Pretty bad. We see Robert’s point, though … not that it should matter, he says, because “I’ve heard those rumors, but they’re not true.”

“People are too nosy,” he said.

Despite the pregnancy being overshadowed by the shotgun wedding talk, he said of Joy-Anna’s baby, “I guess it’s great. I’m very excited.”

Yeah. We guess.

Another insider (not named Anna Duggar) says that “there has been a lot of talk about the character of her new husband Austin.”

While the Duggars see him as “more of a rebel child” than they might prefer, the Forsyths are happy with Joy, according to Rob.

“I love her,” he told Radar Online

“She fits very well in the family.”

Talk to us: Did Joy-Anna wed Austin too quickly, and did she engage in premarital sex, which would defy all that Jim Bob stands for?

If she came out and admitted that yes, they had sex before their wedding and she’s actually 21 weeks along, how would that go over?

As rebellions against the family orthodoxy go, there’s Jinger Duggar wearing short sleeves and then there’s … that. Can you imagine?


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