‘Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show’ Fans Getting Scammed Out of Thousands in China

‘Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show’ fans are getting scammed into dropping tens of thousands of dollars for a prized ticket to the China show … and we’ve learned the tickets aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. We did some digging and…


Caitlyn Jenner to Interview O.J. Simpson on New Talk Show?!

Considering that Kris Jenner is already majorly resentful over Caitlyn Jenner’s tell-all book, this sounds like a mistake. Or maybe Caitlyn’s fine with it if the Kardashians want nothing to do with her.

But, reportedly, there are plans in the works for Caitlyn to sit down with and interview infamous alleged murderer O.J. Simpson.

Even without a formal announcement, this is being slammed as extremely insensitive, unwise, and in poor taste.

Caitlyn Jenner isn’t any old public personality.

Through her marriage to Kris Jenner, she became friends with O.J. Simpson and his late wife, Nicole Brown Simpson.

You know, before “someone” murdered Nicole, and Ron Goldman, in a brutal and bloody attack on that fateful day in June of 1994.

Though O.J. Simpson has been found financially for the despicable murder, he was famously acquitted in criminal court despite overwhelming evidence.

Obviously, Kris and even O.J.’s long-time friend Robert Kardashian distanced themselves from him following his acquittal.

Probably because they’d been friends with Nicole, too, and felt that they owed it to her to not be too chummy with her alleged murderer.

Still, we have to ask:

Is Caitlyn really willing to sit across from O.J. and interview him?

O.J. Simpson has already insulted Caitlyn Jenner in an interview with TMZ.

His words were probably an attempt at humor, though his “joke” is transphobic in nature and involves misgendering and deadnaming Caitlyn, both of which are unacceptable.

(But we’re talking about a guy accused of beating his wife for years before allegedly murdering her and a stranger, so there is literally no vile act that most people would put past this guy)

“I don’t know Caitlyn,” Simpson said to the camera. “I’ve never met Caitlyn.”

Obviously, he means that he hasn’t seen her since her transition.

“As far as Bruce is concerned, I don’t really know him that well.”

You don’t bring up someone’s deadname.

“If he wants to choose to live his life out as an old lady instead of an old man, hey, women live longer,” he somehow said.

Nicole Brown Simpson didn’t.

He then doubled down on misgendering Caitlyn.

“He may be onto something.”

Just because you can, uh, run on grass while holding an oddly shaped ball, a skill that someone catapulted O.J. to fame and fortune because our society has weird values, doesn’t mean that you can tell a joke.

According to Life & Style, producers haven’t yet approached Caitlyn Jenner about interviewing O.J. Simpson.

But apparently they hope to sell her on the idea.

They reportedly plan to pitch it as “an informative, interview-type show,” in which Cait could grill the alleged double-murderer to her heart’s content.

“If they do it right, it would be fascinating.”

Well, so would genetically engineering a bunch of dinosaurs and letting them loose on an island full of children. That doesn’t mean that anyone should do it.

“Love them or hate them,” a source told the tabloid, “putting Caitlyn and O.J. in the same room would be must-see TV.”

That’s … true.

Some feel strongly that O.J. Simpson should not be awarded any sort of respect. That includes interviews and anything else for which he might be paid money that he doesn’t deserve.

At the same time, others point out that O.J. would be required to pay at least some of any money that he makes to the Goldmans, who won their lawsuit.

(So many people forget Ron Goldman. Nicole didn’t deserve what happened to her, but neither did Ron)

Maybe the producers will get cold feet. Again, entertaining television doesn’t mean that it’s worth it. We can practically smell the advertiser boycotts.

But this is 2017. We live in interesting times, and anything could happen.


Vicki Gunvalson: “I’m Off This Damn Show!” on RHOC Reunion Special

Now that The Real Housewives of Orange County season finale has aired, it is of course time for the reunion special.

This may be hard to process, because it's so uncharacteristic for a gathering of Real Housewives, but … drama ensues.

In fact, in this sneak peek that we have for you below, the stars seem rife with conflict. And multiple someones storm off of the set. 

Vicki gunvalson tamra judge reunion splitThe real housewives of orange county reunion shot

The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion special is going to be so much.

We're not just saying that because, you know, it's The Real Housewives of Orange County and when these reality personalities gather, you always know that it will be a lot.

(But … also that)

No, in the sneak peek video that we have for you below, things appear to escalate pretty quickly as the Housewives, and Andy Cohen, round the bases and cover various conflicts and storylines that they had.

And, of course, deliver some updates.

Bravo teases:

"Viewers will hear Shannon's full story on her heartbreaking split with David, while Tamra reveals the latest in her estrangement with her daughter. As Vicki gives an update on Briana's health, one housewife shares some surprising news. And, an unlikely turn of events leaves everyone, including Andy, in shock."

The special hasn't aired yet, but we can share a little more than that.

Tamra judge at the reunion special

First, Tamra Judge.

Tamra Judge's daughter has publicly slammed her

This isn't a fit of teen rebellion or a too common case of daughters and mothers coming into conflict. This is a lot more serious and probably a lot more permanent.

See, back in July, Tamra Judge shared an update on her estranged daughter, Sidney Barney. It took the form of photos from Sidney's graduation from high school.

Cute, right?

Not so much.

First of all, Sidney's father, Simon Barney, forced her to invite her mother.

Second of all, Sidney asked that her mother not share any of those photos. Naturally, being the woman that she is, Tamra promptly plastered those pics all over social media to brag about how close she and Sidney were to a reconciliation.

As the chyron on The Real Housewives of Orange County's season finale reminds us, this did not sit well with Sidney.

Sidney made a rare Facebook update, posting a lengthy and very well-worded letter explaining exactly why her mother's behavior was so deceptive and disgusting.

She also spoke about Tamra's other poor qualities, about her emotional abuse and about her neglect as a parent.

We fully expect for Tamra's reunion update to be that she and Sidney still aren't speaking, which would be for the best.

If Tamra says something else … well, if it's a lie, perhaps Sidney will give the world another update.

Because if Tamra were really interested in putting her daughter first, as all mothers should, she would be respecting Sidney's wishes and not using their estrangement as a storyline.

Lydia mclaughlin at the reunion special

Lydia McLaughlin is getting into a bit of a tiff.

She's never been one to be shy (as if any Real Housewife has ever been shy) about her thoughts and opinions.

And the teaser below shows a no-context clip of her defending herself or her faith … or both.

"You don't understand my faith; of course it's not going to make sense to you."

Lydia isn't a member of a minority faith that typically needs explaining — she's a Christian and she makes no secret of that.

It'll be interesting to see how that argument, which you'll see a few seconds of below, is resolved and what it's all about.

It will also be interesting to hear Shannon Beador talk about her split.

We don't look forward to seeing her cry.

Some people you can watch cry and it's like watching water droplets run down the wall of your shower. Other people, you can't help but feel for.

For whatever reason, Shannon Beador really gets to me.

Vicki gunvalson at the reunion special

But now, for the main event: Vicki Gunvalson.

Is Vicki, the queen bee of The Real Housewives of Orange County, who has been a fixture on reality television since the series first began, really going to leave the show?

At one point, as you'll see in this teaser, she gets so upset that she storms off of the set.

She looks so distraught and seeks comfort in her dressing room.

But though the camera doesn't cross the threshold to follow her, you hear the words:

"I'm off this damn show!"

And, as you'll see below, she's not even the only one to walk off of the set.

Vicki gunvalson im off this damn show on rhoc reunion

Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ Tapings Canceled After Mother’s Death

Jimmy Fallon won’t be hitting the TV airwaves anew this week … NBC canceled new tapings of “The Tonight Show” following his mother’s death. The network announced Sunday there wouldn’t be any new ‘Tonight Show’ episodes airing this week, and that…


Justin Timberlake: Playing the Superbowl Halftime Show!

Last week, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. They posted sweet tributes to each other and reminded the world that they are just an adorable couple.

And it turns out that they — or Justin, at least — have more to celebrate than their anniversary.

Because JT is going to be playing the Superbowl Halftime Show. And the (super cute) announcement video is below!

Justin Timberlake — the man who was the singing sensation and teen heartthrob named Justin well before Justin Bieber ever uploaded his first YouTube video — is still a popular man to this day.

While many of his former bandmates haven't been treated as well in their lives or careers as he has, Justin has enjoyed success and fame well beyond his boy band years.

The fact that he's playing the Superbowl Halftime Show is evidence of that.

Jimmy Fallon's still trying to live down the backlash that he got for ruffling Trump's hair and thereby normalizing him and all that he represented before the American audience.

(The backlash at this point might be a little excessive, since Fallon doesn't deserve all of the blame — that lies primarily with, well, any voter who helped get Trump elected)

In the video that you'll see below, Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon do goofy British accents in a back-and-forth that segues into the revelation that yes, JT is officially headlining the Halftime Show.

Some don't watch the Halftime Show, while others tune in exclusively for it and ignore the sports game that plays before and after it.

But one way or another, millions of Americans will see it, so it's always a huge deal and a ridiculous spectacle.

Remember, this is where we got Left Shark. This is cause for celebration.

Or … is it?

As we mentioned back when Justin Timberlake doing the Halftime Show was but a rumor, this is a little controversial.

We're all very familiar with the term "wardrobe malfunction" these days, but Justin Timberlake is the first person to publicly use the phrase.

He used it to apologize for "accidentally" baring Janet Jackson's breast during the 2004 Superbowl Halftime Show.

And "wardrobe malfunction" has been part of the English lexicon ever since.

Janet, in the mean time, has been basically blacklisted from major networks for the audacity of not using enough layers to hide her nipple, we guess.

(Gotta keep that sinful woman flesh hidden, you know, or children will be scarred for life)

Is it fair for Justin Timberlake to get another bite at the apple while Janet Jackson is still viewed in such a negative light?

Many say that it is not.

There are other concerns, too, if we're being honest.

Like … what was Justin Timberlake's last big song?

Wasn't it for that awful movie with those trolls from the early '90s? Or did we just hallucinate that during the liminal space that was 2016?

(We did not dream that into being and the song was titled "Can't Stop The Feeling!")

it does occur to us that, just as the Spice Girls got back together for the London Olympics, maybe Justin Timberlake will arrange for a little NSYNC reunion during the Halftime Show.

(Let us dream!)

Still … there's a chance that his performance might be less than memorable. That would be a real shame.

For our part, though we're maybe a little anxious to see if Justin Timberlake puts on a good show, we know what we're really looking forward to about the Halftime Show:

The inevitable Illuminati analysis by deranged conspiracy theorists afterwards.

Remember, these are people who think that Paris Jackson might be an Illuminati clone or whatever. They can and will believe anything that fits their deeply paranoid worldview.

Each year, you see, these bloggers post their interpretations of the Halftime Show which is, for some reason, a secret ritual performed in plain view for all of the world to see.

(Because the first thing that you want to do as a secret society that controls the world is put up coded messages about it)

The "Illuminati rituals" which are somehow simultaneously Satanist, Pagan, and Freemason, even though those are all different things and always seems to be designed to represent some deeply salacious ritual normally performed behind closed doors, Eyes Wide Shut style.

Obviously, these are just projections of the blogger's own suppressed desires and fantasies, but that doesn't make any of it less weird.

We cannot help but wonder what they'll have to say about Justin Timberlake and whatever he comes up with.

Maybe Janet Jackson will come out and rip off his pants before the cameras, but we somehow doubt that. Alas.

Anyway, here's the announcement video! It's pretty goofy.

Justin timberlake playing the superbowl halftime show