‘Stranger Things’ Duffer Brothers Have Proof They Didn’t Steal Show Idea

The Duffer Brothers have a smoking gun to prove they didn’t rip off “Stranger Things” … TMZ has learned. The brothers are being sued by Charlie Kessler, who produced a short film back in 2012 called “Montauk.” He claims he had a meeting with the…


Kate Middleton to Meghan Markle: Let Me Show You How to Dress, Bish

Depending on which tabloids you believe, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are either bitter rivals or the best of friends.

In all likelihood, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle, but where’s the fun in that?

Last week, there were rumors of Kate planning Meghan’s bachelorette party.

We’d say it was a nice gesture that probably helped to make Meg feel welcome, but based on today’s news, we’re starting to think it was a Regina George power move.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Kate has been advising Meghan on royal fashion protocol, which we’re taking to mean she’s going through her the actress’ closet and tossing anything she deems offensively fug.

“Like Kate, expect Meghan to make the occasional nod to her husband’s fashion icon mother,” a royal source tells ET.

“Both Kate and Meghan will no doubt honor Princess Diana with designs that reflect her likes and style.”

The insider says Kate “has also been advising Meghan about royal fashion, what protocol is expected and how she may have to adapt in the future,” adding:

“She has provided Meghan with names of some of the favorite U.K. go-to designers on everything from dresses, coats and the all-important British hat,”

Ah, the Brits love their hats, do they not?

It’s like a hundred years ago, one of them went to the Kentucky Derby and said, “This. But at every formal occasion.”

Fortunately for Meg, the British fixation with fancy chapeaux might help her to avoid a potential crisis of decorum.

We’re talking, of course, about the uproar over Meghan’s messy buns.

We’ll give you a moment to compose yourself. Moving on…

“There is no royal protocol for hairstyle,” the insider tells ET.

“Kate often styles her hair in a casual ponytail at more informal events, and Meghan’s messy bun was an attempt to fit in with the young people she was meeting in a similar casual setting with Prince Harry.”

Yes, the Brits apparently are not thrilled with the sight of Meg’s messy buns.

Clearly, she should’ve stayed in America, where Kim Kardashian broke the internet by spilling champagne all over her ass.

Elsewhere in the pre-royal wedding gossip landscape, Us Weekly is claiming that Meghan’s shady siblings are starting to be a royal pain in the messy buns, and no one knows what to do about it:

“Meghan is really worried about some of these members of her family,” one insider tells the tabloid.

“She hasn’t spoken to them in years. She’s lost sleep over relatives who’ve screwed her over. It’s the one thing she’s struggled with most since meeting Harry, especially after the engagement.” 

Clearly, the only solution here is to round up Meghan’s relatives and have them made into hats.

And that’s how you diplomacy, folks.


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Jenelle Evans: Who Needs Teen Mom 2? I’ve Got a New Show!

Teen Mom 2 fans know that Jenelle could be fired any day now. Her awful husband David Eason was already fired and many wonder if MTV will continue filming Jenelle’s life without her husband

But it looks like Jenelle is already setting up another potential revenue stream.

Is she just being uncharacteristically careful, or … does this mean that she’s actually been fired?

Jenelle took to social media to share the good news with her followers.

Well … to share the news, anyway.

“I’m back! Check out new videos on my YouTube soon,” she wrote.

She followed it up with further details.

“The adventures start this Friday on 03/16/2018 at 8pm. Go subscribe now.”

Oh, and of course this image.

Social media users were quick to roast Jenelle, first zeroing in on the fact that Teen Mom 2 costar Kailyn Lowry also has a YouTube channel.

“Try harder to be Kail it’s hilarious.”

Some even brought memes into the mix.

“Damnnnnn Jenelle, back at it again with the copying @KailLowry.”

Obviously, comparisons between Jenelle and Kail are unfair.

As evidence when Kailyn slams Jenelle for the latter’s bigoted beliefs and actions, Kail is a much kinder and more accepting person than Hurricane Jenelle.

Also, one has to wonder if Kailyn could be as bad of a parent as Jenelle is if she tried.

David Eason was fired for his homophobic and transphobic Twitter tirade.

The strangest thing about that situation may be that he decided, of his own accord, to bring up and promptly condemn LGBT+ parents (for existing) in an attempt to deflect from his own parenting “inadequacies.”

And by “inadequacies,” we mean that he’s allegedly an abusive terror who shouldn’t be allowed around a pet rock, let alone a human child.

When David Eason lost the moral high ground to Farrah Abraham, a lot of fans knew that he was toast.

While David’s hardly Jenelle’s only bad choice — her personal history is a series of disastrous decisions, one after the other like rungs on a ladder — fans wonder if his bigoted tweets will end her career.

If Jenelle shares that fear — or if she already knows that she’s been fired and the rest of us just haven’t heard yet — that could definitely explain why she’s venturing onto YouTube.

Of course, if Jenelle is hoping to rake in that sweet, sweet Teen Mom money on YouTube … she may be in for a nasty surprise.

YouTube can turn streamers into millionaires, sure … but they’re the exceptions.

For starters, if you want to actually make money off of your YouTube channel to any real degree, it’s said that you need about a million subscribers. Minimum.

Not views, not likes. Subscribers.

Teen Mom may be a popular franchise, but Jenelle is just one star among many.

It’s unclear how many followers her YouTube channel, which has been sitting around gathering proverbial dust for years with barely more than 40,000 followers, is going to attract.

And it’s similarly unclear what Jenelle means by “off the grid.”

Is she going to be vacationing to exotic locales? Venturing into the wilderness? Both of those are expensive, especially for a busy mother. Not exactly ideal for someone who might get sacked from MTV.

Perhaps Jenelle should be venturing onto the “grid” at some point. She wouldn’t even need to leave her home state. She could visit cities or either of North Carolina’s world class universities and meet people who are different and come to understand and not fear them.

Maybe that “grid” just means MTV, and she’ll be “off” of it because she knows that she’s getting canned.

We’ll have to wait and see.